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  1. Ivy
    Ivy October 13, 2019

    Dot dot dot, dot dot ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Ivy
    Ivy October 13, 2019

    Discount Halloween decoration ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. John Medico
    John Medico October 13, 2019

    Jon quoted "Song For My Father" after the dad abandoning joke. Such a witty musical response and its so quick and subtle. Love that guy

  4. First Lady
    First Lady October 13, 2019

    Trump sold out the US! He does not know how to lead a war…. He will roll on his true allies!

  5. mr k
    mr k October 13, 2019

    Andrew Yang!!!

  6. mr k
    mr k October 13, 2019


  7. rj e
    rj e October 13, 2019

    Us backed Kurds are fighting the Syrian government and both turkey and Russia are helping the Syrians fight these rebels. Stop the propaganda!!!

  8. remcat
    remcat October 13, 2019

    Trump might lose the mandate of heaven!

  9. trevor carroll
    trevor carroll October 13, 2019

    In light of your Presidents ignorant comment about the Kurds not helping out in WW2 anbd specifically D Day I little research has revealed that the Kurds were fighting alongside the Allies, but maybe not in Normandy but with 10 companies with the RAF and some with the Royal Marine Commandos,

    1943- Force strength stood at; 166 British officers, 22 Assyrian companies, 5 Assyrian/Yizidi companies, 10 Kurdish companies, 4 Gulf Arab companies and 3 Baluchi companies. In addition, 11 Assyrian companies were serving in Palestine and 4 in Cyprus. The Parachute Company was embodied in the Royal Marine Commando and later were used in operations in Albania and Greece. 400 Assyrian joined from Syria, they were used in the specialistโ€™s communication companies. Ex-officer Malik Yacou Ismail also joined as a RAB 200. The name of the force was changed to Royal Air Force Levies.

  10. Drew
    Drew October 13, 2019

    lol sam cooke reference idk how I knew that song lol

  11. Makkushimu
    Makkushimu October 13, 2019

    Btw, did everyone here know that it was the Syrian Kurds holding 12,000 ISIS fighters in jail? Did everyone also hear how, now that Turkey is attacking, the Kurdish militants don't have the resources to defend their people and keep the ISIS fighters locked up anymore, which has so far caused multiple jailbreaks? So Trump's whole "ISIS has been wiped out" shtick was, surprise surprise, a blatant lie. ISIS is alive and well in prison. A prison which is crumbling. Who thought it was a good idea to elect a mentally handicapped senior citizen as president? Hands up now, don't be shy.

  12. Makkushimu
    Makkushimu October 13, 2019

    Are you sure Trump didn't try to make a pun with that Turkey comment? "He" as in the turkey (gobble-gobble) he's pardoning? It could also be intentional misdirection.

  13. John Bell
    John Bell October 13, 2019

    Robinson….the sh*thead who said drug users should just be allowed to DIE, essentially as they are a drain on society. A Christ representative?

  14. Penguine Sandra
    Penguine Sandra October 13, 2019

    love it magats will hate this. ha. they hate the truth

  15. Penguine Sandra
    Penguine Sandra October 13, 2019

    Erdogan or Erehwon ? Nowhere backwards for trumpsters I know you gave a hard time understanding simple concepts

  16. Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama October 13, 2019

    I just love talking shit to my Trump supporting coworkers. Lol. Idiots.

  17. Richard
    Richard October 13, 2019

    What else can you expect from a coward?

  18. Kaz Kazimierz
    Kaz Kazimierz October 13, 2019

    I find it interesting that in all this talk about selling out the Kurds nobody ever mentions that the US has sold out the Kurds several times in the past. Just another example of spin by omission.

  19. Richard Wolfe
    Richard Wolfe October 13, 2019


  20. Richard Wolfe
    Richard Wolfe October 13, 2019


  21. Dylan Richard
    Dylan Richard October 13, 2019

    Nothing wrong with leaving battles we should be in.

  22. Harrison Songolo
    Harrison Songolo October 13, 2019

    I figured it out, Trump is trying to destabilize the American economy and the government. This is because his dad Mr Daddy Trump had sold Don Trump to the Russian government and he has to do what Vlad tells him. Pres Trump is on a life long contract with Russia.

  23. casco rick
    casco rick October 13, 2019

    That Trump fellows one hell of a deal maker!

  24. togawe
    togawe October 13, 2019

    Holy shit is that final fantasy prelude at the end? Jon I love you

  25. Rudy Murga
    Rudy Murga October 13, 2019

    Of course tRump doesn't have a spine , remember he is a Vietnam draft dodging coward.

