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‘Politics are dividing us’: El Paso attempts to heal after mass shooting

♪♪ ♪♪ -We pray for the wounded and killed in this senseless act of violence. We pray for those who put their lives in danger to respond to this emergency. -…hallowed be Thy name. -[ Speaking Spanish ] -My love for El Paso runs deep. I was volunteering with community organizations before becoming a priest. And I’m very proud of our town. You never want any kind of tragedy like this to happen anywhere, but…for it to happen here, you know, it’s deeply wounding. It’s deeply wounding in a way that, honestly, I can’t even explain. [ Indistinct conversations ] -We care so much about them. Our hearts are broken, and they ache because we know how tearful they feel right now. And what we’re gonna do, we’re going in here to say a prayer for them. We know the power of prayer. We’ll pray for them, their families, for their hope, for their future. -I think politics has lots to do with this, which is dividing us. Something happens and people start calling it racism. What’s happening? They (politicians) are creating hatred in our hearts. -My parents go to Walmart — All the time. -To that Walmart? -And especially today was one of those days that they were actually gonna go… at the time that that happened, and they didn’t, thank God. But, I mean, I could have been one of those people that could have lost my parents today.


  1. Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts August 4, 2019

    I don’t think El Paso will ever be able to heal. I mean, 18 years later after 9/11, New York City still hasn’t healed. 😢

  2. Tex Johnson
    Tex Johnson August 4, 2019

    These WHITE NATIONALIST TERRORISTS are killing Democrat whites, Independent whites, blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, Jews and they are killing every body who is a not a white Republican.  Trump, the Republicans and their racist, white nationalist terrorism, is going to lead America into a race hate civil war!!!

  3. sng1867
    sng1867 August 4, 2019

    The problem isn’t even White Extremism; it’s conservatism. A failed ideology that attracts losers and cowards

  4. Mrmain One
    Mrmain One August 4, 2019

    Hey angry Black Guy here, white supremacy has always divided us. But white people never want to talk about racism, the division has always been there. REALTALK

  5. Kaley Hepp
    Kaley Hepp August 4, 2019

    Trump needs to go

  6. Ash qelon
    Ash qelon August 4, 2019

    MASS DAMNATION via this filthy WITCHCRAFT SORCERY abomination occult sect.
    100% Guilty of INQUISITIONS, we ARE aware of, barbaric who slaughtered 50 MILLION humans in Europe, LIE about their deeds, and except for General Berthiere” who STOPPED these barbaric BEAST jesuit WHORE devils from slaughtering 50 million More.
    Yet your damned demonic occult freemason witchcraft theology SEX fertility goddess theology is DAMNING souls 24/7/365

  7. Just A Guy Production
    Just A Guy Production August 4, 2019

    I'm not sure how prayer will solve anything ever

  8. Losin itALL2k19
    Losin itALL2k19 August 4, 2019

    I was just about to say something anout politics dividing us, but we've been divided long before this incident. God be with those who's involved family and victims.

  9. 뿌츠부츠
    뿌츠부츠 August 4, 2019

    God it hurts to see people crying. Stay safe guys, whoever you are.

  10. mary humphreys
    mary humphreys August 4, 2019

    💖💖💖💖💖💖😥😥😢😢 GOD BE WITH YOU ALL

  11. Lendy Gay
    Lendy Gay August 5, 2019

    Politics should not be a part of this but some politicians are just actors who don't care. Condolences and prayers for these families. 🙏♥️

  12. Tim
    Tim August 5, 2019

    And both set's of op-ed networks are propagating the divide.

  13. Vote to Count
    Vote to Count August 5, 2019

    February 14, 2018 at least 17 people were killed in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School! in  Oct 2018, Anti-Semite Shooter that's a Trump supporter kills 11. 5/31/19, another shooter kills 12! Apr 27, 2019, Anti-Semite Shooter kills 1 and injures3, and  The FBI caught the extreme Trump supporter, the MAGA Bomber after 14 bombs mailed! Two Blacks shot dead at a Kroger by a white supremist Trump supporter! 8/3/19, 20 people killed and 26 people injured at a Walmart Shopping Mall! 8/4/19, less than 24-hours, in Dayton OH, a gunman kills 9 and injures 27! I Trump leads this hate?

  14. Shadow2033
    Shadow2033 August 5, 2019

    Trump and Republicans your all finished….video games? NRA is finished fuk you and$$$$$…..heartless fools. It's over! Ak47 100 rounds up all your asses bill blockers mother fuckers. WE DARE YOU REPUBLICANS TO BLICK A SIMPLE BILL ON MENTAL HEALTH ANYTHING WE FUCKIN DARE YOU TO BLOCK ANYMORE BILLS!

  15. blizte3
    blizte3 August 5, 2019

    these shootings sadly took place 1, though in it dems had major fact showing their efforts to make this happen. liberals democrats are why ill not getting help or treatment. then the groups linked to socialists communists of far left shed their blame. there is answer of facts and truth these horrible event are 99.99 percent of the time are linked to: leftists, liberals, socialists, communists, democrats and those 1 in billion actions are mentally ill. whom been taking  advantage of by someone for political almost all form same 5 groups I said. these 5 groups have organized tragic events for decades emails would show it and words never let tragic event as false flag event. when timing can be use stop truth of these 5 groups failed for long time policies are shown, then point to other as blame or political it like beto did and others blame any one but their own for failures to act. these facts come from Clinton and Obama studies on crimes and events like this, which all stated almost all crimes done are from: liberals, leftists, socialist, communists, democrats and their collusion of media deep state with none Americans ,who demand altering our country and it's rule than. respect or host country ad it's rules of proper law on only those who break law than all who obey law already. when 5 groups I pointed out do not even once want obey laws and take fault with anyone but out side the 5 groups I pointed out.

  16. robert zhao
    robert zhao August 5, 2019

    the power of prayer,God remove Trump from the white house!

  17. JuegoMaestro
    JuegoMaestro August 5, 2019

    Lets not bring politics into this until the investigation is complete. We will understand better now given that he is alive.

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