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President Trump Hosts an Event Honoring the Native American Code Talkers

Mr. Macdonald: Thank you,
Honorable President of this great United States
of America, President Trump. Thank you for inviting us,
Navajo Code Talkers, to the Capitol and to the
White House of this great nation we call
the United States. Today, we have with us
three of the thirteen surviving Navajo Code
Talkers of World War II. First, we have
Fleming Begaye. Fleming Begaye is 97 years
old, the oldest veteran of World War II. He survived the
Battle of Tarawa. His landing craft was
blown up and he literally had to swim to the
beach to survive. Also, on Saipan, he also
landed on Tinian where he got shot up real badly, survived
one year in naval hospital. We have Thomas Begay, also
one of the Code Talkers who were on Iwo Jima, a
tough battle, where Three Marine Division landed on
Iwo; 5th Marine Division — he was part of the Code
Talkers within the 5th Marine Division. Also, as if Marine Corps
was not enough, he enlisted to be United
States Army, and served in the Korean War. Survived that awful
battle at Chosin. My name is Peter
MacDonald. I’m the president of the 13
surviving Navajo Code Talkers. I went in — I’m 90 years
old — I went in when I was 15 years old in 1944. I was with the 1st Marine
Brigade on Guam, and then went on to North China
with 6th Marine Division to get those Japanese
in Northern China to surrender. They didn’t want to
surrender, but it took 1st Marine Division, 6th
Marine Division to get them to surrender
eventually. We had a separate treaty
ceremony in Tsingtao, China, October 25th, 1945. Navajo Code Talkers, in
the early part of World War II, the enemy was
breaking every military code that was being
used in the Pacific. This created a huge
problem for strategizing against the enemy. Eventually, a suggestion
was made in early 1942 — February ’42, essentially — to use Navajo
language as a code. The Marine Corps recruited
29 young Navajos, not telling them what they
are being recruited for, because this was a
top-secret operation. They were just asked, “Do you
want to join the Marines? You want to fight the enemy? Come join the Marines.” So they volunteered. Twenty-nine young Navajos
joined the Marines in 1942, after going through
boot camp, passed boot camp with flying colors;
combat training — the same thing. Then entered the Marine
Corps Communication School — passed that. Then they were separated
from all the rest of the Marines, took them to a
top-secret location just east of San Diego
— Camp Elliott. That’s where they created
a military code to be used in the Pacific. After creating 260 code
words, the 29 young Marines — half of them
were sent overseas to join the 1st Marine Division. The 1st Marine Division
was getting ready to go on to the first offensive movement
in the Pacific, Guadalcanal. On August 7, 1942 — 75
years ago — 1st Marine Division hit
the beaches of Guadalcanal with 15 Navajo Code Talkers. This was the first battle
where the Navajo code was to be tested in actual
battle to test to see how our memory would be
under heavy enemy fire. Well, three weeks after
the landing, General Van De Griff, Commander of the
1st Marine Division, sent word back to United States
saying, this Navajo code is terrific. The enemy never understood
it; he said, we don’t understand it
either, but it works. Send us some more Navajos. So that opened up the gate
for United States Marine Corps, San Diego to start
recruiting more and more Navajos, using the same
tactics: “You want to fight? You want to join
the Marines? You want to wear this
beautiful blue uniform? Come join the Marines.”
So, we all volunteered. That’s how he went in,
that’s how he went in, that’s how I went in. Boot camp, combat
training, communication schools. Then we all get separated,
go to that special top-secret Navajo code
school to learn to code. Initially, 260 code words,
all subject to memory only. Eventually, by the time
the war ended, 1945, there were 400 of us
that went to war. And also, our code words
grew to 600 code words, subject to memory only. In every battle two
communication networks were established: Navajo
communication network for all top-secret,
confidential messages; the second network, English network,
for all other messages. In every battle — from
the frontline, beach command post, command
ship, all other ships — Code Talkers were used. On the island of Iwo,
Major Connor said, the first 48 hours of battle,
over 800 messages were sent by the 5th Marine
Division, only. The first 48 hours,
over 800 messages. Major Connor also said:
Without Navajo, Marines would never have taken
the island of Iwo Jima. (Applause) So,
thank you very much. The 13 of us, we still
have one mission — that mission is to build
national Navajo Code Talker Museum. We want to preserve this
unique World War II history for our children,
grandchildren, your children, your
grandchildren to go through that museum. Why? Because what we
did truly represents who we are as Americans. America, we know, is
composed of diverse community. We have different
languages, different skills, different talents,
and different religion. But when our way of life
is threatened, like the freedom and liberty that
we all cherish, we come together as one. And when we come together
as one, we are invincible. We cannot be defeated. That’s why we need this
national Navajo Code Talker Museum so that
our children, the future generation, can go through
that museum and learn why America is so strong. Thank you very
much for listening. (Applause) The President:
That’s fantastic, thank you. That’s fantastic. Thank you very much. Beautiful. That was so incredible, and now I don’t have
to make my speech. I had the most beautiful
speech written out. I was so proud of it. Look. And I thought you would
leave out Iwo Jima, but you got that in
the end, too. (Laughter) And I want
to tell you — you said you’re 90 years old? That’s great, because
