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Russian Propaganda Seen Fusing With Republican Ukraine Narrative | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    GUMPNSTEIN November 23, 2019

    Congress should move troops into Ukraine tomorrow to put an end to this game. The Russians are literally represented by half our government. It's time to threaten war vs Russia and if need be complicit Republicans

  2. Gilbert Woodward
    Gilbert Woodward November 23, 2019

    I believe the Republican party knows of Trumps ties to Russia and are afraid Americans will find out how much. THAT CAN BE DANGEROUS TO A POLITICAL CAREER. OR WORSE.

  3. Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow November 23, 2019

    The party of Regan becomes the party of Putin.

  4. sydney wellington
    sydney wellington November 23, 2019

    I couldn't understand for a long time why GOP is making such an absurd effort to defend Trump in this obnoxious situation. They are not all blind or stupid. And finally, I get it: THEY ARE NOT DEFENDING TRUMP. THEY ARE DEFENDING THEMSELVES. Because if Trump falls, they all fall, sooner or later.

  5. Patrick Semary
    Patrick Semary November 23, 2019

    is this dude for real – did he watch the hearings at all – they have nothing – this is and has been a joke – what is this dude thinking- or is this a chic – i cant tell – it dont matter either way dont care – but what is it reporting on – Trump did nothing wrong they have nothing

  6. walinton
    walinton November 23, 2019

    This is not only proving that Trump is a Russian puppet, but that the entire GOP are also Russian agents. America, what are you becoming?😩😩

  7. James Parker
    James Parker November 23, 2019

    The summary for the impeachment hearings should be summed up by Rachel Maddow. All of Trumps foreign relations have benefited the Russian Secret Services and Putin. The Republicans are promoting the false narrative begun by Russian Intelligent Service.

  8. sydney wellington
    sydney wellington November 23, 2019

    All presidential candidates should pass a Security Clearance Checking.

  9. Stephen Gloor
    Stephen Gloor November 23, 2019

    The US does not need more people like Dr Hill it really needs lots and lots of normal people to actually vote. If you want and like your democracy then vote for it. Don’t assume Trump can’t win in 2020. We did here in Australia and got another three years of TrumpLite Mr Morrison.

  10. Steve Mercury
    Steve Mercury November 23, 2019

    That's because Russia and the GOP are now synonymous, on the same page of the exact same playbook. Look folks, Russia is helping to fund the GOP and NRA and so the R's are doing what they can for Russia. Word is Russia hacked electronic voting machines in 2016 and will do so again in 2020. That's why recounts were not allowed in swing states.

  11. Vammek Opinion
    Vammek Opinion November 23, 2019

    More is coming, if Bolton testifies. He will be the reinforcement that's needed.

  12. Richie Tattersall
    Richie Tattersall November 23, 2019

    The Republicans already know they have a totally lost cause, they are throwing any and all political B$ they can come up with in the faces of the Citizens of the United States to try and stay in control. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website. 2016 they lost the popular vote by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The highest Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest Mid-term % in over 100 years, US Census bureau site 54.3%. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and they lost by over 10 Million, they lost in 2019. Congress: the House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, the Senate is 6. The Senate, 2016, 9 Republicans and 24 Democrats were up for re-election, Democrats focused on the House, only 3 seats in the Senate flipped from Democrat to Republican, 2020, that TOTALLY flips. Moscow Mitch + 21 more Republicans in the Senate and only 12 Democrats are up for re-election. As of last week, 3 Republicans in the Senate and 17 in the House of Representatives have ALREADY announced that they are not running for re-election. WHY end up jumping off the Great Ship "The Donald Trump" with nothing but a life-preserver while it's sinking when you can walk down the Gangplank while it's still tied to the Dock? The Republicans v Healtcare? Ryan, after canceling the vote on their 1st totally useless totally screwed-up attempt at healthcare actually admitted to the reporters that were there what the real problem was. "We were an 8 year opposition party where being against things was easy to do, you just had to be against it. Now, in just 3 months time, we TRY to go to governing where we actually have to get people to agree with each other." If that was NOT the Republican Speaker of the House, CONFESSING to the Citizens of the United States of America, that they had been screwing us on purpose for 8 years, what was it? They had the House of Representatives for 8 consecutive years, the Senate for 6, they ADDED the White House for the last 2. I dare ANY Republican in this country to PROVE to the Citizens of the United States of America that they made ANY attempt at updating the Immigration Laws in this country.

