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Radical Food Politics: Hunger is Political

hey everyone its Maxie and I am finally getting around to this radical food politics video so this is gonna be like my capitalism and the environment video where I do a broad overview and maybe I’ll get into some other topics in follow-up videos but there’s a lot to cover and a lot that could be said or talked about but yeah obviously I just have to pick a select few so I want to start by saying that how we understand a problem is incredibly important because the solutions that we come up with are going to relate directly to how we understand that problem for example if we think of hunger as something that is natural or that is totally disconnected from social political or economic processes or worse if we think that poor people can’t access food because they don’t deserve it or just that they’ve made bad choices then the solutions that we’re going to propose are going to be things like food banks or charity where our notion of how to fix the problem is going to center around different ways to just try to get more calories to more vulnerable people instead of taking aim at the root causes of their poverty and vulnerability in the first place and trying to ensure that they’re never in a position to go hungry again if we look at the root causes of poverty and insecurity and inability to access adequate food then our gaze has to turn directly to our capitalist political economic system policies that aim to free the markets reduce public spending and social safety nets liberalize trade in line with corporate interests and privatize and commodified food access and social rights contribute to the poverty that leaves many families unable to access adequate food in 2004 the UNDP reported that we were producing enough food globally to feed every single person on the planet at least 2,500 calories per day today on a global scale we are producing one-and-a-half times more food than is needed to feed literally everyone the problem is not scarcity it’s not under production it’s not even drought or calamity this is an issue of distribution and access and the priorities of the global and in this capitalist system only those with capital can access this vital necessity of life and up to 50% of the food in this world is wasted instead of being distributed to the millions of people going hungry in terms of priorities of the global market an enormous amount of soy grain and corn are being grown and diverted to feeding cattle and other livestock on food Lots instead of hungry people as we talked about in our first podcast episode food is literally being taken out of the mouths of hungry people to feed the unsustainable global meat industry for wealthy buyers capitalism as a system reproduces itself through the very fact that we all need food to live that sticking point is capitalism’s gotcha because we’ve allowed food to be considered as a commodity and so those of us who don’t own the means of production which is pretty much everyone 99% of people we have to sell our labor for a wage in order to buy food and due to the kind of super exploitation that is made possible by this political economic framework particularly a neoliberal framework working two jobs three jobs working 16 hours a day doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll have enough money to access adequate food if we think of food as a commodity that people don’t deserve access to then we’re essentially letting society and governments off the hook they don’t have to ensure the welfare of their people they don’t have to ensure that people aren’t starving in the streets this is 100% in support of a neoliberal economic agenda charity can actually be a way for the welfare state to be rolled back because charity will come in as a flanking mechanism and allow the state to just wither away and not pay attention to whether people are accessing food or not well things like food banks and charity are good in the sense that they help desperate people in the short term first of all they tend to stigmatize poverty and stigmatize people who need to access them and they do nothing to challenge the capitalist structures liberalisation deregulation privatization and financialization that leave people in desperate states to begin with and they do not challenge the understanding of food as a commodity and not as a social right it supports and reinforces the status quo of inequality and it sets up a situation where people will only get if wealthy elites are benevolent enough to donate according to poppendieck this ideology of volunteerism obscures the fundamental destruction of rights it’s not an accident that poverty grows deeper as their charitable responses to it multiply the growth of kindness the decline of justice are intimately intertwined Eric Holt gimen is in his new book a foodies guide to capitalism does an excellent job at detailing how the relationship between capitalism and our food system is leading to a number of latent crises and contradictions which are all excited to get worse as major agribusiness companies seek out new markets and avenues for growth I definitely don’t have time to go into everything that he talks about in this video so I really recommend reading this book it’s wonderful but he discusses Agriculture’s role in dispossession and in primitive accumulation and the start of capitalism and as we talked about in the structural adjustment video flooding the market with similar crops makes the price drop and then farmers who have been convinced through various programs to grow cash crops and abandoned agro ecology or subsistence agriculture they must produce more and more and more just to make up for those losses but of course the more they produce the more the market is flooded and the more the price drops he discusses the example of the Great Depression where you had lines and lines of people lining up to get bread even while so much wheat was rotting in the silos overproduction in the north was used as a battering ram to open up grain markets in the global south to the detriment of unsubsidized farmers in the south who cannot compete we have major corporations like Monsanto in charge of all of our seeds now locking farmers into contractual servitude and leading to a number of suicides the huge industrial mono crop harvesting is horrible for the environment and yields but thanks to competition between firms companies are forced to increase use of more and more chemicals and fertilizers just to keep their yields from dropping too much each year it’s been predicted even that our soils only have about 60 years of farming left if soil degradation continues apace anyway there is a wealth of information in there that I suggest to you explore but he really demonstrates that we aren’t going to get anywhere meaningful with a capitalist approach or within a capitalist framework approaches like devising new GM seeds are trying to inject more nutrition into the crops that we already have or trying to make drought resistant seeds etc to increase yields aren’t going to actually solve the problem because the problem is not one of under production we already over produce we already produce one and a half times more than we need so producing more and putting more and more strain on our Earth’s systems and on our soils is not going to solve the problems of distribution or private land and property regimes or financial speculation on agricultural land that is causing