you have good genes. That means the press has
got me to kick around for a long time. (Laughter) That
was beautiful. I loved that, and I
loved your delivery. And the Code
Talkers are amazing. And seriously, it
is what I said. So, what I’m going to do
is give you my speech, and I want you to hold that. And I know you like
me, so you’ll save it. But that was so well
delivered, from the heart. That was from the heart. So, I want to give you
this speech because I don’t want to bore them
with saying the same thing you just said. And you said it better,
believe me, because you said it from here. And I mean it
from there too. And you have a lot
of great friends. Tom Cole is here,
and you know Tom. And you know Jeff. So, I want to thank
you both, Jeff Denham. I want to thank you both
for being here, and you too for being here. Also, General Dunford,
head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and
General Kelly. And I have to say, I said
to General Kelly — I said, General, how good —
here he is right there, the Chief; he’s the
General and the Chief. I said, how good were
these Code Talkers? What was it? He said, sir,
you have no idea. You have no idea how great
they were — what they’ve done for this country,
and the strength and the bravery and the love that
they had for the country and that you have
for the country. So that was the ultimate
statement from General Kelly, the importance. And I just want to thank
you because you’re very, very special people. You were here long before
any of us were here, although we have a
representative in Congress who, they say, was
here a long time ago. They call her
“Pocahontas.” But you know what, I like you
because you are special. You are special people. You are really
incredible people. And from the heart, from
the absolute heart, we appreciate what you’ve
done, how you’ve done it, the bravery that you
displayed, and the love that you have
for your country. Tom, I would say that’s as
good as it gets, wouldn’t you say? That’s as good as you get. General Kelly, just
come up for one second. I want to just have you
say what you told me, a little bit about
the Code Talkers. Because it really has been
— learning about you and learning about what you’ve
done has been something that I’d like General
Kelly to say to the press. Go ahead, General. General Kelly: Well,
sir, as you know, being associated with United
States Marines, it’s as much a cult as
it is a service. And we never forget. Our motto, of course, is
Semper Fidelis — always faithful. Whether you’re a young
recruit at Parris Island or San Diego, or a
middle-aged guy from out west, what these men did,
the advantage they gave our Marines when they
invaded Iwo Jima was really — and I think it
was pointed out — was one of the very few factors
that allowed us to be successful on that island. Their ability to outwit
the Japanese who were, you know, listening to this
wonderful language and had no idea that a language
like this existed on the Earth. What they did, very small
number of men, sir, made the difference. We lost 6,000 Marines and
25,000 wounded on that island in 28
days of battle. It would have been a lot
worse had we not had the Navajo Code Talkers. And I thank you. Semper Fidelis. (Applause) The President:
So, they’re working on building a Navajo
Code Talkers Museum. And we will help you. Okay? And we have some
pretty good strength. We will help you,
and you deserve it. And I want to thank you
all for being here. I assume you’re the
young one in the group? Are you the young
one in the group? Thank you so much
for being here. You’re very
special people. And without you, maybe the
results would have been a lot different. I’ve heard that, actually,
the results could have very well been different. So, on behalf of the
United States, thank you all. Very much appreciate it. (Applause) Mr. Macdonald:
Mr. President, we know you’ll succeed. America is in good hands. You have all top Marine Corps
generals as your assistants — (laughter) — so we know that
we’re in good hands. (Applause) The President: What a group. This is a great group. Thank you all very much. Thank you. The Press: What
about the tax bill? The President: I think the
tax bill is going very well. We had a meeting
on it today. It’s going to be a
tremendous tax cut — the biggest in the history
of our country. You’ll have to pay
a lot less tax. That’s okay. But we’re going to have
a tremendous — I think we’re going to have
great receptivity. We’ve had great spirit. And I will tell you the
Republican senators were up. If we win, we’ll get
some Democratic senators joining us. If we don’t win, they
won’t be joining us — you understand that. But, if we win, I think
we’ll probably have a bipartisan bill, meaning a
number of people are going to come over. But I’m not so
interested in that. We’re really interested
just in getting it passed. Again, it will be the
biggest tax reduction in the history of
our country. It will bring jobs, it
will bring a lot of income coming into the country,
buying product, et cetera. And, I think it’s
doing very well. The Press: Is there a
worry, though, that it benefits hedge fund owners
during (inaudible) — The President: No, I think
we’re going to have really — I think — actually,
I think it’s going to benefit everybody. It’s going to mostly
benefit people looking for jobs more than anything
else, because we’re giving great incentives. And we’re going to be
bringing back into this country probably an excess
of $4 trillion — $4 trillion — that’s outside
of the country that right now, because of our tax
laws, can’t come back in. And we will be bringing
back at least — I think the number will be
substantially higher — but at least $4 trillion,
which will immediately be put to work in
this country. So, I think the tax bill
is doing very well and I think the Republicans are
going to be very proud of it. Thank you. Thank you.


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