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Sajha Sawal Highlights Episode 406_Differences in the Draft Constitution

Welcome to Sajha Sawal. I am Bidhya Chapagain. When will all the disputed issues of draft constitution be resolved to promulgate a new constitution? I’d like to start today’s programme by your question. My question is for Laxmanlal Karna , Co-chairperson of Sadbhavna Party. At a time when the constitution is about to be promulgated, how can your resignation be appropriate? If you want to resign from the Constituent Assembly, you shouldn’t have participated in the first place. At least a capable person could have taken your place. Also, will you pay back all the salaries and allowances you received from the Constituent Assembly? Even doing so would not be enough. You will also be charged with fines and punishment. Laxmanlal Karna Ji We’ve put much thought and understanding before resigning. We waited for almost two years so that the oppressed and marginalised citizens… of this country, would get their rights. We have time and again registered our differences, but haven’t got any responses. More so, four leaders abducted the Constituent Assembly Now, as we have realized that there’s no role for us in the constituent assembly… at a time when people are dying in the street, it is not justifiable that I stay in the constituent assembly. Chitrabahadur Kc Ji, My question to you is… You said restructuring of the country shouldn’t be done. I feel your statement reflects that you want to conform to the status quo. In the current structure, how would you bring Bhaktapur district and Karnali zone… on equal footing, with regards to development? What is your perspective? You are in the illusion that … my party is against the restructure of the country. Who taught you such things? So, you did propose for seven states. Right? The states should be restructured. After the election of the parliament, the laws should be drafted… and even if the districts or zones are to be divided, it should be done by taking peoples’ opinion and consent. The first Constituent Assembly was dissolved because of disputes regarding federalism and owing to your demand for ‘Single province for Madhes’. Now again you are entangled in the same issue. This makes one think – are you being mobilized by outside forces? You do seem to visit places like Patna and Delhi (India) secretly… Is that the reason you are offering 5 million rupees to those killed in the protest? Is that where the money comes from? In federalism, its only the country that is undivided (Akhanda), but not the states… You seem satisfied chanting the slogan ‘undivided’ But, when we ask for a separate ‘Madhesh province’ you don’t look happy and accuse us as having connection with Patna and Delhi. As long as you harbour such feelings towards citizens like us, of your country, then it’s hard to nurture nationality. Regarding the 5 million rupees, the government has not paid respect to the martyrs since 65 years… Therefore we declared the amount to pay respect to the martyrs killed, while fighting for our state. This is not just for Madhesis. It’s also for people from hills, Muslim community and others. When you see the demography among ethnic groups… Magars are in the largest numbers and then Tharus come second. Autonomous Clusters have been managed for others, but why not for Magars and Tharus? We have five development regions. Why can’t we declare these regions as five federal states? Shreemaya ji, one of your party’s vice chairman has also said to declare five development regions as states. At present, our country cannot bear the burden of many states. Majority of people’s voices were centered on… declaring only few number of states. Those voices were tabled in the constituent assembly. But during the election didn’t the people vote for you in support of 7 states, as per your manifesto? This constituent Assembly is not just a place to implement political manifesto of CPN UML. As people advised to declare only a few number of states, leaders sat together and agreed on six states. And the proposed six state model is also not declared as final. We are to make a constitution with the purpose that none of the rights… and identity of the people should be snatched away Everyone should be responsible. I think every parties and people should be responsible and work accordingly. Chitra Bahadur Ji, political leaders had promised they would promulgate the constitution by mid of August… But they have missed the deadline. When will the constitution be promulgated? I say those leaders who set dates, are foolish. In the first two years, and again for Jan 22 and again for May, June; they have been changing dates. Big party leaders seem to have this business of rescheduling constitution dates. They sit in the meeting whole day and in the evening they show their ‘green teeth’… and say, ‘we are close to consensus.’ ‘We will have consensus tomorrow.’ I won’t say that. Shreemaya Thakali Ji, you represent a big party. When shall we get the constitution? Like Chitra Bahadur ji, I can’t say the exact date. If I say a date then also it won’t work. And people have also stopped believing as there have been many dates. In this situation I can’t say the exact date. But, it should come as soon as possible and it’s underway. It would be good if we could by latest… promulgate the constitution by mid of September. I would like to conclude this discussion now. Please allow us to end today’s programme, Namaskar!

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