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Right wing Left wing Politics – IAS/UPSC/PCS

hello friends I welcome you all to study IQ my name is dr. my pal Singh Rathore and in this video I will be discussing the political spectrum the various left-wing right-wing & centrist parties what do what do these ideologies mean why do we call a party a left-wing party or a right-wing party or a politician as a leftist or a rightist politician I will describe what are the basic differences what are the basic policies that are part of these leftist and rightist parties so let me begin by telling you what exactly is this political spectrum this is simply a classification of the political ideology so we draw an imaginary line then there is the center of this line and any party that is on the right side of the Centrepointe from here till here they are called right right-wing and all the parties are the people who have ideology that range from the center point to this extreme left are called left-wing so this is left-wing and this is right-wing I will explain what is what abusing detail so just have a look at this so if some party has a centrist or a moderate approach then it will be called centre then if the party is little bit right of center so it is called right center or centre right whatever you like then if there is extreme right it goes further in this direction then we call it far-right and on the end of the spectrum here we have fascism that was followed by Hitler and Mussolini during World War Two and before that in Germany and Italy so that is fascism that is extreme right far-right more more right than far-right then here we have centre left or left center so any party that is leaning little bit left from the center position that is called left center then there is far left and finally here there is the communism the ideal form of communism but you must remember that there is no ideal communist state in the world as of now which follows communism to the letter and you should watch my earlier video on communism socialism fascism if you want to know more about that but here on one end we have communism and on the other hand we have fascism so these are the two extreme ideologies in between there are far left left center center right center or right and fascism so this is the spectrum this is the brief classification that we do of the various political ideologies but this is a very basic division basic classification many political scientists have developed their own classifications you will find a lot of variety in this this is for only basic understanding so this is another one and here it is more or less similar to the one I have just made but here you can see there is moderate then here this is liberalism so this is depending on country to country what kind of policies are followed there so left center polity policies are often called as liberal liberalism policies or liberal policies socialism and finally here communism then here we have conservatism and libertarianism and finally fascism so I will discuss all of these this is another method of classifying see this is the x-axis you can say this is the y-axis so this x axis denotes the economic classification based based on the economic policies we can call a party left or right while on the other hand based on the social policies we can call them authoritarian or libertarian what does it mean see if any political party is believing in right-wing economic policies then it will be called right-wing but on the other hand it says that the entire state society should be controlled all the social interactions of people should be according to the government then that is authoritarian as Stalin did in USSR so that could be authoritarianism a coke a he was left extreme left so you can place Stalin somewhere here authoritarian left and another C authoritarian left then there is authoritarian right so that could be authoritarian right as well you can say that Hitler was extreme right fascism so he could be called authoritarian right but then again his economic policies were a bit different so as I told there are some problems in all the classification then we have libertarian what do you mean by libertarian it mean people are given full freedom so in most of the modern economies more modern democracies we have this libertarian type of government to some extent where people have their liberties they have their own liberal rights right to freedom right to speech all these liberal rights are given to them by the Constitution so here if the economic policies are right-wing then it can be called libertarian right on the other hand if the policies are libertarian but the economic system is left so it can be called libertarian left now where did these terms come from left wing right wing they originated in the French Revolution in 1789 when the French Emperor called for the estate general a state general was nothing but an assembly it was a meeting of all the people of the country so in that meeting there were people who were pro-change who wanted revolution they were the common people they sat on the left side and those who were promo narky basically the first straight people the nobility the rich people they did not want any change in the status they wanted status cue because they were doing very well they were doing very good why would they want any change so the clergy clergy means the Christian priests of the Roman Catholic Church so the church was also very powerful the priests were very powerful and nobility they both were enjoying so they were promo narky and they were Pro King so they sat on the right side so from that time onwards after that it was commonly called as left and right wing so anyone who was pro change or pro revolution was called left-wing and anyone who was promo narky they did not want any change in the setup that was going on it means they wanted status cue they wanted things to go on as they are they were called right-wing so this is the origin of these terms so you can see here this is the painting of that meeting a state General so whoever is sitting on the right they are Pro monarchist and they were conservatives conservative means they want to conserve the old values the old systems they want to conserve them preserve them that is why they are called conservatives and here where the revolutionary is the Republicans who wanted the head of state to be an elected person and not a king that is what they were called