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  1. Isaac
    Isaac May 27, 2019

    Great lessons! He looks exactly like Chuck from Better Call Saul (Michael McKean) !!!!!!

  2. DsiakMondala
    DsiakMondala May 27, 2019

    He talks talks talks and says nothing, waste of time

  3. Ray Fox
    Ray Fox May 27, 2019

    this guy is not a leader. I dont believe him, he is a con man who talks bollocks

  4. Craig Pointon
    Craig Pointon May 27, 2019

    Wake up people. This guy is a scammer. He spouts nonsense.

  5. Kumar Gourav
    Kumar Gourav May 27, 2019

    thank you so much…i really got to now a batter about leadership…

  6. RSM
    RSM May 27, 2019

    Great Speech! Thank you John.

  7. Saurabh
    Saurabh May 27, 2019

    To be an effective ethical leader, a person must align the goals of the company with the people who are working together to achieve those goals. After watching this video, I believe aligning the goals and the people is best described with level 3 and level 4 leadership. The goal of any company is to produce results and keep the momentum going, but one thing companies will do is only focus on the results and forget about the people who are working their asses off to produce these results. An ethical leader takes time to recognize the result, mold talent, and help employees get to the next level. One of the biggest things employees look for is recognition-they want to know their work is good and they want the acknowledgement. A leader takes time with his or her employees and breaks down their strengths and weaknesses and teaches them how to use their strengths to improve their weaknesses. Finally, a leader does not hold onto a good worker for selfish reasons- like they know they can trust them with any project given to them with zero questions asked. When a leader recognizes an employee with this talent, they should be exploring options to get them to the next level.

  8. Amax Joseph
    Amax Joseph May 27, 2019

    minute 30:00 still learned ZERO value words. only 20,000 time repeating the same word. and braging about your business and your status… too ,much pity that you are so famous and rich and in a sore world with wars and in a world that there are a new generation of dazzling great 13 year old real leaders and inventors people come to the feet of your blaber… give my 30 min life back!

  9. Amax Joseph
    Amax Joseph May 27, 2019

    redundant verbose. least technical though enjoyable.I was expecting higher technique and more depth information. this even doesn't get close to be informative in regard to the topic. I enjoy speakers like Kottler more.

  10. Bobby Dsouza
    Bobby Dsouza May 27, 2019

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT ! we cross the finish line…unlike so many so many so called leaders today

  11. Henry Combs Jr
    Henry Combs Jr May 27, 2019

    Excellent. Totally helpful, useful, time relative, can and will digest and grow.

  12. Byron Aguilar
    Byron Aguilar May 27, 2019

    wow. what an awesome teaching. exactly what I need it to hear it has given me clarity. Looking forward to grow on my journey in leadership.

  13. J Cook
    J Cook May 27, 2019

    What an amazingly wise man.

  14. Charles Chandler
    Charles Chandler May 27, 2019

    Awesome leader's will lead people from the front, not the from the rear.

  15. Hellon Singletary
    Hellon Singletary May 27, 2019

    I agree Mr. Maxwell….Grandchildren are awesome!!!!! Especially mine….:)  I've learned some things about myself listening to "The Five Levels of Leadership." Thank you, Sir! This has truly helped me.

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