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President Trump Participates in a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Republic of Iraq

President Trump: Well, thank you
very much. It’s great to be with the President of Iraq. And we are obviously working
on a lot of things together. We’re working on military, we’re working on ISIS, we’re working —
we have a whole host of very difficult
things to discuss and some very positive things also. And we’ve been friends and
the relationship is very good. And I just want to thank you very much. President Salih: Thank you
Mr. President. It’s an important opportunity to meet President
Trump to talk about the developments in our neighborhood. These are challenging times, difficult times. I look for a very truthful
and candid conversation with the President. We have
had an enduring relationship, and the United States has
been a partner to Iraq and the war against ISIS. This mission needs to be accomplished. And I believe you and I
share the same mission, but a stable, sovereign Iraq that
is at peace with itself and at peace with
its neighbors. Persident Trump: Right.
Thank you very much. The Press: What is the
plan for (inaudible) U.S. troops in Iraq? President Trump: Well, we’re
talking about a lot of different things, and you’ll be
hearing whatever we do. But they like what we’re
doing and we like them. And we’ve had a
very good relationship. I can only speak for
my administration. I won’t speak for past
administrations, frankly. But we’ve had a
very good relationship. And we’re down to a very low number. We’re down to 5,000. So,
we’re down to a very low number, historically low.
And we’ll see what happens. The Press: Are you
still considering sanctions against Iraq? President Trump: We’ll see
what happens because we do have to
do things on our terms. President Salih: We have a lot of
common interests to fight against extremism, stability in the neighborhood, a sovereign
Iraq that is stable friends of the neighbors and friends
of the United States. President Trump: And we’re
also involved with them in their oil business. And that’s always been very important from their standpoint and from our standpoint. So, we have a lot of very
positive things to talk about, but we are down to a low number. And we’ve been there for quite a while. So, we’ll make a determination. Thank you all very much. Male Speaker: Thank you Press. The Press: (inaudible) Soleimani. President Trump: We’re going to
do a news conference today. We have one other meeting and then we’re going to be doing a news conference right after this. The Press: You’re doing a
news conference, Mr. President? President Trump: I would say,
within the next 45 minutes. Yeah, before leaving. We’re going to be leaving
in a little while. We’ve had tremendous success
in Davos, and we’ll be leaving in a little while. But we’ll
do a news conference, a quick news conference, and then we head back. Some of you
are coming on a very nice plane. Okay? So, I’ll see
you in a little while.


  1. violinhunter2
    violinhunter2 January 22, 2020

    TRUMP 2020

  2. Ali Khan
    Ali Khan January 22, 2020

    Who's here after seeing in social media that writing president of iran awkwardly

  3. Mohamed Kamal
    Mohamed Kamal January 22, 2020

    منور برهومي

  4. Ali Abd
    Ali Abd January 22, 2020

    من كالو رئيس الجهورية الايرانية قبل التعديل ماجذبو فعل العراق ولاية أيرانية lran

  5. Hayder Haraty
    Hayder Haraty January 22, 2020

    It’s Iraq you idiots 🇮🇶 not Iran 🇮🇷. They’re two different countries and different languages and different cultures. Stop being morons

  6. عشوائي تيوب
    عشوائي تيوب January 22, 2020

    Tech 4 Peace

  7. احمد طه
    احمد طه January 22, 2020

    متكيفون وتفرحون واصير علاقتنا حلوه ويه كل الدول علمود يستقر الوضع ياعراقيين كافي دماء

  8. عشوائي تيوب
    عشوائي تيوب January 22, 2020

    Our soldiers are killed, and our president shakes hands with those who killed them 🇮🇶

  9. احمد طه
    احمد طه January 22, 2020

    والله العظيم برهم صالح انسان يحب شعبه ويخاف على مصالح شعبه مو صدام كان بالبدايه علاقته حلوه ويه الدول وكنا عايشين حلو وبعدين من ساءت علاقته ويه الدول وبالاخص أمريكا طاح حظنا

  10. احمد طه
    احمد طه January 22, 2020

    فخلي علاقاتنا ويه الدول العالم اصير طيبه وحلوه لان هذا ينعكس على استقرار العراق بالمنطقه

  11. احمد طه
    احمد طه January 22, 2020

    ليش الدول كلها مستقره بالعالم لان علاقاتها طيبه ويه أمريكا نفسه فدوه الاسم الرسول ص اصالح ويه اليهود علمود مايؤذون المسلمين

  12. احمد طه
    احمد طه January 22, 2020

    بس بيكم تقلدون على الواحد وماتستحون عراقيين تحبون الدماء علمكم عليه صدام حسين العراقيين بالتقليد استاذ مع كل الأسف