Republican the basic point of difference between the left and the right wing is that the amount of individual liberty the individual freedom that they allow to a citizen to a citizen of the state and the power of the government how much interference will the government have in the economy in the day to day life of the people in the society now who are the left that commonly we called so for that party is left so who are called the left wing which people so any party that calls itself liberal or socialist or Democrat or communist they are all part of left wing so there might be a party which believes in liberal ideas freedom of speech freedom of movement all these modern human rights the concepts that have developed in the past 100 200 years all these modern philosophies they follow so they are called liberals okay they are part of left then socialists who want social justice equality for all then Democrats who believed in who believe in democracy rule of the people and finally communists it is a very general classification don't take it literally because some right-wing party can also be democratic okay it is not necessary that right-wing parties cannot be democratic no they can also be democratic but they will have some other differences so left wingers are mostly Pro changed they want change in the ancient systems or the old societal norms or the old structure of government that is going on so you you must have seen in French Revolution you see that old system was going on King what we used to do whatever he wanted he could tax the people so they wanted a change in that so they were pro-change and that has continued till today whichever left-wing people are that they want change in the older systems and they are liberal so these are the two basic qualities of the left-wing Pro change and liberal now what are the policies of the left-wing parties first thing equality in society they will always demand that everyone should be equal in the society the king the earlier king should be equal to the poorest farmer in the country they should have the same rights and same duty is no special treatment should be given to the king second separation of religion and state the church or any religion which is there in the country dominant in the country it should not interfere with the government the government should not ask for the religious authorities to interfere in the work of the government then the government should be totally separate from religion and this was also championed after the French Revolution because in France Church was very powerful and after the French Revolution the power of church over the state was gone so the modern concept of the separation of religion and state comes from there then central planning the economy should be planned the why because see some here let's say it in a in a year there is more money required for infrastructure in any country more roads railways need to be built but let's say after few years there is draught for continuously two-three years then instead of infrastructure that money should be spent on it should be spent on draught relief projects so that is why the central economy should be planned you should know when where industries which infrastructure have to be promoted in so India has had five year plan cycles you must know about them what what were the five year plans so this is the central planning that is a keeper a key element of the Left parties then there is government intervention in economy this concept was given by John Maynard Keynes he was a famous 20th century economist and he gave this concept that there should not be completely free economy it should not be free market it means completely free the government should not do anything why because if the market is completely free then there will be things like the Great Depression of 1929 as in United States there was a depression the economy fell very badly in a single day many people lost their they just they attempted suicide because of losing so much of money in the share market the market is just crashed one day and to avoid situations like that john maynard keynes told all the capitalist countries he suggested this that you should have some amount of intervention in the economy when the economy is doing good the economy is booming it is going very good then the tax rate should also go up so that this extra money that you are collecting this can be used when the economy is on the downturn when the economy is in recession you can use this money to lower the taxes or for other projects this government intervention in economy is very necessary according to him the market should not be completely free then welfare state you must know the meaning of welfare state the government should work for the betterment of people for the welfare of the people and not for profit purposes ok then finally protectionism what is protectionism it means that let's say in India some company a is manufacturing a good and let us say it is manufacturing at all now these tools are being manufactured by Company A and they are sold for hundred rupees but a Company B which is based in USA is manufacturing it in USA and they are exporting it to India and here after export after transport also the cost here is just 60 rupees so the travel will people buy obviously level by the one by American company but it is very harmful for local companies that is a Indian company so the government it should do what should we do it should have protectionist policies they should tax 40 rupees on each travel so that this total also costs 100 rupees from America so now which will you buy Indian One or American one now you will buy whichever is better in quality so again you should tax it more you should make the price 120 now everyone in India will buy this hundred rupees only because we are a very price-sensitive market so this is called protectionism now this is against free trade if you look at it it is against free trade but it is required for the betterment of the people for the betterment of the companies of your own country then we come to the social policies of the left-wing parties so they will mostly have progressive views it means they have modern views on matters like same-sex marriages homosexuality abortion immigration immigration they will be allowing people to come into their countries but see this is not 100% true all the time it does not mean that right-wing parties are against immigration to give you an example in