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Republicans Want a Return to Coolidge Governance

and speeds up by the way we’re
broadcasting live from seat back to conservative political action conference eighty-eight visit www albany beach fighting over star is
senator bernie sanders our budget bernie our senator sanders welcome we would be
appalled great to have your point co here opportunity i saw what sam what’s on your plate for
this uh… this week senator well there you a lot going on in the world in
washington um… i guess if they are but but in many many hours uh… in the budget committee uh… which implied we ended up passing
the budget by a program depend along republican voting against the
which the doc otto is a calm impossible it’s like but at least move toward deficit reduction in a way
that was balance and that is that we have of the largest corporations in this
country all grown up all of which are paying
nothing in taxes of many of them are in drawing us tax
havens are publicly avoid taxes to the putting off body impact paper and in the cayman islands
and the beautiful with a preview of taxes uh… and we also put a hundred billion
dollars into rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure uh… which was great a significant
number of of jobs uh… talking budget budget contrast of
very significantly publicity or so cold wind budget uh… that was introduced by uh…
congressman paul lyons chairman all the help republican budget committee our work is millionaires uh… unique tax cuts are which it makes savage called supplicant uh… in virtually every program at that
working families depend upon uh… which ends medicare as we know it
today aren converted into a doctoral program and because of all of the cuts that they have a budget uh… imposes there would be a significant production
he drops in a bar your contract contract the economy contract the economy uh… about the economic growth that we the
several billion our jobs the contrast is a very very ought to want a budget which at a time when we have massive
wealth and income equality for the middle class is is disappearing what we ought
appointment fourteen percent you want a balanced the budget on those people on the opelika children’s
at the pool middle class or if you ask the wealthiest people of a large corporations in this country uh… the police are paying their fair
share of of taxes you have a budget on different but we have to create jobs well you have a budget which will cut
jobs in america so the issue of budget is is hugely
important are got a couple of amendments past in
the committee of one which would focus attention on
these tax havens or through the u_n_ vehicular deware
companies like the bank of america it two thousand intent uh… was able to sit up more than two
hundred subsidiaries of the cayman islands uh… to avoid paying u_s_ faxes write a
book they did not pay any u_s_ marxism many many are both financial implications energy companies
to work all depending on the other amendment that we got through words to begin the focus on incompetent well
equality in america had also of lookout raising the minimum
wage pulp which today in real dollars as much
as one of the vote was back in nineteen sixty eight all right and and then the real problem
in america but it will be charged for the p created a low-wage topsoil a reasonable bleach as well so jata budget that doesn’t go to bars all
a good point but it does address some of the problems
facing the middle-class paragraph uh… for balanced approach the deficit production does create jobs one that does not raise and school in
revenue protects the wealthiest the largest
corporations that that is critical to work directly for part of the country between what we did in quietly co what do you put the gods of this budget passing the senate without a full without a republican a
republican filibuster in this instance before reported cue all of the uh… required
fifty one votes of the will not be a focal point of courses agreed we can take a little democrats i don’t
know or maybe even offer amendments to make
it better also you know i think we have a
reasonable shocked because apparently senate uh… and then you’re worth it loggerheads would be difficult alright budget and i i don’t you think about what is you know the dynamic of the bhopal for
this approve are really interesting uh… because i said before at the
bottom under a spell potato europe a conservative electorate comfort there
right now a political action conference is that
what these guys were standing for nurses but footballs for them support the lion budget demery paddocktalk ch quickly scribbled workers comp uh… most americans would not want to
see uh… cuts in social security which while the ryan budget doesn’t deal with
the republicans certainly want to do accompli in veterans programs cuts in medicare medicaid education trim automatically skype recovered from the
date they reflect the views are quickly on those issues of about fifteen twenty percent of the
american people hope for politics over the years that you
have the house of representatives controlled by people who represent the views of maybe twenty
percent of america the budget that we have passed i think what present the people who have a lot are and that the dynamics will you go
from here uh… you make major compromises put to use banality of real but our teeth uh… group that represents a real but
our people if you fight politically to make sure the american people
oriented say wait a second when we have received abbas wealth and
income inequality in america love them watches corporations or drawing
record-breaking property get their tax rates their effective tax rate for below since
fighting seventy pill and enjoy it all these tax proposal that came out you know what we got a friend we got a paint ball on this issue with
the flight vigorously buat rally the american people by the late we have a very good a petition on on my website and the
stock fell apart gulf i hope people will go there and it makes it very clear the president democratic leadership republicans could not balanced the budget on the backs bubbles
global people of this country but we need to explain to her according
to the party i think we have bought a manhattan