  26. TheMagpieAndHisTiger
    TheMagpieAndHisTiger October 13, 2019

    Andrew Scott did not get enough time.

  27. Jon Snow
    Jon Snow October 13, 2019

    I think the idea of Trump is to make Turkey make this mistake and bring it down economically….Turkey's Erdogan is behaving like a neo-Ottomon Caliph himself…its important for the west to cut Turkey's economy to size.

  28. Nikolai Stoliar
    Nikolai Stoliar October 13, 2019


  29. babiumno1
    babiumno1 October 14, 2019

    No different to how he used fellow Americans.

  30. Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby October 14, 2019

    You all are FAKE NEWS idiots

  31. Cecil Humphries
    Cecil Humphries October 14, 2019

    Yang gang all the way.

  32. Scott Comella
    Scott Comella October 14, 2019

    What about the NBA taking China's side and handing over their collective spines. No more NBA for me so y'all might as well move your " Association " to China

  33. M Devorah
    M Devorah October 14, 2019

    A leopard with spots always has spots

  34. Bill E
    Bill E October 14, 2019

    Who would have thought HE could be bought for $1000/mo.?

  35. Ernest Heau
    Ernest Heau October 14, 2019

    Remember also that the Trump Org. has dozens of financial interests in Turkey.

  36. Claudine Tabatha Egbert
    Claudine Tabatha Egbert October 14, 2019

    Anyone else read the title as "Trump Rolls Over for a Turkey?" XD

  37. Skullduggery Smiles
    Skullduggery Smiles October 14, 2019

    Also and importantly remember the orange idiot has business links with Turkey. For example orange idiot tower in Istanbul. The list of conflict of interest is long if you care to look for yourself. It's often asked, do those outside the US think Americans are stupid. Just listen to statements on the news like 'mandate of God' and the answer to the question is self evident.

  38. #FDT
    #FDT October 14, 2019

    Discount Halloween decoration= pat Robertson lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿคฃ

  39. EattinThurs61
    EattinThurs61 October 14, 2019

    So Turkey intentionally shells an American outpost in Kobane and the US does nothing? So what does all this tell the world? That the US are backstabbers and do not fire back? In fighting Daesh/ISIS in Syria the US has lost 5 and their allies 1100 since they where the infantery…good for Putin , I guess.

  40. Mando Man
    Mando Man October 14, 2019

    Apartheid shithole ๐Ÿฆƒ is The biggest threat to middle East peace.
    Seperation is The only selution for That fascist state.

  41. yew 2oob
    yew 2oob October 14, 2019

    Trump is so gutless that he rolls over and Turkey stuff's him.

  42. Hope Forbetter
    Hope Forbetter October 14, 2019

    Trumpโ€™s Mandate of Heaven is telling him that all be forgiven when he makes amendments by making the DOLLAR the greatest worship sign of all times!

  43. A NO
    A NO October 14, 2019

    Cmon guys the so called kurdish allied doesnโ€™t have legitimacy while Turkey have been allied for atleast 50 years!! Was major help to 2 gulf wars

  44. Dennis Navarro
    Dennis Navarro October 14, 2019


  45. misty G
    misty G October 14, 2019

    If you weren't so IGNORANT ABC you would know what is going on. Do you know the difference between Sunis & Shiites Muslims & WHY they have been fighting over 2000 yrs & US being there doesn't stop it! ALL we were doing was babysitting ISIS prisoners with TAX $ food, health,water.The countries they came from, EU, GERMANY, refused take them. AS TRUMP SAID AMERICA FIRST. OUR SICK,HOMELESS COME FIRST! SYRIA is basically gone. It was taken over by IRAN and RUSSIA. Pres Trump is NOT going to put us in another war of RELIGIOUS fighting and LOOSE SOLDIERS LIVES for conflict that has gone on over 2000 yrs! As he said he will devastate Turkeys economy with Sanctions & they know it. Like he said, we have crushed ISIS & he promised to go in, crush them, and bring troops home. He didn't abandon ANYONE. LEARN OR JUST CUT THE CRAP ON MADE UP ILLITERATE KNOWLEDGE!

  46. haval 7
    haval 7 October 14, 2019

    Praying for the Kurds

  47. Allon mielke
    Allon mielke October 14, 2019

    But , Stephen Colshit, if you feel SO strongly about helping Kurds, why don't YOU volunteer to help!!?
    The Peshmurga/PKK rebels accept foreign volunteers, so here's your opportunity to put your Talibangelist money where your mouth is!!
    And what EXACTLY do you expect Trump to do!?….invade Turkey to make Stephen Colshit and his Marxist friends happy!!?
    I seem to recall that in the mid-1970's, Democraps were quite happy to abandon American allies in Vietnam and Cambodia!
    In fact, here another opportunity for you….Hun Sen, a member of the genocidal Khmer Rouge is still in power there!!
    Why don't you recommend that the US invades Cambodia!!
    Get more Americans killed for nothing!!
    Or are dead Cambodians not worth as much as Kurds!?

