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Naomi Klein on Trump Election: “This is a Corporate Coup d’État”

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, It’s “War, Peace and the Presidency.” We’re broadcasting on this Inauguration
Day special live from WHUT on the campus of Howard University here in the nation’s capital. I’m Amy Goodman, with Nermeen Shaikh. NERMEEN SHAIKH: We’re less than four hours
away from the inauguration of Donald Trump. Protests have already begun here in the streets
of Washington. To talk more about the inauguration of Trump,
we’re joined now by two guests. AMY GOODMAN: Naomi Klein is the author of
This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. And Lee Fang is with us, the investigative
journalist at The Intercept covering the intersection of money and politics. His latest piece, “Who’s Paying for Inauguration
Parties? Companies and Lobbyists with a Lot at Stake.” Naomi, let’s start with you. You’ve come here to Washington, D.C. You’ve been following the election and what’s
taken place. Your thoughts? NAOMI KLEIN: Well, it’s—I mean, I think
there’s a few things we need to remember this morning, which is certainly a destabilizing
day for a lot of your viewers and listeners and for all of us, really. You know, as we’ve already heard—right?—he
did not win the popular vote. And I think, in addition to that, and I know
this is maybe not the most popular thing to say when everyone is calling for unity among
progressives, you know, I think even within this rigged system that suppresses so many
votes, he didn’t win it. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment
lost it. It was low enthusiasm, low voter turnout on
their side that gave the election to Trump. And I think that’s important to understand
even amidst these calls for unity, because if that truth gets buried, then the mistakes
will be repeated. The other thing that I think is really important,
and it’s—I think it’s fantastic that people are on the streets last night, today
all day—it is so important to push back in these early days, when they’re going
to be throwing a whole lot at us. We’re seeing talk of a shock-and-awe budget. By the way, let’s not call it a “skinny
budget.” This is another rebranding campaign, like
“alt-right.” This is a savage budget that would cut $10
trillion, they’re talking about, that would attack programs targeted towards violence
against women, renewable energy, environmental justice. I mean, they’re going after everything. But the point is, is that Trump—I mean,
we know the transition is in disarray. And it seems as if they’re outsourcing the
whole thing to the Heritage Foundation, which is what they’re there for, right? They have this infrastructure. They’ve got all of these policies and budgets
ready to go. But this is going to be incredibly unpopular. And so, if people push back really hard, and
it sees Trump’s approval rating drop even more—one thing we know about Donald Trump:
He likes firing people. This we know. And I think that the people who he has outsourced
to right now could get blamed very early on and pushed out, and I think that would be
very important, because I think when it comes to economics, there’s a fair amount of evidence
that he’s not an ideologue. But this is—but I think we’re headed for
a very, very ideological push. AMY GOODMAN: Last night at the Peace Ball,
you called this a corporate coup d’état. What do you mean? NAOMI KLEIN: Well, I think one of the things
that’s remarkable about his appointees is just how many—you know, how many CEOs are
going into these positions, and just this process of kind of cutting out the middleman,
right? Exxon running the State Department. AMY GOODMAN: I want to ask: Where were you
when you heard that Rex Tillerson, at the time the current CEO of ExxonMobil— NAOMI KLEIN: Yeah. AMY GOODMAN: —the largest private oil company
in the world, was nominated? NAOMI KLEIN: And not just any oil company. You know, this is a company that is the main
target of the climate movement, that is under investigation by multiple states’ attorneys
general and the SEC for its various deceptions, financial and climate deceptions, the target
of a huge campaign, because this is a company that was doing really some of the most important
research into the reality of climate change back in the 1970s and then bankrolled the
deceptions that lost us decades of climate action in the 1990s, and really up into the
present day. So, I don’t know—I don’t remember exactly
where I was. But in some ways, you know, to echo something
Bill McKibben has said, my colleague at 350, you know, it takes the mask off, right? Because these companies, as Lee well knows,
I mean, they already had a huge amount of influence, but now it’s almost like they’re
tired of playing the game, they’re tired of the cajoling and the bankrolling and the
legalized bribery, and they’re just going to do the job themselves—you know, cut out
the middleman. And so we see that with Tillerson. We see that with labor, as well. AMY GOODMAN: Whether Puzder makes his way
to actually being labor secretary is very interesting. NAOMI KLEIN: Yeah, yeah. But, I mean, one thing I would say about both
these cases is—and I think this is, once again, important to remember on a day like