celebrating for him to the other things in your gender long-time new battery
alterations salawah crystal looked before but uh… higher quite concerned about it is though that the democratic leadership
of the president continue to talk uh… about a cut in social security federal programs to retrain cpr that what the republicans of wanted
forever you what most people you know it’s like
pete peterson’s having put hundreds of billions of dollars people trying to cut social security and we’ve got to do everything we can uh… to stop them on the chairman all of the uh… veterans committee in the in the uh… senate and i will tell you
that it is unacceptable to me on that uh… soldiers who are storms of life in
iraq and afghanistan to go to bs to take a significant cut uh… it disability benefits touche c_p_i_ insecticides ways for
social security dynamically also cuts veterans benefits how does that work before apparent that people have been
abilities so we will make a significant cuts
because with reformulate how we determine cost of living
increases course with increases will be left but the otherwise would have been are just who bought example of
colorectal fabled for that our age thirty thought that this label that by the time
they reach thirty-five forty-five would lose about looking for
two dollars a year and that’s a lot of money for all
terribly uh… where you have a typical dot him successor serra bernie sanders is with us is uh…
going to bring our to be taking your calls are national town on the when
truth or here in the tom harkin program javanese web site at c_n_n_ earth dot
senate dot gov you could send his petition zone soem president clinton’s right bernie please no chain c_p_i_ fourth or fifth
check-bouncing enters dot senate dot gov we’ll be right back this is the comma hartman program centers dot senate dot gov br his
website are suppressed somehow been dot com harvey is spelled get and welcome back to uh… senator you’re
still with us from right here all ok great jonny is what uh… watching this
on free speech t_v_ and non dishnetwork in lobbying to michigan john you are on
the air with senator centers uh… exp one day at the question of you broderick selective the senator you might use skype i believe you made well i’m convinced that the republicans
have no intention of negotiating in good faith over that sequestration thing um… i read the conservative view by
byron york in the local newspaper and he blamed the
president for not stuff making thinking puri said that uh… the
cabinet officers if they want to spend money differently all they have to do is
uh… at congress permission to do it and they
can and they can make it so that the sequestration isn’t
nearly so hard on uh… they will be across the board it
would be you know where berwick needed but of course the key question is should
involve cuts so they would get whatever they want to
without without having to uh… give up anything well that would work to do that the usually report sequestration is
about or from where rob one point julia that with the county trillion
dollars in cuts over a ten-year period and what i think that what your words
talking about uh… is giving other cabinet members
toward presidential wallet the flexibility agencies applicability of my pocket watch uh… instead of cutting back but barn calm community health workers uh… we’ll cut back on nutrition or
instead of cutting back on nutrition uh… we will cut back card uh… we modify the program that working
families out the bottom line is as the caller
indicated first without sequestration is there is not the miracle interested
you eddie pauline and people should appreciate that revenue as a percentage of gross
domestic product today is the lowest it has been in sixty-year about fifteen point eight
percent or a republican plan for the only
solution the cut social to cutting medicaid medicare from ten to whenever but they’re forgetting is is that rely upon that we had a balanced budget
under the of the clinton administration revenuers a little bit of a twenty
percent failure weapon sixteen percent and the reason for that are a lot of tax breaks are that we have given ought to be
wealthiest people this country as well as rick noble walsh because
recession which has resulted it breath you took
like so we do need more rescue witty to do it
the way that is staff by asking the wealthiest people the
structure of the largest corporation to help with deficit reduction sequin decorated the popular burn unit which is sad to say is do you
think it’s possible that republicans might go along with this if this
position this closing loopholes rather than raising taxes well all you get a good amendment trust
technically on the budget committee i got republicans have republican operatives repented offering but i i i think you know we gotta keep
probing away at them it’s likely pretty hard uh… invite you to defend the
fluctuations where you have huge financial institutions bailed out
by the american people a few years ago are not playing a nickel isn’t uh…
federal complexes property what the defense here all the kids are doing it
recognized buchanan what’s remarkable senate race in our
services are brought to bernie hour we’ll be back with more subscription
services back some of the program it’s our
pleasure during our national town hall meeting with the guy i think of his
american senator senator bernie sanders foresees
vermont’s senior senator urging inside pat leahy grand for it and uh… any new york you are on the air with senator
centers gravel road senator senate but like you
are a thank you for your support for the
working people to start with annual power are martin on the show and i was wondering if you could just
fugitive felons program which i believe all the out affects that they will but
there’s not intruder so program they could you elaborate a
poetry bernard anyways that program building up our program being talked up both the carrot the
apollo welfare people and i believe not only affects disabled actors and perhaps
retiree well i’ll tell you i think i should know finale i’d like to get give you a bit of
a heart on the fiddling with it bernie that’s one of the things i love
what you said when you don’t know the answer you you don’t run and your offered throughout you just
you’re probably shouldn’t do it but there are people who have provoked a
