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Scaramucci TURNS on Trump, Doesn’t Support Re-Election

this next story is so toxic in the sense that
it confirms that there’s an entire [inaudible] political movement for whom politics is just
sport and friendships and cronyism and that nothing about actually helping people or doing
what’s good for the country matters. And I’m going to cover it because it is important,
but for different reasons than some of the headlines are suggesting. So Anthony Scaramucci went on CNN yesterday
and breaking news. He says he’s no longer supporting reelection
for Donald Trump. He’s still a Republican. He likes Trump’s policies, which is just hilarious,
but that someone else may be should run for the Republican Party in 2020 and I have to
hand it to CNN. John Berman, who was interviewing him. Berman exposes that this is just a personal
problem between Scaramucci and Trump. It doesn’t really have anything to do with
Scaramucci. Now finding Donald Trump’s behavior deplorable,
which every normal person should. By the way, this is sport and Scaramucci. His relationship with Trump has soured. Now the backstory is Scaramucci is a longtime
Trump supporter. He was briefly White House communications
director about 10 or 11 days, and since being removed from that role so quickly or resigning,
he maintained support for Trump over the weekend. Scaramucci made some very light criticisms
of Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso, which was a horrifying visit. I mean, the Scaramucci was wrong in that he
didn’t criticize Trump enough quite frankly, and Trump fired back saying, Scaramucci knows
nothing about me and all sorts of other stuff. Income Scaramucci on CNN and starts to sort
of sound anti-Trump Anthony. Last week when I asked you if you still supported
and the answer was yes. This morning when I asked you if you’re calling
for a change at the top of the ticket, you said it should be considered. So are you know longer as of this morning itchy, she’ll be,
or I’m, I’m in a neutral, I’m now an an I’m a, I’m a Republican, so I’m not switching
parties to support a democrat. I bought, I believe in the values and the
policies, the Republican Party, but I’m, I’m now neutral on the president. You’re now neutral. Yeah. We continue to act and if he, if, no, absolutely,
you have to, you have to get into a neutral position. And so you are no longer an active mind. You were no longer a Anthony. I just, I just don’t want the past this by,
so people, you are no longer an active supporter of president Trump and his reelection bid. Yeah, I think that’s, I f I think that’s pretty obvious from over the
weekend. I mean the guys actually dissembling a little
bit and he’s sounding more and more nonsensical and you know, we’re sort of an ssis to it
and people inside of Washington. Oh yeah, that’s just president Trump. Just let them act like that. Right? He’s still a terrible person. He still believes in the values of the Republican
Party. He still believes in Donald Trump’s policies,
but he’s changing his tune on Trump. But then John Berman points out and I’m glad
that he does it. Hold on a second, Anthony. Nothing has changed as far as Trump. All of the reasons that you are claiming are
the reasons you no longer support Trump are backing off of Trump have been the case forever. Trump’s language, Trump’s tone, Trump’s handling
all of this stuff. The only change is that you and Trump got
into an argument over the weekend on Twitter and here is how Anthony Scaramucci response. I was going to say, so the one intervening
event over the weekend was you had a Twitter exchange with the president where he criticized
you directly. All the other stuff is stuff we’ve seen from
president Trump for years. At this point from when he was before president. So, so, so what changed exactly over the last
few days? Hey, so yeah, so, so you and Alison have often
asked me that and people say, well, okay, where’s the red line? Where you, you, you, you break from your support
from somebody cause you remember loyalty is symmetrical. It’s not asymmetric. And so, so what I said to you last week was
this is really polarizing. This is very, very divisive. As a supporter of his, I would caution that
we now go in this direction. You brought up stochastic terrorism in our
last interview and I suggested, okay, I can understand how this charge rhetoric coming
from the bully pulpit of the presidency could lead to some unintended tragic consequences. So that’s the reality. Long story short, he’s no longer a supporter
of Donald Trump’s reelection. Big Win. Wow. Stunning News. One dude who worked for Trump for 10 days
no longer supports reelection, but the change isn’t really the surprise because nothing
has changed in terms of Trump. Scaramucci isn’t against the politics of Trump. He’s not really against the style of Trump
or the idiocy of Trump or anything else or of the Republican Party. This is just what happens when it’s all about
your tribe. Your buddy who scratches your back. Scaramucci endlessly said in this interview,
the policies are great. Republicans are great. I’m a Republican, everything’s great. No they aren’t. You’re just now mad at Trump. You’re feuding and getting attention and you’re
no longer supporting reelection. And by the way, him saying he’s neutral, like
he’s no longer a supporter of Trump’s reelection, but he’s neutral on it. Neutrality. Are you serious? Neutrality is being complicit in a case like
this. And this is a real difference between the
left and the right. Last week I told you about, uh, Republicans
in Texas trying to cover up a secret recording of Republicans talking about a hit-list. So let me just remind you what that was in
Texas, I believe it was a republican pack guy, went to the Republican Texas State Speaker
of the House. I’m going from memory, and they recorded a
conversation where they were talking about a hit-list. What Republicans do. Republicans want to target in primaries in
Texas and the Texas Republican Party, a Texas Republicans at large and National Republicans
decided after hearing the tape, wow, this is really damaging. We need to cover this up and make sure that
no one ever, that the tape never sees the light of day on the left. We would want that recording out immediately. Okay? If I found out that there was a recording
of Bernie or Warren or whoever saying horrible things or have some left-wing group conspiring
to do whatever, I want to know who’s toxic. I want to know who’s destructive. I want the tape out. We need to get these people out of our movement
and move on a as soon as possible. For the right, it’s just sport, and this is
another example. Does Anthony Scaramucci actually believe that
Donald Trump’s policies are good for the United States? Like he says, maybe, maybe he always has. Maybe he never did, but it’s what he’s saying
and it’s not even really what’s at issue because it’s just sport. It’s checking boxes, it’s winning friends. Scaramucci lost a friend and now he’s neutral
on Donald Trump. Being, these are truly sick and amoral people,
but that’s what makes them hard to fight. We’ve got to find a way to do it, but it is
just sport. It’s checking boxes and even when they back
off of supporting a bad candidate or bad ideas, it’s rarely actually because of a change of
heart. It’s some kind of interpersonal conflict as
we’re seeing here


