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Rep. Dan Crenshaw: On Identity Politics, Marxism & the Left’s “Ideology of Resentment” [WCS Special]

congressman Dan Crenshaw it's great to have you back on American thought-leaders glad to be with you all so you know I've been I follow your Twitter feed quite a bit man you're quite prolific and one of the things that you do you took a very interesting approach to the border issue because obviously this is really important to you as a Texas representative and you talked about you know let's let's analyze the the Democratic position on the border and I and you you laid out some things that Twitter and Twitter but I'm wondering if you could go a little more in-depth for us because that's a kind of a different way of looking at the border at the moment sure I mean depending what you mean exactly what you're referring to I would just say what the Democrat position is and more importantly how it's changed it's changed radically you know I I one thing as conservatives we all like doing is pulling up videos from very not long ago nuts not too long ago President Obama from Chuck Schumer whoever it might be really talking exactly like Trump talks about the border and about immigration we have President Obama saying listen do not come here to not come across the river it's dangerous you will be sent back that's President Obama so what changed and you know what changed is is President Trump I think the left is is deeply triggered by everything he does and they want to be against him no matter what and and I think their their general policy direction has also just shifted dramatically as they as they move from what used to be sort of a Labor Party into into a party that is driven by new Marxism it's driven by identity politics and it's driven by this this this feeling that they can gain power if they just promise certain groups certain things and right now they're they're catering and pandering to the immigrant community specifically I don't think the immigrant community is convinced especially people who are here legally I think they like that they came here legally and they feel like they're being cut in front of when we just let people across the border so this open border policy and it really is that I don't think we're being unfair with that accusation that's the basis of it and it really is know it know asylum reform know border wall no enforcement internally and that's that's essentially essentially open borders this is that's essentially amnesty for all that's not it's not a policy that's not a good policy at all it's bad for America so the next Democratic primary in a presidential debate is going to be held in Houston you know not too far from you what do you expect is gonna happen there another circus you know it's a very entertaining circus from the Democrat primary debates as usual there they're gonna go they're gonna keep going as far radical to the as far left as possible I hope that given that we'll be in Houston given that we'll be in the energy capital of the world I hope that they'll ask about the green New Deal and I hope that they'll ask about their environmental policy and the desire to to completely eradicate fossil fuels from our Energy Pro or you know our energy consumption and profile but because when you're in Houston you're talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost with a green new deal and not to mention the dramatic effects are in our economy and dramatically higher energy prices electricity bills all of that but you're in Houston so let's talk about your actual environmental plan and let's and let's and let's compare that to what we're talking about which is technology driven carbon capture nuclear exporting natural gas to dirty coal burning countries let's talk about actual solutions that would both help our economy and reduce overall emissions but they don't wanna talk about that because what they really want is a socialist takeover the economy that's what the green new deal is about we need to hold them accountable while they're in Houston so you know a lot a number of people have said you know this and actually I guess you did moments ago as well that this is you know kind of bribery around basically certain issues that are important to people there's one that jumps out to me which is basically you know cutting student debt which is you know massive and actually a lot of people are suffering under it it strikes me as an attractive proposition actually I mean if you promise me free money I think that's attractive sure I mean this is it's irresponsible though but this is the basis of their entire political philosophy we're gonna promise people free stuff because we want power we'll do whatever it takes to get power that's their that's their political philosophy in a nutshell there are no principles driving that that's why the left is scary all right you should have principles you should have governing principles that you abide by I think conservatives do have that you know we focus on individual liberty personal responsibility local control versus centralized bureaucracy fiscal responsibility there's certain things that drive us and drive our decision-making they don't have that they just want power and if you just want power a good way to do that is to promise people stuff the student debt issues is an example of that medicare for all is an example of that these are not realistic promises but they know that people don't really know that and they're willing to lie to people and they're willing to do it shamelessly and I