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Politicians clash over DP Ruto's source of wealth and huge contributions to churches


  1. steve kimani
    steve kimani June 7, 2019

    How much has Jakoyo given to Church for the last one year?. does he attend any church?. This are men who go look ing
    for change at petrol stations for church offering.

  2. Ali Mussa
    Ali Mussa June 7, 2019

    Very true, Stealing ,stealing Fiction or Functional , Politicians do business with th Goverment to steal.

  3. shiundu meshack
    shiundu meshack June 7, 2019

    Khalwale take Jakoyo's advice seriously.

  4. shiundu meshack
    shiundu meshack June 7, 2019

    Jokoyo you are right…Khalwale is forgetting his mission in this country.Khalwale you have failed us by supporting corrupt leaders.

  5. Mathers Davis
    Mathers Davis June 7, 2019

    Someone tell wamatangi people dont trust foundations run by politicians….

  6. Mathers Davis
    Mathers Davis June 7, 2019

    This central fools are the worst hypocrites…we know for sure the money is stolen leo ndio ruto ameona ajenge kanisa badaa alizichoma? …the devil masquerades as an angel of peace.

  7. MrLolote12
    MrLolote12 June 7, 2019

    Just receive the money,but just know you are messing up the economy.

  8. T Bala
    T Bala June 7, 2019

    Guy wearing yellow shirt is ๐Ÿ’ฏ Right.

  9. okulld
    okulld June 7, 2019

    Wamatangi's basic logic is, he is not that rich, and anyway, if you think it's stolen where is your proof? Show me his tax returns, and I will show you the proof. And Khalwale is totally missing the point.

  10. Patrick Oding
    Patrick Oding June 7, 2019

    Remember Juma? He knew where the money was coming from

  11. Stanely Muthomi
    Stanely Muthomi June 7, 2019

    Toka hapo kalwale kinyonga

  12. Abuga Mokaya
    Abuga Mokaya June 7, 2019

    We are very far from holding mature and development – focused talks in Kenya if such are our leaders.

  13. Abubakar Mzee
    Abubakar Mzee June 7, 2019

    Fumbo lifumbwe kwa wajinga ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  14. Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton June 7, 2019

    A rumor was circulated around the District that soon after
    the death of the forty-first President was announced, a well-known United
    States Senator was contacted for his immediate recollections, would only consent
    to a phone interview, not one on camera, because he was in the middle of dying
    his hair, as if some big secret. This rumor, it seems, was only sent to this blogger,
    because its well-known around the internet, I would play it up by repeating it,
    a lot, along with my love of exposing the phoneyness and hypocrisy of some politicians,
    that may be currently running for reelection or not, you see, appearance pretension
    runs deep in their blood, once imbedded, cannot be altered or removedโ€ฆ

  15. Brian Sikhira
    Brian Sikhira June 7, 2019

    Please build schools, hospitals and roads

  16. Design Matters by David
    Design Matters by David June 7, 2019

    2022 Ruto will see the Kenyan anger, at the moment he is drunk with power and Presidency fever. People are watching and Kenyans are not fools.

  17. James Oigo
    James Oigo June 7, 2019

    Sycophants minting money from Ruto making lots of noise

  18. MBOYA Ogutu
    MBOYA Ogutu June 7, 2019

    Kenya. I wish it was only a novel. A movie. Not the PRISON OF THE AFRIKAN MIND & SPIRIT that it really is.

    Still peddling little white Jesus (& white arab allah) to the masses (suffer ye, children, NOW; for the kingdom in the sky above is yours, after your DEATH), as "DEVELOPMENT."

    While bleeding the masses to provide showy spectacles to them, of your"kind, considerate," contributions to white jesus.

    And asking the masses to sympathise with you when those from families ("old money") who stole from them before you, scandalise you for your upstart behaviour. Running around the place, dropping millions…

    Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to capture all these rationalisations of these little mouthpieces you have commissioned to bark for you.


  19. Fred Muoka
    Fred Muoka June 7, 2019

    wamatangi get your head out of your ass!

  20. Roy Dee
    Roy Dee June 7, 2019

    Ok i dont want to hear about yiur mothers, the issue is this, Ruto is donating exorbitant amount of money to churches daily which is unusual but legal, nevertheless the public has the right to audit him since he is a government servant and Yes Khalwale we know people do other things, and audit should help us understand exactly what they do to come up with such millions

    2. The audit shoukd stop with Ruto, you mentioned Raila and Uhuru being worth $200 million and $500 million Respectively. Again how did the make their money, these two colonial puppets along with Moi and Kibaki shoukd be audited and others (like Biwott etc) should be audited and prosecuted for the loot they have syphoned from tge Kenyan people since independence.

  21. Ismael kariuki rukunyi
    Ismael kariuki rukunyi June 7, 2019

    the worst form of slavery is spiritual slavery..the more churches..the more the control politicians have over the masses…bible one hand gun the other hand…this trick never gets old

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