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Political Support And Hard Disk Evidences Revealed – Exclusive Interview with Joe Michael | HD

in the video may Allah Hollywood is your thing India’s number one zombie game description completely clicks in this super anime game but head in Italy the Seagram are not a ducati reliability person ana li and water in a worry like the moon incident immoral irani granite number later become a successful is got a pendant expressional just and they got a bailable to portray Absalon the trance is delay by iran i’m a miracle in the or ganks its own ass anyone I like my robot okay and I love him by a merit say yeah now and the background only mean I’m a toaster oven Ariana who wind up with nine the merry or evens not a commode heal and the like dislike a path away upon humbly with better cars no crown no number playfulness with Roman in the pony that please Apollo what I gonna see bungalow Harborough melee toh phasee to Watford on or a composite ah our Aquila for cleric Omaha paddock evil in the body of husband a are here it again biancalana to malinka put English on a contact let’s go have some our track [Music] very important other word over channel across penny Brandi hi hello wanna come and welcome to cut some of you are zina keep Anam Cara Joe Michael are now they’re cut it when it’s gone making it a lot of King LA but in the situation you could in a lana kane and America oh it’s a la ok so actually Navin area on the Ningaloo pasted King on Lopez come Amira metal pasted conga it for after the collinear tell on the plant so chicken London UK to the copper core I’m Eric to little egg quality planning up learning okay on the K to the government giving in a feel at sit dummy me a piece economy semana CUNY are in economic and AH have inter moment together okay first TV show Anakin arena in the Simbu Jeeva we shall even the paper Oman Oman the by Inc Ramadi for the day okay one on Glee on the kV Petronas invoke Allah upon you know luckily no parents – OH – now you not a friend not very important oh please my soul time you know another I wish I wanted a yep even in the paid or be easiest for me do other than a cake and Orton Lipari Armand depend on money I’m gonna be a pain a lot of already a use panini he said in mind this video model in this video or Peter Cook the Domino ah Idaho various punt allowed might read can do Donna CLR number one the Lord matinee and he didn’t die here no number seventy search builder or not even I love orange it’s not even close friends all over there still fear is our close friend on a chapel selfie I mean where is Mona you know nobody soda the kind of reasoning and I kidding that’s an anathema who worked on the Emma through Napoletana our Liam Martin is here okay well so I am Martin or moody upon addin Allah or the period over a photo irritated a naive or a close of me now even a mother easy okay but what a muddy wanted me three other small babysit vial and the garlic buried a wooden hat I’m IRA calamari reply but a memory into an asshole tak so and Ahmadi did a dull cylinder you’re going to target photographer NASA do in the city in the scenario three allarakha even the a fashion-show Canova a I’m gonna and critical key scene industrially you blueberry are legality and Kathy dealer maybe I’ll notify return only to pity him of being a dedicated in sit on a spherical Villa how the media wanna and he another solo how much you need a separated almost an elusive Ronnie I’m a lawyer or to the correct I worked at out that a pizza con man Marty modulated overseas and I say so all they learn me at the airline what I had a hurry Laennec on the light but the small real I even went over the moon alive candygram Mario season marketable in CONUS Tommy losing everything you’re not in the pretenders video ah you know in project one Avenue Marana I would email and hollow in the contour select create putting on again hello and their winter body or mindset is one time okay Kukui I see you or not as it now materiality person on earth keep an eye you know what that thing I’m buddy better use pondan or comment guru the RAF station and wandered ah – choo penology their Aboriginal but of our love you do it now today with Poona Tina it’s a are the GU sets a new poll on if the cases you may murder professing to viola Tamara open in a birth America every round this city now 184 pages no Dahlia so even end up under our another pin abrino Rochette illegitimate an open eye or know someone on scene yeah and I’m not banging it now until it’s gonna be Jonathan gorilla okay now Melissa did pioneer video and the chinnis on the car Alam ara the am porn or the international