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‘Not Kings!’: Judge Issues Stinging Rebuke To Trump’s Impeachment Stonewall | MSNBC


  1. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick November 26, 2019

    Don McGahn is trying to tell the truth

  2. J G
    J G November 26, 2019

  3. Akuna My Tatas
    Akuna My Tatas November 26, 2019

    Ahhh i love the taste of Trumpist tears. All this winning and i'm not sick of it yet!

  4. Wesley C.
    Wesley C. November 26, 2019

    Ok guys, today we'll discuss the: "Rules of the Day"; "Story of the Day"; and "Excuses of the Day".

  5. David Dawson
    David Dawson November 26, 2019

    Vote Democrate make America a socialist $hithole again.

  6. Brownskingirl59 Brownskingirl59
    Brownskingirl59 Brownskingirl59 November 26, 2019

    He wont open his mouth.

  7. Computer User
    Computer User November 26, 2019

    KING DONALD I does not have to comply with anything.

  8. Swag Mimic
    Swag Mimic November 26, 2019

    Trump will win 2020

  9. rich ernest
    rich ernest November 26, 2019

    Hello kitty!None of these mouses are more powerful than Lady Liberty.

  10. Nope Nope
    Nope Nope November 26, 2019

    Of coarse the DOJ is going to appeal. They want to get it to Creepy Kavanaugh so that he can overturn the ruling.

  11. Carl Spackler
    Carl Spackler November 26, 2019

    Well let's see what happens on appeal.

  12. epmarvelous001
    epmarvelous001 November 26, 2019

    Why doesn't some one tell Donald Dump that All elected officials are sworn into that office accepting the conditions set by The Media, Dems, Congress etc.etc.etc. and STOP complaining like a B*****!!! It all comes with the territory "Cry Baby"!!!

  13. G G
    G G November 26, 2019

    Like any of us, Trump's rope is only so long and eventually, he will be at its end. I only hope I am alive and able to dance in the street when it happens.

    HOLY PATRIOT November 26, 2019

    listen to 2020 WINNING campaign song @

    HOLY PATRIOT November 27, 2019

  16. JRG2733
    JRG2733 November 27, 2019

    Oh Man. The court actually quoted George Orwell's "1984"? OUCH!
    Not a good day for Trump's defense attorneys. The poor overpaid ignorant buggers.

  17. Terry Kane
    Terry Kane November 27, 2019

    The Judge deliberately wrote a long and very thorough piece as a benefit to the upper courts. She did their homework for them.

  18. creatorsist
    creatorsist November 27, 2019

    Ari is fine and smart… we luv u Ari

  19. ronmiller.283
    ronmiller.283 November 27, 2019

    Whatever your feelings for Trump, these are some interesting points. Put your hatred aside and think about this.

    Here are some interesting points to think about prior to 2020, especially to my friends on the fence, like moderate Democrats, Libertarians and Independents and the never Trump Republicans and those thinking of "walking away" from the Democratic party.

    Women are upset at Trump’s naughty words — they also bought 80 million copies of 50 Shades of Gray.

    Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders. It seems women’s rights only matter if those women are liberal.

    No Border Walls. No voter ID laws. Did you figure it out yet? But wait… there's more.

    Chelsea Clinton got out of college and got a job at NBC that paid $900,000 per year. Her mom flies around the country speaking out about white privilege.

    And just like that, they went from being against foreign interference in our elections to allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

    President Trump’s wall costs less than the Obamacare website. Let that sink in, America.

    We are one election away from open borders, socialism, gun confiscation, and full-term abortion nationally. We are fighting evil.

    They sent more troops and armament to arrest Roger Stone than they sent to defend Benghazi.

    60 years ago, Venezuela was 4th on the world economic freedom index. Today, they are 179th and their citizens are dying of starvation. In only 10 years, Venezuela was destroyed by democratic socialism.

    Russia donated $0.00 to the Trump campaign. Russia donated $145,600,000 to the Clinton Foundation. But Trump was the one investigated!

    Nancy Pelosi invited illegal aliens to the State of the Union. President Trump Invited victims of illegal aliens to the State of the Union. Let that sink in.

    A socialist is basically a communist who doesn’t have the power to take everything from their citizens at gunpoint … Yet!

    How do you walk 3000 miles across Mexico without food or support and show up at our border 100 pounds overweight and with a cellphone?

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wants to ban cars, ban planes, give out universal income and thinks socialism works. She calls Donald Trump crazy.

    Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones To get her to go away. I don’t remember the FBI raiding his lawyer’s office.

