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Peter Brimelow of VDare on How Republican Party Has to be More White

back on the outskirts about where we
have a cigar recision with peter berle opiates with the dare dot com ahm peter
all one of the upper liquidator ok uh… you know i know
we’ve had gone before both repute people that are not familiar poet tells will be
there is because some of course has i think we
might discuss it earlier have called you guys a group including
the southern poverty law center what do you remember the people group of
course burger recall you go dark dark rum upload up the book
i wrote an immigration nine in nineteen ninety five called alienation and they would have
occurred at the rear routine brunch criticism of american immigration policy no insured up to that moses other
national university civil war and the americans for the community which we
called under so that george bush fraction or so-called has got immigration became
sort of uh… impossible so uh… we check out this website uh… veto dot
com named after the first in his childhood or that he will pick it up yet so let me know if the president of
heart attack and now it is about immigration organization called we
should have the conduct of the mainstream media out of the balkans okay so having established that well
enough let’s move forward to this particular item here uh… which is in in unique argument
that you guys have on the website saying that of instead of tried to reach up hispanic groups more because that’s a growing demographic in
the country you should reach out the white voters more let’s first talk about why people have
the conventional wisdom that they do those are the demographics of the
country how it affects about we operated during in this country uh…
book report old font and the republicans uh… of applicable
fee about more than ninety percent like that fundamental ipod the uh… democrats basically ah… a vast rockies to unite
all of them are doctors and to divide the job before they get very high proportions of
the monarchy polls had to get from section of the
wide-field they actually lost the white will pretty homily elderly conduct
electrical about forty five percent forward questioners probably but that
what happened of course is that because immigration uh… the wire proportion countries
deadly shrinking so the question is what the republicans
do about that will cause we think throughout that they’ve done a lot of
overly they should uh… they chicago gration what they think that they were the
republican campaign canceled think effectively child to minority
groups and uh… trampled applicable barnacles but i was watching old wilshire pt w george w_ bush pretty detailee was
going to do and uh… he just didn’t do it all
secretly try collateral damage was all about approach because it didn’t do it the
numbers don’t like an event either significantly increased with
republican shipment chronicled waiting eagerly swapped rather small increases
the blindfold let me ask you cannot rule out that one yesterday uh… proportion of uh… thrown out to
provide trial in the last election have not
surprised here uh… and it’s never going to be
counted on fifty four percent at this politics and policy and strategy
responsible one on the uh… political level in fact bush did reach of hispanics better info
for he did as well as a republican has died at forty percent of hispanic
vote anyone up when he narrowly because of it uh… decided not to put him is that all
the paperwork not we’ve got bored we take a break isn’t it coastal development i got up on your
website about and what’s broadwater it was about food seven that he was with
the original edwards original exit polls huambo second we walked bush did what he pulled out of the white
folks at very high numbers we’ll go to the high publishing and
we’ve got about fifty point gif interpret wedding in uh… in ten
thousand only got about uh… fifty percent of picky picky picky picky
completed so they didn’t they actually paid what we’ve been recommended which is to
say in resolving our lease but we didn’t pay they were to pick up
over the uh… it’s a greater great left in politics there won’t matter what safely do that’s
interesting but you see that leads us to given his first lied about forty percent
number badges from everywhere else but i got
from your website so that’s that’s on your website too so you know well in thoughts about you know notified them of
the public world art and that number two uh… but that does not go against a point to
some degree because he got the white boat out but the since he was being your opinion what i’m
a gration of the white vote didn’t really both
base on immigration eberhard other reason i’ve been a good when people come to a clinic etc ray
bradbury if both on the wall the that the war was a very popular with
those mobile well i think that was popular but i was a picture of it was a
rotational correction in atlanta and republicans wrote a very hard but they benefited a compliment complete
your justifiably my opinion if it’s repeated burden of the life and
to go to hash out the wonderful so dead that leads me to believe the
your overall strategy of lists are not the white voters bite b anti-immigration doesn’t necessarily make sense ’cause
that’s not what they’re voting ordered two part question what what throughout the white vote
there’s no there’s no doubt about world uh… on immigration without him a
target because bush deducted opposite filled in may six april the apt our government had probable cause i’d