    United States Supreme Court: US v Nixon – Executive Privilege DOES NOT APPLY to Congresional Investigations, he had to turn over the tapes. He resigned between turning over the tapes and the full House of Representatives voting on filing the Articles of Impeachment. One of the results of that decision by the Supreme Court, was "Obstruction of Justice" charges being included. He had done the EXACT same thing as Trump is, CLAIMING Executive Privilege grants him the authority to deny Citizens of the United States of America their right to testify to Congress, because of that decision, IT DOES NOT! An Obstruction of Justice has absolutely nothing to do with the results of an investigation, it only applies to the actual investigation. Any attempt to block or hinder in any way an ongoing investigation, is an Obstruction of Justice. One aspect of this whole saga Trump is pulling, Statute of Limitations clocks can't start counting down untill he stops breaking the law, all he keeps doing is pushing it further into the future. Nixon currently holds the record for the # of former staff that were charged, convicted and locked up, at least he waited till his second term in office. Trump is fast approaching it, and he won't even reach 3 full years in office until January 20th 2020.

  13. Bruce Mincks
    Bruce Mincks November 23, 2019


  14. hew195050
    hew195050 November 23, 2019

    The only conclusion I can come to is that they are all in bed with Russia. How can this be? How did we get here? I know we havent been paying attention but have we been ignoring THIS much for THIS long? I refuse to believe those who support this president in the White House are THAT stupid. I just refuse. It's not logical. I know some of them are dumb but no. not THIS dumb….to give this country away to Russia…for what reason? To gain power and/or money? They don't realize Russia will crush them in the end?

  15. gm4fong
    gm4fong November 23, 2019


  16. Lawrence Torres
    Lawrence Torres November 23, 2019

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!PUT COUNTRY OVER PARTY!!!!!!!!

  17. Horthorn
    Horthorn November 23, 2019

    Trump sees Russia as an ally in getting himself reelected. The republicans are acting as they are because they are a group of bottom feeders who do not have the interests of their own country at heart. They will be voted out and they know it.

  18. Dan Stephensen
    Dan Stephensen November 23, 2019

    You are a v e r y, v e r y confused, young lady. You can expect the NON-PARTISON i n d i c t m e n t s of the SCUMBIDEN's soon.

    Ultimately, you haven't a clue and will be sadly disappointed as you were in 2016. Kangaroo courts produce slime only, like your " S h o w "
    Actual DUE PROCESS will prove you are clearly misguided and out-to-lunch. Demoncrap schemes orchestrated by Soros.
    Trump got "c a u g h t" at nothing. Spin yourself away to oblivion. Your show sucks big time. Heap up followers having itching ears
    to be scratched by commie news agencies like yours. Trump is winning in every way you had "hoped" Hillary would.
    Your narratives are without anything but selfish political false hopes and will take you down. Sad and Shameful, Rachel.
    Sadly none of this will sink in to your leftist, bull crap mind. Your credibility is in the toilet. Slog away

  19. D J
    D J November 23, 2019

    Here is a theory. Russia not only helped trump during 2016. Russia also helped fund Hillary's campaign. hmm?

  20. eliotno3
    eliotno3 November 23, 2019

    Latest FOX spin is that testimony is "too hard to follow." Luckily Trump's base is easily distracted:

    {bring on the next media cycle…}

  21. Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith November 23, 2019

    If RT said people shouldn't eat babies, Rachel Maddow would immediately start cannibalizing nursery wards.