battle royale philippa cooper program lol tapioca you wouldn’t believe the politicians to
come on the shoulder strap anyway charlene in gilbert and which
which is what in my view makes you a statesman a not a politician charlene
gilbert arizona you are working on your sanmina sci i think i can do one kelly about might
drop by twenty four year old farmer he kept ordered experience this week with rap reviewed
for their new love health benefits here um… spilling are trying to pigeonhole their employees during july high
deductible health plan within each essay uh… they’ve told me in place that
pick-up obama carries an attack they can all meet provides the employees with a thousand dollars towards their
annual our health care benefits in in a decade
they are a telling mean wally if they wanted dental
plan they have to pay a hundred percent for it company his not going to take for dental given anything to elect their dental
plan well-heeled and she came home well georgia keeping them from work healthy respect for you could sing dean come on friday adequately refuge is
that how can they do you think the people wanted somebody supposed to do
you know if they come down with can’t carry need chemotherapy and if you’ve got to meet with her first
time she could vote lucci voted republican and in two thousand twelve she had the bell removed from arising she
voted democratic in for obama but man she think that that obama anabolic airheads cut put the truth of the public battle worker in a moment you know we’ve been that we are seeing the in we should use argues employers cutbacks substantially on the health care that they provide to their workers are sometimes that simply based on
greeted some time to the state farm of the reality for health care costs have
card significantly and they just can’t afford to provide uh… out of jail uh… that employees need at the very high prices i think we paid prodded sometimes using employers blame of barack obama for everything
onto the floor of the trading today it’s probably a promise of help there is no reason why picket for employer watchful uh… that employer cannot provide high
quality health care to his or workers using obama terris an
excuse absolutely unacceptable and well hard they will deduct but just thought uh… what i think where we have got to go as a nation
artist but ironically the stuff that goes with it low the whole bunch of primary care
careful reply to fix it largest hospital here in the state of
remark is we need to hit by a few move toward
where much of the rest of the world is and that is to take the burden of health
care reform office employers to make clear up that health care
acutely right not a privilege providing health care for every man
woman and child care for u right intuit every close to affect the way thoughtful long-term goal or baba picked by thirty foot that bill you to expand health care thirty million girl americans make sure that if you will have a
pre-existing condition that the parent company has got to
provide you with health care uh… make sure that if you have the kid
of the twenty six years of age for trial young person wolf they argue or powerfully we put a lot of money and extended
community health centers of the national health service corps a lot of money into disease prevention but at the end of the day while we’ve
made progress copyright wait to go as a nation we continue to spend almost twice as
much of a person on health care as the the people of any other nation we are extremely weak and i think is
chairman of the subcommittee on primary care very very weak on primary care millions of americans are finding it
hard ticket without the when they should whole lot of people so i will get much
sicker than they should as a result holding uh… you know i can’t explain
to you thought of that employers will say whatever they want how they will blame anybody for anything that what the employer is saying your product works but true uh… but that we have got to go forward in terms of health care in this country uh… means dance and mary we have thirty seconds ok abid bernie
just uh… he bottom line here this employers lined his employees is there
any recourse op book because i think the piping employers providing good quality health care without usually doctor bills with a patient if you want to save money
that’s what you do it you can say to be a player bullitt putting less in to help you about the pay more out of
your own pocket that go broader has gone on williamsburg nobody apparently what
apoptotic in recent years avatar provided health insurance let’s
blame it on a barometer papers bachelor but better than the plane had to say
this is because of all promise you i just i guess employers to live rent well i’d like to
go to that we don’t want to push the fish itself up opposed celebrities editors as well as we will
be taking more of your calls for senator
centers at national town hall meeting here brunch with right furthest checkout bernie’s website yet see others dot senate dot gov you
can sign up for his newsletter the bernie because you can’t signed his
petition to the president saying they please no chain c_p_i_ del up benefits
of veterans and seniors and disabled people you’re listening to good com hartman
program calling six six big seventy-eight your let’s say once again c_n_n_’s dot senate
dot gov and of course there are links to that tommorrow dot com welcome at some earlier with you on our
brush and burning our timeline that seat back senator sanders i believe is in his office in vermont
are you up for a quick lucky worried at what a fun place to be we uh… spent last weekend with alan
shali conference for yours as hell runs the committee uh… at four oh one of
the quick reply and we had in fact would we want to be
should talk about the impact of sequestration on its it’s really quite
remarkable uh… i miss for months let’s take a simple goals here dan nuts in no huntsville georgia mice and their own
denied black you are newark saying it right supporter standard actually answered my
question still i actually have another one my original question was about of president obama’s tradition on
that’d that particularly medicare and medicaid
and the fact that deep concern that up president obama continued to talk about