these problems reducing and redistributing a food waste is a good idea that should be done we should be doing that obviously but even these kind of strategies do not get at the heart of the system which is making work increasingly precarious and making it more and more difficult for people to actually make a living and earn living wages in order to access food so I’m gonna turn now to a few examples of organizations and movements that are trying to decommodification around food access food production food distribution so I’m going to start by describing three which are Via Campesina Food Not Bombs and freeganism and the Black Panther party’s free breakfast program for kids and then I’ll conclude by discussing to what extent I think that these ideas are going to be transformative so let Via Campesina is an international movement that grew out of Latin America which coordinates peasant organizations of small and middle scale producers agricultural workers rural women and indigenous communities from Asia Africa America and Europe it advocates for land reform peasant rights women’s and indigenous peoples rights and against capitalism free trade and transnational agribusiness they were very large and well-known well organized movement that holds international conferences and seeks to forge an alternative to the colonial capitalist food system that dispossessed the people from their land through land grabs we’re just undercutting local production they’re fighting to maintain peasant seeds as well and not allow companies like Monsanto to gain a monopoly on seeds and associated pesticides and finally there’s a strong focus on food sovereignty Food Not Bombs is a growing direct action social movement working to D commodify food and challenge the charity model Food Not Bombs shares food free of charge but not as a gift as a means of asserting and fulfilling array there are over 500 autonomous chapters throughout the world and each chapter is unique so their range of action can be broad typically they glean produce if they can get it from local stores that be throwing away or dumpster diving could be used as well and then activists will cook the food and set it up and share it with whoever wants or needs any they share pamphlets and information on political economy mutual aid and what they’re all about they try to break the charity model by inviting people who eat the food to contribute to gleaning cooking and logistics as well thus truly creating mutuality and growing the movement to include more and more people dedicated to the seeker modified way of accessing and sharing food what I also like is they mostly serve vegan food unless of course they’ve gleaned something that is not fully being and of course they will serve it freeganism is quite similar freegans will dumpster dive and then organize to share food or whatever else they have acquired like toiletries or clothing or school supplies or whatever they are able to glean from non commodified sources it’s a combinations of the word free and vegan both living freely free from the oppression of a wage slave economy and free in that you’re not paying for things not participating in a money economy freeganism does not equal dumpster diving there’s freegans who don’t dumpster dive there’s people who garden people who wild forage people can grow their food and there’s lots of dumpster divers who aren’t freedom we’re not just opting out participating in the economy on a purchasing level but for many of us were opting out in the you know standard work a nine-to-five job level I’m not sure if there is necessarily the same focus on growing the movement and you know sharing information on political economy but they do seek to D commodify food access and to not contribute to the exploitation of either animals or humans the Black Panther party’s free breakfast for schoolchildren program was part of their revolutionary praxis they understood that inadequate access to food and black communities was keeping them down once again relying on mutual aid they understood that social reproduction at the community level was necessary for more widespread liberation through evolutionary practice and thought to create the conditions for liberation from the ground up according to E Cleaver a prominent black panther reference for children pulls people out of the system and organizes them into an alternative black children who go to school hungry each morning have been organized into their poverty and the panther program liberate s– them frees them from this aspect of poverty this is liberation in practice this was actually the model and the impetus for all federally funded school breakfast programs in existence within the u.s. today in my opinion even though programs like these are not going to shatter the bedrock of capitalism I still think that they are vitally important and especially vitally important in trying to build an eco socialist future speaking again about prefigurative politics it’s vitally important that we actually get out in practice forging alternative social relations and forging new networks and new ways of conceptualizing you know what food production and distribution and access should look like and in terms of growing a movement I think that there is something so powerful about actually showing people our politics like it’s easy to stay out loud you know we want a world where children aren’t going hungry and where people have access to food as a social right and not as a commodity you know you can say that but it’s another thing to actually get out there and show people this is what we’re about if you want food if you want liberation then we’re the ones with the vision we’re the ones who want to make that a reality and in terms of you know prefiguring environmental outcomes that we want to see I think it’s awesome that things like Food Not Bombs and the freaking movement are thinking already about moving towards plant-based eating plant-based production and distribution of food and not be completely unsustainable and absurdly gross exploitative global meat industry at the same time of course foraging spaces that are kind of on the outskirts of capitalism or foraging places where people can access things in a Deek modified way doesn’t actually you know creating new alternative markets is not the same as changing the market structure that we’re living in and the strategies of something like Food Not Bombs for example or freeganism this actually relies on the greater neoliberal capitalist model to produce the food to over produce the food and produce this you know waste that’s able to them D gleaned and redistribute it in a new way so there are a lot of layers to this but I think obviously we should not get too wrapped up in the idea of community or kind of cutting ourselves off from the broader economy and not actually make sure to also simultaneously take a mat austerity and neoliberalism and the global capitalist structures themselves that are producing all of these problems and can and will continue to produce them if we do not fundamentally shatter them I would love to hear what you think or if you have any examples of other really awesome radical food projects that are starting to forge these new relations and challenge these broader structures so a very special thank you again to my patrons I cannot express my gratitude enough check out my podcast at vegan Vanguard connect with me via Facebook or Twitter like share comment subscribe and I’ll see in another video