  1. flychomperfly
    flychomperfly August 14, 2019

    actually, i think the fact that the WH was willing to admit (unprecedented) that the photo ops were a problem, indicated to me there are starting to be more major rifts there. the references to mental state/health may be part of it, but no matter, the sitting on 'fence' appears to mean he would support another republican candidate. that is why i suggested there could be plans in the works to try to put a slightly different ticket up for reelection. i don't think that will happen, but i do think there are thoughts about it. then again…once the immediate crises pass and the world is wonderful once more, it may never be addressed. however, i have seen a couple of other very subtle references to the republican reelection over the past couple of weeks, so this is possibly a symptom of that.

  2. Vander Cecil
    Vander Cecil August 14, 2019

    Who cares what this little weasel thinks?

  3. Beverly Inkster
    Beverly Inkster August 14, 2019

    Trump is the most corrupt dangerous president in American history and everyone knows it and yet no one is stopping him , He has everyone in the world on edge and yet his cult will follow him to the brink wake up people Someone needs to do something already . This is so crazy ,

  4. Mike Mroczkowski
    Mike Mroczkowski August 14, 2019

    You should watch the Cenk/Scaramucci interview from a few weeks ago. Mooch told Cenk that he supports who his clients support. If he stops backing Trump it is because his clients don't want him too anymore.

  5. Will Kelly
    Will Kelly August 14, 2019

    I think almost everyone saw right through this shit. At least he is getting closer to the right choice.

  6. aunt jenifer
    aunt jenifer August 14, 2019

    You agree with the main stream headlines only for different reasons than the mainstream headlines have been explaining it's always that way with David pakman he always agrees with mainstream but he has to put his own spin on it you see?

  7. Andrew Mann
    Andrew Mann August 14, 2019

    The mooch doesn't give a shit about anything but fame

  8. Meat
    Meat August 14, 2019

    That's wild because I was just on a livestream with him asking about Trump and he was chummy and calling him a genius and the best. This was like a week ago too. Guess all it takes is a minor catty reply to make you turn on a friend lol. Probably a fleeting opinion he'll get over fast since it's so petty.

  9. Dom Jay
    Dom Jay August 14, 2019

    Irrelevant snake …

  10. mosfet500
    mosfet500 August 14, 2019

    I don't think you mean "amoral". Amoral is neither moral nor immoral. What color tie should I wear today is amoral, morality has no bearing on the decision – it is outside the area of morality. Scaramucci is immoral, Trump is immoral. I know it's used and even some dictionary definitions give improper connotations. For example the definition of areligious is "not influenced by or practicing religion". In the same sense amoral carries the same connotation. We could say Scaramucci is not practicing morality but the clearer definition of his actions are immoral. His actions are devised to harm Trump, without deciding whether Trump is a good or bad person when one acts to harm or bring suffering to others for their own ends they are acting immorally, which is what he is attempting to do.

