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Pakistani Politician Mistakens GTA5 for Real Life Incident

hi so in this footage an oil tanker a truck rather oil tanker transport by former truck stops right in the middle of a runway as a airplane is about to take landing from long flight so take a look I'm not sure if you notice but obviously it's from a video game and I'm pretty sure you know what game that is Grandfather 5 a Pakistani politician mistaking this for actual footage of a like just actual footage like real-life footage which is kind of hilarious because it's clearly a game but it just tells you that old people do not know the difference between video games and real life these days because yeah graphics are getting a lot better than what they used to be ten years ago and they're only gonna improve they're not getting worse and honestly judging by the fact that he did not notice the difference now like imagine 10 years from now like what gaming grant like just what gaming is gonna be in general because we have VR which is just a headset where that allows you look 360 degrees like oh wow it's VR no one's it's not virtual reality not yet at least but I have a feeling we're gonna have like actual like full VR simulation where we are mentally in the game like your brains hooked up like I have a feeling that's what's happening like some SAO type of a deal 10 years from now I bet you any money anyway I found this video funny I found it great much if you found funny pretty sure you did a actual politician of a country and this game is been in Pakistan from what I believe I believe it's banned in Pakistan let me actually look that up right now I'm gonna actually Google is GTA in Pakistan because I'm pretty sure the game is bad from what I know uh I don't think it's been but if it is been that's probably why he didn't know anyways I hope you enjoyed the video it was funny and I know the video quality was pretty trashed but I couldn't find a better video quiet I don't know the source of the video I don't know where it came from however if you do research you can find it please comment like subscribe that was just me sharing something I found funny there's actual news reports about this like if you don't believe me it's it's pretty funny anyway so yeah a Pakistani politician found this real by the name as Khurram Nawaz we've gotten that poor Gundappa I think his name is so definitely check his Twitter out because he's a he's a politician just checking about it is funny maybe they make mistakes anyway take everybody and hope to see you in the next one a nice

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