making change and caged-in adjustment wrote so my second question included more
concerned um… with my friend with a colleague htm but he’s not been school
full time on he’s working part-time equally full
part time can we still have him on our insurance though how to be p dot could be
twenty-one but it’s unclear what is your response one of the changes in deliverable character or the bomb debate young people twenty six or younger can
stay on the printer to procure are everest vihar i’m sorry is writing to you bring now that the
without support of the significant taking before you heard the apparent situation but after europe before cut-rate left college or well over
twenty one they left their parents property are as
a result of obama pero impeaches until twenty six young people can remain on their parents uh… aperture brad in rutland vermont young your
service centers random actually i was the task at hand
questioner previous caller yes alarm okay thank you fred uh… paul and minneapolis minnesota
year-on-year senator centers hit well i guess uh… senators saturday rather if you’ve heard the play is that john uses a uh… despair is not an
option expect at the uh… that popped up so thank you for that icon assault-weapon netfile you could uh… jet i wouldn’t like that difference if there is between the federal and speak but with different clues all oregon magnitude federal budget right future depending on the state of small uh… the federal budget process
coverage because remember the budget committee is also he fled mostly
complicated used to beat the mayor of going to be a fairly good provide comment delta pride with was sublets upload we
used to describe him the folks are doing and up we provide to put this as much
money at the police service which went so far this much money at least recap everybody blow you do it was pretty
transparent but the federal budget is so complicated because sharepoint
originations which it means you uh… you um… uh… it program uh… if that works for a certain amount
but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what they will receive it
appropriations they could be very very different numbers and you have committed for example of on
the budget committee we make a good decisions with the coast
food three identically which ultimately deals with practical
current term salt uh… what tax policy would be in america and you know the appropriations
committee and they can’t termine we have money coz actually so it’s a pretty complicated conflict
which i think you’ve got good and i think the end
result of a lot of the american people just don’t know akattak what’s going on but uh… but booking where it that where it is
right now carrying more skill new york university
centers it’s a pleasure to talk to both you
gentlemen my question is count by remembering
something from travis is broke but will be arraigned revolution grandchild arshad as his first term the
two-party system gridlock the legislation to help the poor a newer companies were determined to
trash the economy shabbat or solution was to nationalize
your companies and use the profits to help the poor
with education food and jobs kinda like a uh… roosevelt new deal
program and uh… also i want to add if one
fourth of the corporations won’t pay taxes national item thank you very much and i think your
answer on offline elected leader or even doubt very much for that is going to happen or something that the
president would pretty much pretend otherwise would be a lot more conservative love that uh… before we talk about nationalization
political support that we know that you’ve got the part of the largest
most profitable corporations of america not paying anything uh… imperative you have a republican party that is out
of that about asking them to pay any more in taxes purportedly who do not have democrats
who will be strong enough to make that case you know we heard earlier from a pile up who told us that there was no confused supporters player with alexa splendor
something about obama para chocolate uh… re-experience that you know i think we need the president
would be the democratic leadership to be very clear in their data for the american people in
my view what about other diseases a political
party has got to be able one flight or the other the republicans are very clear about
what they are upcoming trial they’re protecting the wealthiest people
whose country couple largest corporations their goal is to make drastic cuts at every social program that benefits working families will
low-income people i think that the president of the
democratic party has got a b ticket and school in fairly often play
which reflect you know the working class to this
country the middle class is getting battered wait a minute stand with them and identifying land well we need to be completed in this
country an insignificant right web almost point out what is going to
the top one percent i think the issue that we’ve got to do
what you know i want to talk about and not too many of the members of
congress blue the incredible unfair distribution of
wealth and income we have a top one percent twenty thirty
two eight percent of the wealth and the bottom sixty percent secure a percent only two point three percent of our from
address ng quotable incredible inequality but in terms of income palm just eager to study came out which showed that between two thousand and died in two thousand
eleven all any l_l_ all of the new incom
created in the united states of america went to the top one percent you much about so eleven dot dynamic of the wealthiest people becoming
phenomenally while the middle class thinks in my view with the president carter if
not we gotta cut social security now we’re going to cut the fabled that’s
not going to talk about what you think retirement age for medicare well we are going to africa the
wealthiest people in the largest corporations to help us create jobs to
help us deal with deficit reduction to help us build jobs of america n dot in china and not to be a situation where wall
street comes to the american people to get dealt out but they go to the cayman islands to
avoid paying taxes we can’t deal with those names but we need to political role to deal with it i think when you do you’re gonna have the best which are to