  48. Elaine Teut
    Elaine Teut October 14, 2019

    Colbert has no spine. He rolls over for the Democrat party every night on his show.

  49. Dean Diamond
    Dean Diamond October 14, 2019

    1:13 that song for my father quote. Jon Batiste is a legend.

  50. Quarrelsome Cuties
    Quarrelsome Cuties October 14, 2019

    Does the PRC give this shill his marching orders?

  51. Herb Moran
    Herb Moran October 14, 2019

    He cannot threaten turkey… He has two hotels in Istanbul

  52. Treason Terminator
    Treason Terminator October 15, 2019

    Did Douche boy Colbert ever utter a word when "Barry the Bufu Boy" Obama SOLD OUT to the Russians telling them he'd be 'more flexible' after the 2012 elections ???

  53. thomas spearman
    thomas spearman October 15, 2019

    Can anybody explain to me how in the hell is this idiot , traitor,con baby be allowed to make decisions like this on his own?

  54. Alicia Jones
    Alicia Jones October 15, 2019

    Donald Trump's silver war.

  55. John Wick
    John Wick October 15, 2019

    God seems cool ๐Ÿ˜ŽโœŒ๏ธ

    RHONDA ROSE October 15, 2019


  57. TheDeadlyAvenger
    TheDeadlyAvenger October 15, 2019

    Can coffin dodger Pat Robinson just croak it already, worthless POS

  58. Just me Just me
    Just me Just me October 15, 2019

    Dump didn't get rolled, he got bought. There is a big difference between just stupid and weak (rolled) and an all out traitor (bought). Dump is an all out traitor.

  59. Hit Reset Button
    Hit Reset Button October 15, 2019

    Blasphemy…dot dot dot because there is no god. big G or small g…. dot dot dot dot neither one exists.

    Now can someone please stick Pat Robertson in a garbage disposal.๐Ÿ‘

  60. Kennedy Nyangacha
    Kennedy Nyangacha October 15, 2019

    How can a Pastor who touches a?? Bible in anyway support or even talk about war::: ????.
    Is God a living God who COMMANDS MAN ;;โ€ Thou Shall Not Kill??โ€
    How do people preach???. What do they preach???.
    Oh Lord Forgive me!.

  61. jabz jabz
    jabz jabz October 15, 2019

    No need to mock God. Keep the funny but there is a line

  62. Aseem Sharma
    Aseem Sharma October 15, 2019


  63. Todd
    Todd October 15, 2019

    JeeeZzz, that Pat Robertson guy isn't dead yet?
    What is that guy preserved with?

  64. Daya Singh
    Daya Singh October 15, 2019

    Telling the world! We ve known for a while ,american bullshit isnโ€™t new!

  65. NoirFan01
    NoirFan01 October 15, 2019

    The trinity of left-wingers: act smug, blaspheme, cry like little bitches

  66. Mimi M
    Mimi M October 15, 2019

    "discount Halloween decoration" … I'm sure I woke the neighbors cackling about that one

  67. azharhassan_
    azharhassan_ October 15, 2019

    not just Trump himself,Trump voters also have Kurds people's blood (including Kurds women and childrens) on their hands.

  68. leviosssa
    leviosssa October 15, 2019

    By mandate of heaven he meant legitimacy on the world stage,
    It's a Chinese political concept
    That or he's actually talking about god, i don't fucking know at this point

  69. OneSilentGiant
    OneSilentGiant October 15, 2019

    shout out to Sam Cooke.

    chain gang

    that's the melody God was singing to.

  70. b c
    b c October 15, 2019

    Cable, be careful, you are in the age of idiocracy and low I.Q's. The mission is to find Forge, he holds the codes and information. Keith Moon was here. Jimi Hendrix was here. John Wick was here.

  71. Paul Mitford
    Paul Mitford October 15, 2019

    Kurds don't matter. Only israelis matter.

  72. Republiken
    Republiken October 15, 2019

    Horrible but hardly new. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq

  73. langs dale
    langs dale October 15, 2019

    Countries will think twice about any co operation with the US because of that excuse for a President. Ditch him! He is not a person to deal with. "Stable Genius" my arse!