  11. Harold Briggs
    Harold Briggs August 14, 2019

    Donald Trump's policies only good for him in his best interest and his family and f*** the United States

  12. Nubby Tope
    Nubby Tope August 14, 2019

    Scarramouchi, Scarramouchi – willy do the fandangly.

  13. oktopustrainer
    oktopustrainer August 14, 2019

    If true, I may just have to reconsider my support as well. I been team Mooch from day 1. He was the only reason I even got on the Trump Train. I'm not even sure what to think w/o his Twitter takes.
    On the other hand, you can't be neutral on a moving train & Trump is the antichrist. #Bernie2020

  14. Eric Lamont
    Eric Lamont August 14, 2019

    I literally couldn’t care less what Da Mooch has to say. I mean, ok, it’s cool another of Dump’s former cronies is turning against him, but Da MOOOOOOCH has zero weight or credibility.

  15. _B -Lowe_
    _B -Lowe_ August 14, 2019

    Dave, Scaramucci was the guy who worked for Trump (ie; djt , d'eejit, T'ump, The Trumpone, etc)
    for *eleven days. Let's not over exaggerate the reporting here, huhu, for they might call you FAKE and-gay NEWS, a stalin-far-left. They'll also call you out as project fear and sneaky Irish Remoamer.

    speaking of, we know it's not your territory, but perhaps can you take a look in the brexit-hemisphere news here, pls pls pls. :,P

    And especially about Ireland, Northern Ireland, the uk-wide Backstop, the complete ideologue thinking that has had overwhelmed the UK's current conserv. & DUP government.

    It's bizzare, but we think here the penny has dropped that we are playing musical chairs with Boris. Their public bases of both here and near are the real believers and buyers into who they think represents the and gives them power. They got duped into being loyal for something better. Ofc so many other sources of support come from applied conservatives, those who just vote against their vision of "left". And we must admit to identify that racism, the real, neurological feeling of fear and disgust. lol just like how Liam Neelson did!

  16. Jayson Davis
    Jayson Davis August 14, 2019

    Garbage dirtbag Scaramucci and garbage dirtbag Trump are now tired of fucking each other’s trashy holes.

    So what?

    Not a single thread of decency between these two shitty men. Trump will ram Tony in the toosh in exchange for some favor like turning a blind eye to some criminal dealing, and all will be as it was before

  17. Yannick Luecker
    Yannick Luecker August 14, 2019

    Scarramucc, Scarramucc, will you do the fandango?

  18. Mike Spicer
    Mike Spicer August 14, 2019

    Why does the MSM give a flying fig what Scaramucci has to say? This is such a non,-story Dave.. This is TMZ calibre.

  19. Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious August 14, 2019


  20. Karma Fride
    Karma Fride August 14, 2019

    Typical Republican, until it hits them personally they do not care. Now Trump is acting like Trump against him and that is what has changed.

  21. Supernova Kasprzak
    Supernova Kasprzak August 14, 2019

    As Scarmucci said in his interview, loyalty is very important to Republicans. They see loyalty as a virtue. That's why they'll cover up evil, because they can rationalize it by saying "I have to be loyal, and being loyal is good" even though the cover-up is obviously bad.

  22. Suzy Q
    Suzy Q August 14, 2019

    Somebody get Scaramucci his t-shirt!
    "I lied, cheated, and stole, for Donald Trump, and all I got was thrown under the bus!" Cohen's read, "I lied, cheated, and stole, for Donald Trump and all I got was a prison sentence!"
    Who knows, Scaramucci might get one of those, too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. Patrick NEZ
    Patrick NEZ August 14, 2019

    If the Mooch was gonna jump ship, he should've done it sooner. At this point, it has near-zero effect. Better late than never I guess.

  24. Alex P
    Alex P August 14, 2019

    Scaramucci was a scumbag before Trump and is a scumbag after Trump.

  25. Dee Dev
    Dee Dev August 14, 2019

    These people are absolutely dangerous. Gross!!

    MULDOLBRA August 14, 2019

    Yee Haw

  27. John Mezzo
    John Mezzo August 14, 2019

    Didn't this guy lose his wife, because of his support for Trump?

