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Parties sharply divided over justice minister Cho Kuk’s appointment

We’re getting mixed reactions from parliament
over the appointment of justice minister Cho Kuk. The ruling Democratic Party welcomed his appointment,…
saying he has the expertise and commitment to carry out the Moon administration’s reform
drive. The party called on Cho to dedicate himself
and contribute to society while serving in the public post,… and create a fair and
just prosecutorial and judicial system. The main opposition Liberty Korea Party which
had been calling for the scrapping of Cho’s nomination from the beginning,… said the
president has gone against the wishes of the people. The conservative party said it will consider
all possible means of protest,… including a boycott of legislative activities… and
public rallies. The appointment comes after a month of intense
wrangling between rival parties,… over multiple accusations of irregularities involving Cho
and his family.


  1. spankytjp
    spankytjp September 9, 2019

    the purpose of appointment is to reduce the possibility that injustice the Moon Jae-in goverment has done would be exposed

    if not, he would expose the injustice of korean goverment to take revenge

    inter-group strife begins

    moon jea-in had to appoint

    moon jea-in did not have two choices

  2. Thistlejoe Lullaby
    Thistlejoe Lullaby September 9, 2019

    From when does candle demonstration for impeachment of Moon start?? Or the motivation won't go up?

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