be american people pollock mustafa in windermere florida here on
the air is senior centers i thank you for having me on the questioner underneath i wanted after you about the com repeat
reporting to america’s um… uh… america’s children and the
environment reporter released by the e_p_a_ january um… a couple of different things but
what about care but that wanted that this report situation uh… has been uh… long-delayed i mean
it was with beans with people and be the white house when the office pretty over here uh… for literally no reasons bond
clearly given by the e_p_a_ to the o_m_b_ and was uh… delayed for a very long
time and then reproduction but uh… the head of the u_p_s_ luckier uh… one
district was about to release you have to step down wanted leaked that this report has been delayed for so long and now we have a
new ida p_ p_ appointed but that the e_p_a_ report uh… has a lot of data that’s been cut out of its regarding climate change
their effects of climate change on children’s health so bought but you know mike issue would dispute that i’d think
that in verse polly we’re trying to find the
problem reacting rather than uh… fixing deregulatory competency
issue because we have stuff is the
questionnaire for senator center so that we can save lives you know i told you help i’ll be sure is leaving i don’t think it
has anything to do with but not releasing a new report voluntary position i think she did a
very good job for the i keep hearing she was ok riverboat though a couple of months ago alton the issue of global warming though is just any globals uh… it’s about jobs children to help it is really the puter of the planet in fact called for over mother’s we could be
doing a conference on global warming just tomorrow at buckle your high school uh… starting at two o’clock in the
morning and i hope this committee vermonters come to it as a possible and we’ll be hearing for bill mckibben
who was probably leading figures only in america part of
the world a political organizing writing
uneducated about global warming a calm but you know what um… really upsets me is that this issue of climate change is
such an enormously important issue i’ll prob on both the environmental and
go and it’s a completely different surprises electorally golden i don’t
think that um… we don’t get our act together the temperature of clatter earth before
i fight appeased fahrenheit degrees victory product by
the end of the country that would be a little bit if it is the
best of our country correct the ghetto you’re listening thumb hartman visit some hardman dot com for audio and
video work more of your calls for senator centers bunch of burning right after this welcome back to home early here with you
and senator centers on the line bcz shane can you hop on tell me if if which
calls our first b c he calls which lines nokia while daniel is checking um… hip-hop uh… dead reality check one one of the
uh… that one of the victor accepted
discussion here at c_ pac has been the absolute certainty of all these
conservatives but the president is going to cave on
cutting social security the republicans are not going to cave on
cutting taxes when thoughts on that well well republican the right wing
republican friends may not be profitable i mean i think the president toward
president walking and talking about political entitlement reforms which is political change c_p_r_ blake they’d like to make an earlier would
look at what that means is they reacted situation of how you can come and cost of living
adjustments pork seniors on social security people
with disabilities uh… and uh… disabled but uh… and would mean very significant
cuts i think the premise that how we the peppermint colours values through generous is
absolutely untrue i don’t believe diplomats abu allah public and friendship quote
maybe right the president is out there offering this
as an olive branch but i think what they are saying is say
that’s great not legally divorced we have a could give you any revenue we are going to protect the wealthiest
peoples’ country are in the largest corporations and we are going to continue our look only for those places concept webkit without economics that badly magic away to create prosperity in america that is
just give you which tax breaks uh… to put money in traffic reinvested
america they’ve got a great millions of jobs everybody’s deliver happily ever after that’s about it that their economic theory it is totally
nonsensical it is the theory formulated by the
wealthy and a large corporations for the wealthy and a large corporations we are seeing that movie under george w
bush itself and it will continue to grow and uh… what we have got to demand in
contrast is the creation of millions of jobs white among although approaches rebuilding our public infrastructure all that is our way roads bridges well fistful waldorf schools broadband we can improve efficiency in america our productivity uh… by investing in infrastructure
including millions of jobs we have to try and two former our energy
system away from coal and oil the fossil fuel energy-efficient he winced overkill
terrible file magically jobs doing back as well and we have got to keep out look at our
trade policy which i think our corporations make it
easier for companies to go to china with elsewhere rather than reinvesting in
america called but they are not covered city or tell you a republican uh… friends along by taking that the
president victory for the future i see sp solar uh… in twenty so it’s the
break for he did so often people say why can bernie tell the truth and other
senators down well you know i don’t know where you go
directly to go to bed to the hospital equipment review throughout the body
gary who are very critical graphic typical work if people leaving the office off but i think you know that gets a
hold of the richard which duplicitous united in campaign finance reform
definitely a lot about the progress of the for the possibility of a double
impact so every citizen of this will be back
with more of your questions for him since check out his website sanders
stats on it dot com dot here with you mark much henry hill and i a mark your own
era senator centers i comment senator standards right say that uh… i’m so proud that i was