  28. R Paisley
    R Paisley August 14, 2019

    Thanks David for pointing out the hypocrisy of Scaramucci. Anthony comes across as a slimy bottom dweller and should just climb back under the rocks he slithered out from!

  29. Michael Parrott-MacLeod
    Michael Parrott-MacLeod August 14, 2019

    He said he stands with the Republicans and their values. I nearly vomited.

  30. Lu Guy
    Lu Guy August 14, 2019

    Am watching the same stuff over, too much Pakman on the mind. Algorithms hate me, too.

  31. independent vote
    independent vote August 14, 2019

    The WARNING to MAGA people…ONE CRITICISM and u are OUT ! THAT'S Stalinism…NOT patriotism

  32. Mr Squeak The Cat.
    Mr Squeak The Cat. August 14, 2019

    ~ 3 hours video up time. ~4800 views, ~170 comments and <600 likes. Participation traffic here is shit now. No wonder davies boys crying for donations every other day of the week! . 😀

    social blade numbers show something not right too. Subscriber numbers going up fast yet views not following same patterns and rate of change despite increased rate of video releasing.

    Those 100's of K fake subscribers he' been wasting money on aren't doing shit for his YT trend ranking numbers.

  33. Druidic Troy
    Druidic Troy August 14, 2019

    Once again a republican doesn't give a shit till something effects them personally.

  34. Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia August 14, 2019

    Lots of character arcs in this storyline

  35. Sugar_ Binge
    Sugar_ Binge August 14, 2019

    TRUMP hires the best ENEMIES…

  36. AegisEpoch
    AegisEpoch August 14, 2019

    look ya'll, about this asteroid close to hitting earth, i'm not going to switch sides and help build the bomb to stop it but i'm not going to vocally to where you can hear me support our demise either. why am i even here then? i just wanted to use up this time that could be used informing viewers to talk about how, i'm neutral now. so you know, hashbrowns Resistance

  37. Mister Kim
    Mister Kim August 14, 2019

    Why the news channels keeps giving this bozo hack air time makes no sense. What insight or cred does doofus beta male have to offer. I say cut off the air supply and suffocate this Trump dog who's been kicked to the curb (figuratively speaking of course).

  38. Hatts Harbringer
    Hatts Harbringer August 14, 2019

    I never thought scarimucci would flip, he is such a trump dickrider. If trump gave him a job, he'd be licking trump's ass again. Scarimucci is such a weasel.

  39. Jacob Serrano
    Jacob Serrano August 14, 2019

    Scaramucci’s CONSCIENCE overpowers his fear. Another former Trumpist TURNS on the Criminal-in-Chief.

  40. gobsmacked!
    gobsmacked! August 14, 2019

    He may be a midget but I'd put my money on the mooch in a fist fight with baby hands Trump.

  41. Jason Amrhein
    Jason Amrhein August 14, 2019

    It's absolutely amazing how blind Trump supporters are. The minute one of their own offers the slightest criticism of Daddy Trump, they write them off completely.

  42. Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime August 14, 2019

    These guys remind me of Mad Men.

  43. Herman M
    Herman M August 14, 2019

    What's with the "Trump is the worst US president ever"? It seems everybody's forgetting the amounts of blood on the hands of Johnson to Nixon to Reagan to Bush (2×) with Jr even covering up 9/11 and twice stealing the presidency.. and Clinton and Obama more than trigger happy too.
    In that respect the manchild in chief is just an amateur whose demise will hopefully be the beginning of a new progressive era.

  44. Kimberley DeFay
    Kimberley DeFay August 14, 2019

    Honestly who gives a shit about Sccarmucci? He’s an insignificant, has been, nobody.

  45. Cyndi Cesare
    Cyndi Cesare August 14, 2019

    It's ok David….I'll take it. If scaramucci just can't take it anymore….good! The mooch has been saying for well over a year that Trumps rhetoric is damaging. My take is "great", whatever reason Scaramucci is mad at him doesn't matter…one less Trump ass kisser is a wonderful thing. Don't punch a gift horse in the mouth (is that the way that saying goes LOL).

  46. MrJrawks
    MrJrawks August 14, 2019

    They like everything except the mean tweets, Kyle has been saying this forever.

  47. Bill McDonald
    Bill McDonald August 14, 2019

    I can't help but notice his eyes – all shifty and blinky-like. This is all calculated, not conscience-driven. My guess is that he's distancing himself from Trump because he thinks he can make more money that way. Now he can get appearance fees off a host of other outlets and organisations that wouldn't touch him when he was running the 'front-stabbing-loyal-minion' act. Ockham's Razor: the simplest explanation's likely the correct explanation. Can't get any simpler than the Mooch is driven by lucre.