  22. Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo November 23, 2019

    The biggest piece of stupid is that even if Trump is guilty of the worst thing he is accused of… So what? THINK ABOUT THIS   1) After President Obama made Vice President Joe Biden the White House’s point person on Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son,after traveling with his father Joe Biden on Air Force Two  who has absolutely no background — meaning no skill or expertise — in the energy sector, was paid something like a million dollars from a Ukrainian energy company BURISMA for his, uhm, expertise.                                                                                                                         2)  When the Ukraine government began to look into this obvious corruption, Biden threatened to withhold critical U.S. aid. 1.8 Billion,  unless the government agreed to fire the prosecutor investigating his son, and we know this happened because Biden has been stupid enough to brag about it on live TV.     3) President Donald Trump asks Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.   Here’s today’s big question… Out of those three, which one is a CORRUPTION scandal? , I’m going to go with door number one and door number two.
    THIS IS REAL CORRUPTION:'Quid Pro Quo' Bombshell.  Hunter Biden’s investment company scored a $1.5 billion investment deal with the Bank of China after traveling with his father Joe Biden on Air Force Two to the country in 2013. Further, then-vice president Joe Biden forced out former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin as he was investigating the gas giant Burisma Holdings, which was paying Hunter Biden $83,000 monthly as a member of its board, despite his lack of expertise in the energy sector. Biden later boasted before the Council of Foreign Relations last year that he had threatened to withhold $1.8 billion in U.S. aid unless the prosecutor investigating BURISMA   was fired.

  23. Calvin Bartlett
    Calvin Bartlett November 23, 2019

    God HELP America .. man … between FOX, Trump and QANON have sure screwed you over well and truly … they have half America believing in this grand conspiracy of the deep state all conspiring against you all and that only He can fix .. Instead of just inviting Zelensky to the WH to discuss his concerns and invoke the treaty USA have with Ukraine on criminal investigations, he sends his pathetic lawyer to muddy the waters even further, undermine the anti-corruption warriors like Yavonavich, and uses FOX to hide his crimes .. if Trump had of successfully hid this crime 2 people would have won big Time.. Russia would have cast all aspersions the meddling they did on to Ukraine and have America abandon Ukraine and Trump would have won the 2020 election in a landslide … now that it has all come to light … Trump will be lucky to make it to the election but Putin has still won, watching America sweat in its own filthy corruption … either way its a Win-Win for Vladimir Putin and for America such a strategic and humiliating failure .. Your allies are disgusted in Trump and what Americans have Voted to allow America to become

  24. WASWE
    WASWE November 23, 2019

    Dr Hill, worked for and is working for the Brookings institute currently managed by Allen who is an Obama pro appointee from the military. It is worthy to note that Biden is also connected to the Institute and has given speeches there at the Institutes invitation. 96% of the last several years donations to political parties was given to the Democratic Party. The institute is funded by several pro democratic institutions including the Bill Gates Foundation and Qatar. So Hill is hardly unbiased – as a matter of fact she an extreme far lefter and lied under oath that she was neutral. You cannot get a more pro Democrat Party employer than the Brookings Institute that donates 96% of its donations to the Democratic Party. Can MSNBC please give the correct facts.and not lies. Can you imagine her giving evidence in legal court – she will be shredded in the first 5 seconds. This is of course the Democrats narrative to haul extrreme pro Democrats to appear as witnesses in front a rigged inquiry. The deplorables are not that stupid

  25. walter walter
    walter walter November 23, 2019

    You are the biggest lier rachel, you presenting your stupid opinions as a facts…Trump is is 100% right calling you fake news media, and you are also very ugly as a woman, …that is my personal opinion!

  26. Oroborus
    Oroborus November 23, 2019

    The GOP is a failed dying party. This is their endgame. For the chance to remain relevant for one more election cycle they've allied with a Mafia capitalist Russia asset bozo authoritarian.