one of the many americans to cup to your campaign back for them to you a
lot of different thank you very much mark uh… because you speak for us you’ve just totally equal where so many
others dot mike here’s my thought uh… senator and i wonder what you
think about this i think that one of the things that we
need to do if the cake idea to take control of the language on
our side again we have on the republican side individual flight frank wants to have turned global warming into climate
change and bachcha rising medicare is now premium support uh… i think uh… frankly that it’s time for us to simply retire the term entitlement these are earned benefits i have a
statement that i received from soaps last april i expect to get another one
soon and i ended up what over my love my working life i’ve contributed for
security and my complaint players that we could get on my behalf and the
medicare and that would be totally two hundred
and eighty seven thousand dollars ativan earned benefit i am i refused except the term entitlement in getting
the return on its on almost a three hundred thousand dollar investment
occupy my employers have made on my behalf over my lifetime what would
normally arguably would you are absolutely uh… you are right all and uh… we have got to shaped the language is not like
republicans through that part will tell you but because of the contributions that
you players have made it into the social
security trust fund reports shock may be able to move social security today as the two point
eleven trillion dollars if they are every benefit for the next
twenty years nobody argues with that what we need to do is to raise pickup unpack for booking com which is not a
hundred and thirteen thousand dollars you do that i’ve introduced legislation
through that social security will be strong for fifty
years there is no reason white we can’t cut social security benefits what benefits for disabled vets and i will do everything but i can’t the people that does not happen jeans in bridge pennsylvania here on the wrist
intercepts already places that you might call
center senators of olympics open up under you did it before
for this is for which the but the banks of the foreclosures of been dealing was for ten years in in
mike today that milieu brought this up is i’ve taken this book all my elected
officials to citizens for the pencil in your book on the banking committee
senator casey incident to me and i was a victim of this back in two thousand and four where uh… i think it will brief i get
injured all my job by working nine to give a disability to the railroad senator specter of the time it is the legal process came on the
foreclosure this is where i was in saveitem back that i am now the senator’s office called the office
of president countrywide and their legal team to try to not of the same time if
refuge of the week when and how costly hospital system we got we can’t deal with individual
process to have a specific broad question two point drop autonomic what
octopi this house awful what gets me is when
you take us to the f_b_i_ your elected officials team recently said is your question why i advocate let me
ask his question form why aren’t these bankers school in the jail for this kind
of story that’s one issue with the other issue
used uh… that people but we were able to
state that large report bank statement led by fax their pretreated chapel reply thank you uh… and we have not yet address uh… which was blow hole of a portion
of that is the financial institutions of this country uh… which is the my mind certainly one of the major
economic issues but we have to uh… address and i was the greed of recklessness
illegal behavior on the part of many of these large
financial institutions which of course so much pain perot country and for individuals uh… so she was uh… d uh… let’s say here donny and acworth georgia a dying here on the
road center centers uh… new yorker through the senate without his uh…
commend you for a few work and uh… you know stand up for people that uh…
talk actually teleport lets you know i was speaking about which
here concerning zero corporations that uh… built fifty profitable americans in uh… because the fact that uh… we need to
ask him to step up to peter europe’s fair share of taxes at the blue new york corporations an american do you know where people black market or people that i have no
personal view jobs salem practice marquis nears work it we due to effectively you know character of disappeared in
america wanted her to the great book your here’s what you thought i mean
first of all we have to be drop it off and mature enough to look at the true
and the truth is connaught and the truth is let me be clear about
my work here there is a class being waged against the middle class working families of america account
rhetoric that is reality for many years now we have seen the
largest corporations rebuilding in america selling american workers are spot on the
street and moving to try it or not low-wage countries we’ve lost millions of jobs as a result
of that they’re reasonably what we’re seeing as
many of these large corporations from time to fame doughnut every way they can to avoid
paying taxes into the federal treasury for putting the money in the cayman
islands bermuda and pop up so they are getting doubt factories in
america over the board they’re putting their profits into the cayman islands not
paying taxes in the united flakes then they usually live well support political candidates will give them even
below tax per truck load ed programs like social security medicare and
medicaid petaluma back together this is the for walsh’s attack on the part of big
money in trust attempt working peppered lot of people
don’t know that martha a question about the business
roundtable which is the organization representing
all of the field c_e_o_’s of major corporations came up with the proposal that the retirement age for medicare seventy here is of age that medicare eligibility should be
steps evoked emails without exception make millions of dollars encompass salary uh… and that’s very generous
retirement programs physical assault against working
families we have got organized and fight back at the fact that leaked
pocket we can’t senator says thanks and thanks so much
for being with us today peckinpah ticket


