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Redistributing Private Land Was A Key Issue In South Africa’s Elections

the 40,000 people packed into this soccer stadium are here for a match Divya for a rally for an upstart political party the e FF the e FF are challenging the African National Congress the party Nelson Mandela belong to and in his controlled South Africa since the end of apartheid this is the last rally before the election today they were to the polls why'd you come out here today South Africa we have an understanding of what decades he promised to us and then they failed now we have a personal responsibility so and we are punchable on whatever the promises that they made the e FF seems to be really popular among young people yes why do you think that is I think that the young people won't change I think that one people wanna all in this world young people wanna run this country because our people have failed us and all people is the hansi is ANC we need young plaid we need young people my people yes [Applause] for a party that barely existed last election cycle the turnout is pretty impressive [Applause] Julius Malema is the founder of the EF F Mille Emma is a divisive figure to put it lightly he's been convicted of hate speech twice once for chanting songs encouraging killing white farmers and once for saying that the victim of a rape enjoyed it but his supporters don't seem to mind they're frustrated with the ANC and they see him as a way forward apartheid ended 25 years ago but white South Africans who make up less than 10% of the population still hold more than 70% of all agricultural land in the country the e FF say they can fix that their signature policy is taking ownership of land away from white farmers without paying them then redistributing that land to black farmers the ANC does have a land reform program of its own but progress has been painfully slow if you have mangoes bananas but a little bit of livestock I've got some cash crops yeah oppa shy is a tenant farmer working land that was being distributed by the ANC so he should be a success story I've been here ever seen from 2013 with his farm I'm the only one here who is responsible for this place but it's quite difficult for us now when the Department of rural development gives farmers land it's supposed to come with funding for necessities like feed fertilizer and tools shai still hasn't gotten that funding what is this here this is the the tomato visit the crop farm inland mmm but as we can see here who are trying now to irrigate them they need our attention these things they need some fertilizers mm-hmm when we had any shot of cash for the fertilizers to put on them this is something the government promised you this is what they promised me they want to help us but even no no it's seven years and it's too long I've been patient enough its teeth count it's sect ik seems like you know particularly the past yeah if a white farmer needed alone they didn't have problems getting them I cannot get it now because he'd belongs to the government he doesn't belongs to me so I'm just a caretaker here I'm leasing this one make sure it the government so we have to pay Jesse Duarte has been in the ANC ranks on and off since the early 1990s she says that implementing land reform properly takes time so I spoke with a farmer in Limpopo who was able to get land but the problem that he's having is that he was also promised funding for materials for for training and that he's been waiting for years and he hasn't gotten that if he's genuine and if the farmer is in question says he's been waiting for years then his next step ought to be and he would have known this to make an application to the local agricultural ami see it sounds like he's been doing this I am Not sure that can't answer question I don't know and I would really like to be able to know this farmer and ask him to tell us why he's been waiting for so long so that we can assist him this is the party of Mandela is your party concerned at all that for the younger generation they may not support the ANC from that emotional level they may go somewhere else we live in a democracy we created a multi-party democratic system as the ANC if we wanted a one-party system we would have done so we didn't want that oh thank you so I have one last thing I've spoken to many people who do support AFF their support seems to come from protest dissatisfaction with the ANC all I can do is to help you in the if success in the in the coming election that's all we can hope to do is to believe and the if if success I'm not running many in this election you you you're running a campaign for the year that's for sure but let me know let me wish you success we certainly don't feel that we have lost the vote in this country realistically even if the ANC does lose some votes they're still expected to win by a pretty wide margin but many of the people they promise to help are convinced by either party in the past you said yeah you were very optimistic about the ANC it sounds like the ANC's lost your trust yes with that get caught right now they disappointed Lila what do you think about the AFF no I'm gonna first member myself I don't support there but I don't like what he's doing there who you gonna be voting for in the elections that's quite confidentially you you


  1. Jardine Z
    Jardine Z July 14, 2019

    We having an Apartheid hangover right now. Whites must share the land.