  27. wileycoyotegenius1
    wileycoyotegenius1 November 23, 2019

    All these career Liars and propogandist. Now you people know that there is a concerted effort by the deep state to tell you that Russia is your ememy.
    Your own government is more a threat to your liberty than Russia

  28. Jude Sparks
    Jude Sparks November 23, 2019

    tRump is the RUSSIAN ASSet. Along with the Republicans that back tRump…….vote Independents and Dems 2020

  29. wileycoyotegenius1
    wileycoyotegenius1 November 23, 2019

    Dr Hill is a proffessional Liar, you people are not smart enough to realize when you are being duped

  30. Parlez64
    Parlez64 November 23, 2019

    We need to be aware that these heroic witnesses are in grave danger, because trump is only the puppet of the Russian Mafia. It's bigger than what we plainly see before our eye and what we hear from trump's administration. Each trump family member is tied to an oligarch and those close to trump's WHITE HOUSE gang AND FOX NETWORK are connected by money and their own risky exisence, to powers greater than trump. Americans are naive. America is subject to an evil bigger and stronger than trump and the foul GOP. ALT RIGHT.

  31. Carol Gaskill
    Carol Gaskill November 23, 2019

    Trump and the Republicans who defend him are Russian assets. Bottom line. Devin Nunes your done, Republicans who support this thing, your done! All blue 2020! Devin Nunes, connected with Les Parnes?? You call this a witch hunt? Seriously? All who accepted money, Super Pac? Trying to deflect not going to work. Greed and corruption is all the Republicans know. You are not representing America! You do not speak for the American people, the majority are on to you, your party is dead!

  32. Robertw
    Robertw November 23, 2019

    Witness who is an expert clearly stated Ed russia messed with our election in 2016 and no one should blame Ukraine now for it Putin is at core of it with trump endorcement Democrats need to leave it alone let russia take gop down

  33. Robertw
    Robertw November 23, 2019

    If trump had even a little intelligence nice ge would stay away from Putin and russia

  34. John S
    John S November 23, 2019

    CNN and MSNBC brainwashed viewers🤣

  35. Rezzo 7
    Rezzo 7 November 23, 2019

    Why don't you fools talk about the uninsured, under insured, homeless, or 50% of America stuck in low pay indentured servitude? Oh, because shills like MSNBC obstruct and gaslight through our corporate owned media. COVER BERNIE. Instead you do endless Trump coverage and it sounds horribly whiny just like Fox news. MSNBC watchers out there, demand more from the democratic party than corporate shillism and this meandering gaslighting.

  36. Que Dizzle
    Que Dizzle November 23, 2019

    Trump is the worst example of a US PRESIDENT EVER! HE is a RUSSIAN ASSET.

  37. Donamtrx
    Donamtrx November 23, 2019

    Support Trump=Support Putin….whatcha wanna do?

  38. ernest roybal
    ernest roybal November 23, 2019

    Mmm…. liberal tears are yummy.

  39. ElusvOptmst1
    ElusvOptmst1 November 23, 2019

    Vote Blue in 2020, get rid of all these GOP traitors and Russian sympathizers. All roads lead to Putin and his agenda. For our Democracy and freedoms and laws, once again Vote Blue in 2020 for American Democracy. Vote Blue in 2020! All of the GOP are compromised and are afraid of Putin, he was the head of the KGB and is ruthless; they are his puppets because he must have the goods on them all. America is in jeopardy with all of these GOP politicians. Vote Blue in 2020 to get them all out of our government. Impeach if possible if not Vote Blue in 2020 everyone that love America and our Democracy.

  40. T S
    T S November 23, 2019

    Go Rachel! Thank you for your work! It and you rock!!

