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President Moon vows to create ‘real changes’ in economy in 2020

now another theme in president moons
speech today for the new year was the economy addressing the nation the
president pledged to bring about clear changes including an increase in exports
and to strengthen the country’s parts and materials industries so they can
thrive despite Japan’s export curbs our packagin has the details president lindane vowed to change the
economy in a way that can be felt by the Korean people mentioning the word
economy 17 times in his New Year’s address on Tuesday he reaffirmed the
goal of making South Korea one of the world’s top for exporting nations by
2030 for which efforts will accelerate this year Orion on challenger Supergirl
– there you go a chance I’m Kim young-soo true suggest
Ron Toria sucks in air prasada moon highlighter
Hal despite the us-china trade dispute and a global economic downturn Korea
maintained the number 7 spot in exports and even with a sharp cut in
semiconductor prices it’s an overall increase in exports especially in
electric cars hydrogen cars and biohealth the president vowed to add new
life to the economy through innovation that will include nurturing of the three
major new industry system semiconductors bio health and future cars and a solid
foundation will be made for the fourth Industrial Revolution through expanded
investment in 5g networks data and artificial intelligence
the president also gave much credit to how the country was able to achieve what
was thought to be impossible overcoming Japan’s export restrictions yo yo yo yo
hexina so j.chan yurika-chan kiyokawa danke san joaquin mini hunky humor mas
mudo handle some dinara run amok we’re only focusing on martin original look
upon your money minerals from catalonia suit to further strengthen the industry
is affected by Japan’s trade restrictions
president moon says the government plans to invest over 1.8 billion u.s. dollars
in those industries double what was spent last year
but he also expressed hopes of mending ties with Korea’s Coast neighbor saying
bilateral relations will be able to advance rapidly if Tokyo with frosty
export measures packagin i dong news

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