  13. قصي الركابي
    قصي الركابي January 22, 2020

    اهلان وسهلان بل عراقين😂

  14. almosawi taha
    almosawi taha January 22, 2020

    Trump son of the madman

  15. mustafa 92
    mustafa 92 January 22, 2020

    لا ترتبك عمو صالح

  16. great outdoors
    great outdoors January 22, 2020

    Sincere apologies to the world community….Be it known a majority of Americans are truly ashamed of our disgusting president

  17. Heaven Park
    Heaven Park January 22, 2020

    If Iraq listen to Iran government, Iraq will suffer like, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon.. look at their country who supporting Iran Government they are having war or living poor..

  18. مقتدى نوحي
    مقتدى نوحي January 22, 2020

    كاتبين عراق يلا طشو لبيوتكم🐸

  19. العراق حيدر سعد
    العراق حيدر سعد January 22, 2020


  20. winch racing
    winch racing January 22, 2020

    God bless or wonderful president !!
    MAGA 2020

    ARSHED AMJED January 22, 2020

    It's IRAQ not Iran

  22. Mohamed Soof
    Mohamed Soof January 22, 2020

    Iraq is now one of the Iranian states

  23. KS • YA͜͡SR
    KS • YA͜͡SR January 22, 2020

    Kurdish 💕

  24. Jon Dowling
    Jon Dowling January 22, 2020

    The President needs to force Iraq to revalue their currency now! Madhi sucks and their “leadership “ is an absolute disgrace! I am convinced they couldn’t decide or get through a breakfast order if their lives depended upon it!

  25. Barry Hussein Soetoro
    Barry Hussein Soetoro January 22, 2020

    It’s so nice to finally have a President with balls and a First Lady without them.

  26. Bite Me
    Bite Me January 22, 2020

    Beware of, "The Pettifoggers!" (Democrats). Sounds like a Stephen King novel…

  27. David Adrian
    David Adrian January 22, 2020

    Pray for our President Donald J. Trump

  28. Raghad Hasson
    Raghad Hasson January 22, 2020

    The president of the Republic of Iraq, not Iran

  29. Hasoon .k
    Hasoon .k January 22, 2020

    بعد أخيك اريدك تودي درون لمقتدى

  30. Awkie 96
    Awkie 96 January 22, 2020

    Maybe beacause Adil (VPI)made Trump crazy that’s why u guys typed Iran instead of Iraq 😂

  31. Upscile Mj
    Upscile Mj January 22, 2020

    من السهل التغلب عليكم ايها الامريكان
    فسهولت الكلام في لغتكم يعرفها اطفالنا
    ولاكن من الصعب جدآ التوحد في مابيننا
    وهذا ما تجتاح التغلب علينا فيه
    ومن الصعب عليكم ان تتعلمو لغتنا فلغتنا هيه الأم

  32. Destination Paradise
    Destination Paradise January 22, 2020


  33. Hsn skyline
    Hsn skyline January 22, 2020

    Some smart people here think it was intentional to refer that Iran controls Iraq but if you have at least 1 brain cell you see it makes The president of Iraq as president of Iran which then means The opposite

  34. Osamah Fadhil
    Osamah Fadhil January 22, 2020

    OMG, IRAQ not Iran.

  35. King of Rome, & Earth
    King of Rome, & Earth January 22, 2020

    Tell Iraq that America is looking for the "surviving pizzas" of their 250,000 per year missing infants&children, & want to see under all of the burquas in iran, etc..

    International Tribunal Courts For Natural Justice MUST SEE
    (includes those missing from within the gov's own ministries of infants &Children &Families)
    #ChildHunters #ITNJ

  36. Baby Boy
    Baby Boy January 22, 2020

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!

  37. Big Smoke
    Big Smoke January 22, 2020

    check the description
    switzerland. lol

  38. JOKER X
    JOKER X January 22, 2020

    رئيس العراق وليس ايران
    يچرچف الكعبه
    يحصان طرواده

  39. Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali January 22, 2020

    طبو ولد الملحه 🇮🇶❤️

  40. مجلة TokTok العراق
    مجلة TokTok العراق January 22, 2020

    بداعت ترامب اشترك 😌 تره اموتكم

  41. Ahmed K H Aljubory
    Ahmed K H Aljubory January 22, 2020


  42. Naser AL Saegh
    Naser AL Saegh January 22, 2020

    Fuck for all of you

    PF MOBILE January 22, 2020

    بێ حورمەت 😅

  44. W Ashour
    W Ashour January 22, 2020

    Fuk Iraq not Iran 💩

  45. Firas Hashem
    Firas Hashem January 22, 2020

    اهم شي ال oil

  46. FarOutFarSpace
    FarOutFarSpace January 22, 2020

    I never saw so many such great get-togethers by world leaders.