  48. Armando Gallegos
    Armando Gallegos August 14, 2019

    Be careful with this Scaramuchi! He looks and seems very sneaky!! He’s Trump little weasle spy

  49. Armando Gallegos
    Armando Gallegos August 14, 2019

    He looks scared as shit when asked if he supports Trump!!!

  50. Armando Gallegos
    Armando Gallegos August 14, 2019

    Nothing has changed for this weasel!!

  51. freeform144
    freeform144 August 14, 2019


  52. Brock Albert
    Brock Albert August 14, 2019

    The way Mooch talks is so inauthentic, it makes me wanna hurl.

  53. Josh Edmonds
    Josh Edmonds August 14, 2019

    The man who Trump fired and ended his career..doesnt support Trump…must hurt ppls feelings if this is somehow breaking news

  54. CCJJ160Channels
    CCJJ160Channels August 14, 2019

    If he really supported the values of the Republican Party he never would have supported Trump to begin with.

  55. Doug D
    Doug D August 14, 2019

    This will be devastating in the next election as all 1 of the Mooch’s fans (Mooch himself) will not vote for Trump. This is swing that vote to Trump’s challenger who will, without any doubt, be a full of socialist forcing Mooch to again, change his mind and vote for Trump in his own best interest.

  56. Kaboomnz
    Kaboomnz August 14, 2019

    why are your stories always late mate

  57. Cymric
    Cymric August 14, 2019

    scaramucci scaramucci do you do the fandango

    probably not. he looks lame.

  58. jelbert87
    jelbert87 August 14, 2019

    Think he supports Yang

  59. 3star2nr
    3star2nr August 14, 2019

    So scaramouch finally did the fandango

  60. drunkendevil
    drunkendevil August 14, 2019

    I need a break from all this crap. Its legit exhausting keeping up with all of it.

  61. Ernest Heau
    Ernest Heau August 14, 2019

    It was not "light criticism" of Trump's visits to Dayton and El Paso. He said they were "catastrophic."

  62. vonclod123
    vonclod123 August 14, 2019

    Scaramucci is a mutt anyway, him and Trump deserve each other.

  63. Dash Sizon
    Dash Sizon August 14, 2019

    Almost as good as ray liotta ratting paulie and De Niro to the feds

  64. bobcharlotte
    bobcharlotte August 14, 2019

    Da mooch would support dump if he could get his job back.

  65. Farty McGee
    Farty McGee August 14, 2019

    The Moooooch! This assclown should not be allowed on TV and shunned by every person with a conscious and legit moral values. The Mooch is a scumbag sycophant- just like EVERY OTHER FASCIST FAN BOY!

  66. ringworm
    ringworm August 14, 2019

    he's been doing the media circuit, hanging out w/ too many "lefties." good for him. maybe he has made a turn. i don't claim to know his motivation beyond he likes being on tv.

  67. Fearless Infidel
    Fearless Infidel August 14, 2019

    He’s a cock shiner! Never trust this cock shiner dirt bag.

  68. chucku00
    chucku00 August 14, 2019

    He's doing the fandango…

  69. LePage Channel
    LePage Channel August 14, 2019

    I watch the whole spectrum from left to right on YT on a daily basis. And I always stop by this channel.
    I almost disagree with Pakman with everything but he's a likeable guy.He reminds me of Tweety Bird.
    🐥 "I tawt I taw a scara mooch!" and "I did! I did taw a scara mooch!"

  70. Humble Trekker
    Humble Trekker August 14, 2019

    Mooch has gone down even further in my opinion. What a weasel

  71. Marley Bee
    Marley Bee August 14, 2019

    You have to wonder, if Mooch would be saying the same thing if he was press secretary.

  72. RobS ZZZ
    RobS ZZZ August 14, 2019

    “Something tells me we’re into something good 🎼 “ 🤘🏽😃

  73. Mike Regan
    Mike Regan August 14, 2019

    I gotta ask… why is Scaramucci getting airtime on CNN? Who is he that he warrants an interview? And furthermore… why are you giving him airtime on your show? Seems like a complete waste of time. Don't grab this low hanging fruit David.

