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Pompeo defends deal with Mexico amid criticism, calls it 'diplomacy at its finest'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Monday reiterated president Trump's assertion that the u.s. is recent deal with Mexico regarding immigration and the border was a success arguing that the agreement moves beyond just ramping up existing efforts by the two nations calling the agreement diplomacy at its finest and a win for the American people Pompeyo balked at criticism from both Trump administration opponents and some in the media that little if any headway was made during the meeting I've seen some reporting that these negotiations were a waste of time Pompeyo said during a press briefing the scale effort cooperation is very different from what was discussed in November while the u.s. and Mexico reached a tentative deal about asylum seekers hoping to enter the u.s. last year the Trump administration believed Mexico was not holding up its end of the bargain and the president threatened to levy major tariffs on Mexican goods as a way to bring them to the negotiating table Pompeyo on Monday would not go into specifics about what new measures Mexico agreed to during the recent talks aside from saying that it agreed to send an additional six thousand Mexican National Guard troops to the border in an effort to deter migrants from entering the US illegally the Secretary of State added that Washington would be keeping a close watch to make sure Mexico adheres to the stipulations of the agreement and echo Trump in saying that tariffs could once again be enacted if Mexico fails to live up to the terms we will evaluate this literally daily Pompeo added

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