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Playing As The Robot In Fortnite Battle Royale… NEW MECHA TEAM LEADER SKIN GAMEPLAY

Oh oh my god dude I'm considering myself lucky right there all right guys welcome back to the channel if you guys are having a great day today but I said guys we were back with another fortnight battle royale video today there's a new skin in the item shop and if I were you guys I would go ahead and pick this skin up because it is the mecca team leader here it is guys some assembly required includes the built-in turbocharged emo from Mecca Team Leader no need to equip separately part of the final showdown set so this is literally it guys this skin literally is the exact same thing as the robot that they've been working on in pressure plants so here it is guys that's literally how it looks just in a skin form so we're gonna go ahead we're going to purchase this skin we're gonna get some gameplay with it hopefully you guys do enjoy today's video let me know down the comments section below if you guys can begin the skin or now I'm really curious it is an epic skin usually epic skins are about 1,500 V bucks but just because this also comes in with a built-in emote that's why I guess they threw an extra 100 few bucks in it so there it is guys 69 V bucks for an epic skin like I said we're gonna go ahead we're gonna get it we're gonna get some game play with it let me know down in the comment section below if you guys again the skin I'm really curious and you know what since you guys are on the channel you guys might as well hit the like button also hit the sub button notification sir and I because honestly what else you gonna do better today we're even do anything look just I got to see this one more time dude it looks so sick so when this guy starts up like when the fight actually starts between the monster and the Mack is that what this is that what the mech is about to do is he gonna just you know do a pose like that or is it gonna just beat the hell out of this monster and then when it's done being the hell out of it it's just gonna go ahead and do that like you know as a victory dance or something kind of make sense it's you with this skin okay we got a goal and at a particular spot all right we got him to land where our dad is or our dad's about to go ahead and just do battle with the monster bro our dad is ready for war right now okay and we got to go I have got to show some love bro so we're gonna go ahead we're gonna land that pressure plan and we're gonna show our dad you know what you can go ahead you're gonna beat the shit out of the monster and I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna win this game just for him do so we're gonna go to pressure even though it's some distance away from us alright like dude it's all the way right there look at those buses alright I promise you I will not disappoint I'll get a win for you dad but you gotta return a promise to me you gotta make sure you beat the hell out of this monster you know like I was saying this skin it's literally that freaking robot over there just uh just a smaller version of it all right like it's legit the exact same thing but dude I gotta say with this skin bro you look like straight-up like a transformer like straight up like a transformer you legit look like a tank it's pretty sick honestly but I gotta say though with this skin I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a big-ass hitbox with this skin all right well you're gonna be such an easy target ahead I think that's what's gonna kind of suck about it and don't get me wrong it looks sick bro but being a huge and easy target see that's why I like using the female skins more they're more of like smaller hitbox are you kidding me this is literally the gun we get a scope AR you gotta be joking me bro my dad's straight-up trolled me right here dad I thought we were in this together bro what's up you givin me a booty out of scope they are that can literally get out done by anything alright I'd rather take this shot oh this not shine it's a SMG I'm sorry buddy you have to take the El on that one not gonna lie guys it's like one of the few times I've ever come to pressure plant I never come here I think I've only been here like twice just to see how it looks and then I think the second time I came here it was just to see how this robots turning now who's a four-fight here oh I can't even get it you that sucks alright I need I'm pretty scared right now I feel like I'm gonna get shot from from above let's need some mats bro as long as I get some mass I can't really care less but I know there are people here still and dad I'm sure I'm trying to make you proud man I really am um your chest where is this chest out I don't know like I said I know I don't even come here dude so I have no clue oh there's a chest right there dude there's actually so much wood here you can literally stack up on wood I think this whole right here like look at me pallets of what I found you could probably max on a would just impress your plan alone I don't know man I'm feeling it today like I haven't really been performing the bus but I'm telling you my aim I always say this my aim one day is just garbage and then the next day it's good my aim right now or just today in general it has been on point dude like I don't know what I did I don't know what's going on but I am an I am not complaining whatsoever home let me close this door just in case your boy gets sniped at listen guys I'm telling you we're just gonna full send everything it might be ooh there's a new shoddy right there she's like we even take it I think I'm just gonna go