  41. Psychological Warfare
    Psychological Warfare November 23, 2019

    Townhall article headed – Hypocrites: Senate Dems Sent Letter Pressuring Ukraine To Investigate Trump In May 2018.
    Letter from Senator Grassley to Rod Rosenstein requesting Justice Department documents regarding collusion between the DNC, Ukraine and the Clinton campaign.

  42. Dr. Dahz
    Dr. Dahz November 23, 2019

    Trump 2020!

  43. Florian Eimer
    Florian Eimer November 23, 2019

    Ukraines interference in the 2016 election is NOT a theory but a phantasy. Sad to hear even Dems to spread this false narrative.

  44. Helen Hampton
    Helen Hampton November 23, 2019

    Putin wants the sanctions against Russia lifted because the sanctions hurt their economy. If they convince Trump and the Congress to lift the sanctions, Russia will be thrilled. Trump believes Putin over our own intelligence community. Trump is always trying to please Putin. It is scary. We might end up with a dictatorship headed by Trump but run by Putin.

  45. Dm Deg
    Dm Deg November 23, 2019

    Crack open the secretive server—————–

  46. Karla Smith
    Karla Smith November 23, 2019

    So it only takes one person on the inside to controll a nation's fate, that will determine a takeover from another country? It would seem that time is of the essence.

  47. Betty Lonv
    Betty Lonv November 23, 2019

    Trump has been a Putin puppet since day one. Which I never Doughted and got shown I had it right. Yeah!!! A real TRAITOR!!!

  48. Damn Yankee’s Daughter
    Damn Yankee’s Daughter November 23, 2019

    1998 treaty with Ukraine on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters

  49. M Bulu
    M Bulu November 23, 2019

    Impeachment. . How's that working out

  50. T S
    T S November 23, 2019

    Russia wants the Ukraine real bad folks! They have wanted to get that nation back since the fall? of the Soviet union! I think the SOVIET UNION IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE WORLD AND I AM ASHAMED TO SAY THEY ARE ALIVE AND WELL RIGHT HERE IN OUR HOMELAND! The people of the Ukraine have just elected a democratic party and now Russia is attacking them by way of there best tool! Trump is their best tool apparently. How sick is our nation when the truth isn't the truth and the truth doesn't matter anymore? How base have we become when we don't care anymore about facts? How damned spoiled have we become to think government service is for another time way back in our history? Spoiled enough to let a man or woman who has served us all and we say to ourselves that integrity in all you do is old fashioned? To say anything goes? Well if you can't see the results of ' ANYTHING GOES' THEN I HOPE YOU FIND YOURSELF IN TIME TO HELP OUR NATION TO BE FREE AND NOT LET OUR PRESIDENT SAY AND DO ANYTHING HE WANTS! Please be Patriots first and your political choice second! We have been fractured in a little shy of three years and we can't sit by and let our Republic die!! We need to come together and not let the powers that be to continue to divide us further!! United we the people are strong!! Divided we WILL fall. It was said a long time ago that UNITED we stand and DIVIDED we fall. Please my fellow Americans let's UNITE and stand together and fight for truth and for having integrity in our leaders! Divided they are doing anything they wish and we the people are paying the price!

  51. Torontopia
    Torontopia November 23, 2019

    WHY DOES NOBODY ON CNN, MSNBC OR CBS EVER ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS? Media is terrible in the USA! Thank god for the independent Youtube channels where you get the REAL news! (the inconvenient truth corporate media wants to ignore)

  52. M Bulu
    M Bulu November 23, 2019

    Teflon don strikes again for the greater good

  53. T S
    T S November 23, 2019

    Republicans please unite against the enemy of corruption!! Uphold your oath of office and defend our CONSTITUTION no matter what!!

  54. zackery zackery
    zackery zackery November 23, 2019

    And so it begins:

    the first FBI agent indicted for falsifying docs related to the FISA/ fake Russia investigation:

    Pelosi's son under investigation by the SEC. Millions in Ukraine and China money going to her son's fake clean energy company.

    Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges

  55. T S
    T S November 23, 2019

    Isn't Adam Schiff cool. What a smart and patriotic American!!

  56. Nia Cavendish
    Nia Cavendish November 23, 2019

    When this narrative of Ukraine interference in 2016 started anyway?

  57. BarryWaterlow
    BarryWaterlow November 23, 2019

    Russia would like to control the Ukraine so they'd own Ukranian gas resources.

  58. T S
    T S November 23, 2019

    Let's ALL get off the Republican crazy train!!

  59. Ralph Buchwitz
    Ralph Buchwitz November 23, 2019

    I don't get the problem dems have with what the President does. He needs to get things done and move the country forward. Cutting out all these deep state operatives with all their talk about channels, procedures is a good thing so who cares. All he wants is find the truth!

    He's the leader, the commander in chief and congress is fighting him. He's right, we don't need congress at all. Hundred of people doing what no one wants or needs. To Mitch Mcconnell they passed hundreds of new laws in three years so useless Mitch can't even put up for a vote.

    Ask young people what they think. Only 10% see a need for this kind of democracy and big government. Look at Russia and China, they make it work. The US is a republic that strives with a strong leader. I'm with Trump, build a strong military, put the right people into the administration and the courts.

    Get rid of the entire deep state with their diplomats and agencies. When were they ever useful? Just look at all those lying operatives also in FBI and CIA. Trump is right, you can't run a country like this!

  60. T S
    T S November 23, 2019


  61. Steven68
    Steven68 November 23, 2019

    A-Ha! Trump is a Russian.

  62. Can NO d'EAU
    Can NO d'EAU November 23, 2019

    I look at Schiff and I get sick. That stupid smile on his lying face betrays him.

  63. THESocialJusticeWarrior
    THESocialJusticeWarrior November 23, 2019

    Either Russia has taken over the Republican party or they are useful idiots for the Russians to use. Take your pick.

  64. dreamluchadore
    dreamluchadore November 23, 2019

    Notice how Traitor Trump always parrots the Russian lies? That's because he's controlled by Russia. Plain and clear as day.

  65. Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson November 23, 2019

    so sad that republicans will NOT see the evidence. a sad sign of the great divide in our country.

    reminds me of 11/08/2016 sinking feeling that i do not live in the country that i thought i did. 🙁

  66. Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez November 23, 2019

    Putin has Trump in his pocket and with it the Republican Party? They are helping Russia destroy our country and playing right in there hands? America wake the Fk up !!!

  67. Allen Williams
    Allen Williams November 23, 2019

    I believe in what I believe to believe in Amaya beliefs are believable because I believe in them. And my beliefs believe they are believable and I presume my beliefs can be believed because I believe.

    See ….it's not hard to be a leftist

  68. Rose Smith
    Rose Smith November 23, 2019

    And Dr. Fiona Hill proves Rachel was right for holding strong in that good fight and informing her viewers!!

  69. Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez November 23, 2019

    The book anonymous? It says Donald Trump had dementia, it says Trump forget what he say for one moment to the next, trouble pronouncing words? I think we the citizens has seen those traits on National live TV?

  70. Joe Hackney
    Joe Hackney November 23, 2019

    Looks like the rumors of the GOP taking huge amounts of money from Russia are correct. Why else would they betray America?????

  71. Moon Watcher
    Moon Watcher November 23, 2019

    When is the moustache going to testify!

  72. ADMA
    ADMA November 23, 2019

    Quid = Bidens
    Pro = for
    Quo = Javelins

  73. Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez November 23, 2019

    The Supreme Court needs to release 8 years Trump taxes in there we will see payment I owe you's to Putin?

  74. Hungry Rabbit
    Hungry Rabbit November 23, 2019

    Impeach trump and lock this traitor up!