rather cook on the brink of if immigration issue to a different issue from the wall which a product that we
can prevent pre-op relationship all right now fraction really lovely got a couple of concluded that we’re
going to war ut conceded by twenty fifty if things continue as they are the
democrats ought just is a democrat or reasons alone are likely to go up from
fifty three percent of the vote obama got tip fifteen nine percent of the vote
in which case the republican party would be nearly extinct on a national level as
far as a chance of winning presidential yes run up over right who happened to
stump what we think they should do apart from
apartment stopping immigration is that you know if you look at the
numbers they could do well in twenty-fifty they
got the couple’s seventy percent of the whitewater as opposed to fifty two or
three percent solicit assembled all into several
states in the country but whether poverty startup demographic
democratic for worship neglected difficult to do with the cockpit panel
oracle alibaba equipment pickup eighty eight to
ten to one o’clock about culpable to deny alabama petroleum uh… some of the day that nowhere near
close to lose you know which i’ve never below for more we’re trying to be a brutal over video
dot com so but seventy percent that jag did take number peter what’s your battle
plan for getting a seventy percent of the white button to participate inappropriate motorcar portions of the
horrible dot thinking about you know the democrat get modifier proportions of
badly uh… you know uh… they got indo
probably won’t reply tonight about the principal for obama did yes jab ninety six percent so about what your plan though peter how
you to get all those white people vote for him where i mean polymer pyramid polka dot
difficult patriotic part of it up to represent or at work graphical now i mean if you look at the numbers judge
to agree with that the uh… income inequality in this country regrets about
the collage thirty years the income with incomes of most people stagnated that year answer nobu reading is a real problem
ourselves abroad because the republican policies wish for
their property report concluded including clinton as well demeanor over
the brewery level what we have to be the command post of labor coming uh…
lately the decision on the part of a relief to stop to stop a court of law on the border to
allow political analyst illegal immigration yeah i i can’t i i’ve studied this staff really late and
that’s in the world renowned expert on it but most people view that as a function of
tax policy and as a function of the economic
policies that we had a colossal more than the fact of immigration my observation a professional prominently promoted by
the immigration issue at all the political politically incorrect
political ecology among labor commissioner and he shows up at his commitment to
talk to them for promoting expresso but here the
problem it’s got reply due to car garages so the problem is though that you’re
going to try to get white voters on this idea patriotism by saying the immigrants cause your
wages to go down well thought out lovely after too much and there’s too
much immigration problems for food dot wrexham while the vision is the reason
why quietly there might be that we have fifteen on the part of eight million
illegal immigrant holding jobs at the moment well corporations discipline fifty
thousand of a group of people requirement of
every month situation will live on implement prep twenty five pm flab look
at you know i would be beneficial you know two people get moments
republican party maybe cooperation well that would have worried but july
seventh th that were agreed on but i’ve got a lot of time his let me ask
somebody don’t you see have might put some people
often then that’s why they think you’re
racially-based put a kindly when you keep saying that paid listen we
got a couple of white voters and we ought to be against enormous out why not
appeal to the white hispanic and black voters against immigrants will rise over
the house up to bring about the immigration issue which of course either
problem focused on if you look at uh… results but you’ve
got you know a couple of it published in arizona taken off the
recruitment of a bright spot cocktail apocryphal did go well for park on forty
five point of impact both myself iran well ahead of john mccain i mean for the
fact is not at all clear that uh… so why don’t you feel this panic about why i feel this valuable why concert all
your efforts on the white ok crediting concert at the american vote and uh… that would be a better way of
raising yes about that would be a better way of
crazy yes library so i think you know the labor department departed i mean that we put the pack it up and
there was a very clear here and what we’ve been told and i think
that if you don’t realize how bad is republicans do with what was happening
to the faithful you know uh… and how hard it would be together they make it to be adult
because they could possibly to any kind of port-au-prince pike that’s gonna
patagonia equal any capital included mulch improvement in the bible i’m not interested in fact fight we’re
at a time peter but i well i think we’re joining us he’s with b der dot com and
ironically is also an immigrant uh… as i am uh… but we discussed that before the
show thanks so much for joining us for a project alright young turk


  1. slitrobo
    slitrobo September 26, 2009

    no comments?