Germany the current quality is the current political party in power is the Christian Democratic Union of Angela Merkel okay and CDU along with other coalition partners but they have allowed immigration you have seen the news lot of Syrian immigrants coming from Syria to Germany they have welcomed them despite being a right-wing government the right-wing parties in UK that is the Conservative Party which is in power right now earlier the prime minister was David Cameron and now it is very sunny so they are against immigration they do not want many Syrian refugees coming into UK so that is one of the reasons that the in brexit that is one of the main issues immigration then death penalty usually the left-wing parties are against death penalty so it is alleged by the right-wing parties that you are going soft on crime now we see a few examples of the Left parties in the world so in India Congress is the best example of center-left so if I make that spectrum again this is the spectrum this is the center point so Congress will be somewhere here just left of centre you can see all the policies that we discussed Congress checks all the all of them central planning introduced by Congress intervention government intervention in the economy so we have state intervention in the economy – a lot exner to a huge extent earlier but now it is less than we are a welfare state and earlier we had a protectionist policy up until 1991 so all these policies were followed by Congress and they were the ones who brought it brought in all these policies then we have army party although they say that we are neither left nor right but looking at the work that they have done in Delhi for the past two years and the policies they have started it can be said that they are also left so they are somewhere a little bit more left to the Congress so this is Congress this is our madney party and then and the far left we have communist parties of India that is CPI Communist Party of India then Communist Party of india-marxist they are far left because they are Communist Party see as far as you move on the spectrum towards the left so these far left parties that is the Communist Party is all over the world they believe in these policies extremely so they were they are all for equality they are all for separation of religion and state in fact most of the communist countries are officially atheist for long periods of time they believe in central planning they believe in government intervention did total government intervention and economy the they believe in welfare state protectionism so you must you see that these ideas become more and more extreme but as you come towards Center there might be some relaxation in some of these policies for other parties then in USA we have the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton was a leader of that party and that is also called as the left left wing there in UK we have the opposition Labour Party right now the leader is Jeremy Corbyn now we come to the right wing so who are the right wing people who are these people who call themselves right wing right wing or right wing parties or right wing politicians they are usually conservatives nationalists or Republicans so these are the basic ideologies that call themselves the right-wing ideologies or right-wing parties the basic premise of right wing is social conservatism and economic liberalism so in the matters of economy they are liberal they will they will prefer free-market free through free-market trade less affair but in the social matters social policies they will be conservative they will be against abortion they will be against same-sex marriages they will be for death penalties so they will be social conservatives so this is the basic thing it is not necessary that they are but this is a very general idea that I am giving you socially conservative and economically they have liberal policies let's go a little bit deeper first thing right-wing will say that there should be very limited role of the government in people's life and economy government should not regulate the industry all the industries they should not dictate how people should live where their children should study all this is the decision of people and States should not interfere most of the right-wing parties in the world have a very high nationalist nationalism policy they believe in nationalism they believe in the cultural traditions of the country they are they are conservative in religious matters they want to preserve the culture and the traditions of the country that have been going on since many generations or a long time they want to preserve the status quo of religion and tradition okay so nationalism coupled with tradition and religious conservatism but also they believe in the personal freedom of people to give you an example of this see in USA people are completely free to protect themselves so accordingly they have the right to carry guns to carry firearms so in USA the laws to own a gun are very liberal they are not very strict anyone can go and buy a gun so there is a lot of gun violence in USA now what the right-wing in USA says that people are free to choose they are free to protect themselves but on the other hand the left-wing the Liberals they say the social liberals they say that people should not be allowed to carry guns why because it is against majority of the other people who are not carrying guns they should not feel scared they should not be scared that someone will come and shoot us one day in our school in our theatre as it happens in the USA a lot of kind so this is the main debate between right and left wing with relation to gun ok gun rights so this can be a debate over the freedom of people then they believe they also believe in equality for all but here their equality has a little bit different left wing will say that everyone is equal but there can be special protections given to minorities or other minor linguistic groups but here the right wing will say that no special protection to any minority everyone should be treated equal so for example in India you will see that the right wing often says that uniform Civil Code should be brought in the parties and the party which is a right wing party in India it will prop it will ask for uniform Civil Code whenever whenever it is in power because this is they say that everyone should have equal rights no special protection no special or different laws for anyone in the country everyone