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RNC Chairman Mike Duncan says Republican party will survive

IS QUOTED AS TELLING FORMER AIDES THAT HE IS WORRIED HE’LL BE THE LAST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT. FORMER R-N-C CHAIRMAN MIKE DUNCAN IS AT THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION IN CLEVELAND AND HE TOLD ME HE BELIEVES THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WILL SURVIVE. Mike Duncan/Former RNC Chair – If you look at the elected leaders in this country, if you look at the number of state representatives, the number of state senators, the legislatures controlled, the number of governors, the number of members of Congress and the Senate, the Republican Party is alive and well in America, so I don’t worry about that. I would like to see all of the party come together but there are times that there are individuals will not support the nominee, and I respect that TAPE OUT KENTUCKY STATE SENATOR RALPH ALVARADO, U-S SENATOR TED CRUZ, DONALD TRUMP’S SON ERIC AND VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MIKE PENCE ARE AMONG THE SPEAKERS TONIGHT. VO THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE IS MOVING FROM WRIGHT STATE

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