  2. lonelygreenteagirlie
    lonelygreenteagirlie September 26, 2009

    Holy shit. They sound like Nazis.

  3. Bob Jones
    Bob Jones September 27, 2009

    They are a hate group. And what a hypocrite. He is an immigrant. Dumb ass.

  4. MomSaysImCool
    MomSaysImCool September 27, 2009

    I love this line from Icky Thump: "White Americans, what, nothing better to do? Why don't you kick yourself out, you're an immigrant too!"

  5. eeedel
    eeedel September 27, 2009

    Yeah this dude is a bit of a racist. Just google his name… I found out about his ties with the H.L. Mencken Club, even the man the club is named after is a controversial author and infamous bigot.

  6. eirefrance
    eirefrance September 28, 2009

    This guy thinks that whites are going to start voting Republican just because they appeal to their racial identity? That is a plan for failure. Very few whites I know are itching to start voting for a party based on racial identity. Rural Alabama is not the nation. Fat chance appealing widely with that.

  7. ex yzee
    ex yzee September 28, 2009

    This guy has a British accent? Why is he in the USA?

    The right has been losing popular support among the younger white vote, partly because young folks are repelled by "white culture" racist issues. How does his agenda address the generation issue?

  8. Brandon S
    Brandon S September 28, 2009

    I'm confused. He was just complaining about illegal AND legal immigrants coming into the US.

    He sounds British, so is he telling us he wants to go home to Britain? Doesn't he have a job here?

    And why didn't Cenk ask him his country of origin to trap him in his own contradiction?

  9. Brandon S
    Brandon S September 28, 2009

    I'm confused. He was just complaining about illegal AND legal immigrants coming into the US.

    He sounds British, so is he telling us he wants to go home to Britain? Doesn't he have a job here?

  10. krustacean99
    krustacean99 September 29, 2009

    He likes white immigrants.

  11. Bryan Newton
    Bryan Newton September 29, 2009

    "Why is it we have 50 million unemployed and 8 million illegal immigrants in this country…"

    Okkay fine…. so what about the other 42 million people who are unemployed in this courty!? That's still 42 million jobs that would need to be created, even if we kick out every single illegal immigrant.

  12. jaroncreed
    jaroncreed October 19, 2009

    he looks kind of like Donald Trump lol

  13. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    It's funny you say that because I just made a comment somewhere else making the opposite point.

    I don't want to be too presumptuous, but from your statement I gather that you are probably of European decent. People who use words to prove cultural superiority show their xenophobia (fear of strangers) to everyone.

    We fear most what we do not understand. As a grad in biology, I know there are no real differences b/t races. The largest diff is culture, and as a defense mech. we shy from those diff

  14. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    I'm glad you pointed out that comment on race differences. Character limits really dampen my ability to elaborate.

    When you pointed out that you "Think" the US would be better with only European descendants, I do wonder your motivation, proof, examples, even case studies to back up this argument.

    I was simply making the argument that if you exclude culture, there is no study that shows how race can affect someone's ability to believe in the American ideal of freedom and democracy.

  15. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    I said that, as i used another response post to elaborate. That point is moot.

    I understand that you do not know, but what countries are you comparing? Does japan count as a non-white nation? You could say something about Japan's economy, but then you would have to remember that their currency is stronger, and we are in a recession.

    I also ask again, what actual studies, numbers, countries are you comparing? Is there another example of a culturally mixed democratic society that has failed?

  16. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    I would have to agree with you there.

    I mean just look at how poorly Spain is being run…

    Again, this is cultural. The Americas were a series of experiments. Canada and America did well, but we had a lot of the same cultural history and very similar governments. the Us was also tightly run by the British monarchy, which gave it a tremendous head start

  17. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    The difference between Spain and the South American countries they founded is that they had many different things going on. The land (much of it being a rain forest) had not been managed before. They also used a strategy that had the church use a lot of control. Unfortunately, in an isolated environment like south america, that doesn't work in the long run. Governments grow, they are not just spontaneously created.

  18. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    Africa is a different case. I'm only going to respond at why government was difficult to form because i think Rwanda & S. AF have a pretty good govt.