level now a passport or a captain amagai not a diary can I get that left people big boys we took a poll spaceship bullets for its first in a frame phenomena like una for will Nepal is my cultura murder scene to connote TRP cup and ragga be Nagas a prom chorus portion along a the me partly alone poor chapo Glee and not see another actor care pyramid Okanagan okay another dr because I’m under 100 an oven they allow channel a portico to put too swollen and Allah in a bar gaudium porous willow has a company domain brother okay he like the man on hold up under our pool yet semi-real I can’t even open a criminal now Luther give us a took any into Ramadi frame wire by a club or not I’m sorry okay further nan de Julho you moon alpha decay so you met her yeah no I’m not mad – no not asking where are you point at other Pro inspector beautifully I’m going very much to know what anyway the 14th Lama yeah I should have your case it indicates they’ll not assume a easy interlinked only make a Yank I’m preparing you spawning your readers very I’m a Chicken Hawk company or a medallion honest you know you oughtta get bhai in there even the you know Britney seduced Bundy I am that sorted on individual interviews well-lit mathematical the final Co Co Coco 3 at King it either lying if the inner destiny cause could occurring in to see now or update yahoo do tonight okay it does not that no legal action I declare it is not that Nakota Coppola it has not sessiontoken career but in the Missouri or path debate for neural decay at least light tower the by our okay oh yeah oh yeah I wanna be like a mermaid I gonna put a fake alligator but some me to London over now under the day kind of a body part okay if I’m gonna based on I have first and then open any video that tumble pain Moodle with double pain okay our killer the Milan the double pendulum based on but I’m a I’m a a mood rien aberdeen turbojet allah now I are into their Google burn an 390 emissions are winding a problem on the India a level mr. India South India wanna normal again the build-up you doing here this is our angry okay put it on agathi I know the CEO magazine another longer yeah okay Gina’s another long okay we a level you know coupon you okay oh yeah name of total protein dry and I yeah I can be run put your minds to it you’re askin us a carom energy now all okay other like open it now yeah no bill company I mention I am Allah say Arabic like okay now the Queen a coupe du har with the gang India’s 30 you see your authentic okay explaining to your over so my a new really I get a panther ii public carnival rather either Madhuri you know revision whatever yet in the Mali who note the media cover every honest a coupon I animal guru Ananda being discarded but the in the stage a moody Rahman 3 on the English could hold of all on the tape oh that in over the Cooper indica coordinates oh okay carnival violins you know and I love ass up paper now lol today however I am a fellow that they’re not really a Canada power gotta calm in Okolona plan word so you may get this one ass anyone I like my robot okay and I don’t know why am ia okay see ya now and the bag around OB render the ratio imparting Anna now face 25 in narubu do another we should talk ammonia not to geek I have to give even was equivalent very and after I read even the dollars on the or a selfie rhetoric in the next question yarrow to the original contract of being partha Alison Priscilla Terry Pythagoras an old lady de alcalá so ops are already come even though you’ll never eat them on a connection everything yeah I mean Romano or the LGBT community intro comment down in a hoodie tada okay our the LGBT community are they even contract cost of contra social costs at apartment Fashion Show front of the circuit it will grab it there is no myself wishing upon you to pass okay okay so LGBT community let me so long every piranha lesbian became the bisexual gay either Absalom of the trans okay okay right you delay by Iran I’m miracle okay isn’t the word gang going there either worry gang okay okay and I mean I’m a kilometer on Ariana who wind up with died in the muddy where even Santa compose he there wasn’t any yahoo group even sort of all LGBT community when they vote on iam ossetia or even spoon and they even say when it or not all the time he’s a point number one point number two parting Anna even a one day in the pannier Gardena either would bucks opponent over you know another word for monitoring with any other Gore RIL overcome and the Google array alumina had a group of Pi anybody even the Sanyo a group attorney equate Bernie in the body entrepreneur and I’m fine Buchan animal bueno our decent I get our the cone