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deputy president dr. William somewhere root rot slum politicians politicking all the time instead of focusing on development speaking in bukhoma County the DP has called on leaders to focus on education and matters but between the citizens of the country CSIR to key or Gandhi vitina you Kabila in a routine aneema and that is the politics we must avoid why if you wanna go to our wananga dunya he named Amber Hina Mambo he'll watch Shannon a human no.2 in Ghani to wake a latina pamoja to link a mammary mind a little can he it was a copy ahartry a condom belly nanotech annuity see me me numbers Nehru kanata year to arise nothing goes Latifah to talk to Keisha number one the warty ambough amateur Beluga knew what to ambough to the final cut in our open Ganesha Kenya nakusha cookie remember Amanda Lear wondering in a bow on a phenomena of you know otaku pinga mumbo do teeny sizzle to noir be able to listen Billy Kenoi an otaku Mandela monitor attuned ani haba to Sheila Ki Rani yo Kenya heat wizard abolishing ammonia my friends we are now discussing competence based education and I want to ask all the stakeholders in the education sector to think seriously about how to bring unity and harmony in the education sector so that instead of us talking at each other we must consult and talk together so that we can agree on how our girls and boys in schools can get the best relevant quality education going into the future computers based education is a well thought out program because we want education of now to be relevant to the needs of Industry and the needs of society and the needs of our development program for the future and we must equip you with those skills

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  1. edwin terence wabushi
    edwin terence wabushi July 8, 2019

    Shut up man tunakujua am tired of people with doubted intergrity stand for public offices in Kenya .It's the only country that thief's and conmen and corrupt officials get duly elected.Wat a shame

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