  2. Ras Kai
    Ras Kai July 14, 2019

    Bantus are good for nothing. Bring back apartheid!!!

  3. David Sutton
    David Sutton July 14, 2019

    White people dont get shit from government. most of your facts are something u got from a single source on google, most land is owned my government, well done on ur excellent research and investigative skills. U should leave vice

  4. Breakthrough Vegan
    Breakthrough Vegan July 14, 2019

    Rise EFF Rise!

  5. dane herbst
    dane herbst July 14, 2019

    Jessie Duarte what a little snake

  6. Arnu Dippenaar
    Arnu Dippenaar July 14, 2019

    They can come and try to make me to leave

  7. David Miles
    David Miles July 14, 2019

    look at transkei no progress

  8. Mark Du Plessis
    Mark Du Plessis July 14, 2019

    No mention of Zimbabwe's spectacular failure in this regard? Good perspective Vice.

  9. Kenneth Pettersson
    Kenneth Pettersson July 14, 2019

    Thumbs down for EFF but thumbs up for the video and information about South African politics.

  10. Ernest karolis
    Ernest karolis July 14, 2019


  11. lance louw
    lance louw July 14, 2019

    Please come and try we are waiting

  12. 0_0
    0_0 July 14, 2019

    Soon this will be followed up in Detroit 😂

  13. Acafsfegeesv Sbdhehe
    Acafsfegeesv Sbdhehe July 14, 2019

    It is difficult for black farmers to get financial funding for farms because the white man still control the banks and the money.but you the indigenous people of South Africa keep fighting your time of redemption is near.

  14. Jeff Orr
    Jeff Orr July 14, 2019

    You know it stinks there, Farms won’t farm them selfs.

  15. lceez media
    lceez media July 14, 2019

    Advice to Eff. Before taking land away from whites, maybe they should learn the ingredients and secrets of successful farming, without that knowledge they may end up like Zimbabwe, it's fun to act out of emotions but not fun when millions die because there is no food.

  16. Daniel de Solano
    Daniel de Solano July 14, 2019

    Young people from urban areas have absolutely no idea about how difficult and expensive it is to run a farm successfully (or the history of Zimbabwe, where people are starving and suffering), besides, the majority of white-owned farms are in the northern cape with very harsh weather conditions this just cannot work. It’s sad that so many people are being tricked and maligned into abusive totalitarian politics and racist narratives. Shame on you, VICE for perpetuating that. You will have contributed to the famine and violence in South Africa when and if they seize power. It’s a sad state of affairs for a country that has it all to all to be brilliant.
    Nkosi sikelel’iAfrika, stay united, strong and truthful

  17. Biggerbadwolf
    Biggerbadwolf July 14, 2019

    So Jesse wants to ask the farmer why he has been waiting so long! THAT'S WHAT HE WANTS TO KNOW! She is such a bullshitter!

  18. Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya July 14, 2019

    It's like they're stripping the entire country. It'll devolve into brokadeshu soon

  19. Carlos Dyer
    Carlos Dyer July 14, 2019

    What a crock

  20. J Wade
    J Wade July 14, 2019

    2:46 the face of seething hatred and greed incarnate

  21. Nick Dubbin
    Nick Dubbin July 14, 2019

    Look at the history of Zimbabwe. Let's not repeat it and cause a lot of death.

  22. jabulani theron
    jabulani theron July 14, 2019

    It seems as if nobody likes it when black people seek Justice.

    black man, A Luta Continua ✊🏿

  23. Askia Battle
    Askia Battle July 14, 2019

    Only 22% white Farmers prospering better than this black farmer I love white and black people but facts are facts this world is disgusting it really breaks my heart

  24. Askia Battle
    Askia Battle July 14, 2019

    I bet if that black farmer was white the government would help him out a lot more than what they are now and I don't care what y'all say I believe that's true and I bet those white farmers are prospering more than him even if it's only 22% white farmers this world is better when you're white and I don't care what none of y'all say

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