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Secular Talk Animated Episode 3 – 2016 Election Edition!

you're about to see an episode of secular talk the animated series just to let everybody know this is created by a Jew so I'm gonna put his Twitter and his YouTube on the screen and also in the video description box everybody check him out he posts secular talk animated stuff way before it gets to my channel it'll be on his channel and then furthermore he also creates other stuff so give him a follow give him a sub and show him some love and enjoy I'm gonna do a couple segments for you guys now one of them on how Hillary Clinton can win the election and how she can basically lock it up stronger together first of all step one is you have to have to have to express sincere regret and apologize for bad positions that you've had the Iraq war you know when Hillary Clinton finally admitted that vote may have been a mistake 2014 2013 is when she finally could not favor gay marriage it took you that long so step one is apologize step two you have to lay out the areas where you're clearly better than Trump so if you go out there and you say when it comes to the Supreme Court I will nominate competent judges you may not agree 100 right down barriers' but I will appoint calm down the barriers kiss barriers or bad Donald Trump an eleven point nine trillion dollar hole in the debt there is no comparison there is no false equivalence I am better period the third thing is take his disqualifying comments and hammer away so when he says let's take out their families he's saying kill civilians on purpose but when he said let's bring back torture I want to bring back worse than waterboarding hammer away that's disqualifying he said he wants to pull out of the Geneva Conventions called it quote the problem and then the step four and the final point is she has to stop running right immediately end stop taking big money stop taking big money now you have to stop taking it you have to stop taking it so when you walk around and pretend like you're for the people but you're just raising gobs of money from various billionaires and corporations well that's a slap in our face so you have to stop taking that money this is the strategy that would lock it up for you stronger together I'm gonna explain how Trump can win now as well stronger together break down to barriers he please vote for me so what can he do to lock up the election well step one is he would have to eliminate his most egregious shortcomings so in other words do you got a study you got to learn and you got to get some policy basics like what you're doing is beyond stupid it's so beyond the pale and so ridiculous that you sound like a stupid person because in all seriousness you are a stupid person Don you have a low IQ and I mean this is that step one step two is now you got it not dude the polar opposite so don't become a standard politician because then the Trump quality that makes you Trump and hat gave you a peel originally would be gone so that's step two you now step three is if she did nothing but say the words crooked Hillary Clinton from now until the election he would have a good chance of winning because the bottom line is when he says that it's true I would have him continuously over and over and over crooked Hillary Clinton crooked Hillary Clinton crooked Hillary Clinton okay just go on and on and on and on about that tremendous believe me I tell you and step four is Donald if you want to win you have to copy Bernie Sanders whoa even Republican base voters don't want you to cut Social Security don't want you to cut Medicare don't want you to cut Medicaid and you try as much as you can to sound like Bernie Sanders if you do that I think he can win as of right now the race is basically tied he's got a good shot if he were to do this strategy I think he'd do it we're gonna make America great again your honor hi no my business is tremendous that's what we're going to do right now a historic moment that we can now project the winner of the presidential race in that project Donald Trump wins the presidency the business tycoon and a TV personality captain is a probable political journey with an astounding upset victory Donald J Trump will become the 45th President of the United


  1. 1irustim
    1irustim July 19, 2019

    This is terrible

  2. Coolnvigilant 88
    Coolnvigilant 88 July 19, 2019

    Like the innovation, bro

  3. Dave Dave
    Dave Dave July 19, 2019


  4. The Badgerah
    The Badgerah July 19, 2019

    Why did he get a new setup?…

    JIM MORGAN July 19, 2019


  6. Wiraqocha Kuntur
    Wiraqocha Kuntur July 19, 2019

    Y A S

  7. Bmanritchie
    Bmanritchie July 19, 2019

    Could 4Patriots respectfully FUCK OFF from this channel already?

    Literally every other YT advert on my videos lately is trying to sell me some shitty (low reviewed) solar cell.

  8. ElcoMoyer
    ElcoMoyer July 19, 2019


  9. Mr Layoki
    Mr Layoki July 19, 2019

    Bro you just posted cringe, you are going to gain subscriber

  10. Amateur Professional
    Amateur Professional July 19, 2019

    Omg at 4:22 that lock screen looks so fake that it could be real in another parallel universe! 😂😂😂

  11. userwhosinterestedin
    userwhosinterestedin July 19, 2019

    I waited so long for this

  12. Frankie Domanico
    Frankie Domanico July 19, 2019

    Awesome! What episodes were used here?