should be treated equally in criminal as well as civil matters but the right wing will also support religion because they are supporting traditional values conservatism so they say that yes religion is present it should not be completely separate from the straight but it should be given some support and religion should be supported by the state so that is the difference now we come to the economic policies of the right wing so right wing parties will want less regulation of the economy they want more private sector more free hand to the private sector so that growth and development is faster for that they will want low taxes recently Donald Trump lowered the US corporate tax rate from over 35 percent to 15 percent also in India arun jaitley the finance minister had lowered the corporate tax rate from 30 percent to 25 percent in the previous budget and this was for companies hoped which have annual revenue less than 50 crores so you can see the right-wing parties usually are for bringing down tax rates then these parties are also tough on crime they want death penalty they say that that death penalty is necessary to prevent crimes and to bring law and order to effective for effective law and order control then these contain these are also tough on immigration again best example Donald Trump he brought his famous travel ban and other countries like UK are also facing a problem with immigration they do not want many immigrants coming into UK but as I told you earlier that can be exceptions also CDU in Germany Christian Democratic Union of Angela Merkel it is in favor of immigration into Germany so these are the basic points of a right-wing party or right-wing politics now I will give you the examples of right-wing parties in India the best example is BJP but isn't the party now again I will make that spectrum so this is the spectrum this is the center point this is extreme right so here was fascism by Hitler and Mussolini but here just right of Centaurus BJP then if you move further right the far right we have parties like shiv sena M&S that the that are more extreme in the conservative values in the preservation of the traditional values they are a bit more extreme than the center-right parties so that is why they are called far-right Shiv Sena MN M&S also you can consider RSS although it is not a political party but still you can say that RSS is a far-right group in USA the example of right-wing is Republican party leader is Donald Trump who is in power right now in UK the Conservative Party which is in power leader is Theresa May in Germany Christian democratic Union in a coalition the leader is Angela Merkel that is also a right-wing party in UK the UK Independence Party it is far-right it does not write it as far-right and the leader was Nigel Farage he was the leader during the brexit campaign he wanted UK to exit from European Union and currently in many countries of Europe these far-right parties are gaining power they are gaining few seats in the parliament in the national parliaments the European Parliament and extreme far-right parties are on rise right now so this is a very peculiar trend in European politics which has been dominated by center-left parties for a long time in the past decades then in France we have the National Front or the front national as it is called in French I think I got the pronunciation correct so it is also a far-right party the leader is marine lepen she has reached the final round of the presidential elections and maybe she will become the next president of France we will come to know in a few days so she is also far-right leader then we have the center as the name suggests it is a center approach these parties usually had take the middle ground neither left nor right they take the center approach they bring compromise between left and right wing views and they are generally moderates their politics is often issue based so for let's say there are two different issues let's say there is one issue of abortion and then there is this issue of free trade so it might be possible that on abortion their view are equivalent to left-wing that is they're in favor of abortion that abortion should be legal so in that manner they are left leftist but they might agree for free-trade policies they are against protectionism here they have right-wing use but this is the same party so this happens a lot of time so these parties are issue based depending on the issue they can take the stance either left or right best example of centre party would be Liberal Democratic Party of UK in India there is no such central party but sometimes the policies of Indian National Congress are like centrist so you can say that sometimes the he's of congressional interest but mostly they are not they are mostly left-of-centre now we come to the unique politics of India see what I have told you till now is the general classification that is applicable to Europe and us it is applicable in India but it has some problems what are those problems we will see Congress is a Left Party center left but it was the one that brought in the LPG reforms in 1991 liberalization privatization globalization free market and tea the leaving the protectionist policy is anti protectionist so these are the policies of right wing but they were brought by a left-wing party congress so will you call Congress right wing this is a dilemma this is a problem then we come to the BJP BJP is a right-wing party no doubt about that but it has continued with all the socialist policies that were started by Congress in the past 4050 years or even by the last UPA government of Manmohan Singh so they have continued for example they have continued manraja and they have also brought in programs like the swatch of Maratha beyond that earlier it was normal bharat abhiyan so do you call it left-wing politics will you call BJP left-wing no the thing is in India all the political parties to some extent are socialists they will have some socialist leanings that you they will have some left-leaning policies because they will want welfare India is officially a welfare state India is officially a social state so they will have to have some socialist policies another example is that of Russia Swayamsevak Sangh although it is not a political party but it is a very influential organization that has affected policies of the parties in the party now RSS is completely against FDI it is also against capitalism against capitalist policies it is