  1. thebloodykansan
    thebloodykansan January 10, 2018

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    8DX January 10, 2018

    Again, if a government cannot create circumstances for its people to survive, or provide for their basic needs in other ways, it loses it's legitimacy, it has failed at its primary purpose.

  3. Sean Mee
    Sean Mee January 10, 2018

    Great video as always, you've really carved out a niche for yourself on yt on political economy.

  4. Mo Moment
    Mo Moment January 10, 2018

    loved, loved, loved this video!

    Inspired by the free breakfast programm and food not bombs, I've started something similar over here in Zurich of which I'm very fond of 🙂

    Having joined the worker's party in Switzerland recently and having an animal liberation background, I've started a monthly free-(vegan)-dinner hosted by the party. So far, it has been a success. It should serve as a space to gather and talk about (radical food-)politics, to get to know people and the party. To create a counter-culture.
    It's called komm&iss (come&eat) which should put communists/communism (which sounds fairly similar) in a more positive light.

  5. diiasze
    diiasze January 10, 2018

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  6. urh sušnik vrečič
    urh sušnik vrečič January 10, 2018

    The comuptional technology avilable today is developed enough the plan agricultural production for the need of entire world population. So, can we please get rid of this piece of shit economic construct called market?
    Great video Mexie 💲🐸🐷🔫👧✌☭

  7. Praise The Masculine Flames
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  8. Daniel Regueira
    Daniel Regueira January 10, 2018

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  9. Charles Gripp
    Charles Gripp January 10, 2018

    Your fundamental misunderstanding is seeing the market as a foreign obtrusive entity when it is a spontaneous, organic and natural entity. The dynamics of the market (like supply and demand) where not centrally planned, they rose naturally and are a natural part of life. It is beyond our current intellectual capacity to understand how the market works. Luckily the market has a solution for that which is different schools of thought competing to figure it out. But we have not come to consensus yet. The market can be manipulated to under-serve people and that is why free market people want free markets that take away the manipulations and distortions. Another reason free market people want free markets is because we dont understand markets enough to control it without creating distortions that leave economies vulnerable to black swan events.

