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r/MaliciousCompliance | Dumb Cost Savings Policy Creates 830% Cost Increase

blame me for your cheating because I didn't do your laundry okay I did it an asshole before dear hubby he was the cheating kind we'll call him Chad about six months into our relationship some girl from another school went into a batshit rage that chad was cheating on her with me spend everybody in her address book with the news left me some Wilding crazy voice males generally lost her shit very publicly on him upon confronting Chad with his shocking news he made a terrible mistake he decided to play me for his cheating if I just did his laundry and made a dinner for him more often he wouldn't have cheated on me how these things are related is baffling but it has definitely got him on the Express train to X town we didn't even live together so it was an especially odd choice for the blame and shame I did however have keys to his place and malice in my heart you want me to do your laundry now do your laundry I swung by the local big box bath store and picked up the cheapest bright red towel they had you know the one that will exude dye for the entire lifespan as a towel turning everything that will ever get near it pink then I loaded up his wash with my towel of bleeding dye and everything white I could find in the hamper underwear socks t-shirt you name it it was going to be pink then I executed the tackiest breakup in my life you think getting dumped by text message is bad right on the lid of the washer I left a word through type message just in case the number of names I called him after the blame and shame attempt had it made it completely clear he had sort of run away before I got all the way to were over it worked even better than I hoped because he didn't come home for days he bugged out to visit his family for a long weekend to avoid the heat of two pissed-off women and all of their friends by the time he got home he had a damp pink mildewy mess in his washer based on the angry voicemails I got guess Chad didn't really want me to do his laundry after all dicks Wow for a person that really blamed the whole situation on lawn after she did him for him he really approached it very closed-minded but honestly the situation here is that he screwed up and instead of owning up to it he pushes the blame onto his significant other at that time you screwed up dude I mean that's that's how it happens yeah you messed up but by putting the blame on her it speaks less for you I have more respect for people who do something like this and own up to it and sort of like I won't do it again and at that obviously at that point in time it's all up to the relationship and how the other person feels to want to move forward from there but still pushing that kind of blame on someone it's just it's really messed up and honestly you screwed up here dumb cost-saving policy creates 830 percent cost increase I used to work in a job that had me traveling by air across the country for about half a year each year corporate rule was that you had to book the lowest price flight now that's not on an unreasonable rule on its own unless you say there are no exceptions lowest price flight period it's especially silly when the workers employment agreement mandates that they're paid for every hour they're in transit at the airport or on the plane every hour period you see where this is going here where my flight options option 1 $600 cheap non direct flight 3-hour connecting flight to hub airport one and a half hour layover in Airport and five hour flight back to correct city option two six hundred and twenty dollar direct flight to our direct flight I asked our finance department if there were any exceptions no exceptions so to save $20 I was required to book the non direct flight at nine and a half hours including layover rather than the two-hour direct white while getting paid $25 an hour option 1 $600 cheap flight nine and a half hours times $25 is two hundred and thirty seven dollars and fifty cents oops and the overtime pay after eight hours one and a half hours times 1250 ot premium 1875 equals six hundred dollars plus two hundred thirty seven fifty plus eighteen seventy-five 856 . twenty five cents option two six hundred and twenty dollar direct flight two hours twenty five dollars fifty bucks six twenty plus fifty six hundred and seventy bucks so congratulations corporate penny-pinchers you saved a whopping negative one hundred eighty six dollars of companies money to save twenty dollars malicious compliance was delicious compliance now I know a lot of people had uh there are opinions about how I approached one of my malicious compliance saying that he really should have talked to upper management and that would have avoided him getting in trouble in this case he did talk to upper management shut up which to me is just baffling they didn't sit there and go okay hold on let's do the math real quick so this is 100% not his fault and at the at any rate he gets to fly for nine and a half hours which I can imagine it's tiring his heck but he's getting paid a lot to do this when he could have just gotten fifty bucks he's getting he's banking this guy is banking on this one so I think in this particular scenario it was a good it was a good malicious compliance it was delicious compliance as a matter of fact so good on this individual want me to pick up a shift despite my doctor's note sure this happened about fifteen years ago I was working as a server in a chain restaurant during the summer while I was at home from college I had gone to a party one night gotten hammered and wound up passing out