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Reining in the administrative state | IN 60 SECONDS

In 2017, the administrative agencies of the
federal government—which many call the administrative state– issued over 3000 rules and regulations. That sounds like a lot, but they have done
that every year since 1993—a total of over 100,000 rules. Complying with all these rules is estimated
to cost $2 trillion each year—more than the total taxes paid annually by US businesses
and individuals. Congress—and now President Trump–have tried
to stanch this flow, but with little success. These efforts have failed because the courts
have not done what the Framers of the Constitution expected
They were supposed to narrowly interpret the laws that give agencies their rulemaking authority
But for many years the courts have allowed the agencies to interpret the scope of their
own powers. The Supreme Court, with a conservative majority,
will have an opportunity to change this system and rein in the administrative state. The question is whether, after years of neglect,
it will take this important step. To learn more about my take on the administrative state, check out the link to my book “Judicial Fortitude” in the description below. And be sure to like and subscribe for more
research and videos from AEI.


  1. batsha
    batsha July 20, 2018

    ha you act like these polices help Americans but they really help corporations.

  2. Dennis .K
    Dennis .K July 20, 2018

    I couldn't agree more. But government overreach is not only administrative. There are over 5000 felony laws on the books according to Shawn Hopwood, who is one of the nations preeminent attorneys and who has argued cases before the Supreme Court. The potential (and the realization of) abuse is enormous. We should pray that government doesn't fall into totalitarian (Marxist) hands. In the long run, we have been dangerously close to that for decades.

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