uniqueness and that was the wah out of only weakness Ilana are allocated in the point long arena 1011 of the penny level again okay the Saudis Yamuna molarity a fast algorithm okay you know minimal work Landon it’s not my finest the Serrano my on Amar’e you see one of CO and Beulah’s arrivederci a put even London see I’ve didn’t watch for now it’ll drop parent ID Parrinello RSL only male other apps are already in naked and IG pitamaha render a settler Indian woman Congress Oh David Arthur freed our case 1 the velocity level the Rio so what are the collet again how we have gone the roots is gotta from that but it poo and iridium the mentality in that Cassation of a killer I didn’t I the Bonnie Elena or appreciation what’s on our I mean what either okay I think I’m a fair copy there Kristen are here again he the only I my report a fire he there I quote Lana who detest cross-petition air okay Robert already gone Oh Melissa living okay Ron he did Prakash him Swami North Ravitch a ami a mother and I deposit Larry Pinoccio under the precaution saw me drj Linda the can approve our trade control and a half in the body in apathy faker Facebook LaPorta at ripening hair either for ready to see our PC I’m Dean ask especially petitioner step under another mother put a complaint that’s tape under okay other iPod to the order so in the Marcel racheting a la nam order to achieve all the reason again they know they accompany allocated a to their now a chip on hello my reason salami it is there the documents either now on the poor poor it sir either way anything if we are gonna getting because it is not gonna end up being your mother so it continues a boy take in the pulley the would you nigga knowledge around the forest and the formula is got peanut Acosta okay you know candy pop up in a debugger tiny come here the LA cañada poppin are you in the womanly Konoha inner who will not leak want Ronnie man okay how was the 1tb hard is cricket I want t because some solder another muscular a number one day we are just but drama they are already or a case a column a thermometer who wanted us against I did the body for now the copy of all so you do love in a sort of team and down on the communities on down there a home will use funny either Murray ponder the media be pocketing on the community Larry an American a memory trigger irani Quran they were very shocked or opinionated other word of area mama either end ma la mer tower trans community doesn’t over the moon it doesn’t bear a level other light is not at all miserable Donna okay Alan yeah I am a moon leering at Thank You Donna hominid they are very – okay Wow hey Paris on it again it may work okay no more ammoniated puckering hyena or a strong one equality political support long here comes Ortiz an article yeah the political support mahamasina I wanna read already a machine Allah P na I percent for your whole different now around obtained robbery number sale even a piranha or telepathy another one okay hey Perla paper Liang in The Times of India Rio is the Deccan Chronicle oil down or a magazine lake near Kumamoto more about the led okay lecithin allocated italic areas are the chicken okay you so long I can relate Mira within big bows particular Pokemon are you tangle telepathy order so Li pona I’m being cut but even in the group Islamic character watch funny hilarious Chatterjee in article Saturday through yet so what they have thought in Jersey does a success formula okay if I’m an upper dragon I get in the boat and up and I’m Johanna parry the positive I already contacted the mall yeah yeah I realize they were below the suta mama de Leo how am i lr y ou re Karamchand and it’s Adi karana Priscilla media like a paladin a lawsuit column another is a in the mind of a pocket to get a over here no naradhama Bergen Batman all of the other good in the water a lot anya verdikov in evan the pony everypony entry head or ATK llama journalist rapport whele okay so on the bio on the one arm there’s no the magazine of elephants value today RSL pin block lucky Chinna Babu got EU Marathi Renaud our first approach enema Barrabas here on okay okay now in the Vichy economy lily pond or wonder of let’s in the Mahananda dominar mulu control ponder and ruther cinema vita colonnade class only yeah basically the zipper on Oprah hurry Rommel okay I don’t know when the moon period in Thuringia under an hour now the University and a very key dimension the moon is very I hit up AC and I’m not amused you two okay Absalom a dog on the other Potter K and how many other and we’ll turn it over journalist Alana yeah record jana spotless on the person or a okay naina enough it’s not like somebody get I got good Imran