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Nicolle Wallace Just Dropped The Hammer On Trump’s GOP Enablers

all. He wants to stay in control.>>I know — frank, let me bring you in on this. I know he doesn’t care. Here are the things I know, here are the things I’m tired of hearing on this show. His base is unshakeable. The president is comfortable obliterating norms and nothing is going to happen. Something is going to happen, somebody is going to get hurt and where is the outcry for the enablers? There are real people standing the justice department just green lit a third briefing of classified information about a Republican informant, none of us should know his name but we all do because the president wants to know what he knew about the counter intelligence investigation into his campaign. And I guess my question is when do people stand up and say, you

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  1. Dansky Kral
    Dansky Kral June 16, 2018

    Get someone killed?!? Nah, this isn't the Clintons.

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