    This is another ex. why geography is an issue. They are spread out and it is hard to develop a govt when people aren't close enough together to work, trade, educate, and most importantly, Tax.

    Because of this, all the small villages make up their own ways to govern. Many use religion and fear, because if you're the ruler, youre in power longer.

  19. Brandon S
    Brandon S November 18, 2009

    Ok, well now that I see that you are just trying to find fault (you got on me for not fully explaining because of the character limits, and now are getting on me for explaining), I realize that this is an ideology for you.

    Ideology are much harder to change because they are based on certain views that people have told themselves are fact, and unless those views are reevaluated to determine if they are actually true or not it is impossible to change minds.

    Btw, what is this most obvious answer?

  20. Craig Bodeker
    Craig Bodeker November 25, 2009

    I can't help but notice that many people of mixed-races sure seem eager to make sure that EVERYONE ELSE will ALSO be of mixed-races..?

  21. Llopis Blair
    Llopis Blair December 15, 2009

    Uh, sir, Spain is a WHITE country and yes, my country is run poorly just as most continental european white countries are run poorly and this has to do with the fact that we never had a truly protestant parliamentary revolution back in the 1600s.

    Second, the IQ rate for Spain is 99 while it is 98 for the USA. And thirdly, we are doing a much better job at expelling non white immigrants than any western country. I agree that the Spanish colonization was not great: due to catholicism.

  22. Llopis Blair
    Llopis Blair December 15, 2009

    "I mean just look at how poorly Spain is being run…"

    What about Italy, considered white in the US, being run much more poorly than Spain?

  23. Brandon S
    Brandon S December 15, 2009

    I'm not quite sure if I'm taking you statement correctly, but I was responding to someone's statement on how Hispanic cultures were run poorly. (Spain is considered Hispanic) I was actually being sarcastic about Spain. I believe that while there are countries that may be in better shape, it was being run fairly well.

    Your example about IQ marginal at best, but that is based more on school systems than race. Better systems an teachers make better students.

  24. Llopis Blair
    Llopis Blair December 15, 2009

    oh! Ok Junyardmonkie, I just realized of course that you were being sarcastic, sorry about the confusion but I was commenting a bit late at night and was sleepy. Uh with regard to the hispanic thing, yes, Spain is a hispanic country / I just normally take issue with "hispanic" being used for race because it isn't a race as you know. The Spanish school system is terrible (public system) but perhaps you're right as I'm no expert on IQ or science.

  25. NoPawn
    NoPawn November 4, 2010

    Last night, the exit polls showed that out of all the racial groups polled, Whites were the only ones who voted in the majority for Republicans.

  26. dedwardloftin
    dedwardloftin October 21, 2011

    I really don't see why it matters whether there will be more or less white people in America at any given point in time. Unless, of course, if this means that white people won't rule the world any more, but will have to share the power and wealth with others.

  27. TsugaC
    TsugaC October 25, 2011

    @daniel15671 Part One:
    Because culture is linked to race, that's why. And the majority of every non-Christian, non-white population in the USA vote for "progressive" candidates who despise true liberty and encourage dependency upon the government. Percentage-wise, blacks are in the low 90s, Arabs, Jews and Asians are in the 80s, and Hispanics vote for "progressives" in the mid-60s to low 70s. These people do not support liberty; rather, they endorse government tyranny.

  28. TsugaC
    TsugaC October 25, 2011

    @daniel15671 Part Two:
    "WE ALL DECLARE FOR LIBERTY; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others, the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men's labor." This quotation is continued in Part Three of my response.

  29. TsugaC
    TsugaC October 25, 2011

    @daniel15671 Part Three:
    "Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name—-liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names—-liberty and tyranny."
    —–Abraham Lincoln, 1864
    Western Civilization is the highest expression of liberty and freedom throughout human history and the USA is the highest expression of Western Civilization and WHITE people created them both.

  30. dedwardloftin
    dedwardloftin October 25, 2011


    That's quite a dogmatic assertion, and one that many non-white people might question. Rightfully so, I might add.