so now senior in each and hello on the page three abhi na solo on the page three I mean Donna kakihara high yesterday throat ie network in dual crowd over the contacts were all in the context was a non ornery you okay on events for another I would’ve again he even said that now prohibition mantra or five-star hotel or insufficient wa lahul armata character so the Perry Allen halwa so even though he’s officially in the awards in the fashion show either under than our company on silicon luxury affair modeling ultra has a llama now accompany its reduction in the luxury of error first aversive provoked what is a magazine or type on a corner underneath enjoy record a sample of in our honor I reckon I probably will kill of Alex need to know why okay so our a kicked our all a movie to pace again I am we did a place of interest layer a kanay and I won their rent either T was entirely Oh cousin Anthony or father NJ further than madam I nominate you know a universal now okay and in the magazine let’s city full of post autre Audrey and I got it now on net and there’s not a thing is yet up and I’m not happy I made a ruling on this onion the order energy own opera balances time are you around this is for another moody punter put it up I’d a character now we’re a magazine partner up Omo Omo community Valhalla one other one they were rally I love wanted it okay remove it now on the Pacer honorable screw company in our contract for now Danny rules will go on the deliverables of fulfilled another non the Association we associate a time okay he’d pay your garden I love on understand are you entire city lay and no dia pair up a ceramic erm a garnish a we’ll wait that’s it you know in the look over the sensitive eye gets aligned eginning offended 400 club but the fish itself a tripping and aha absolutely yeah nagamma birthday party Gossard economic America pitting now in the money would’ve everybody run okay I was when the whole Cupra know oh my god the moon reboot or not he could have a couple little he loved what he did I wonder if he that only lobby with a done but how fun animal they like on the kunavaram with really videoing you put in a couple now yourself a degree I need a witness on an entire another the Punahou and Oliver NEPA Kalpana Oh mousse banana power very true buddy any kimenakute ii they have only anything a question anyway they’re not fainted Peter if I am pointed now under if I am BA in Puppy Linux half our local pay we didn’t so now I’m Milton the pioneer panicky blow through the open Ivana only make it mean actual event kit when the Buddha Reaper najran or this would mean / – the Kuna wanna expect or Nina okay the Buddha of the big boys were there is a phone number if I’m a marketing mantra in the one of the big Buffalo go there the Bonneville now was not sure I’m opening a certain number this is an area number like a llama number tomorrow marketing or a valet Parker a company near Havana if a now what some of the sponsor country because of honor and in fact I’m over I was starting a pompom abundant now then I want a greater than I do another none look one day I’m gonna burn her Elena a la coruña every other day now more are they do not even take your order okay family coolest m-19 the presentation Carla now Rhonda de MIDI are imported and now on the equal to that okay Karina Karina for trial and the finest sort of love we a number mother so long and in pre is a number of life anomaly on the to Brenda Munakata more that they were being I’m Kathy do you know you blow money I’m on the table today you know although other Sadie Sadie he said Angela Lorraine Mandela different type of person gotcha okay underway in an array of food innovation on Benita aadheenam a gonna take my neck okay so eat whale on the sale on the wing catalog proof um you could be coming up ding gamma3 even the earlier and input Ali’s undercutting tubular even our director scooter unsend solder paste in a audio diary could of being in an arcade we put a pot on the en casa para if I move up another way apart on the London the dedicate is my involved wide conquer of Nene you know although allocated so I’ll be honest Oliveira could talk I don’t my are you know that the market idea of silicon wouldn’t we under a plan item about animal proof Allah eight it’s free and open us for now other I hear icky okay now they will either run army Parker okay we are on over here in America vampire you know already no more hunger so yeah it’s either Kim EPO and another CD tones is enough on you sir can I am this one uh now I just have at the other extra what a base of the Catalan difficulty even on a PC turn our in deciding even lower than Allah wishing now or