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Office Politics | Web Series | S01E01 – "Have I Been Promoted?"

Why today? It's not friday today? What.. am I forgetting? Guess?
– Tell me? Dhruv, how can you forget about it being in the same company? Oh shit!! How was it? Outstanding rating!!! Amazing!!! Nice… This calls for a big party!!
– Ofcourse, This treat is from my side..but wait, there is more to it..
– What? I am now an Assistant Manager Amazing! Well done. This calls for a bigger party! Why does he always call after work hours? Don't pick his call! Hi Sir. No no, 8:30 pm is not late Yes Sir. Sir, I really liked the way you handled the call today. You taught the client a good lesson. Ya ya.. No problem at all sir. Okay..Tell? What?
– When will you get the result of your performance review?
– Maybe in a day or two Awesome..then we will party hard for sure. I don't care. In any case, I'll leave soon for doing my MBA. C'mon Dhruv, don't be a bore! See, you should work hard and not expect the result. Want to have Chutki?
– Not right now. Otherwise, everything is set, right? Set, as in? How many times have I told you, to grow in corporate you will have to market yourself. I mean, you have to sell yourself.
– As in, Okay listen.. I'll explain it to you, Assume that you're mineral water.
– What? Dhruv, you're mineral water only, because water is the same everywhere. What do you mean? As in..
– Okay see.. Water is the same everywhere, but people drink Bisleri.. Are you understanding? So, it's all branding and nothing else. See, taking credit for your simple work, doing late sitting and licking your manager's a**, will help you build your brand. Does that even make any sense? See, I am being honest with you, because I love you! Anyway, why are we discussing these thing? I'm sure you will kill it this time! Now give me some Chutki. The atmosphere is too overwhelming, I am finding it really hard here. I see. It is a bit overwhelming in the beginning. You know, you feel a bit out of sorts. But anyway, if you face any problem just let me know, I'll try my best to help you out. Thanks! Just a second.. Hi Garima, how are you? I was just sitting with Khushi. Khushi, the new intern. What? Right now? I'll just come. I have to attend an important meeting, I'll see you in the evening. May I?
– Ya, hi Dhruv! Hi Garima! So,
– So, How are you?
– Good! So, I'll begin by saying that you have wrked really hard this year.. Good stuff!! Thank you, Garima. Want to have some water? No, I'm fine. Dhruv, before I announce your rating I would like to tell you my story. Dhruv, I am just like you, I see a lot of myself in you. You have so much fire.. And this is my eight appraisal cycle in the company, and five out of eight times, I have received an average rating, But see, I have grown so well, I became a manager last year. That means, I have got an average rating. Dhruv, we were not able to make the bell curve and we haven't given outstanding rating to anyone. Okay.. cool. Can I give you a tip?
– Sure. You should increase your visibility in the company. And, don't discuss your future plans with everyone, Keep them to yourself. Okay. And like always, I'll mail you a link, just fill the form and let's close the appraisal cycle this year. Sure! Dhruv, Let's meet next week to discuss your plans for the next year's cycle. You really have it in you to get an outstanding rating. Thank you! This Garima has definitely, taken us for a ride. Bro, let's do something. What? In every appraisal cycle, it's the same scenario, this is what happens with us. It happens with us everytime. I don't understand that why are you silent? What should I do?
– Bro, you have so much fire. I mean that you have been working really hard for the past 12 months. Take a stand, bro! It happens everytime. I don't care. In any case, I have to leave for my MBA. Bro, what do you mean that you don't care? Listen to me, atleast think about your rating. Go to Khatri, and challenge your rating. How is that going to help? Self respect, bro! Self respect! Why don't you also challenge your rating? Bro, first you challenge your rating. I'll be behind you, right behind you! Okay! I don't care but I'll still give it a try. Hi Sir, Good time for a chat? Dhruv, my boy!! Come sit, bro! I always have time for you, bro!
Come sit. Bro, will you have coffee?
– No Sir..
– Wait bro, Please get us two coffees.
– Now tell me. Sir..
– By the way, I just saw your blockchain proposal, you nailed it, Bro!! Thank you, Sir! Now tell me? Sir, I got to know my rating today, and I got an average rating Seriously saying, this year was very productive for me and I thought I deserved an outstanding rating. I had a meeting with Garima, but it wasn't that convincing. In short, I am not happy with my rating. Done?
– Yup Why are you doing this, bro?
– Sir, this time–
– Why are you doing this? What??
– You are my man!! My man!!!! And my men, never worry in this company! True!
– I am the Godfather over here! You know it! That you are, Sir! Coffee is here. Awesome! 1 spoon sugar! So now you tell me, in this situation does your rating even matter? No, I don't think so! Exactly! You are my man!!
My man!! Your growth is in my hands. You don't worry, Bro! So will yo keep serving me coffee or will you ever serve me some booz? Whenever you say..I'm always in. So which brand are you going to serve me? Sir, your usual, Chivas! Awesome bro! Awesome!


  1. Gabblin
    Gabblin June 30, 2019

    Would you like to share some of your office experiences?