    I wake up every day and I am grateful that Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States of America.

    The same media that told me Hillary Clinton had a 95% chance of winning now tells me Trump’s approval ratings are low.

    “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”— Margaret Thatcher

    Maxine Waters opposes voter ID laws; She thinks that they are racist. You need to have a photo ID to attend her town hall meetings.

    President Trump said — "They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in their way."
    Read that again.

    Pass along these truths!

  20. John Gilmore
    John Gilmore November 27, 2019

    The Problem is Trump Has ran his life like it's a Monarchy, He is so stupid he doesn't understand the constitution and our Democracy that was set in place by our founders.Trump your not A King!

  21. darren damonte
    darren damonte November 27, 2019

    The Dead were playing Winterland in 1974, not the Fillmore. But it was a great year.

  22. Oohntwydamayla Kahn
    Oohntwydamayla Kahn November 27, 2019

    what happens when you or l the average person ignore a subpoena…. you'll have the police kicking in your door

  23. Bradly Brad
    Bradly Brad November 27, 2019

    #boycott msnbc vote yang

  24. Panther TV Channel
    Panther TV Channel November 27, 2019

    My best undercover agents ever were Donald Trump Devin Nunes and Rudy Guiliani – Vlad Putin

  25. Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez November 27, 2019

    Attorney client privilege and executive privilege. Any communication by the president is protected. He should show up and give the democrats the filibuster like they’ve tried to do on countless occasions.

  26. Gendo Ikari
    Gendo Ikari November 27, 2019

    ….they are going to stick it to him and his followers…

  27. Christopher Pearson
    Christopher Pearson November 27, 2019

    Since these supposed 'whistleblowers' are not really 'whistleblowers' but biased political activists who could be anyone including an 'invention' of 'Schiff' – the 'accused' should be afforded due process to confront and cross examine any knowingly false testimony. It's time for this seditious nonsense to cease and desist! No – there is no 'special immunity' for false witnesses. I mean how stupid are we supposed to be? Anyone can be declared as a 'whistleblower' (as a false witness – a made up story) and the burden of proof is placed on the falsely accused while the 'whistleblower' is given judicial immunity? Give me a break!

  28. Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson November 27, 2019

    The president is just a citizen with Perks, But Not a King. America Doesn't Do Kings,..

  29. We are all connected
    We are all connected November 27, 2019

    If it were ME, I would've ignored trump..BECAUSE a subpoena IS the law, and the president ISN'T above it. Then they could REALLY have the heat turned up on their anti Constitutional behavior!

  30. bubba luv
    bubba luv November 27, 2019

    but i'm an emperor, the sun god king taking blood sacrifice or cash if you prefer

  31. Brett Cornelius
    Brett Cornelius November 27, 2019

    THE ORDER OF STATE IS ABOVE ANY PERVERTED LAW. Now I want to do what those top players are doing; I wanna younger version of Angelina.

  32. Arden McConnell
    Arden McConnell November 27, 2019

    Hardly the King of the USA, but definitely the Prince of lies.

  33. sirius428
    sirius428 November 27, 2019

    Well this is it! We are at the crossroads. With such a weak Constitution that is so malleable that is breaking at the seams, that shows that we are at the brink of becoming a dictatorship led by one of the most despicable con man this country has ever seen, it is time that the military IMMEDIATELY join together and take over the governance for our protection. What is happening at the moment is an attempt by a group of traitors to replay the October Revolution, the coup d'état by the Bolsheviks under Lenin in November 1917 that led to a period of civil war which ended in victory for the Bolsheviks in 1922. We DO NOT have a legitimate POTUS at the helm. We have an impostor surrounded by an incredibly lawless group of "stewards" who are already at work right in our face. These traitors must be captured and they must be dealt with in the manner that is entrenched in the Constitution. THIS IS NO JOKE. THIS IS SERIOUS. This country may be the most powerful nation on the planet, it doesn't matter. The 21st century is just another century. Powerful nations have been overthrown throughout history and this one is not immune due to the fact that, YES, the Constitution IS breaking at the seams. THIS is the MOST CRITICAL time in our history! We do not need a revolution or another civil war. That would be our death as a nation. To those who will think or say that this can't happen, think twice! I rest my case.

  34. Jason Ross
    Jason Ross November 27, 2019

    Michael Cohn is writing on his cell wall with a sharpie “ I told you so “

  35. The Donald#1
    The Donald#1 November 27, 2019

    lots of criminal democrats about to be arrested i cant wait trump is maga

  36. Carl Rice
    Carl Rice November 27, 2019

    If only republicans didnt want a king. Even though they accused Obama of wanting to be one with not even a percentage point of what trump has actually done to show he thinks hes a king.