paia was they were pundit extra ad Cara other Portuguese Iroquois would pay a nominal okay we are a mother paid envelope see I’m and I both or I equality and the corner on the ball but it’s okay it’s easy or one day I wanted out what a mother it’s okay are they love how can I become a tiger syllabic nasarah on at the power okay under the regime of Dhingra purchase Linden learning which is king in tirana and AMA reason reason when they are children on Papa Maria are they after co-director never shaken a vanilla phenomenon of Arizona non release play-doh if you Lincoln is not a la Carrera okay now I’m gonna accept a guru oh my dear boy I call a policeman oh my you can get another miracle even in a lower for let’s eat or don’t go to the polar angle okay so bad I know audios videos in the mobile and they’re like me neither like an accordion called a little audio in and audio in a playpen he got not okay so in cut de la me commissioned officer it’ll be most that I got again are in the ill are recording you madam anima phoneless a buddy for dropping after got a single on the phone recordings are there other director in the game tape Yamaha gun industry ready to running low I love a little periodical a little camera mind of suplement Ibaka biancalana two more link or decoding light breeze entire episode 11 on me I’m a bit of an animal bound on the contact list wanna sumo car track okay what okay are not ending and the expression but a Mozilla Kattegat but ethically different because the man is not whether the curiosity of the girl she was gonna learn other than the car livin this year Colleen will pay you know a lot in the current is around contactless this much in the river before nobuta Paragon under the chemical ami bacha Ghana on a contact less than the are you annoyed it you may throw do you put it and Ya Allah Ya Allah directors and actors the last tomorrow tomorrow you’d less phony grin as he it is okay both sigh Oh anything any on the no means no okay Isaac Watts a candle na aana America the column use ponderize and remind said iguana article be a valid under Fela martin o’malley stock I know okay eople either Kamala it in the stage of bonding and occurring in the interviewees natandy policy blue complains recounted a bonus the Cutrona okay enough what is actually yes actually that divided the call okay another number two look like a baby on your gonna nominate whenever I got a successful is that a painful erection I was just and they go to bail good Ponte you will wanna being out there not a clearly oh I get by in a short time period on a wooden and I pop Athena Arthur Papa no no run geopolitical ramadana it is not that a valuation but there’s a will there’s not on the top of a funnel and area okay I thought followers to both our case phenomenal on away Bailey case of a move on the correct enough course money is gonna hearts for no no other ever go over the appellant could Camilla you have a pain so lonely I’m a parent now it’s the larva cream Gotham could hunger even rather um could opponents will try it silent and the pine up in Hyde Park on assignment ah nice book on it all and appoint another zombie Gator Kampala Paris mercenary inter manager even an elected anomaly libertine upon our mom a palace in spa near longest you brochure takodana market periodic meaning an honor killing little inaudible cauliflower mother of mine oh Center in the matter three and an exam but the passing I think it’s one of the copper one said he connects with a celibate team Sneha we take upon a sorcery or a or example overwritten photo camera and I’m guru session but at the revenues I don’t promise her over scenery go not Ivana and then a day or the bank either got to run on the Korean temple equally supportive I’ll about yeah and I’m not even halfway or even account reporter Kasich Artie no matter of a pony hey Matthew – or I will to go a monastic aspirin so he got okay a lady boner okay wrong password to have more critical critical we did wait at the reciprocity de navarra Hapuna and interment the castle anger here asakusa yeah now look I stopped at her family now pocket yeah then undercoat up a surrogate pacing molitor in the way Yuma cardigan a pop star Prince Otto von heat a promise let’s go town kill it you put on a gas Colombia day when I’m with this but ago being sold on an asana ghana correct any kill it says a lot right there but a Xerox copy arena ha and nikidik amok so ok Tom Agee is the innocent all about the rocks ago or the first area glitter kind of direct Anna equally the kapalama on the mirror so division and I included a photo at the grammar yelling miss Penelope maharaja you know the ex-husband oh yeah for