    The market mirrors our values and your analysis of Food Not Bombs shows your pride in trying to arrogantly intellectualize what the market is or isnt. The market rose spontaneously from human beings and we do not understand the human condition or what our role is. Food Not Bombs is a free market solution to food distribution that aims to change our values. When Food Not Bombs gleans farms and gives it away, it shows that the produce gleaned is perfectly good which could lead to consumers demanding ¨less than perfect" produce being stocked on the shelves for cheaper. This is good for everyone because corporations can reduce waste and people can get cheaper food. All because Food Not Bombs made people realize that an apple with a knick in it, is still a good apple. Farms have no incentive to throw away these apples but if the store stocks them, people will view the produce department with disgust because our VALUES are that an apple with a knick in it is worth nothing. Capitalism is all about catering to the peoples wants. The market is just a synonym for PEOPLE and if the people change their values, then capitalists will cater to those values.

    The problem isn´t capitalism, the problem is people's values.

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    Thank you very much for your hard work. I also am interested in political economy and am strongly opposed to capitalism.
    It is because of that that I wish to argue against capitalist apologists. And here is how such an apologist would reply to your argument:
    "It's true, we do produce more than enough to feed everybody and yes, that food is not equally distributed. However, it is precisely because it isn't equally distributed that we can produce a surplus. If we were to distribute equally and freely, the potential for profit would be lost and so would the incentive to produce so much."
    Needless to say, I vehemently disagree with the above quote, but I do not know how to sophisticatedly counter such a position. I was wondering, how would you reply to such a statement.



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    And just as a side note: world hunger and extreme poverty have been decreasing in the past 50 years at the fasest rate in human history, and this is EXCLUSIVELY thanks to capitalism, just look at India and China. Ungrateful idiots.

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    Beautiful hottie! But ideas are awful.

  83. martel alexandre del colle
    martel alexandre del colle November 4, 2018

    hello. I'm brazilian, so sorry for my bad english. I can see a solution to this problem, witch is a international pact for limits of capitalism. The limits wil define where capitalism can go, and where it can not. Food, water, will be forbidden for the capitlism system.

  84. Cornelia
    Cornelia November 4, 2018

    Great video! This made me want to start a food not bombs group where I live. If someone near Oslo in Norway wants to join me, let me know💪

  85. Daniel Davidisson
    Daniel Davidisson December 9, 2018

    Kudos…fucking brilliant.
    You are nailing the single most important issue that the left have failed miserably in disseminating.
    Land access = life
    Private land ownership = death and deprivation

  86. Anglophile WASP
    Anglophile WASP December 18, 2018

    I find that all hard to believe!

  87. Cian McCabe
    Cian McCabe December 23, 2018

    Capitalism is a cancer on human society and it makes humans a cancer on the global ecosystem.

  88. Maximiliano Madrigal
    Maximiliano Madrigal December 31, 2018

    I eat meat, in my post socialist world there would be no animal farming because its bad for the planet, but for those who would want to would hunt and get meat that way. It would only be a small set of poupulation because very few meat eaters would be able to kill and eat an animal. As long it didn't harm the enviorment it should be allowed.

  89. The Irish Italian
    The Irish Italian January 3, 2019

    I live in North Central PA and I see everyday a segment of the population farm in a way that goes against everything you just posted.


  90. Josh Purtell
    Josh Purtell January 14, 2019

    “The problem is not scarcity, it is of distribution” is a line that the creator uses often. I worry that it ignores the fact that capitalism is not just distributive, but also deals with production. Consider coverage efficiency (what I will define as the percentage of the population fed per 100 divided by the amount of food produced as a percentage of the amount of food needed to feed everyone). Let’s say Capitalism has a coverage efficiency of .5 globally. This means that if it produces 1.5 times the amount of food necessary, it will feed 75% of people. Now, let’s imagine a completely made-up system called Schmapitalism, which has a coverage efficiency of .6. It must be a better system, right? Not necessarily. We can’t just apply the .6 factor to the amount of food produced under capitalism. We have to apply it to the amount of food produced under schmapitalism, which is likely different (since these economic systems influence production and not just distribution!). In this case, if schmapitalism doesn’t encourage as much production as does capitalism and only produces 100% of the food we need, 60% of people will get fed. Now, I’m not saying that capitalism necessarily does get more people fed than other systems. What I am saying is that, as I’m sure Mexie will agree, capitalism is Really good at producing stuff, perhaps better than any other system. It’s possible that other economic systems with better coverage efficiencies fail to feed as many people because they just don’t produce enough stuff. Again, not saying this is the case, just that it is possible and unless Mexie addresses this possibility, “The problem is distribution, not scarcity” doesn’t really carry the rhetorical weight it should.