ahead and grab it like it's the new shotgun it's gold it's nice and beautiful it hits like a tank okay I feel like this guy he's probably gonna be somewhere around here in this area right here he did run away unless he might not be which is kind of crazy if he's not but now I'm cut I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of regretting taking this shotgun now oh all right I don't know man I'm gonna go ahead and get rid of these it was a better fit but I hear shots holy dude there are dude it is going down right here it is going down over here oh my goodness someone just got clapped 1:41 dude the ultimate third party right there bro hate to see ya hear a guy over here launching towards me dude what's up buddy you want some of the smoke oh whoa now I don't even know if this guy knew exactly where he was getting hit from holy cow bro those were clean shots from me dude holy cow those were like what 86 86 and then BAM what exactly is this event supposed to go down and supposed to go down tomorrow's it's supposed to go down on Saturday um oh I I thought there was a launch pad right here why did I think I saw a launch pad over here guys I'm trippin I'm trippin hard guys I really not even joke you and I say I honestly thought I saw a launch pad and there's a guy right there I have nope this guy probably has no clue I'm right here okay and I guess he does not want to build either you know I'm not complaining okay there are so many people here I came wrong time in bro straight up your boy came here the wrong time oh oh oh my god dude I'm considering myself lucky right there holy cow I'm out of here I'm considered so lucky right now holy cow I literally thought I was about to die leave me alone leave the freaking MEC alone I can't believe I took all that damage right there bro straight-up literally as soon as I come over there I get a kill like thick and four people decide to just come out of nowhere if I'm lucky enough I can go ahead and possibly get some loot I don't see any of my loot dude I don't think I'm getting any of my loot that is so unfortunate oh I'm gonna shot at come on bro the storms right there whoo there's some loot oh come on do the storm it's right here I'm gonna eat so much from this storm oh man come on get me out of here and there's bandages they want to go ahead and take these these are gonna come in handy give up an SMG for some bandages man I hate to do it Oh can't believe I staring at an RPG right to my face bro that was legit going just straight to my mouth and you know I'm there I just you know I escaped death like nothing all right that's the power of the mech suit boys this mech suit ain't got no quit on it oh shit oh my god all right I think I'm gonna take the combat shotgun right now I can't believe I'm still alive I'm really thinking this guy ain't gonna come near me bro he just starts coming towards me that I'm so lucky I didn't die right there oh my I'm actually so lucky there is a baller in here I cannot believe my luck right now my luck is gonna run out too I'm hoping it does it like dude holy cow I'm naughty I can't even believe I'm still ready bro cheese like I don't play I don't know I'm not gonna complain I'm just gonna take this baller I'm getting out here I know you guys hate it when I use ballers but guys is it just to escape all right I'm Botha stinky you man you better get ready for this dog how does that not touch you oh come on you mean tell me he's not even there oh no he's literally over there all this guy my man right here is playing a scrim listen buddy arenas is somewhere else this is an arena okay hey just got you got wrecked my friend oh my man shields no more look at this guy dude this man's in a scrim this is what this guy's in right now a scrim come on buddy oh I think the storm a storm kind of plays in our favor a little bit early be too disappointed right now I gotta be careful my masse I don't really got much oh my goodness dude get cracked I'm cracking everybody shields all right there we go there we go no do not go through my bills I'm so annoyed I took that much damage ooh there's a baller right here let me get this ball real quick I need it oh they're all focusing on me now like I'm doing something to you guys I'm so one shot dude this guy hits me once I'm dead I have no Matt oh I had nomads bro I thought I was about to die right there hey let's go boys let's go hey I made my dad proud do let's go my dad on Friday said it you go take care of the real business i I just did some of the work right there for you do but there we go guys 9 kills not so bad I really thought I was gonna lose that game dude I was so nervous right there you see these are like situations where I wish you would get health back on kills man but dude that was intense I'm not gonna lie that's gonna wrap today's video they gots much watching if you guys did enjoyed today's video please drop a like and I read through distance guys you guys are new shirts variance up channel go think as much once again for watching I really do appreciate you guys need a channel feel free to subscribe guys it's free make sure it's on our both certification guys on up like really saw also when you guys do the bike I make sure I check all that Emil Lots me as well but yeah guys there it is the new Mecca team leaders skin gameplay hopefully you guys did enjoyed today's video let me know down the comments section below if you guys are gonna be getting the skin or not and yet they guess much watching I have aggressed your Day weekend whenever you guys are watching it I'll talk to you guys all later peace out guys

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