  37. Allen Yeong
    Allen Yeong November 27, 2019

    The moron did not say he is king, but show he is 'godfather'

  38. Len Ovo
    Len Ovo November 27, 2019

    If you want to understand the truth about the Ukraine corruption quid pro quo scandal…–dj2-CY

  39. mvtelectra
    mvtelectra November 27, 2019

    The DOJ is not standing up for the constitution nor the American people. To even suggest that Trump is immune from investigation and prosecution, is preposterous. The entire past three years have been a clown show at America's expense.

  40. e s
    e s November 27, 2019

    Trump molests young kids…ew

  41. Cecil Treadwell
    Cecil Treadwell November 27, 2019

    Donald Trump has been roped in and COMPROMISED by Vladimir Putin for decades.

  42. Strong Mountain Runner
    Strong Mountain Runner November 27, 2019

    They are just COWARDS….looking for an EXCUSE to avoid TESTIFYING in front CONGRESS…

    The White House…did the same to Fiona Hill….yet!!!!….She did not need a judge rule to TESTIFY….

    ….COWARD MEN….


    That may be the reason….I see more WOMEN RUNNING IN THE MOUNTAINS….than…men…

    Men ride bikes…..WHICH IT IS EASIER!!!!!…than RUNNING!!!!..


  43. Michael Bowes
    Michael Bowes November 27, 2019

    All of this is very clear and settled law. What prevented McGann from saying "Sir, I must obey the law"? He should face serious consequences.

  44. Azad A
    Azad A November 27, 2019

    So let me get this correct, population of Ukraine is just over 42 million you want to tell me the only cropped person he found was Biden's son that's amazing.

  45. Bill Abbott
    Bill Abbott November 27, 2019

    I learned recently that people who read fiction (novels) have a strong sense of empathy because they get inside the heads of characters and sympathise with their struggles. I don't think the toddler in chief, Trump has finished "Green eggs and ham" let alone "The Grinch who stole Christmas"! Ergo his lack of anything…particularly his sense of right and wrong…????? Lock him up!

  46. Itosalix
    Itosalix November 27, 2019

    And if they defy orders then what? Oh, contempt! Which does nothing. Oh, sanctions! Yeah, none of the haven't sanctioned anyone even when they've been in contempt. So… what's the stop them from continuing to ignore them? Because a judge said so? They don't care! They all think rules and laws don't apply to them. And if worse comes to worse he'll ask the supreme court to take care of it for him… make it go away.
    I suppose the Sgt at Arms has power to force people to comply… but probably not allowed to do that to the Commander in Chief (pains me to say that). But who has the authority to call Sgt at Arms? If it's the senate, McConnell will say no.

  47. RampagePhoenix
    RampagePhoenix November 27, 2019

    Trump is the Devil's chosen one.

  48. Kind Colorado
    Kind Colorado November 27, 2019

    IMPEACH FAT NIXON, STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. DivineAlign8
    DivineAlign8 November 27, 2019

    Just another example of how the GOP have no idea what they are doing and have no business doing anything outside of flipping burgers at Mc Donalds

  50. Kris Jackson
    Kris Jackson November 27, 2019

    There is a jail under Congress, if they refuse to answer questions hold them in contempt, tell the Sergeant in Arms to detain them and let them sit in jail under Congress till they talk.

  51. PoliticallyCentered
    PoliticallyCentered November 27, 2019

    Trump and his supporters are screwed. Trying to use all defenses possible at once😂😂
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. Whistleblower has secondhand info. Not reliable.
    7. We want whistleblower to testify
    8. This is sham. We should have public testimonies
    9. Why are we having public testimonies?
    10. But, but, but…. Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama……😂😅
    11. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!

  52. Nobody Special
    Nobody Special November 27, 2019

    Yeah, Trump's really going to be impeached huh? Doesn't look like it.

  53. Gilly 1
    Gilly 1 November 27, 2019

    And all the gold-leaf hit the floor! 😆

  54. KO
    KO November 27, 2019


  55. West Coast Treasures
    West Coast Treasures November 27, 2019

    Check mate pal

  56. Tony T
    Tony T November 27, 2019

    I can't wait until the majority of the GOP loses their reelections, a few will get thru due to the morons that continue to vote for them, but the majority will lose. Maybe then the GOP elites will recognize their ways are not what the public want. Man that will feel so good, bunch of idiots!

