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Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart

the david beckham ngo i_d_’s assessment
dot com welcome to the show welcomed everyone is joining us live on youtube
including everybody from the we survive bush he’ll survive obama face book page
and of course the love it when i wake up in the morning and brock obama is
president face book page great to have everybody let’s take a look for something new republican rape advisory charted similar
to a come terrorism alerts type of thing but see if we can put this
thing up a time for people to see full screen up so as you can see here there’s different levels on the
republican rate advisory chart and uh… hopefully we have the full
screen so people can actually see it but i’m doing so at the top of a list of courses gift
from god rate which is reminiscent of richard murdoch from indiana saying you
know when life begins with the horrible situation of rape it is still something
god intended to happen and then below that is legitimate rape legitimate rape
of course came to us from taipei connected to legitimate rape the body has ways to try to check that
whole thing down and then below that i on the scale is on a straight now honest rape is not as high as
legitimate rape and obviously not as high as gift from god rape but ron paul
did say if the if it’s an honest to rape that individual should go immediately to
the emergency room it’s an honest rape and then linda mcmahon who’s running for senate
on the republican side in connecticut she referred to emergency rape in this
is lowered it is only blue on the rape scale lewis i don’t get yourself too worked up about its ok it was really
an issue about a catholic church being forced to offer those pills if the
person came in in an emergency we also covered earlier on the show and
this is we’re really getting down to kind of like the lowest levels of rape
so don’t worry too much about these louis there’s easy rate republican state representative roger
referred from wisconsin said if you go down that road some girls they
raped so easy easy rape are you concerned about the
easy rape roaming legitimate rape and higher my main concern is different dot re okay
so you’re really going to the top of the lesson that’s tearing up and then almost at the bottom list forceable rape which we heard uh… actually in in
congress and h_r_ three and a hundred and fourth congress just last year we
heard about forceable rape paul ryan talked about that one and then
at the absolute bottom analyst no one should even be worried about this and
joy will rape enjoyable rate if it’s inevitable just
relax and enjoy it said republican gubernatorial candidate clayton williams
from texas back in nineteen ninety so there is that there is the scale
ladies and gentlemen we’re where does the rape fall on the republican party scale is it enjoyable is it forcible is it easy of urgency
honest legitimate or gift from god i don’t know you tell me what is what we
were levels here that your normal you know what the death primary years
terror threat level is a new one st san multi multi tiered uh… scale and as
you know the difference between an emergency radio her head and honest rape
i think that’s not that big do a lot of republicans i would say the representative of course of the
absurdity of republican policy on rate which is uh… which is incredible


  1. kingAtheistPower
    kingAtheistPower October 26, 2012


  2. godisfake
    godisfake October 26, 2012

    The chart should also include republican politicans views on tourture or inhanced interigation.

  3. InvisiMan
    InvisiMan October 26, 2012

    "If it's inevitable, then just sit back and enjoy it". The state of US politics has come down to a new level of low.

  4. FreedFenrir
    FreedFenrir October 26, 2012

    I must correct you on one of those for sure. The legitimate rape comment was saying that when women are raped they cannot get pregnant… which is truly absurd.

  5. yes4me
    yes4me October 26, 2012

    If a man get raped for several days until his testicles cannot function for the rest of his life, is this also God will?

  6. FancyKerbloops
    FancyKerbloops October 26, 2012

    There's a double meaning in what Todd Akin said. When he said "When it's a legitimate rape, the female body shuts things down" or whatever, it could mean that when you are raped, the body shuts things down (indisputably false) or it could mean that all these women who supposedly were raped, secretly wanted it, and it wasn't "legitimate".
    Fucking disgusting.

  7. biggydx
    biggydx October 26, 2012

    Im honestly shocked that David was able to mention Ron Paul's name and not get a shitload of dislikes as a consequence.

  8. Gina Small
    Gina Small October 26, 2012

    You said something that requires thought – thumbs down.

  9. Caged
    Caged October 26, 2012

    Like my ex wife. She was lying that I would rape her. She was my fucking wife and I can do whatever I want to her.

  10. joltmeoff
    joltmeoff October 26, 2012

    This is on the net. You can google image it. Its got all the quotes they referenced and more. the only 'joke' is that these are accurate statements made by Repulicans and can be referenced. *all 8 or 9 of them.

  11. C R M
    C R M October 26, 2012

    Rape is a serious issue that happens to people every day in america; whether it be a woman assaulted by an acquaintance, a man being violated in prison, or a child being betrayed by a neighbor. It should never be faked. It should not be diminished or categorized. It should be stopped.

  12. Jack194343
    Jack194343 October 26, 2012

    Have you wondered why the GOP supports a guy like Romney who they hate? The billionaires aren't looking for competence. This is why the GOP has so many excruciatingly STUPID politicians like George W., Palin, Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Boner, Santorum, Virginia Fox, Gohmert, Christine O'Donnel, Jan Brewer, Joe Walsh, Allen West, Joe the Plumber What they want is someone who takes orders.
    Do a You Tube search:
    Grover Norquist – We just need a President to sign this stuff

  13. junie bygrave
    junie bygrave October 26, 2012

    Why do you always attack the Republicans?
    Islamic terrorist sodomized Ambassador Stevens, raped him, beat tortured, dragged through the streets, and suffocated.
    Why do you not focus on this.
    Islam= Obama (Sharia Law) will be forced on you.
    Islam hates gays.
    Obaaama is Muslim and a liar.