  13. maddenterror
    maddenterror July 19, 2019

    Trump did 2 out of 3. He can’t stop being Stupid though…

  14. The Mastermind
    The Mastermind July 19, 2019

    OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS cant wait to watch this high a f lol

  15. shaun b
    shaun b July 19, 2019

    omg.. haha!

  16. SigWahrheit
    SigWahrheit July 19, 2019

    4:20 Kyle, butts are for pooping! Boobs are the way, wake up!

  17. DeathSauce
    DeathSauce July 19, 2019

    That J-lo background picture! Hahaha

    The time should have been 4:20.

  18. serenesista
    serenesista July 19, 2019

    He's got JLo's jelly as a screensaver. LOL

  19. Overlay Klips
    Overlay Klips July 19, 2019

    That's tremendous

  20. Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez July 19, 2019

    This is amazing…"Break down the barriers!"

    SERIOUS QUESTION July 19, 2019

    Hey Kyle, you got round to making segments on Omar marrying her brother or voting against punishment of parents who commit female clitoral mutilation? Or how she married her brother? Wheres the segments on AOC scare mongering on how the world will end in 12 years or how she helped block funding for the border that would help the illegal immigrants?
    Where's the segment on the antifa terror attack on the Ice facility? I remember the days you were honest and not strategic on you're reporting, purposely avoiding stories to help the Bolshevik democrats.
    I agree with so much of what you say, but these last 2 years theres been a slimey mainstream change about you.
    Cheers bro

  22. DOA 11414J
    DOA 11414J July 19, 2019

    LOL that was funny. I don't know if Bernie would have won. Many would have heard free health care and college and equated that to higher taxes vs lower taxes. People vote their pocket book.

  23. Thoranzalar Vhazen
    Thoranzalar Vhazen July 19, 2019

    Honestly this is weird and cringey….

    I love you Kyle but this is weird.

  24. Robert Campbell II
    Robert Campbell II July 19, 2019

    my favorite parts

    1. Kyle in animated form.


    3. WHAAAAT?!!! (Guy's head explodes)

  25. Weston Long
    Weston Long July 19, 2019

    Kyle would be a dope south park character

    BEDAZZLED SWEATER July 19, 2019

    this is awful not funny south park rip sorry

  27. TechGuy513
    TechGuy513 July 19, 2019


  28. LibraryTech666
    LibraryTech666 July 19, 2019

    SO FUNNY! The money thrown at the wall made me laugh the hardest.

  29. The American Crusader
    The American Crusader July 19, 2019

    Haven't we seen this already?

  30. Paladin
    Paladin July 19, 2019

    kyle is weeb confirmed

  31. Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice July 19, 2019

    Dear god, Trump took his advice.

  32. U. S. S. A.
    U. S. S. A. July 19, 2019

    Secular Talk:

  33. RemixedVoice
    RemixedVoice July 19, 2019

    This is phenomenal. Excellent work, Drew!! Hilarious!!

  34. Promnesia Flow
    Promnesia Flow July 19, 2019

    4:21 AAANDDDD demonitized

  35. Seofthwa
    Seofthwa July 19, 2019

    HRC was always a republican at heart, as are many of the Democrats if you scratch the surface.

  36. Lady Hawke
    Lady Hawke July 19, 2019


  37. Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair July 19, 2019

    Kyle, the closed captioning in the video preview said this animation was made by “a Jew” and I thought you went anti-Semitic as AF!

    For real though, I majored in animation and I always love seeing these types of projects. Great job, ADrew!

  38. Liam Hamilton
    Liam Hamilton July 19, 2019

    Trump's hair doesn't have that kind of volume. It needs that flat comb-over look.

  39. emmie lyn
    emmie lyn July 19, 2019


  40. Steambull1
    Steambull1 July 19, 2019

    Kyle: "You gotta stop taking Big Money, now!"
    Hillary: "Well what the hell would be the point of all this, then?!"

  41. Jon Barlow
    Jon Barlow July 19, 2019

    Kind of seems like a rip off of freedom toons

    FUCK GOOGLE July 19, 2019

    This is when Kyle was still in his Rub-n-Tug Dojo.

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