  1. StunnedByStupidity
    StunnedByStupidity March 16, 2013

    I wish Thom wouldn't give a podium to these psychopathic scum… We are beginning to kick their asses, lets put these pathologically greedy, Machiavellian scum on the scrap heap of history where they belong and start getting progressive voices in the media…

  2. modem
    modem March 16, 2013

    She pulls "facts" from her ass.

  3. matt vovakiss
    matt vovakiss March 16, 2013

    rich people arguments from a retardlicant

  4. Don Sanders
    Don Sanders March 16, 2013

    My problem with this whole conversation is the MYTH that ANY President had the power or authority to tax anything or cut anything….THESE ARE THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CONGRESS ALONE…Damn It!

  5. TylerNutify
    TylerNutify March 16, 2013

    The GOP: Taking back our country… One century at a time.

  6. Barbara B
    Barbara B March 16, 2013

    Thom, I do not know how you can stand to be around all these fools? I cannot even tolerate them enough to watch the whole thing. UG!

  7. Victoria P
    Victoria P March 16, 2013

    creating her own version of history, what a fool

  8. fangorn23
    fangorn23 March 16, 2013

    I agree. Far too many liberal shows dedicate most of their airtime to republican fuckwits to try to show how intellectually bankrupt their ideas really are. Problem is there is ALWAYS another fuckwit touting the SAME FUCKING IDEAS every year. There isnt enough airtime to deal with these twits in a debate every time they start shouting about their crappy ideas.
    You cant dump them in the wastebin of history if you keep giving them the all your time

  9. Gary Lafferty
    Gary Lafferty March 16, 2013

    That reminds me of Regan Democrats.I got fooled. Voted Regan first term.Never voted Republican again.

  10. Candyliz2003
    Candyliz2003 March 16, 2013

    They can't see the forest (Fangorn) for the trees. 😀

  11. John Smith
    John Smith March 16, 2013

    Yeah lets go back to the great depression

  12. pipeman451
    pipeman451 March 16, 2013

    If we only hold the course a little longer and transfer what's left of the nations wealth to these banksters I'm sure things will get better for us working serfs. Won't they? 40 years of the same promises and all they've done is destroy our manufacturing base and financialized the world to everyone's but theirs detriment.

  13. apolloguide
    apolloguide March 16, 2013

    Edith ! Put a sock in it !!!

  14. celainea
    celainea March 17, 2013

    Yea, love the low prices of the Depression. Read They Shoot Horses, Don't They by Horace McCoy or watch the '69 film by Sydney Pollack. My grandparents lived this era. Prohibition, the Roaring Twenties & the Crash. The only people of any class who enjoyed this era were those making fortunes off other people's misery. While Coolidge believed in less Federal gov. – more local control, he did believe in living wages, no child labor, worker safety & representation, also high tariffs.

  15. John Maddin
    John Maddin March 17, 2013

    So who's fault was the depression ? Did it happen by magic, this woman is retarded, all the big depressions have happened under right wing goverments then the working classes pay the losses and odd we go again.

  16. stillbreathing37
    stillbreathing37 March 18, 2013

    Thom gives a history lesson to a historian. Gotta' love this shit. Keep makin' fools of these assholes Thom.