  91. Katie Hay
    Katie Hay January 22, 2019

    The monsanto suicide point doesnt hold water.. gm grops are actually alleviating struggles like crop losses to pests and droughts that farmers face. BT Brinjal/eggplant is a great sample crop showing it increased yields and eliminated daily barely effective sprays and removes the farmer from many risks. Farmers choose to get seeds from these companies because the provide bulk reliable products. You can save seeds from other sources, gm and hybrid seeds arent able to be saved and hold the same traits because genetics shuffle around from generation to generation. It takes a lot of inbreeding to make a stable seed crop. Gm crops arent just tied to companies either. The first gm crop was made through a university and African staple crops resistant to blights and tolerant to poor conditions are being developed by local scientists to provide for local subsistence and commercial farmers without strings. That being said products like this should be socially funded. The only way we can reduce the hold big companies have on new crops is to lower the ridiculous over the top hoops they have to jump through based on fearmongering about genetics, and fund smaller groups, preferring public scientists over even smaller companies…

  92. Celina K
    Celina K January 25, 2019

    3:40 Food is one of the perfect markets / perfect competition
    Or at least it and foreign markets are seen that way. Sraffian school has an interesting view tho

  93. TheHoworang
    TheHoworang January 27, 2019

    Passin me by

  94. Em Cameron
    Em Cameron February 1, 2019

    Have you looked into the Community Food Centres model? There are two CFCs in Toronto, & The Stop in Parkdale is the original. These centres are popping up in cities across the country over the past several years, & there's even one rural CFC, the Table in my hometown of Perth, Ontario. It's an interesting model that sees food as a right, but also focuses on how food can shape communities, & provides not only meals/goods, but also education ranging from cooking & gardening classes to courses exploring social justice topics. CFCs are also vital community hubs that allow for unlikely connections — folks of vastly different income, ages, backgrounds, etc — who are able to share knowledge & resources & organize together against systemic injustice. My CFC is the reason I'm not starving & also the reason why I feel like a useful member of my community. It's the place where I truly can give according to my ability & receive according to my need.

  95. sol celeste
    sol celeste February 25, 2019

    Your videos are so informative 😔☺

  96. David Lindes
    David Lindes February 25, 2019

    You asked about other things similar to the programs you mention… "VoKü"s in Germany deserve a mention:

    Slightly more info in the German version, perhaps:

    My own experience: basically a big community-run, community-supported, usually vegan soup-kitchen-meets-potluck-social-gathering kind of thing. Very communal, fun, and, at the ones I went to, quite tasty!

  97. Daniel Lukes
    Daniel Lukes April 5, 2019

    Rewatching this and feeling so motivated <3 thank you Mexie

  98. monika yordanova
    monika yordanova April 7, 2019

    As much as I like the organisations you promoted in this video and the work they do on food re-distribution and ensuring the most vulnerable people have access to food, I also think your approach of demonising strategies for improving the nutritional value of crops and improving qualities that allow crops to withstand more adverse environmental conditions or improve secondary traits like shelf life.

    Even if you hate capitalism and think it is not an efficient system saying "it's all capitalism's fault" is not fixing the issue and the organisations promoted can only help better food distribution on local scales. Science is an amazing tool for helping improve food rights even under capitalism.

    People in the Philippines can afford rice, a staple cheap food, but they can't afford vitamin A rich foods, so children are going blind and dieing, not because they aren't eating but because we aren't doing everything we can to help them get nutritious food under the system in which, whether you like it or not, we are living in. You're right, food is rotting in the fields and meanwhile people are protesting flavour saver tomatoes that have longer shelf life. You know the changes in climate that we are even now experiencing and how badly this is reflecting of the foods people produce, which isn't just affecting the pan-world yields you discuss as sufficient, but also local food systems and if we don't make sure yields aren't lost to climate change people will be starving regardless. We should promote anything that can help alleviate this stress off our crops to ensure people aren't dieing, because a child in Somalia does not care how his country is able to provide them with food, or whether food is a commodity or a right, they care about whether food is somehow able to get produced in their famine ridden lands, or not.

  99. PhoenixRising87
    PhoenixRising87 April 14, 2019

    Rewatching this because I'm doing a project about the food justice movement for my social movements sociology class. Thanks, Mexie! ❤

  100. Pablo Longobard
    Pablo Longobard July 11, 2019

    Time for a scientific economy

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