included at the photo is pretty famous Lena putting exhaust fan Coronel now undergone her other you put EMP photos every Islander we’re gonna render their own now ex-husband Korea ah I’m Korean a little kalyana boom panini Arsenal irritated Allah for a dance Wadi who’s eco Lobby ha ha then our little Thailand to the point three Pattaya and entering even the or a supermodel tomorrow if Maya putting here he Bahama photos that he’ll not Eddie get marry a Big Mac I’m a family at the pictures are wrong you know how a family reddit AMA Martha me I’m off part of the dictator on Facebook later North Dakota table ok unique attend a party on a boat a caterer he’s a mere I’m alone now the word of it to cover AMA NSA that okay and Nina so no coming ended up going to cover a VJ TV can dip or PDA or the platformer are the club Oh would you on the big boy Scotty car than angry bro faded becoming industry Allah under warranty for now en la política in a panini I mean doko e la at the Pasadena big bus routes opening RK reported enough o tamanho on the compliment of Lena criminal company whatever company in the who loved our ammonia and opinion even a even a basis for knowledge from I love the water a little proof on an ego trip England down on the field and ran away I’ll get a little holiday already the photo paper Oh give me no more either than eleven understand now I’m good it’s a little mushy on children solution into the lungs on an antenna on the Thursday non-local online depending upon a Friday or a video Thursday Omaha Avatara video on a radio or a video to the Parthian ah hot star late the Potala were ready to either cut Ponemah okay tada Ellen on with because we grew up erm – axial Manila such intuitive Merkel inequitable Italian man long either it will be most kind of standard o’clock edit our video on the moderator book Nike other over territory right okay and deep on the body realized on Election Day consecutive will go to the open another look on a Pakistani all right Oprah only one liberal no power to the first thing that is Benina yes Mary questions over take a economy oh yeah brief alone they’ll come up green on the peninsula tena koe depend on a neosaurus actor Michael Erica arnica beta go to my country okay Sammy Bodeen an area which is no more room being world I had come like a pile of ding editor enjoy CEO Tom of your thing will come out guru and a dream if it’s a in world re-clip P Romano more revealed love dependent Cooper external now Iran Wheatley Grantham on a napalm benign game a path Allah and poverty the word you in the Clio pacemaker in the pink bows V clamor to not on the sympathy other we Huntingdon another part oh so Alan Green cloppety pendulum oh yeah around the even have associate mode of mobile number one now already husband name to that ok hello Amadeus register lombardaso still my agenda here another register pandey hi coat proper on iOS on a hurricane mono signal serenity pollen Angela ok so Appa has been reading porous Pomona on the husband weightless I even hiragana dress would say porous over the custom width with reputed so up for the area another sorry composer in the mother character on and I love Manisha Mira Mira what I found in alimony that okay me now to come in a loving yeah you mean you’re a profile Facebook refer you open burning and I’m a poor sort of the Malheur I’m a biology good and the Konishi modeling of Marie Mina operatic you mean Lord Himself is the powerful female up to par had a Palma photo under yep sentiment equation walk over to you cynical okay so otama be every and among the Port Authority come in the content of Vienna I’ll be now that Nanak on the content day one on Anika a coffee maker so I will not touch it at surrender anniversary Tirico you know I’m a computer friends are angry okay hello Angela computer friends all the time a miracle opera Chapel on the Donna surgeries tsavorite erupting additional good theory olya other within our area such regalo and Ashley either our Anthony much in the axilla or another module Achilles that equivalent array okay I’ve been to this one Anna how did ah so enacted in the information is it out okay it is not the heart attack they have been aquatic area array Marie on the spot a mile in your suit learn Erica and Amanda hobbies no cotterpin a dutiful anna in boom balloon Alvaro melee toh phasee Tuvok father Naraku Moses ah our Aquila for Clara Mimoza 30 Kiva lenders Ahmadi a husband a Sutra Mira a husband died on this episode ah okay so in the mockery of shingle velocity poetic a person on a piranha yell okay okay my nerdy cousin al and Absalom ah who the company energy wanna on trip on a motive in the videos are available now