  2. Abhishek Jani
    Abhishek Jani June 30, 2019


  3. mitali bhagat
    mitali bhagat June 30, 2019

    3 rating he has got

  4. Be/ rose Maryminati
    Be/ rose Maryminati June 30, 2019

    Guy is hot

  5. Shruti Gupta
    Shruti Gupta June 30, 2019


  6. Geek Pankaj
    Geek Pankaj June 30, 2019

    Dhrup ko averaj rating mili ha

  7. Tanmoy Sutradhar
    Tanmoy Sutradhar June 30, 2019

    subscribed! channel has good content….
    needs/deserves more subs …

  8. Ashwin Kumar
    Ashwin Kumar June 30, 2019

    Mera manager sala aise hi chutiyapa karta tha.. "Bhai tu janta hai yaar I fight for my team… Aur tu bhi jaanta hai kuch cheezein reh gayi thi toh isliye EE toh nahi de paunga bhai, auro ko bhi appraisal budget me hi cover karna hai.. Samajh bhai baat ko".

    And goes and gets himself a fucking 40% raise and promotion based on the output of the team I was part of – that he managed. Lol. Ek no. ka harami.

  9. Dhiraj Nayak
    Dhiraj Nayak June 30, 2019

    Feedback: you guys have improved a whole lot! It took me too many episodes/series and a few months time to subscribe. All the best, team! 😄

  10. Pratik Dedhia
    Pratik Dedhia June 30, 2019

    Ans is : average

  11. Ankita Chakraborty
    Ankita Chakraborty June 30, 2019

    He got Average rating

  12. Archana Virmani
    Archana Virmani June 30, 2019

    Please make season 2 of this… looking forward to it ..

    RAJEEV SHAH June 30, 2019

    dhruv got average rating

  14. Rishahh Thakur
    Rishahh Thakur June 30, 2019

    Gabblin you beauty
    Content was awesome
    Looking forward to see more content like this😉
    Actors was good
    I think this channel will grow surely like PewDiePie😉

  15. megha nath
    megha nath June 30, 2019

    What a good looking Dhruv you picked up, Gabblin! 🙂

  16. Sujoy Mukherjee
    Sujoy Mukherjee June 30, 2019

    Amazing reality. However just one question – while sending mail to Garima why it is gmail rather than an official mail?

  17. Mohammad Shayan
    Mohammad Shayan June 30, 2019

    I love you God father

  18. Mohammad Shayan
    Mohammad Shayan June 30, 2019

    Mera cheeta

  19. Er.Sharad Sharma
    Er.Sharad Sharma June 30, 2019

    Dhruv got Average Annual Appraisal rating

  20. NSUSO
    NSUSO June 30, 2019

    Btw this year I have gotten "A" rating (Exceeded Expectation )

    And dhruv ko mili hai "average " rating may be B or C

  21. Bal Krishna
    Bal Krishna June 30, 2019


  22. Mohammed Saleem
    Mohammed Saleem June 30, 2019

    Average rating given to dhuruv.

  23. Ankit Dwivedi
    Ankit Dwivedi June 30, 2019


  24. Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar June 30, 2019


  25. Amazing World
    Amazing World June 30, 2019

    Hi Gabbin
    My Answer is average rating .
    My name is Mayank sisodiya
    I m late answering because my exam start but now I watche this episode than reply my answer.
    But I m all episode watched and all content participants but ek bar bhi winner Nhi bnaa I m very sad.

    AJAY KUMAR VERMA June 30, 2019

    Average rating is provided to Druv on annual appraisal

  27. All About Indian Girl
    All About Indian Girl June 30, 2019

    Interesting video 😏

  28. Nirmal Jog
    Nirmal Jog June 30, 2019

    Dhruv got Average Rating

  29. M Danish
    M Danish June 30, 2019

    When I come here and watch any of the episodes, I feel like original. Outstanding script. It is my best web series channel ever on youtube.

    Thank You Gabblin Team!

  30. M Danish
    M Danish June 30, 2019


  31. Rakesh Sangwan
    Rakesh Sangwan June 30, 2019

    I still remember when my boss explained first Discussion post rating it’s was same like Dhruv discussion..
    Answer for question
    Dhruv got Average rating …

  32. Taufique Sekh
    Taufique Sekh June 30, 2019


  33. itsy bitsy
    itsy bitsy June 30, 2019


  34. IDEAS
    IDEAS June 30, 2019

    Average – The senior guy made Dhruv chootia as always.

  35. Saakshay Aggarwal
    Saakshay Aggarwal June 30, 2019


    DIPTI SATPATHI June 30, 2019

    He got
    average rating .But i hope you will touch 1 million soon.goodluck

  37. Sujit Patil
    Sujit Patil June 30, 2019

    Dhruv got 'average' rating!

  38. Purvi Dave
    Purvi Dave June 30, 2019

    It is sad!!! 8 years of my life came through in front in 12 minutes!!! I wish I never worked for these consultant companies !!! Everyone should quit and trash this bell curve stupidity!! So frustrated with it… Ia glad I am no more between these morons who give lecturing bellcurve stories to me!!!

    Just a request… Can't you show it without cigarette smoking scenes? Will make it better as this is kind of promoting . I am sure your not but showing smoking is not cool thing. Again sorry it's just my opinion … Love you guys 💕

    PRABHAT KR THAKUR June 30, 2019

    Dhruv got average

    VINIT RANJAN June 30, 2019

    Nice 😊😊

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