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Policy on Demand: Unilateral, multilateral developments: what's a company to do?

I think there's even a step before that with all the changes and with your sexy from going on to be able to oversee what's going on and instead what's going on in the world and how your sexy form in a non-us actually form the global reform interact with each other that's very important so we can't do anything in the understanding or implementing for let's say European measures without looking at the US side so overall my first piece of advice is modeling modeling is key understanding what the impact is of a change in the structure or a change in the rules modeling u.s. ID an impact assessment of what will those you will bring in the foreign country will you be able to benefit from reductions going forward with home and taxes being opposed or in the digital world what's the work how is your market jurisdiction come to be taxing the income you generate you

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