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Remains to be seen whether the EU will have a strong leader, expert says | Street Signs Europe

the face of the organization they come into the media they are known to a large group of people but they know that well known either I mean I think Google was very well known now in the end Robbie Barroso was not so much but basically the person is supposed to be capable of still stealing the organization on the other hand if you see certainly disorganization the European Commission 30,000 people I think everything is ready for thunderlane for next week to give her State of the Union in the European Parliament and probably she will only change two to five percent to the speech because the plans are ready and the Commission is simply waiting to have the nuclear Commission present to go to the European Parliament do we to be possibly voted first but that looks like being a dumb deal I mean the three groups in the European Parliament have agreed have shared the top jobs so she will most likely be accepted next week and then she will deliver the speech but it is done of course it must be an acceptable face I mean on top that she's no a woman I say that there's also extremely important because this organization was seen not only this one but also the other even used to be an old boys network no we have a rejuvenation coming so that's also again important let's head towards the public opinion but again on the other hand the plans are ready so she can only change a little bit of course it may be a bit more important for other organizations like take for the ECB because there the grilling for example in press conferences of the ECB president is extremely tough and there was a debate last week amongst economists can she do this I mean Lagarde that there's a non economist I mean be responding to very technical questions in the press conferences from for example colleagues of yours from who ask questions about inflation about output gap about productivity but and people said Lagarde has done this very well and the IMF why couldn't she do this in the ECB so also there is a consensus but again the machinery is there the DCP is there and will continue to run and she will be extremely well prepared by all the staff which is surrounding her at ECB it's again it's a well-functioning institution already where it may matter most of these four top shops is probably the head of the European Council which is more a diplomat and the other diplomat which is the High Representative for Foreign Affairs which is Josef Borel again we don't know whether all four of them will be accepted it looks like and but for these two last positions the it's more the diplomacy which matters the diffuse of that single person and but again the offer of views is that both would do it well Sharlee Michel the Belgian who will become the head of European towns and they seem to be a bit young but again he was a prime minister for four years and has done a 12 and then Burrell is already fairly old 72 but he has an enormous expertise which I think a foreign policy extremely important and the Spanish I think hope to have a kind of a repetition of the Sahara effect of the early 2020 Ilana was extremely popular in Europe and did a lot for sampling Ukraine but also elsewhere that he can do something like like this and can represent the EU abroad when we talk about the Commission you talk about continuity and the person running at being essentially a figurehead a communicator there are moments where it matters who's is in that job and and as the Europeans prepare for what will no doubt be quite difficult trade negotiations with the United States in particular do you think that when the LAN has the gravitas to stern toe-to-toe with President Trump and say nine when she needs to that is a big question mark and that's why for example in Germany there is a lot of opposition but also in German members of the European Parliament to her nomination that remains to be seen I personally wasn't convinced five years ago that you would be capable of doing this but if you see what he did in the end also that famous meeting end of July last year electrum or he was very tough and when it came to an agreement not to have tariffs except for cars between the und and the u.s. that was remarkable and that was because younger has this experience of being thirty years into politics that's from the lane sufficient experience I don't know but I would hurt it for the benefit of the doubt she maybe she comes over a very charming person who knows let's say that she will be capable of doing this I'm not entirely sure but I will give her the benefit of the world I myself have called for an apiece which are published on this a year ago we need to have a strong leader for the Commission but we'll have to see whether it is strongly hi I'm Johanna Versace and thank you for watching you can check out more of our videos by clicking on the boxes on the screen and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more from CNBC international thank you for watching

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