  14. Jessica Justice
    Jessica Justice October 26, 2012

    Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim.

  15. screeningmimi
    screeningmimi October 26, 2012

    Well said. The faux 'Christians' who would control government bear a striking similarity to Jihadist Muslims, and virtually none with honest Christians and other people of good conscience and firm moral conviction.

  16. shandcunt
    shandcunt October 26, 2012

    Your a horrible horrible person and I am glad that your wife escaped

  17. shandcunt
    shandcunt October 26, 2012

    The amount of negative attention this show is getting from repubs at the moment is impressive, David must be really striking a chord with people

  18. BioCapsule
    BioCapsule October 26, 2012

    Actually… the entire Abrahamic lineage have always been rather questionable to say the least.

    It one thing to be theist, or belief that a carpenter has some interesting ideas to life. But they are focus on a book that strictly speaking… have nothing to do with either aside from making claims for them. The content of the book is more about appealing to the ego of men. Not to mention it read like a dictatorship 101 without a physical dictator, which is all the more dangerous.

  19. darkridr25
    darkridr25 October 26, 2012

    I agree with you 100%, but not due to complacency: He's going to win because HE OWNS THE FUCKING VOTING MACHINES!!!
    Forgive me, I wasn't yelling at you, I was trying to get the attention of those who view my response to you….

  20. John DK
    John DK October 26, 2012

    If there is one thing I'm sure won't decide the election, it's youtube comments. This is where ideas go to die.

  21. John DK
    John DK October 26, 2012

    The problem with the rape discussion is that there are, in fact, situations in which two or more parties consent to sexual activity, and afterwards one of the parties claims rape falsely. This issue is important (see 'the boy who cried wolf), but it is SEPARATE from the abortion issue. If a woman wants an abortion, whether she was raped or not, she should be able to get it immediately.

  22. Shadowsafter
    Shadowsafter October 26, 2012

    Actually it's closer to Christianity than anything else I've seen, it's Christianity that's supremely fucked up.
    To quote Hitchens, when you deal with religious extremists like Al Qaeda, the problem you have is that they have the original texts and stories on their side completely.

  23. NicholasKreuz
    NicholasKreuz October 26, 2012

    I wouldn't consider bigotry inspired by religious belief to be faux religiosity.

    Just because a religion is wicked and violent doesn't mean it isn't a religion, it just means it's unpleasant.

  24. Daniel Frechette
    Daniel Frechette October 26, 2012

    I see flow chart possibilities here. Lol

  25. darkridr25
    darkridr25 October 26, 2012

    I disagree. Every piece of information viewed by another individual will have some influence, no matter how small. Oh, I don't think YouTube comments will decide the election, but if enough people see a comment, that comment will embed itself on the subconscious level, and if enough people cry out about something being unfair, it could spark an investigation. If the right people investigate, we could uncover voter fraud, opening up some impeachment cases, just for starters.

  26. JBrianBooks
    JBrianBooks October 26, 2012

    David, cut that hair

  27. DharmaDaniel
    DharmaDaniel October 26, 2012

    Well said. I fully agree.

  28. Michele
    Michele October 26, 2012

    I hear this and hope they are the death cries of a dying race of bigots… Usher in the new enlightened generation.

  29. ReliableInsider
    ReliableInsider October 27, 2012

    Is that how you explain the epidemic of rape that occurs every year across the country and around the world?

  30. xinecal law
    xinecal law November 17, 2013

    Wow, that chart is ridiculous! Is this a Republican regulation to stop our govt. from labeling individuals that rape women indiscriminately because for them apparently there is an 'assortment' using the punn made me gag a little  into different categories….o.O.. as if it magically decreases the trauma, the horror and the disgrace experienced by the VICTIM! Not to mention the utter humiliation of having your right to decide what goes in & what goes out of your body violated that the VICTIM experienced.

    If that chart is an example of what Republicans, apparently, consider as a 'free market forces' in action, then we are in trouble.  Our political atmosphere is getting extremely absurd. Did any of you 'start the apocalypse now','the end times', 'bring on the second coming of christ' blockhead ever consider the possibility of that play being tossed out & a different plan similar to what happened to Noah will replace it, you could even thing of it as a heavenly shutdown, they couldnt afford to send angels down to do the rapture & to decrease their budget deficit they are going to default & let mother nature tear their souls from their bodies along w/ those w/ a ticket downstairs. You fuckers constantly turn your back on christ when you turn your back of the sick, hungry, unclothed, strangers. You clowns refuse to stop destroying this planet w/ toxic bullshit that is hazardous to ppl ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN. All of this under the idiotic assertion that you can trash this planet all you want & in fact you ppl think its okay, because God will protect or God will fix it or clean it, as if he is your fucking maid, whose purpose is to follow you around to clean up your mess. I am extremely confident to state, "If you treat this planet like shit, which is one of Gods/natures most magnificent creations & you think your going to step one foot past those pearly gates? Only an arrogant dumbass should be able to grasp someting so simple.

    Sorry for the venting of misc bullshit, but for my last point….isnt it nice to see that concicted rapists has an entire party rooting for them, how is this? Because if they are absolutely forced to carry the baby to term then he can threaten fighting for custody if she presses charges. Republicans like thiat is a diplay of how  screwed we really are….DAMN IT I said the word screwing…SHIT I did it again! XD

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