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Saramago – Where’s the democracy? [Subs: EN, FR, DE, IT, HR, ES, PT]

We question everything in this world except one thing, we don’t question democracy. Democracy is there as if it was a kind of sacred entity, from which we don’t expect miracles to come anymore, but which stands as a reference, “The Democracy”. And we don’t realize that the democracy which we live in, is seized. It is conditioned, and cut out. Because… Because power, citizen’s power, the power that each of us have, is limited, in the political sphere, I repeat, in the political sphere, to withdrawing a government that is not appreciated, and replacing it by another one that might be appreciated. That’s all. But important decisions, important decisions are taken in another sphere, and we all know which one is it. Big international finance corporations, the IMF’s, the WTO’s, the World Banks, the OECD’s, all of these, Not one of these institutions is democratic, so… How can we keep talking about democracy if those who actually govern the world are not democratically elected by people? Who chooses the deputies from different countries for those institutions? The people from each country? No. So where is the democracy then?


  1. Javier Argüello
    Javier Argüello November 5, 2011

    Grande Saramago

  2. SiouxSyndicate
    SiouxSyndicate January 26, 2012

    Democracy within this current way of 'capitalism is hard..

  3. Jannay Hernández Guzmán
    Jannay Hernández Guzmán February 24, 2013

    Es tan cierto, finalmente, el gobierno está al servicio del mercado y no del pueblo.

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