  47. Rick Vandersteen
    Rick Vandersteen January 22, 2020

    One Planet 🌐 One People

  48. arz iou
    arz iou January 22, 2020

    i am not a irad
    i am not a iran
    i am not a surya
    i am not a turkya
    i am from kurdistan barzani😍😍😍😍😍

  49. Lu Risa
    Lu Risa January 22, 2020

    Si con mucho gusto, lo que usted considere!!

  50. juma W
    juma W January 22, 2020

    Thx god they changed to iraq 😂 they don’t know him

  51. Ibrahim Xalil
    Ibrahim Xalil January 22, 2020

    I’m proud of the Kurdish president and the vice-president of Iraq

  52. علي الملاكم
    علي الملاكم January 22, 2020

    كاتبين رئيس جمهورية العراق وعدلوعا😂

  53. Nezir .N
    Nezir .N January 22, 2020

    Man I love American knowledge of geography

  54. Lana Shali
    Lana Shali January 22, 2020

    Who came here when they saw “iran” instead on Twitter hehe.

  55. Fludderlumpagoose Thethird
    Fludderlumpagoose Thethird January 22, 2020

    This is good. No need for chaos

  56. Gazelle L
    Gazelle L January 22, 2020

    طاح حظ شكو عراقي مراهق مخلي علم امريكا والعراق وبنصهم قلب
    وطاح حظ شكو عراقي مخلي علم العراق وايران وبنصهم قلب
    شعب ميكدر يعيش الا ع العبودية وتقديس الغير لكم هي امريكا اللي جابت ايران للعراق هسة صارت امريكا خيرة؟! جهلة شوكت نحب وطنا بس بدون منتلوگ لأمريكا لو ل ايران لكم والله خزيتونا وشوهتوا سمعة العراق
    خرب بشكو ذيل ايراني وامريكي ثنينكم نفس الطينة
    علما اني سنية ..

  57. Ali Abdulrahman madhi
    Ali Abdulrahman madhi January 22, 2020

    Good you fixed your mistake…
    Next time ask for help…

  58. Rsj
    Rsj January 22, 2020

    Now WORD WAR Iran for iraq started by usa

  59. ZOZO zozo
    ZOZO zozo January 22, 2020

    عوفونة من برهم صالح
    سؤالي من هو الاقوة ترامب او جون سينا؟
    بأعتقادي جون سينا يستطيع خلع ملابس ترامب في بيته الابيض ههههه

    Keep us away from Barham Salih My question is who is the strong Trump or John Cena? I think John Cena can take off Trump's clothes at his white house. 😂😙sorry

  60. Salam.Altamimi
    Salam.Altamimi January 22, 2020

    Pretty smart move from the iraqi president when he said we have alot of things in common 😂😂💔

  61. manchild
    manchild January 22, 2020

    Iraq. REINSTATE and accept Art 8. 17 years is long enough. Give the citizens purchasing power. God Bless.

  62. IRaQy fekA
    IRaQy fekA January 23, 2020

    The winter is coming ..

  63. Ayad Danial
    Ayad Danial January 23, 2020

    Holy shit our president speaks English pretty well …. Not bad barham salih

  64. مسلم علي - Muslim Ali
    مسلم علي - Muslim Ali January 23, 2020

    Iraq, not Iran. Please, when writing, focus what you write. Thank you

  65. Mohammed A.Al-Tai
    Mohammed A.Al-Tai January 23, 2020

    It's Iraq for god sake

  66. GreeKurd Channel
    GreeKurd Channel January 23, 2020

    The President of IRaq Is A KURD!!! We have a President of Kurdistan who is a Kurd and a president of Iraq who is Kurd. Kurds are everywhere.

  67. joeyartk
    joeyartk January 23, 2020

    How does Trump talk with his mouth full of zionist semen?

  68. zoran obed
    zoran obed January 23, 2020

    Trump is a world leader.

  69. Jennifer Allen
    Jennifer Allen January 23, 2020

    Praise you, President Trump, for all the amazing work you are doing! Just phenomenal! #WorldPeace

  70. Knoxx King
    Knoxx King January 23, 2020

    President of Iraq really held itself ❤️

  71. Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish January 23, 2020

    TRUMP 2020

  72. Saad Albadri
    Saad Albadri January 23, 2020

    Wish the best relationship between Iraq 🇮🇶 and the USA 🇺🇸!

