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excellency it has been a very difficult journey from 2017 when we had issues Lake Turkana who are ready for the vocation of power you are not ready to evacuate that power it has been very costly and today really much a very happy day when you personally you are here to permission the biggest wind farm in Africa it was through your personal innovation your excellency and your team that today we are seated here to celebrate the long journey we have come it has not been easy as a mission area it has put us in the map of the world not Kenya alone not Africa alone today we bright that Kenya's generation mix is over 85% Rene about your excellency we are among the top countries in the world and I believe with other projects online your excellency sir we will push to ascertain that in near future we should be hundred percent renewable [Applause] just wind up your excellency because this is not my day trust it is your day there are projects which I want to commit as a ministry that we have done the design and we were waiting to finalize the budget as you are aware your excellency there are two towns here south or which is in sum which is in Samburu which is about 50 kilometers from where we are currently they don't have power running solar and we have already design a transmission line from a 33 kV so that we can have power there it's about 100 million and I want to promise your excellency that is the line which is paramount to us because from there now we walked all the way to bara boy already we have connected my Marilyn from a Maruti and we are creating the line from Marilyn the last one is the the town which is about 40 kilometers also from me along aloni which we have also finalized the design your excellency and that line I want to promise that as soon as we finalize we will also commence you the construction of that line so eventually that line will proceed all the way to Marsabit because it will open up they noticed an area saying that your excellency there are so many projects you are doing in this county under the Kenya off-grid project funded by World Bank we are spending about about five million dollars which is about five hundred million in various about thirteen separate URLs which are going to do solar mini-grid of solar and wind which already we have finished the design we are acquiring the the lands which are here and then we can move and then either the last mile connectivity where we have the Transformers we are doing the solar we are also spending another 500 million so that we can give access to electricity to the resident of Marsabit County and likewise to Samburu County success has many fathers and I guess mothers but failure is an orphan today we are gathered here to celebrate these great success and let me say just two things your excellency that for this plant to be what it is today there are two or three people that made the largest contribution to the success of this plant your excellency we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the many meetings and the long hours you personally took the initiative to chair and prosecute for this project to succeed I am a witness of the many meetings that you personally chaired and the instructions you gave to ministers and everybody involved without which we wouldn't be here because this project would not have gotten here I would also want to single out the board and management of Lake Turkana power plants for their persistence and consistency almost being adamant that this project must succeed congratulations to you because we know very well that there were many issues and many challenges that you have had to wade through to get this project to this spot and finally your excellency this project is a product of many communities many counties many nationalities as we can see many governments and the partnership between the government of Kenya which you lead and the private sector that has given birth to the largest power plant in Africa clearly indicating to us the power that is there when communities nationalities different financial institution and a partnership between public and private the kind of synergy and power that we can happen and require skills from competent people within their area of residence as the name suggests the person who has a job to be done finds a worker instantly when he or she wants him or her where he or she is therefore if you have the necessary skills then wait no more you are the one we are looking for and if you need a service provider you can simply look into what's pop that cone or call zero seven one seven one six four two zero two everywhere you go you will be able to find a worker of any given work with a lot of ease walks pup everywhere you go McCarthy was a possibility my German to the attacker watu that we know Holly and myself online Schmidt what can the hospitality to know as a quark Amidala's it was a Babu kana steam comin in Morocco finally Wanda Baku Baku Baku Fania Billa steamin a member kamahele CC to attacker but Alicia Messiah became now how to say me were Kenya one arrow beep a key a key to an attacker Kenya katika killer corner at a palatal a Kenyan Wawa coca tea katya me Pangolin roti yama and Elias retaliate nahi beyond evil to talk when Osama here we undertook wanama and Illyria Cuomo namaha and Rita society sec watching kawan at a farm but Rajiv onea not Ofra here projects will increase electricity supply by approximately 13% and will reduce our reliance on thermal generated electricity and insulate Kenya from supply constraints during periods of low water levels indeed it should be noted that without the wind power project the fuel cost charge FCC would have been as high as five shillings and seventy five cents per kilowatt hour in May of 2019 as compared to three shillings and seventy five cents per kilowatt hour the costs that was applied in that particular month this is a combined saving to Kenyans in the amount of Kenya shillings eight point five billion in the first eight months of injection of this win supply to our National Grid [Applause] for the wind project energy to be connected to the National Grid we also undertook the construction of the four hundred kilowatts five hundred and thirty eight kilometer transmission line from Leon Golani here where we are – Susu I in Nauru this line as a capacity to transmit about 2,000 megawatts and traverses the renewable energy rich counties of Marsabit Samburu like EPA and our Ohana Carew and knock the 438 kilometer transmission line constructed by Kent Rocko will for the first time in our nation's history enable the provision of reliable power supply and enhanced connectivity within this region this should boost this region's education health mining Fisheries tourism meat processing and construction sectors bringing significant dividends to local communities who reside in those areas our country is blessed with vast renewable energy resource in all these counties that I have mentioned and indeed across the entire Republic which still remains largely untapped accordingly my administration has set up stepped up its efforts to encourage development of wind farms and other renewable green sources of electricity by both kangan and we are also encouraging the private sector to participate with the investments that we have made so far we have managed to have our installed capacity increase from 1768 megawatts in March of 2013 to the current 2712 megawatts with electric ahna wind Therese's solar power with 54 megawatts and the Gong winds power with six megawatts among the ones that have joined the grid within the last year we are pleased to note that Kenya is without doubt on course to be a global leader in renewable energy and this will not only ensure that our nation's scenic beauty and unique ecosystems are preserved and protected for both present and future generations but will also ensure that we become energy independent and that our energy supply will be safe as well as predictable this occasion signals our continued commitment to honor our pledges to the people of the Republic of Kenya and we are doing this by ensuring that the electricity needed to power our shared aspirations for social economic transformation of our land and nation is generated from clean renewable and green sources of energy my administration is on course to realize sustainable development which is anchored in intergenerational equity by utilizing the resources and potential of today without comprised compromising the Kenya of tomorrow this project is yet another demonstration but there is indeed plenty within our Kenyan borders and that every part of the country has the potential to make tremendous contributions to the prosperity of Kenya and the achievement of our national goals in that regard my administration is steadfastly committed to ensuring that every part of Kenya participates in the development efforts that we have embarked upon and that the fruits of our labor or indeed enjoyed by all Kenyans wherever they may be within our borders electricity generation is at the hearts of the implementation of our big 4 agenda which is decent and affordable housing affordable health care job creation and economic growth remaining factoring and food nutrition security for all Kenyans projects therefore such as electric on a wind power project are a core enabler for these big for today we again raised the bar for the continent as we unveil Africa's single largest wind farm the Lake Turkana wind power project this monumental projects comprising 365 wind turbines of 850 kilowatts each with a total installed capacity of 310 megawatts this also with the private sector investors who have joined us in bringing into reality this landmark project we invested in excess of Kenya shillings seventy three billion the single largest private sector investment in this sector in our nation's history autonomous super open gaze to and Elena Moy whoa whoa Waku akitoki Moria camera Kenya – piranha – 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