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Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

organizations across the board all over the world are undergoing massive transformation of their culture transformation of their value system transformation of their strategies this program prepares the CEOs to develop real-time choices in terms of preparing this organization for the 21st century I compared many different schools before I picked Oxford I looked at several other schools and most EMP programs look like compressed MBAs I spent a lot of time researching the Oxford program and I realized that this particular approach is completely unique the Oxford Advanced Management and leadership program runs for three weeks fundamentally there are three pillars of the program the first pillar is about understanding that in the context of your organization what kind of global challenges and insights become relevant from the point of view of success of your organization and your role and performance as a leader what this program does it takes you out of your life like helicopter looking at the world from a holistic perspective there's a real emphasis on not looking just at the corporation as a business and maximizing profits but in fact looking outside of the world and your place in your business but also in your community you'll be with a great group of people and faculty that will be allowing some great debate and some real mixing up of views and ideas for leadership and management the second pillar is all about understanding that what are the organizational challenges and choices in terms of key areas of strategic decision-making such as investment talent management funding of large-scale projects issues like designing the business strategy and exposure to ideas ranging from strategy financial basics emerging country issues leadership geopolitics wood energy environment the program really takes the best of that the business school has to offer from a management point of view the best of what it has to offer from a leadership point of view and the best of what the university has to offer from its understanding of 21st century challenges the third pillar is about understanding yourself as a leader what is your current leadership profile what is your leadership edge what are your leadership values how people see you as a leader the program enables you to redefine your leadership posture your leadership style for the future we've been able to sort of rediscover ourselves it's got me to look at my life in my work with new eyes I think it offers a space from which people are able to start and make this transition from management into leadership which is a really complicated and difficult standard throughout the program every participant has it personally – the tutorial really is based on the Oxford tutorial it's a key part of how we teach our students here within the university over the three weeks they have three of these tutorials it's an opportunity for the participant to spend an hour up to an hour and a half reflecting on an issue that is important to them I would recommend this course to other senior business leaders as long as two conditions are met number one they're coming in with a level of experience with which they can participate and put some things on the table and second they're coming in with a very very very open mind because they cannot help it they will learn as long as they bring in a very open perspective I think I will do a lot another way in the future our Josie changes your mindset would I recommend this course to perspective participants well I wouldn't mind going on it myself if you're looking for achieving higher results in your own life in the life of your organization in the context of the society the Oxford Advanced Management and leadership program is a must

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