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Save our Forests! | National Forest Policy 2018 Explained by Dhruv Rathee


  1. Dhruv Rathee
    Dhruv Rathee May 24, 2019

    Videography kaise lagi doston, do you want to see more videos shot outside in forest or other places? Comment below to let me know 😀

  2. Naresh vankala
    Naresh vankala May 24, 2019

    They all are interrelated if there unemployment in country public will definitely find its way in nature for employment and that's how it begans and sad reality is this that this video has very few likes as compared to views why?

  3. anmol Mishra
    anmol Mishra May 24, 2019

    Why are there no bhakts swearing modi allegiance in the comments? Shame on you bhakton, ye banda tumhare bhagwaan ki buddhimani se sochi hui nitiyon ko galat karar kar raha hai or tum chup chap sun rahe ho. Kya muh dikhaoge swarg me? Tum chup rahoge to achhe din kaise aenge? Jaago bhakton, jaago!

    INDIA IS SUPERPOWER May 24, 2019

    Anti BJP spotted

  5. priyanka kothari
    priyanka kothari May 24, 2019

    Save forest. Save rivers too!! They are the life line of our eco system .

  6. ujwal prasad
    ujwal prasad May 24, 2019

    Sir what is the latest news of this policy make a vedio

  7. study guru ji hack namkumar
    study guru ji hack namkumar May 24, 2019

    bht lat

    MOU BISWAS May 24, 2019

    Love the video…🙂

  9. George Arunsowriraj
    George Arunsowriraj May 24, 2019

    Bjp fraud

  10. Apoorva Bhatt
    Apoorva Bhatt May 24, 2019

    Did you got any response from the ministry?

  11. Tomar
    Tomar May 24, 2019

    Link is not working.

    ASHISH KUMAR May 24, 2019

    Wow….. Lovely

  13. Sunil Pankaj
    Sunil Pankaj May 24, 2019

    This is what our India is,only 79k views and 1k comments . Do you think it is not the important topic to be discuss about and spread out for better of mankind
    We have damaged 60% wild life since 1970
    It's mean if you have 100 different kind of rose then you losted 60 of them now you have left 40
    Dhruv rathi sir please make more videos on such topics
    Our planet is in danger
    Thank you for this video

    INDIAN MASALA May 24, 2019

    securing biodiversity is the biggest challenge to any country these days. good video.

  15. ain asri
    ain asri May 24, 2019

    thanks.. this give me ideas for my video assignment about forest policy too!

  16. Holly Van Hart
    Holly Van Hart May 24, 2019

    💗 Thanks for this great content! 👍🏼 😻

  17. Atul Dhande
    Atul Dhande May 24, 2019

    Bro…Want to see more videos on forest … Save our forests

  18. KJVreaderFromINDIA
    KJVreaderFromINDIA May 24, 2019

    what kind of nationalism when the very soul and the soil of the nation is handed over to the corporate, what about the sons of the soil.if the likes of ambani/adani get their hands on the precious minerals under adivasi/forest land., Nation's 75% wealth is constrained within 1% of the population, example in jharkhand para military camps propping up in rural/forest areas.forests have been outsourced/leased out to corporates.The media hand in glove, busy demonizing all tribals as naxals, the adivasis jailed for collecting firewood but the forester and the timber mafia get richer while the forest gets thinner and the ozone layer gets thicker. 5th schedule of the constitution and PESA acts havent seen the light of the day yet but government/mining sharks see what lays beneath

  19. no name
    no name May 24, 2019

    Thanks for this video.

  20. nikita mehra
    nikita mehra May 24, 2019

    sir you are so cute

  21. Humanoid Robo
    Humanoid Robo May 24, 2019

    sir the template is not working… please provide alternate source

  22. Jordan Sayonarah
    Jordan Sayonarah May 24, 2019

    Wow Brother Dhruv
    I am with you when you go with protection of environment

  23. Eswar Dora
    Eswar Dora May 24, 2019

    u must have a conversation with rahul arya from thanks bharat…. plzzzz

  24. himanshu kalane
    himanshu kalane May 24, 2019

    afim ke khet hey tohh

  25. Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma May 24, 2019

    Link work nahi kar raha .. template waala..
    Do something??

  26. Dumb Dumber
    Dumb Dumber May 24, 2019

    Good job 👍🏼

  27. Kai Hiwatari
    Kai Hiwatari May 24, 2019

    tum lado PM post ke liye vote hum denge lekin shart ye ha ki tumne jo bhi sawal sarkar par khade kiye ha unke samadhan apne karyakal me kar ke dikhana hoga warna dobara kabhi kisi ke upar bewajah hamla mat karna

  28. Shuvam Dey
    Shuvam Dey May 24, 2019

    S4 smells like the British plantains

  29. saurav jha
    saurav jha May 24, 2019

    You've made the vedio, most of the people don't even seriously focus on and no no govt take it as a serious issue thanks.

    MUSIC LOVER May 24, 2019

    U got new subscriber

  31. Ajay Prajapati
    Ajay Prajapati May 24, 2019

    yehi hai "sabka saath sabka vikas"

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