  74. rory w
    rory w October 15, 2019

    Anybody know that lick John Baptiste plays at about 1:18? Iโ€™m so close but canโ€™t remember the name

  75. Skye Aengel
    Skye Aengel October 15, 2019

    Don't be surprised if Trump's planning WW3 with Syria, NK, Russia and other Dictator lead countries! Europeans would be the first of all attacks, USA, allowing it. Trump IS the antichrist.

  76. Voltron
    Voltron October 15, 2019

    I forgot you were for middle eastern interventionalism, I think youโ€™ve come full circle from your Colbert Report days.

  77. Theo Smith
    Theo Smith October 15, 2019

    Can we just throw some appreciation to Jon Baptiste with the Song for My Father quotation in support of Stephen's father-going-for-cigarettes joke?

  78. Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui October 15, 2019

    angry old white man living in a gated community!

  79. Alex Hanson
    Alex Hanson October 15, 2019

    Itโ€™s funny these type of shows are designed to make up storyโ€™s and think itโ€™s funny. Iโ€™m surprised that kimmel havenโ€™t been cancelled. To many people rely of the media for fact that arenโ€™t even true. People should do some fact checking before running there mouths!

  80. Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch October 15, 2019

    Oooo!!! donny could raise a TON of money for various schemes if he made a video of himself trying to use nunchucks. I would pay to see that!!!

  81. Jacob Sprinkle
    Jacob Sprinkle October 15, 2019

    Voting for Trump for 2020 is basically seeing all this happen and saying "I don't care." Thats why I say its like selling your soul to get "what you want."

  82. bel pet
    bel pet October 15, 2019

    Have they twisted it to blame a dsm yet?

  83. Selvi Yurtalan
    Selvi Yurtalan October 15, 2019

    Bring your troops back home, spend the millions of dollars there for infrastructure.

  84. Trill Faldon
    Trill Faldon October 15, 2019

    White beard angry man called God won't vote for Trump coming 2020 but instead he would vote for democratic presidential candidate mr Cheng for he promises every American $ 1000 a month if he is elected president. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ

  85. wiktoria barecka
    wiktoria barecka October 15, 2019

    Yes omg we havent seen God in a while

  86. Hoodoo Man
    Hoodoo Man October 15, 2019

    Adding money/weapons! ?? WTF. Raytheon and other Satanical corporations must just love the Moron in Chief. We live in crazy squirrel world. Let me out of here. (In a plea to the creator entity and the Universe) Happy birthday Nietzsche!

  87. Mark Bicknell
    Mark Bicknell October 15, 2019

    Not sure Stephen's Trump mimicking is very good!

  88. Abdullah ibn Rafa
    Abdullah ibn Rafa October 15, 2019

    Not cool.

  89. Axel Osterberg
    Axel Osterberg October 15, 2019

    Excuse me, but god has officially endorsed Tulsi Gabbard

  90. Ron Wuerch
    Ron Wuerch October 15, 2019

    And Colbert Has A Spine…Thats A Joke…Trump Would Eat Him Up And Let Him Out His Butt Hole.

  91. Philip Clarke
    Philip Clarke October 15, 2019

    Trump's wedding vows ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  92. Ace Don
    Ace Don October 15, 2019

    Maybe the Kurds should be a bit more diplomatic if they do not have the means to defend themselves. It is NOT our responsibility to fight racial, historical and/or religious wars because we are the richest guys on the block, and if we help one side vs the other, we're just being used, period. It is NOT our responsibility! Let the cards lay where they may, and YES, we are a wealthy nation, but we will be broke and venerable if we deplete our resources. Common Sense! Quit allocating our taxes to help other nations, when we're barely making it in the US!

  93. Debbie Mccain
    Debbie Mccain October 16, 2019

    Trump had to abandon the Kurds because he has a tower in turkey.

  94. Andy Crump
    Andy Crump October 16, 2019

    TRUMP 2020!

  95. TJ Swanson
    TJ Swanson October 16, 2019

    The goof calling the president of Turkey, Turkey. Miiight explain his Tim/Apple conundrum.. might.

  96. D Rose
    D Rose October 16, 2019

    "…and discount Halloween decoration…"

  97. Rosemarie Wright
    Rosemarie Wright October 16, 2019

    So no Turkey this Thanksgiving?

  98. Denise Allen
    Denise Allen October 16, 2019

    Money over lives, again!

  99. NeonJ RacerD
    NeonJ RacerD October 16, 2019

    I just love when God comes on
    .lol Epic!!

  100. John Doe
    John Doe October 16, 2019

    Trump is Putin's bitch. We need a president that our enemies like russia didn't elect.

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