  75. Conspiracat
    Conspiracat November 23, 2019

    Fox = State TV (started by Roger Ailes)
    Sputnik/RT = State TV (started by Vladimir Putin)
    The difference is that Russians don't watch Fox.
    Yes, Trump supporters are so dumb that they watch Russian propaganda and BELIEVE IT!

  76. Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner November 23, 2019

    When Fiona Hill begs the Republicans to not say things that help Russia's anti-American foreign policy … Jim Jordan's mind starts spinning with dreams that he could get wealthy serving Russia. He is smart enough to know he will be branded a villain by the majority of Americans AND most everyone with an IQ above 90 after this political debacle. So, he might as well go all in on the villainy and get rich doing so.
    At least Tre Gowdy had a couple ounces of intelligence and patriotism and got out while getting was still half good. Jordan? Fully Trumplicit. His only professional play going forward is to go full villain for hire. And by "villain", I mean the silly cartoon version.

  77. Robin Riser-James
    Robin Riser-James November 23, 2019

  78. Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent November 23, 2019

    Devin Nunez is such a bleeping tool!

  79. brentonius
    brentonius November 23, 2019

    Amazing reporting as usual.

  80. Robert Allen
    Robert Allen November 23, 2019

    "If the nerve agent had been REAL MILITARY GRADE the Skripals would have perished within seconds!"

  81. Amnon Meyers
    Amnon Meyers November 23, 2019

    Vote BLUE 2020. Who can stand seeing another day, let alone 4 years, of Trump's daily tweet diarrhea.

  82. fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee
    fruitofthespirit galatians522kiyee November 23, 2019

    Yes ,Dr. Hill said many important statements and I'd we followed it would decrease the discourse we are having

  83. Jake Monroe
    Jake Monroe November 23, 2019

    Rachel , be careful that a noose doesn't fuse with your neck

  84. Steve Way
    Steve Way November 23, 2019

    Donald Trump is a cancer…as you attack it grows. The trick with cancer is to attack vigorously…never assume you got it all…continue to check your effect..go at it again….allow other strategies to do their work…and never give up. The patient desires nothing less.

  85. Wond Erful
    Wond Erful November 23, 2019

    Trump may have put his call with Theresa May on a secure server,

    but I think he overlooks that it takes 2 to make a call,
    ie the british secret services will have a recording of the same call,

    GCHQ need to justify their existence, so I can guarantee you that they
    will have it all in full detail in some underground bunker which will withstand a
    nuclear war.

    basically Trump doesnt own that call, but he shares it with Theresa May.

    similarly, Trump's infamous call with Zelensky may on the US side only exist as
    different transcripts,

    but the ukrainians may well have their own recording of it,
    which maybe they can publish. if they do and if it is published,
    that could torpedo Trump.

    as english is a foreign language for them, I am quite certain they will have
    an audio recording as they need to be really sure what was said.

    no matter how well you understand a foreign language there will be some nuances
    that you will misunderstand, and also some utterances may be inaudible.

    again, Trump doesnt own the call but it is a shared ownership with Zelensky.

    regarding whether the hearings have ended,
    the republicans were alleging this was the final hearing,
    but I think that is wishful thinking dressed up as fact,
    it is republican hearsay
    same way they alleged Schiff had talked with the whistleblower directly.

    Bolton has a legal case as to whether he should obey Trump or obey congress,

    I dont know if that is the case Rachel was alluding to?

    once that case is decided, I think Bolton will testify and the man wields a lot of danger for Trump.

    Bolton tore through Trump's conspiracy when he halted the meeting,
    he also played an ace by despatching Fiona Hill to witness the misconduct,
    the woman is a weapon!

    Personally I think because some others have defied Trump's order to not testify,
    and Trump hasnt been able to do anything, I think that has already set a precedent that
    Bolton can defy Trump and testify.

    technically, the president and congress are coequal, so if they issue contradictory orders
    you can CHOOSE who to obey, same way if you want to buy some camera and the
    one shop sells it for 200 and the other also sells it for 200,
    you can CHOOSE which one to buy from.

    so you should choose the one which you prefer,
    as Bolton believes Trump is in the wrong, he clearly should choose the congressional order.