  57. Dennis Kinch
    Dennis Kinch November 27, 2019

    OMG!! How is possible that there's 30% of Americans who are Trump supporters who will go down with a ship
    that was sinking the day Trump sank from the escalator in Trump Tower? Some like LGraham get paid a lot of money but not the shmucks
    in his rally audiences. A con man tells you he will lie to you as he steals everything he can get his hands whilst blaming his victims for
    everything that's wrong and people decide he'd make a decent president. Am I taking about Trump or Putin? Aha! Everyone seems to
    think the crime of the day is the only one for impeachment – except those who are paying attention and taking notes. There's the whole
    Mueller report with all kinds of crimes as witnessed by all the Trumpettes in jail because of it. Trump was only protected because
    he's president and by a crackpot rule of the DOJ. And like Putin, as soon as Trump commits a crime his henchmen hit the airwaves to blame
    his victims and lie and lie again and again with the daily talking points written by Trump himself. Who would want their kid to grow up
    to be like him? He must be impeached and removed before he steals everything and , as president, cements the path to get him as he
    skates free. He obstructed all over the Mueller stuff and now he's doing it to this one. How does anyone except lowlife, criminal
    traitors think it's OK to support this imbecile? The GOP has been taken over and its members seem to be OK with this FoxNews version.
    Vote them all out of office before we become just another Mafia stronghold. Show this criminal in the oval that he, above everyone in
    this country needs to respect our laws, the Constitution and above all, the people or else he will be just another Putin.

  58. Nick Name
    Nick Name November 27, 2019

    the most important question is: why USA should give money to Ukraine? one of the most proven corrupted state in Europe, the answer is very simple – money laundering, corrupted politics give that so-called "aid" to Ukraine and then people like Bidens get this money back in their pockets through Ukrainian companies like Burisma, which probably keep some commission for the "service". and this is in Ukraine, you can bet the same scheme was used in other countries in Eastern Europe.

  59. Emily
    Emily November 27, 2019

    How much more "full flavor" do people need? Those who are on doubt – are really in DENIIAL.

  60. Traciluv
    Traciluv November 27, 2019

    If trump's call was so perfect, why doesn't he want people to comply?

  61. J W
    J W November 27, 2019

    Organized crime enterprise calls for The Rico Act .
    20 years for each person involved!

  62. No Name
    No Name November 27, 2019

    Sheeppeople luv worshiping mind controlled news media.

  63. Chief Tahchawwickah
    Chief Tahchawwickah November 27, 2019

    It’s weird how Caucasians try everything to not be in trouble for the crimes they commit.

  64. sam sayre
    sam sayre November 27, 2019

    It's the Christian church that needs to start to begin taxed. I'm not against Christianity, but that is one way, among others such as defense spending cuts/corporate taxes being adjusted, that can seriously pull this economy out of it's hole.

  65. Eric Burton
    Eric Burton November 27, 2019

    A proclaimed law&Order president that cares nothing for the law and is at war with law makers and the judicial system

  66. B.T.
    B.T. November 27, 2019

    Shifty Eric and 6 hours Joe don’t want to move it to the Senate, because “only the witnesses from the secret basement are relevant”.

  67. Dirty Jursey
    Dirty Jursey November 27, 2019

    Republicans should comply and do what the democrats do,, plead the 5th

  68. Laurel Ward Carroll
    Laurel Ward Carroll November 27, 2019

    Sorry… The House SAA = the Sergeant At Arms is the "TOP COP" in the security team that is assigned to THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES…. and has full authority to arrest anyone defying a HOUSE SUBPOENA ….. IF SO ORDERED.

  69. MICHAEL boyd
    MICHAEL boyd November 27, 2019

    do you think you can mack me stay in the roum and no one till me a thing and wat on the reado is jokes an in not gon to pay the jopean marcey 32000 bill win the bus driver sed it be a 7 hoer and is was 37 days and the sircthes ws a indean an he tok a brain skin win the gavebea shot and the higher hot thi lazer i theinead

  70. MICHAEL boyd
    MICHAEL boyd November 27, 2019

    if turp is removed thin the hil fier wil be so ban like now ofv the histey oflife it get wars and a tiphion on the blck sea to day and a sand storm

  71. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  72. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  73. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  74. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  75. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  76. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  77. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  78. Wilmo Mee
    Wilmo Mee November 27, 2019


  79. vze1lxls
    vze1lxls November 27, 2019

    Most of these folks are lawyers and know better.

  80. Vendicar Kahn
    Vendicar Kahn November 27, 2019

    The facts are that Donald Trump has been chosen by God to rule America as our king of kings.