think that's just a portent so you know you see no principles but what about identity politics isn't that a sort of set of different strategy it's a strategy I wouldn't call it a principle I mean it's a strategy in which you pit people against each other you promise people power over another group it's really terrible stuff it's it's tribalistic you know it's actually it's actually how human beings lived for thousands of years it's really only in Western civilization that we kind of grew out of that you know when we started to realize that yeah you can keep dividing people up eventually get down to the individual well that's individualism I mean that's why we actually we believe in individual merit and character it's not what group you're a part of it's your character it's who you are and how you compete with in this free society so no I don't think I don't need politics as a principle at all and if it is I'm not sure what kind of principle except a real bad one but it seems to be you know dominating I mean not just political discourse in some cases but but even you know what people will feel comfortable in saying or not I mean someone pointed out to me very recently I can't even remember who but I I was apprehensive to say a number of things and I realized my goodness it's because I'm being kind of you know suffocated by this political correctness yeah yeah we all feel that way there's Mao is outspoken as I am I'm so conscious of that you know and listen our society in our culture will always evolve in that way we don't we don't talk the same way as our grandparents did and maybe that's fine it's not that's not bad but it becomes bad when he use it as a club to wield against your opponents and that's really what they do they weaponized these words they weaponize political correctness it's one thing to evolve as a culture I think that's natural and they go you know I think it's natural to think that in a hundred years we'll look back on now and think that some of the things we say and do are just crazy you know and we'll all just agree on that just the same way we look 100 years back and the way people treated each other maybe maybe you know we look down on that a little bit that's fine that's that's that's gross but that's not what they're doing right they're weaponizing it and they're and I don't even think they believe a lot of the things they say they're not I don't think they're truly outraged sometimes but they're doing it as a political tactic and it's it's it's not good it's very unhealthy it's very divisive well so and what do you make of this infighting that's you know happening right now between let's say the Justice Democrats and the more moderate and I don't know if you agree with this but the more moderate Democrats of like Speaker Pelosi yeah yeah she's a lot right now right yeah well it's it's it's it's funny to watch you know and that's all that's all we can do as conservatives is sit back and watch the show in a different sense we dealt with the same thing with with freedom caucus versus leadership I think I think what's happening on the left is much more extreme than that but it's it's here's how I analyze this this is this was this was always going to happen well-intentioned liberalism moderate moderate liberalism and I wouldn't even put Nancy Pelosi in that but there are there are certainly moderate liberals out there because it because it is based on promising people things and promising people nice things it will always get to this point of democratic socialism you will always get to that Marxist ideology you have to you have to if I'm going to promise you more stuff in opal if I'm always going to tell you that that there's an inequality and that there's an injustice that you're facing well then I'm gonna convince you that government needs to step in and fix that injustice that keeps piling on itself because there's no end to it I see yeah and and so it's going to end this way if this is this is really foreseeable and you know then they make the bet that they they have to line the bet that they made and identity politics issues is rearing its head too I mean when AFC is calling Nancy Pelosi a racist where are we this is Nancy Pelosi finds herself being defended by us we're like you know the president presidents like Nancy Pelosi is not a racist because she's dot it's absurd to say that but that's but that's the kind of club that they wield because because their ideas are not strong enough if your ideas aren't strong enough it's very easy to use to use that they use those tactics those identity politics tactics no it's really and you you know you mentioned that this is a kind of Neil Marxist approach can you explain that a little bit more well it's a neo Marxism or maybe it's just Marxism or however you wanted to find it it's sort of it's it's this ideology of resentment right we're we're it's Marxism is inherently identity politics it's more socio-economic based they've taken that they still use the socio-economic identity politics look at Bernie Sanders for instance that's really his chick but it's evolved into not just socio-economic but race and gender and and sexual orientation all of these things and they pit people against each other and that that's effectively what it is and and then they you know and then they of course you get into the redistribution redistribution of wealth and and all that and the removal of any human incentive any human ingenuity because you are there to serve the collective this is what they believe and they believe in a centralized authority that is there to