very Pro labor but the parties in the party when it is in power in the NDA government does it follow all the policies known the current NDA government has brought in a lot of FBI they have loosened the restrictions also many policies favoring capitalism free market and also labor reforms have been rotten so the organization the labor organization of RSS has been protesting against Vargas in the parties government's policies so what do you call them left-wing all these are left-wing policies look at them pro-labor anti-capitalist NT FDI these are the typical policies of left-wing but will you call RSS left-wing no because in other aspects that is far-right in all the other matters that is the conservative values the tradition and the the role of religion in the country and all that so it will be called a far-right group so you can see that there is some problem in classifying them that is what I want you to understand none of these classifications are 100% perfect hundred percent correct all of them have some problem some parties will have right-wing some will have let with left-wing policies there will be a mixture of politic policies in political parties agendas another example parties espousing socialism baoshan Samaj Party Samajwadi Party gentle United RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav so they are socialist parties they say that we are socialists we believe in socialist ideals and we will live up to the ideals of ram manohar lohia they say that but whenever they are in power they do not act like it they do not act like left left-leaning parties in all aspects because see for development you have to bring in FDI you have to bring in capitalists you have to bring in industries to your state so they will try to bring policies which are like right-wing parties ok they will try to bring some qualities which are typical of right-wing so this is again a problem what will you call these parties left or right then there is coalition up till 2013 the junta that is united and BJP we're in a coalition government in Bihar now they call themselves a Left Socialist Party and BJP calls itself a center-right party so do you think they should be in a coalition looking at their ideologies no obviously no but still they were for a long period of time and JDO was also part of the NDA National Democratic Alliance at the center so Indian politics is two divers and to label the parties is a very difficult task we should ideally we should not label the parties all the media organizations love to do it you will read it in the newspaper editorial this is left that is right that is a liberal that is a conservative so that is the reason that you should understand what is the meaning of these words and that is why I made this video so that you understand this and the contemporary politics finally I want to discuss with you the nature of this left and right wing politics first thing the nature of these policies these left and right have changed with time and they will change with time why because it has been almost 200 years since we have been using more than to 230 years since we have been using these terms but you cannot say that during French Revolution the right wing was Pro monarchy so today also it will be pro monarchy there is no monarchy today there is no king so how can any right wing party favor a king so it means the right wing definition has changed now it means something else than what it used to mean 200 years ago okay so you understand understand this it will change with time second the nature of left and right is dependent on the other political parties ideology what is your opponent whether your opponent is left or right it will depend on that the best example of this is USA in USA there are two political parties on the right we have Republican party the GOP grand old party in the Left we have Democratic Party Hillary Clinton so these democratic party is called left wing Republican party is called the right wing but the economic policies of this Democratic Party is pretty similar to Republican they will when whenever Democratic party is in power it will also continue with the free market economy of USA does not change USA into a state-controlled economy suddenly when Democratic party is in power whoever is in power Republicans or Democrats the economy of United States continues to be governed in a similar way a free market economy so in in an isolated state in some other country Democratic Party can also be called a right-wing in some aspects in fact if it was some other country apart from USA they would have been called try doing and if you see the Democratic Party should be somewhere here based on their economic policies just right of the center but since Republicans are right they have got this space they have captured this space for themselves so Democratic Party cannot be called right-wing they will be left-wing got it so that is why it depends on the opposition parties ideology also sometimes how do these political parties define themselves that were also that will also change the nature of left and right and finally the left and right depends on the present day trends of politics all the political parties in the world change their stance change their policies according to the time according to the current mood of the people I will give you an example earlier Barack Obama was completely against same-sex marriages okay you can even Google is interview of an earlier time when he said on television that I am against same-sex marriages it should not be legalized and this is despite him being a Democrat he belongs to the Democratic Party left wing which is favoring the same-sex marriage but when the public opinion turned in favor of same-sex marriages then he said on again on TV that yes now I am in favor of same-sex marriage so in four years your personal philosophy does not change why did it change because of the people's perception because people change their mind they wanted same-sex marriages to be legalized so Barack Obama also wanted them legalized so it is dependent on the people with that I come to the end of the lecture if you want to prepare for bank and SSC exams using our tablet and pendrive courses kindly visit our website or call on this number thank you very much for watching this video kindly like comment and subscribe to our channel if you haven't already keep the education revolution going have a good day


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