    He made his decision when he chose to defy the Trump plot.

    when 2 rules of equal priority clash, you choose the one most favourable to you,
    unless they are equally favourable. But in this case congress' command is
    absolutely more favourable to Bolton than Trump's. I think Bolton can go to court
    on this after the event, rather than before!

    Pelosi or Schiff said they wanted to complete the process by Christmas,
    but remember they said when the public testimonies would start,
    but in fact they started at least a week later, I dont have the specifics to hand,
    but anyway if that one timeline got stretched a bit, I think other timelines will
    and the process will go into at least January in 2020.

    the timeline isnt carved in stone but is written on treacle, ie is stretchy.

    the testimonies dont start at the dot of the advertised time,
    and the 5 minute break after Daniel Goldman has finished quizzing some
    witnesses always lasts a lot longer than 5 minutes,

    so I am pretty sure the overall process will continue into at least January,

    and Bolton WILL testify, although I dont know which committee was summoning him,
    if it was the intel committee then their hearings WILL continue, but the timeline hasnt yet
    been set.

    these timelines are underestimates.

  86. Maureen Tate
    Maureen Tate November 23, 2019

    Because they have been bought and paid for by Russia , and they show us this everyday!

  87. icecoldpierre
    icecoldpierre November 23, 2019

    Rachel just unknowingly name dropped Sam Seder's podcast The Majority Report.

  88. Steve Way
    Steve Way November 23, 2019

    When I studied American history I never understood our founding Fathers' suspicion of the two-party system. I get it now. While one party accepts the mantel of saving the republic the other attempts to heckle the juggling act. I suppose the Republicans will take their shellacking just as they did after Watergate..yet is there not one Republican who will not stand up? We are living in sad days.

  89. Ryan Foote
    Ryan Foote November 23, 2019

    If you think Russia is bad now wait until they get Kanye elected. I mean since their so powerful and all.

  90. Shelline Armstrong
    Shelline Armstrong November 23, 2019

    Trump is a Russian tool…send him there.

  91. Shelline Armstrong
    Shelline Armstrong November 23, 2019

    Why don’t people see this?

  92. Roasted Locust
    Roasted Locust November 23, 2019

    The Trumplican party is a danger to the entire world. Will the few, surviving Republicans stand up to the cult that has infiltrated and hijacked your party, or will you let Trump remain the face of the GOP until the GOP is as endangered as the elephant that symbolizes the party?

  93. Steve Way
    Steve Way November 23, 2019

    If we are to succeed at turning this corner we must turn to our fellow Americans. I have spoken to Trumpers…Some are beginning to make plans to leave the USA. I know it is hard to accept such changes as that new imports present and that value systems require change but we can do it. Why do we not have new thinkers amounts the Dems?

  94. jeremy carter
    jeremy carter November 23, 2019

    You don't mess with a northern lass. Dr Hill proved that.

  95. John Lancaster
    John Lancaster November 23, 2019

    Edward R. Murrow would be called a Russian asset in this media culture.

  96. Andy Yan
    Andy Yan November 23, 2019


  97. Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras November 23, 2019


  98. Neil Juggins
    Neil Juggins November 23, 2019

    “How do we unfuse them?” Dump Trump, obviously.

  99. Shaun Brewer
    Shaun Brewer November 23, 2019

    These Democrats obviously rode the short bus. ALL of them, as well as the MSNBC and CNN anchors.

  100. Don Adams
    Don Adams November 23, 2019

    Ukrainian election meddling against Trump's campaign? That's an outright bald-faced lie! Now the republicans are trying to peddle it as fact to their base of supporters. When will this lying stop? When will these people wise up? This is playing right into the hands of the people trying to destroy the USA!

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