serve the collective this is why they want to abolish the Electoral College this is why they're always at losers why they want to pack the Supreme Court they want centralized authority they love bureaucracy they love that authority in Washington they don't like it when states do what they want they don't like it when localities do what they want they want to be able to tell you what to do they want to be able to to form your human nature and we don't believe in that human nature is not it's not something you can control all right we can create a system that that I guess you know that takes on the rougher edges of human nature and allows us to live free and encourage morality but that's the role of government to protect your rights and protect you from others infringing on your rights that's the proper role of government but that's not what they believe we could we could talk about this all day I want to kind of you know flip it around a little bit you know you're I think obviously a patriot part of the reason you're here today I think and you know you you you served obviously in the military everyone everyone knows that I don't know how much of what what motivated you originally to to serve in politics or the military in the military first a very young age you know I I heard stories of the SEAL Teams I read books about it this is a very typical story among seals most of us want it to be a seal from a very young age since we were kids and and frankly that's that's what gets you through it because you never had a choice once you get to buds and it's the worst experience of your life or the best experience depending how do you look at it but you're failing every minute I mean every every other moment is a failure and to be able to to get through that and not ring the bell or quit you need you need to have never given yourself a choice and you know and that's why so many of us just always believed that would be our destiny and what we would do and and how much was you know the idea of serving America a part of this as opposed to just being a seal I think it evolves I think most of us would have that same story I think it at first it's like I just wanna be a seal okay kid you know okay I want the adventure want the elitism I want to go to war it evolves it evolves as you age and mature and it becomes a mix of all of those things of patriotism and it's obviously a very deep sense of patriotism in the SEAL Teams and Special Operations community in the military at large and so it's it's a mix of all those things you know because because if you just want to serve your country there's plenty of ways to do that you don't have to go be a seal so there's other reasons that have to be driving you towards that you know the reason I'm asking about this is I saw that you you know called out this New York Times are actually I'm gonna I'm gonna ask that again excited cleared my throat the reason that I'm actually asking you about this is I saw that you called out this New York Times article that came out I think a couple of days before the fourth of July basically calling you know the greatness of America a myth and and you know you took some significant issue with that yeah fascinating timing and and I mean I think two people that are that that are patriotic are kind of a challenge of sorts is that and I want to understand what you were thinking when you saw this well it's a symbol Matic of the cultural war that we're finding ourselves and the culture war as we speak about it as many fronts one of them is this I this this question of whether America is good or bad it's really that simple some people hate America some people don't so you know the there's there's those on the Left who would argue that that that the only way to really love your country is to change it fundamentally throw out everything and then just and move towards their utopia that's their definition of love I don't think that's a good definition of love if you've loved your spouse you don't fundamentally want to change them and so that's very interesting what you just said it's also a deep lack of appreciation for our founding principles and what they really mean you know the cuz the common thing you'll hear whether it's a New York Times or I think bado said it recently this country was founded on white supremacy this country is founded on bad bad things well no it's not and do your reading you know who read anything about our founding fathers read our documents these are not bad documents in fact in fact we abolish slavery we abolish Jim Crow we Martin Luther Martin Luther King got the civil rights movement underway using the arguments of the founding fathers that all men are created equal so you can make the argument that America did not always live up to those principles but you cannot make the argument that those principles are bad okay just took society some time to catch up right because well it's a human they're human beings and it was living in a world where these atrocities were normalized and we had to grow out of that and we used the arguments of the founding documents to go out of that and to not understand that is I think willful ignorance willful ignorance and just it reflects a very deep hatred for this country that is that is really problematic you don't have a sense of duty a sense of loyalty or a sense of patriotism to your country or country falls apart and and then sometimes I think that's what they want because they want to create their own different kind of utopia and if they need to tear a tear at the very few things that bring us together with