  31. TsugaC
    TsugaC October 26, 2011

    @daniel15671 Dogmatic? Hundreds of millions of yellow, brown, and black people want emmigrate from their countries into white, Western countries while comparatively few whites want to reciprocate. Despite the ravings of the likes of the late Howard Zinn, a confirmed Marxist and vituperative anti-American, the West in general and the USA in particular retain their powerful allure for non-Christian, non-white immigrants. The reasons for this are neither accidental nor dogma.

  32. dedwardloftin
    dedwardloftin October 26, 2011


    Speaking of "ravings", …
    You respond with even more dogmatic assertions.
    There are quite a few good things about the U.S. There are also some terrible things present in American culture, and the White Supremist attitude is one of the ugliest of those.
    To say that the USA is the "highest expression of western Civilization" and that "White people created them both" is a highly dogmatic assertion.
    "Hundreds of millions"? Can you document that with real statistics, please?

  33. TsugaC
    TsugaC October 26, 2011

    @daniel15671 You'd have to do a Nexus search for surveys done in India back in the '90s to find it, but I recall reading in The Detroit News of a survey taken in India that revealed that around 160 million Indians would accept the opportunity to emigrate to the USA if given the opportunity. If that many people from one country want to come here, I'm sure that a worldwide total in the hundreds of millions is in the ballpark. When you're living on less than $5 per day… Peace. 🙂

  34. yak6ex
    yak6ex November 26, 2011

    Are we talking about immigration or illegal immigration?

  35. Robb's Homemade Life
    Robb's Homemade Life February 28, 2012

    Vdare publishes writings by a wide assortment ogf authors. I don't agree with them all, just like I don't agree with everything on the network news or NPR. Having said that, Vdare is consistently, the most well informed site on immigration anywhere.
    What passes for immigration articles in ohter sites and media is always the same narrative- All immigration good, anyone that wats less immigration EVIL.
    Also, SPLC is a bogus hate group itself. Using it as a source of info is for tools and fools

  36. MyTotalRemedy
    MyTotalRemedy September 12, 2012

    VDARE's against immigration period.

  37. MyTotalRemedy
    MyTotalRemedy September 12, 2012

    Abraham Lincoln was the first RINO & a tyrant. He catered to the agenda of some like John Brown who really hated white people.
    The Confederacy defended the West, the Yankees brought our culture into a dark age.

  38. MyTotalRemedy
    MyTotalRemedy September 12, 2012

    La Raza illegal aliens are just gonna vote for Obama no matter what the GOP does. Hell, look at how bad McCain did with Hispanics, and he was King Amnesty.

  39. TsugaC
    TsugaC September 12, 2012

    Even a stopped clock is correct twice per day. His statement was perfectly valid and that's why a quoted it in my response. Peace.

  40. Jorge O.
    Jorge O. November 6, 2012

    even though the hispanic vote is only 7percent of the vote, they are concentrated in the southwest where in some states they make up as much as 30percent of the vote. thats why they have leverage. they are also concentrated in states with high electoral votes which makes their support absolutely crucial.

  41. Ester Samuels
    Ester Samuels July 8, 2014

    Needs more volume.

  42. Frank Burns
    Frank Burns September 21, 2015

    To sane people, there' no better endorsement than a condemnation by the SPLC or the ADL.

  43. Ponerology
    Ponerology June 26, 2016

    What Brimelow says about the difference in voting demographics based on race is a no-brainier. Republicans, trying to get any vote but whites is political suicide.

  44. Leroy Castleberry
    Leroy Castleberry July 4, 2016

    Trump has tried it and will be our next president

  45. ar ar
    ar ar February 7, 2017

    its racist to appeal to race groups? umm the democrats concentrate all their efforts on the Hispanic and black vote. they assume theirs ebough white guilt citizens to come om over when they call the brown and black voters over

  46. androidbey
    androidbey April 11, 2018

    He is trump before Trump

  47. Neil 357
    Neil 357 August 25, 2019

    There is no need to interview this Peter Brimelow he is a piece of shit. And i must say all those that have a mindset as Peter should be flush cause that's what happens to shit. America will never be a White Only Nation

  48. IndieMediaEastcoast Canada
    IndieMediaEastcoast Canada August 30, 2019

    damned interesting chap … [ Ann Corcoran ] also worth checking her out

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