  74. Octavian Popescu
    Octavian Popescu August 14, 2019

    Out of all of Trump's supporters I think that Scaramucci is the only one I like. The thing is he has repeatedly criticized Trump in the past and did admit to things that no one else had admitted to in the Trump team. So I do think that the criticisms are unfair in this case. As for the policies he's praising, he's referring to the economy, not to immigration. By virtue of his work, he is more concerned about the economy. Although I do disagree how great the economy is doing, considering the trillions of dollars in debt, I understand and respect his point of view and I do think he's genuine about his beliefs.

  75. Marky E
    Marky E August 14, 2019

    Odious huckster jumps sinking ship. Quelle surprise.

  76. Eric Sarnoski
    Eric Sarnoski August 14, 2019

    Quite honestly , who gives a crap about potty mouth Scaramucci . 11 days as a boot licking press secretary, prior to that a small fry hedge fund player. 11 days of press notoriety all the sudden he is suddenly considered some kind of political sooth-sayer ? Give me a break, to borrow one of potty mouths own phrases ….. he's just sucking his own _ _ _ _ basking in media attention and inflated self importance.

  77. Ferroneoboron
    Ferroneoboron August 14, 2019

    It's about the friends we lose along the way!

  78. Direksone
    Direksone August 14, 2019

    The Mooch Is Loose!

    What a tool.

  79. Flamen_Bat
    Flamen_Bat August 14, 2019

    Probs trying to leave the farm before Trump's "Epstein chickens" come home to roost…

  80. Tozias Silverfang
    Tozias Silverfang August 14, 2019

    Rats running away; Republicans are nothing but cowards.

  81. 9000ck
    9000ck August 14, 2019

    Look, when Omarosa decides to jump ship at least a year before you, you can claim neither intelligence or integrity.

  82. Roq Steady
    Roq Steady August 14, 2019

    Even the lizard overlords running the matrix are no longer happy with Trump.

  83. Virginia B. Britton
    Virginia B. Britton August 14, 2019

    Why does anyone take this grease bag schmoozer seriously ?

  84. HarleyHilderson
    HarleyHilderson August 14, 2019

    Does anybody give an f about what the Mooch has to say? I for sure never cared and I don't know why MSM keeps having him on!

  85. Mr. Adventure
    Mr. Adventure August 14, 2019

    Mooch, what are you doing? Dump the tRump already.

  86. Ryan X
    Ryan X August 14, 2019

    They're both worthless "people".

  87. Leighton Rose
    Leighton Rose August 14, 2019

    Why is he news.

  88. StuntpilootStef
    StuntpilootStef August 14, 2019

    I wouldn't trust Scaramucci as far as I can throw him, and I have VERY skinny arms!

  89. Chilltownify
    Chilltownify August 14, 2019

    Trump turns everyone because eventually he'll throw everyone under the bus since he only cares about himself. even the sycophants, bootlickers and grifters who try to use Trump will eventually feel his Wrath

  90. Celisar1
    Celisar1 August 14, 2019

    Let’s ignore this man (Mooch). He is no one of any importance or competence.
    I really mean it: ignore him.

  91. Duff Duffington
    Duff Duffington August 14, 2019

    This guy is a pile of shit, sitting on the mountain of shit, that is the Яepublican party. The media needs to stop giving this attention whore airtime. They won't though.

  92. Andres D
    Andres D August 14, 2019

    Really can´t figure out this, how is Trump different now than he was 5, 10, 15, 30 or 40 years ago. Trump is the same cheating, lying , vile, racist, pedophile con man he has always been.

  93. Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins August 14, 2019

    Don't believe the scumbag.

  94. Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris August 14, 2019

    I love how you redesigned all of the jpegs as well as the titles and the content is really first-rate. And I'm happy I'm a subscriber on YouTube. I don't intend to ever be a member but I hope liking and call man saying helps improve your YouTube Analytics.

  95. Chris Bellen
    Chris Bellen August 14, 2019


  96. Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris August 14, 2019

    Man, I hate Scarymuchi. He's such a jerk

  97. Dante Beard
    Dante Beard August 14, 2019

    Republicans have values other than shoving jesus down your throat and keeping brown people out? Seems solid

  98. Elise M
    Elise M August 14, 2019

    You’re saying he stopped mooching Trump

  99. FallenAngel Reviews
    FallenAngel Reviews August 14, 2019

    David we should be supporting republicans against trump.

  100. Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle August 14, 2019

    Scara-who? Honestly, the week I spent listening to this wank stain was a week too long.

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