the whether that's the Pledge of Allegiance or the national anthem or the American flag they want they tear at those things because those are the few things that hold us together it's not skin color it's in a geographic area ethnicity it's not religion it's those ideas and they're tearing those apart because there is a cultural war underway about the heart and soul of the country you know there was a really interesting point made in an interview I had earlier with with larry elder actually and he was taught you mentioned how and i actually think this is a quote for thomas so earlier basically that it's it's our ability to overcome the problems inherent to diversity yeah that have contributed to America not the diversity itself I thought that was a fascinating juxtaposition we quote him often so yeah that's exactly right diversity in and of itself is not a laudable goal right you're learning to live within diversity and accepting that is it is a good goal and you do that by respecting individuality that's how you do that so Dan you mentioned you were talking about the National Defense Authorization Act the NDAA a little while ago and you were mentioning that it is being passed in a partisan way can you explain a little bit what you mean there yeah and it's a shame because it's usually not that it that is generally one of those pieces of legislation that is high part bipartisan legislators like working on it because it tends to be bipartisan it's it's something you can get done and be proud of and but not this time not in 2019 so there was a lot of poison pills I think the Democrats put in there you know a few of which I'll name they specifically with with border security and and and Trump's decision to move reprogram money for military construction use it for the border wall problem is what the Democrats said to to try and prevent that is they effectively prevented all reprogramming of money this is really bad for military leaders the Department of Defense does this regularly they have see if it's a very complex organization sometimes you need to move money around military leaders that I talked to are very concerned about this this provision now will it probably get stripped out in the conference yeah I think it will I don't think the center will let this happen that that's that's one of the problems they have other issues in there like you know the Department of Defense has to give 30 days to notice if they're gonna put troops at the border that's absurd that's absurd the whole point of putting troops at our borders because it's an emergency situation you need somebody there now you know these these are just these are just swipes at the president that's all it is they're not they're not built on good policy any kind of good-faith policy a lot of the amendments that came up later too were also very problematic and so it made the bill even worse and and so it's it's it's sad that it became a partisan bill and we should just be focusing on funding the necessities of our military so are we in a place now where it's just simply anything the president wants to do is going to be wrong according to Democrats that's that that's right I mean I could scratch my head and think of some examples that would refute that there might be something there has been some things that have been passed in a bipartisan way but a prison reform for instance or criminal justice reform we can hang our hat on some things I'm hopeful that us MCA approval gets to that point Democrats been extremely reluctant to even talk about it support it at all even though it's a easily supportable piece of legislation that we should be passing and it's and it's it's time-sensitive we need to pass it because of internal politics in Canada and Mexico there's all these reasons for that and it's good for America so I hope we can get to that point on the USMC a you know so speaking good for America you know this the theme of this conference that we're at now is the religious liberty and I suppose Liberty tell me a little bit about you know you know what what brings you here and what's your inspiration around this well I'm I'm I'm always happy to come to an event where we're promoting conservative values you know promoting judeo-christian values because that's that is the bedrock of Western civilization and we should recognize that it's going to be part of my talk tonight and you know it's so anytime I can come and deliver the arguments I hope in a way that people haven't heard so I can arm them with the right arguments to tell people why conservatism is the right way is the right way to govern it's the right way to to to run a culture well give me why don't you give me a quick thumbnail sketch for the benefit of area for our viewers well we talked about cultural narratives that's what I'll talk about tonight we'll talk about cultural narratives and foundations and principles that make our country sustainable and enduring and visit the basics then nothing you haven't heard before but we're gonna go into depth on these and why they matter and why you can't live without them personal responsibility mental toughness discipline loyalty to your country moral virtue based on judeo-christian virtue and liberty and well really what these mean and how they're connected it's gonna be a good table incredible well I'll definitely adjoin how that I think this is the last interview of the yuning and any final words for your constituents our audiences get out and vote we need you Dan Crenshaw pleasure to have you thank you


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