persona oponopono resharper what I said either a Monday yarrow without the appropriate okay now that our booty para para de Urbina will I said you okay not a supporter on Tom point number one point number two parting ana envelopes are immortal na nanana na you do with group n’kantu village everything laughs and I keep eyes on it laughs so um you know I think I don’t have an ID parental precaution family not to run there okay out of the they are very competent once a upon think I see my reading life and then once it out of Osaka they can redeem another Mari group it you couldn’t send his upset now since bonito starting line and I’m gonna meet up any of the even de Castro Gupta self it on a piranha okay and I am Africa or anywhere America more they are male is it baccala okay okay so and I already put the attack so they are planned I am gonna gasps Kazama up surround the cast poblanos okay I’ve been Saleem Khan incremental the cause of Singapore attack but in a yarmulke for Allah a lorry Ahmadi there is a opportunity are gonna get unique impress eriana-3 my analyzer transfer not Kira but I any gig Iraq he na na ke Quran I am so stupid opera in a suit elongated understand and our rows of Iraq kekada on that cuckoo enema Ilocano model moody Barry actually on the incurring depicts 803 are they are not in the modest elevation alechem of a mirror with inspired karana on the point ler in the Mariana on will they wonder then Allah we see onion cut all of it you know I’m really finger city Cordova a penny girl Tyrone hood you cannot count a saloon see Bharani under or over put a sudden you are killing it and I just love everything at you ever make whatever it will be turned in other words you had it on the case in knots in Chania more on video put it away and I get a a la proof or at yes I cool trafficker Nenana in a coup d’etat okay actually pinning humble to the other on winning your case company panicking large data for every key editors and I’ll allow one I affair of it up but today if you have a baby okay the potato Maliki me come home see independent 11 this energy boom sort of a motivation that’s not to arrest her in the group per in the activity phenomena part not other the Caltrain Amano from the endured a bacchanal even our individual now body over on my wife was equal to a Miami body for my upper body could over yeah otherwise occur over and under cool Mamaji burrow into the Mohammed II alluring you’re playing at home phone or obeying on the interview base not by anybody personally I was not gonna need publicity when the knowledge indicate to do sort of another gonna okay Wow so now when they figure the another car not sayin a bit remain sitting went I think Musallam cut it cut with an ax in asking him but the tongue at a company Elizabeth as Diane over a little time who love Coronel jail but the Islamic tyranny to xi an epitope on holiday born from a silver spoon would love to keep or die Oregon Dawa and the gondola bathroom and time for another Monday the chopper over a 110 for a try phenomena are the you face front at Harlem shooting office are the you face Burnett are the following he winced Monterey company Monday poop Brenda we passed on balloon company of the year and so Leora magazine has awarded a resume for an okay so you were a woman named yeah value not beneath Arabic I in the party tonight the perennial slower cortisol cortisol for me upon an Apsara Schaeffler under Murray Mira which is the media ground attack observations media Canova reveal a reason Oh Miguel pull up your mean every time I know let me take on okay thanks so much for the interview and failing to get an all the best era and our local a marital RV analogous of parvatamma already hearing her thank you so much for a phone number over a linear part in a stop T al otro nominal empty conical cinema movie decayed kind of slow over or a Mississippi moderator and I questions on the key didn’t come or the correct answer wanted a movie ticket super to come on they were actually in the water they can I can be in happy was not Kennedy clip for the third is a maple at Piron option a de Mon option b synthase we’ve been absent see some toast or in an option B Ephraim so usually the character option of being demonic come with la compañía de you’re going to mail a dc-8 they come on putting it then I correct answer but I will give whatever a lease offer a part of ticket ticket so they put it open so Nadia very sharp putting a correct answer putting it tickets in coming in the video my colleague your so3 India’s number one drama Kim description link if you see the super army game paranoid [Music]


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