near a bonfire and a brush by a tree line up a big field I woke up the next morning feeling pretty rough and gradually saw a large patches of poison ivy popping up all over my body by the end of the day it was absolutely horrendous head to toe and I realized that it slept in a patch of poison ivy I could barely move I went to the doctor who put me on steroids in bedrest I was scheduled to work the next day and called my supervisor and let him know that aside from not being able to move my limbs because of the swelling itching and pain I looked awful and should not be serving food to customers he was a prick about it asked me questions trying to poke holes in my story and then demanded a doctor's note I called my doctor and had one sent to him the note cleared me from work for at least a week a few days later I get a call from my manager they are slammed on a busy weekend night and need me to come in I remind them that I have a doctor's note it hasn't been a week and while I'm feeling better I am covered in oozing sores he tells me you've had long enough coming now or you'll be fired fine I put on shorts my polo shirt with the company logo nametag and apron and head to the restaurant I get to the hostess stand everyone around me stares at my skin with her jaws drop I tell the hostess I was called in to work and would like to check with the manager about where my section will be she tells me he's busy in the party room helping out with very large group and that I probably shouldn't go in there she offers to go get him and tries to get me to move into a more inconspicuous place no I insisted I was told I would be fired if I didn't come to work today I walked straight back to the party room tapped my manager on the shoulder and cheerily said hi manager I'm here for my shift how can I help his eyes opened wide in horror and he told me immediately to go back home I allowed Lea protested that I was feeling better and that my stores weren't that bad and that I was worried about being fired like he had told me on a phone he told me to go home which I did this was not the first incident where the manager was an absolute prick and I called to quit the morning of the next legitimate shift I was scheduled for after to poison ivy cleared up you know with this one I actually have a personal experience involving something along this line there's a squirrel outside that is just being super territorial right now and he's chirping up a storm I'm not sure if you heard him there for a second so hey it's everyone's tree so I had a personal experience involving this almost very particular scenario where I damaged my knee at my job when I used to work for Office Depot I completely like broke my knee it was bad it was bad somehow it wasn't it wasn't exactly a break but more like a severe dislocation I don't know how to explain it but somehow the femur jumped over the tubular was slammed into the fibula and took some bone with it so that was how that happened and I could come back to work right away because I couldn't stand and at one point in time he tries to call me in he says it's been three months your knees should be healed and it's like sir you clearly don't know how knees work or bones and unless you're my medical professional you can't tell me what to do and it just it turned into a nightmare and when I got back to working there again instead of putting me back into the electronics department which is where I was working because I was also a computer tech repair associate instead of putting me there they put me in furniture for I had to lift furniture with a busted knee yeah so I quit but on the positive side Office Depot's now financially responsible for my knee for the rest of my life so I got that going for me which is nice so that's all the stories for today I wanna know what your guys's personal opinion on it my favorite one of course will be the middle one where all that delicious malicious compliance came in I thought that was my favorite one I wanna know what yours was also if you got any pins about it please tell me to come section below I definitely will talk back ignored a really high-pitched chirping bird in the background who doesn't know personal space I have my window open because it's ungodly hot out here so I thank you guys very much for watching I think you've ever following along if you're new here don't forget to hit the subscribe button don't forget that a ring that little bell icon and maybe leave a like possibly and if you do leave that like you might be able to get a chance to one day pedal lion I don't recommend jumping over any barriers to do this but maybe one day one day you might be able to get penned a line but you'll never know so I think you guys very much for watching you guys been great you guys been awesome and as usual as always my friends stay frosty and keep moving forward you


  1. bradwolf07
    bradwolf07 June 12, 2019

    And the Waiter one: I would have played it up and stumbled around the restuarant before going home. Make sure all the customers know what type of pr*ck runs the place. I mean, if I am going to quit anyway, f*** him

  2. bradwolf07
    bradwolf07 June 12, 2019

    That first one: Chad made all the mistakes. He cheated and then blamed it on his girlfriend. He got what he deserved. I hope this douchecanoe would have learned a lesson, but likely not

  3. superkinglo lo
    superkinglo lo June 12, 2019

    2:18 that edit tho

  4. superkinglo lo
    superkinglo lo June 12, 2019

    great video

  5. Liam Anjewierden
    Liam Anjewierden June 12, 2019

    Did I give them enough time or what

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