    We are his subjects, and it is pure treason to resist or act against his Godly Rule.

    God's intent for America has always been for America to be a homeland for the Superior White Race and Donald Trump is fulfilling that Godly Vision.

    God Bless Donald Trump, and God Blesses America through Donald Trump, for he is Christ Reborn.

    MAGA 2020

  81. Kohliflie's ICSI Tagebuch
    Kohliflie's ICSI Tagebuch November 27, 2019

    stop this, americans!

  82. Asherit
    Asherit November 27, 2019

    This news network is a joke! So many false and misleading statements between the anchor and the guests that it’s truly mind boggling. Welcome to 1984 and The Unfreedom of the Press.

  83. Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews November 27, 2019

    Dems are CLOWNS! all of them! 4-more years watch!

    JACK ROMO November 27, 2019

    Break out the IG report and a senate impeachment trial. Lets find out who took Ukraine money and converted it to bonds on American soil.

  85. Keith Anthony
    Keith Anthony November 27, 2019

    If Republican zombies and Trump fanatics act as if he is a king, why wouldn't he believe it?

  86. anna martinez
    anna martinez November 28, 2019

    Haaa? Three Amigos? You mean the three stooges + 1. I really don't care what anyone feels about Hillary she spent hours & days testifying what stamina!!! Trumps lover Putin really did not want her and instead we got Trump. Trump is not allowed by his attorneys/gop pals to testify. First, he has no stamina, Second, he blabs too much and third, the gop lovers had to use his own sharpie to write a dumb rebuttal saying I WANT NOTHING over and over again. Just because he's too dumb to stay focused. HE'S HIS OWN WORST ENEMY

  87. Ron Metcalfe
    Ron Metcalfe November 28, 2019

    The impeachment is without merit !!!

  88. Sandra Gruhle
    Sandra Gruhle November 28, 2019

    Please remember Roy Cohen was the “mentor” from whom dumpty learned his politics, Cohen’s first teacher and his personal first claim to fame was the disgraced and humiliated Senator Joe McCarthy (Rep., Wisconsin). Cohen was at that time, in a partnership with Richard Nixon, an aide to McCarthy. dumpty, lacking intellect, gained his politics through osmosis from those three.

  89. Lizz Ward
    Lizz Ward November 28, 2019

    Guantanamo Bay awaits them all.
    The reason President Obama didn't close it should be obvious to all by now!

  90. Lotty Paria
    Lotty Paria November 28, 2019

    I have my rights to excise I care not my demands by Friday or hells comes this is no warning this your life you play with

  91. Mary S.
    Mary S. November 28, 2019

    Illinois Governor ROD BLOGOJEVICH gets 14 long year for an ATTEMPTED BRIBERY . So should trump & his accomplices. DURA LEX, SED LEX . If we believe the LAW IS BLIND .

  92. Rursus
    Rursus November 28, 2019

    The judge says: "We would not be so lenient on people refusing to show up on a legal subpoena hearing, as the democrats are. Those that refuse to show up will be indicted." Don McGahn really deserves jail for this.

  93. Cpl Soletrain
    Cpl Soletrain November 28, 2019

    To be 100% fair, Eric Holder did the same thing with just refusing to give up some subpoenaed documents.

    Honestly Congress needs to have arresting power over the executive branch. Throw the whole Trump admin in a hole beneath the stairs until they start complying

  94. The Yeti
    The Yeti November 28, 2019

    MSNBC and it's NPC broadcasters:

  95. cliberg
    cliberg November 28, 2019

    I love Ari's references to music, and here it's a Dead concert from '74 — and I was at a bunch of those!

  96. The Yeti
    The Yeti November 29, 2019

    so sad nothing to watch:

  97. scudrunner5
    scudrunner5 November 29, 2019

    It’s great to be a high grade imbecile in a land of idiots! Trump wins! 😂

  98. Jean Redman-Roberts
    Jean Redman-Roberts November 29, 2019

    Question for Ari: Are Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr, and Trump involved in a conspiracy against the United States? It seems messing with the 2020 election qualifies as a global wrong against the people of the United States. Must be multiple facts to consider, I am sure

  99. Sec. Pierre Salinger
    Sec. Pierre Salinger November 30, 2019

    Jesus is the King!

  100. Rope4 C
    Rope4 C November 30, 2019

    I wonder if any of these officials are okay with being part of Trump’s swap creatures??? What did they think they were supposed to do when they signed up to work on his administration and UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION????? The Constitution trumps Trump!

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