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Rashida Tlaib Now Fantasizing About How And Where To Jail President Trump’s Admin Officials In Newly

Anti-Semite and Trump hater Rashida Tlaib
(D-Mich.) is seen in a video saying that she and members of her party are working on a
way to physically arrest and incarcerate Trump administration officials who refuse to comply
with subpoenas issued in their latest attempt to bring down President Trump. The NationalSentinel reports that this is
related to the current pseudo-impeachment scandal, and indicates that Democrats are
getting desperate because none of the other attempts they and their army of mainstream
media liars have run against President Trump has resulted in overturning the 2016 election. It could be that Tlaib is just blowing smoke
to appease her base. But if not — and she’s serious that Democrat
leaders are serious about trying to arrest Trump Cabinet members and other officials
if they fight House subpoenas or they get held in contempt, she’s basically saying
the Garbage Party is laying the groundwork for the second American civil war. [Opinion] The fact is, the president has rights under
the Constitution as head of the Executive Branch. And no matter how insane these Democrats
and their idiot voters get, that’s not going to change. Trump can fight subpoenas. He can fight contempt
charges. He can assert executive privilege. He can have the right to face accusers. He
has the right to cross-examine witnesses in his ‘impeachment’ trial. Etc. Etc. Etc. Tlaib is an anti-Semitic socialist POS who
has no business serving in a republic. And she’s out of her mind if she seriously thinks
House Democrats are going to reopen a ‘jail’ so they can incarcerate Trump’s Cabinet
members. Trump has a lot more resources at his disposal
to stop this crap. Like the U.S. Marshal’s Service. And the military. Not to mention the millions of Trump supporters. So good luck with your filthy fantasy lady-
it’ll NEVER happen!

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