  73. adin adin
    adin adin January 23, 2020

    What president I mean Iraq! He and his party bunch of thefts.

  74. وطني ممزق
    وطني ممزق January 23, 2020

    يجب وضع الترجمه الكتابيه

  75. Amir Vakili
    Amir Vakili January 23, 2020


  76. truthful investigation
    truthful investigation January 23, 2020

    I seen a media section on using Cell phones for voting. Using Cell phones for voting is certainly inviting corruption. I can see the Democrat party complaining and demanding A investigation by our justice system. Using paper ballots is a must.

  77. Jason Michael
    Jason Michael January 23, 2020

    Not our land! Not our oil! Lies got us in. Truth will get us out. GTFO, shame on USA.

  78. Unmasking
    Unmasking January 23, 2020

    USA go away ❤️🇮🇶👞

  79. André  Victor
    André Victor January 24, 2020


  80. Harry Parkinson
    Harry Parkinson January 24, 2020

    This room should instantly be a museum tour in its exact state

  81. Kristopher C
    Kristopher C January 24, 2020

    We the people of Reston, Virginia support executing Trump! Slit his throat! Execute with bullets to his head!

    EDWARD D SINGLETON January 24, 2020

    fri jan 24 2020 i was told by park at hoover office to inform them 3 months ahead before moving that you wont renew our lease i was not informed by park at hoover that o had to put anything in writing

  83. philip stallwood
    philip stallwood January 24, 2020

    Great respect to both leaders. Working towards cooperation.

    ROMAN TSD January 24, 2020

    يابة السلان عليكم

  85. Shakw Makw
    Shakw Makw January 24, 2020

    Iraq wants to keep a close relationship with Iran and the US… The Americans don't want that because their regional allies don't accept it, namely Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran on the other hand, doesn't mind the American presence as long as it doesn't affect its policies in the region… supporting Assad of Syria, Hizbullah of Lebanon, and Houthies against the aforementioned American allies. I guess the only solution is for Iraq to be a neutral state and not a partner or an ally to either the US or Iran and prepare to deal with any superpower that accepts that… whether it's Russia, China, or the US.

  86. Working Man
    Working Man January 24, 2020

    God bless President Trump. King of America and Son of God Forever! Fuck the Filthy Lying Democrats and US News Media Employees- die you muther fuckers!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  87. Ali Jarallah قاهر الاعداء صفوي و افتخر
    Ali Jarallah قاهر الاعداء صفوي و افتخر January 24, 2020

    Fuck america and people america
    OUT of iraq
    FROM IRAQ Basra 🇮🇶

  88. WDA West Dynamic Active
    WDA West Dynamic Active January 24, 2020

    WDA World Multicomplex K 💎 D

  89. رون ي
    رون ي January 24, 2020


  90. Kurdish Heritage
    Kurdish Heritage January 24, 2020

    The President of Iraq is Kurdish. It's kinda ironic; we don't have our own country, but world leaders met with 2 Kurdish presidents in Davos.

  91. R`Wiz Hall
    R`Wiz Hall January 24, 2020

    it's like a 4th grader . hi everbody my name is ** for Christmas I had a Watch and wathev.. my best friend is ** …. how stupid do they think the people are. MYFOUKIN GOSH

  92. Gus Ibrahim
    Gus Ibrahim January 25, 2020

    Trump you are a male prostitute!
    Previously, you said there is no Iraq, you also said we will take the oil!! We put rings round the oilfields and take the oil….
    I think the democrats are putting a ring round your neck to take you out!!!

  93. taranTula leGos
    taranTula leGos January 25, 2020

    Holy fuck the president of Iraq speaks better English than I do!

  94. Mr Greater Jomblo
    Mr Greater Jomblo January 25, 2020

    The entire world must support Kurdistan right..Kurdistan is the only trusted nation..they have proven their ability to protect all kind of religions..they give full cooperation and on behalf of the world in fighting terrorists..

  95. Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan January 25, 2020

    The Iraqi people demand the United Nations to intervene immediately and prosecute the criminals who kill the demonstrators (Muqtada al-Sadr) and (Qais al-Ghazali), Iranian agents

  96. Susanne Härtl
    Susanne Härtl January 26, 2020

    Poor fellow

  97. VNMX50
    VNMX50 January 26, 2020

    Dumb. Never voting for this fool again.

  98. مجلة مشاهير العراق
    مجلة مشاهير العراق January 28, 2020

    Iraq is a country of civilizations, when it becomes safe, stable and beautiful, because I want to travel to it

  99. Neno Catii
    Neno Catii February 16, 2020


  100. Muhamed Jaf
    Muhamed Jaf February 18, 2020

    Sailh is irans donkey

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