  17. cyborganic99
    cyborganic99 March 18, 2013

    Okay, I can easily admit that lowering taxes to the rich does not necessarily lead to bubbles and ultimately the depression, but to make that argument and then turn around and make the argument that shrinking the government led to growth in the private sector is contradictory. If there was growth in that time, it was fueled by a bubble economy. Simply drawing the correlation between public policy and growth while ignoring the bubble economy is what she is totally guilty of doing.

  18. airthrow
    airthrow March 19, 2013

    I know how you feel and I agree, but at the same time, I'm 27 and have only been interested in politics for around 4-5 years, so I need to hear intelligent progressives like Thom destroy these conservative fallacies so I can be familiar with them and not fall for the same tired tricks. But I wish in general progressives would spend more time promoting positive, progressive ideas like space travel, universal healthcare etc.

  19. StunnedByStupidity
    StunnedByStupidity March 19, 2013

    The problem is if the left give time to the right but the right dont give time to the left, yet again, the right gain the advantage. I really appreciate your position on being new to this, and Thom is gona know a great deal more about his audience than me, but surely putting inspiring progressives on is WAY better than challenging Machiavellian scum… I also PRAY you dont mean human space travel, this is a STUNNING waste of money and resources.Find inspiration in 'the technological singularity'

  20. John Maddin
    John Maddin March 19, 2013

    I dont think a lot of people in the US know what socialism is, when you hear fascism & socialism/communism being used together. There's lots of socialism already in the US like primary & secondary education, College subsidies, pensions for eligible people, fire brigade, roads & railway, power grid, social security, medicare, medicaid, children's insurance, veteran's health, the military, libraries etc. There's good things socialism & capitalism do, we need a mix of the best of both.

  21. Charlie Duran
    Charlie Duran March 23, 2013

    What a stupid bitch.

  22. Warren Webber
    Warren Webber March 24, 2013

    "Coming to you live from CPAC." Sure would like to hear from a liberal, progressive PAC more often. Why should slapping down the right-wing be all we can do, when we can also raise ourselves up, showing the folks what OUR side is made of?

  23. crowbird213
    crowbird213 July 20, 2013

    Republicans love there war mongering for oil. They ate NOT for small government. They use the government to enrich there own wealth. Its called corporate well fare. Its evil.

  24. crowbird213
    crowbird213 July 20, 2013

    Hating the rich is akin to hating all your own wealth. Everything that makes us rich is provided to us by rich people. Our technology, transportation, conveniences, are very standard of living was created by those so called evil rich. The government through all of there wellfare are causing wealth destruction through inflation. They also penalize good behaviour and subsidize bad behaviour.

  25. Alan Sears
    Alan Sears September 11, 2013

    wow i never met someone with a butler complex before. Typical of your ideology , you assume the extreme of somebody your ideologically against to hide your ideology. Thom never said he hated rich people , and everybody that wants a balance to a society is not a communist. Just because I want clean drinking water for everybody doesn't mean i'm a trotskyite or stalinist. Before you bitch bout the government ask yourself one question ;whats your alternative?

  26. crowbird213
    crowbird213 September 11, 2013

    I don't know what butler complex is. I looked it up and found nothing. Hiding my ideology? Never in my life have I ever hid my ideology at any time in my life. My ideology is based on morality (stealing is wrong for ex), natural law, enlightenment, all with an injection of humanity. I tend to agree with "socialism" from the late 19th century. What we have now is productive people being robbed to support the welfare systems of the communist left and the corrupt right. It will cause deterioration.

  27. crowbird213
    crowbird213 September 11, 2013

    Also that evil "bubble" that Thom talks of produced the the largest advancement of the middle class in history from a material standpoint. You know like that evil tech bubble that produced all that technology that is available to practically everyone. Stupid argument Thom. Also money is a zero sum game. When the rich have more cash it just reduces money supply and the cost of everything goes down. Thom knows nothing of economics.

  28. crowbird213
    crowbird213 September 11, 2013

    Thom doesn't understand that recessions are natural. Its price correction. For example, during "the great recession" in 07-08, gas went from $5 to $1.50. Corn went from $7 to $2.50. And I and most kept are jobs during this. It was like getting a raise. The people who were hurt the most were bankers and politicians. There game was up so they pumped money into the system. The result is this stagflation jobless recovery we have now.

  29. marksuave25
    marksuave25 June 23, 2014

    Mr. Hartmann, you should of read the book before interviewing her and actually listened to her and not try to cut her off while she was speaking.

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