today, when a lot of people feel so demoralized—these guys are panicked because of the power of
rising social movements. Right? I mean, why is Puzder so panicked? Because of the Fight for 15. Because of the wave of victories for a living
wage. Because of the—because of the very real
possibility that Bernie Sanders could have won, and he would have taken that movement
demand and brought it to the federal level, to federal policy. That was his campaign promise. And Tillerson, I mean, the biggest threat
he faces is the goals that are enshrined in the Paris Accord, these hard-won goals to
keep temperatures below 1.5 to 2 degrees. That would be the end of his business model,
right? So this, you know, what I called a corporate
coup, is really—it’s really about panic as much as anything else, and holding back
these tides of progress on multiple fronts. You know, Steve Mnuchin and his friends are
also worried about their business model and about the—about Occupy, about the Sanders
campaign, about the regulation that they would face. So, you know, I think we should see this in
some ways as sort of a panicked last gasp. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to
confront it with everything we have. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, let’s go to what’s
going on today in Washington, D.C., the inauguration. Lee, your piece, most recent piece, out yesterday,
is called “Who’s Paying for Inauguration Parties? Companies and Lobbyists with a Lot at Stake.” So tell us: Who is paying? LEE FANG: Well, we don’t know the full list
of sponsors of the different inauguration festivities, but there are private events
and, of course, the official inauguration events associated with the Trump transition. And these are all festivities that are privately
financed. And according to some reports, we know that
the official Trump inauguration events are sponsored by companies like AT&T, Boeing. And they’re offered these special packages
where if they provide a certain amount to finance these parties that are going on all
over Washington, they get private meet and greets with the incoming a administration
and the nominees for Cabinet. They get to party with the leadership of the
congressional GOP. And, you know, these companies have tens of
billions of dollars, if not more, at stake over the next four years. Boeing, for example, has lots of military
contracts. They rely on government subsidies through
the Export-Import Bank. AT&T would like a repeal of net neutrality,
the rules won by the Obama administration over the last four years. And, of course, we might see another era of
mergers and acquisitions, which, of course, need regulatory approval. So, the swamp, as it were, is welcoming the
Trump administration, and they’re hoping to get in early to win access. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, is it unusual, though? Who typically pays for inauguration parties? Like, what happened in previous elections? LEE FANG: No, and I think that’s an important
point to make. From, you know, Bill Clinton to Reagan to
Obama, a lot of candidates campaigned to throw the bums out and challenge the establishment. But too often, you know, this city, Washington,
D.C., is run by lobbyists. They control the most powerful institutions. They set the parameters of the debate. And when candidates, like Donald Trump, who
promised to take on the establishment, to challenge these elites, as he’s getting
to Washington, he’s being quickly coopted. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, I mean, that’s one
of the striking things about his appointments, the fact that there’s so many people from
Goldman Sachs, when he spent so much of his time campaigning criticizing Clinton for her
ties to Goldman Sachs. LEE FANG: Yeah, no, and I think that’s important
to realize. You know, if you look at this Cabinet, it’s
filled with CEOs and other elites. And I think in the next hundred days, we will
actually see a kind of a class war. Trump promised to take on these globalists,
these— NAOMI KLEIN: Yeah. LEE FANG: —economic elites. But we will see, the next hundred days, a
ruthless agenda on behalf of these same elites against worker protections, climate regulations. It’s very likely that some of the very first
executive orders that come out of the Trump administration are attempts to repeal much
of the Obama legacy. You know, Obama only had control or a friendly
Congress for two years of his administration. Most of his legacy were administrative rules,
agency action. And those reforms are very fragile. It’s very easy to repeal those type of rule
makings. So we’ll see an attempt to chip away at
everything, from the Clean Power Plan to protections for retirement security, protections for workers
trying to organize at fast-food restaurants—there’s a recent joint employer rule from the Labor
Department—everything from those rules to more obscure rules that govern food safety. AMY GOODMAN: I was watching Fox News yesterday,
and one of the hosts said that Donald Trump has three balls, and Obama had many more balls,
which was a very interesting comment he made. But he actually was talking about these events
that are taking place. The number of people who’ve come out, far,
far fewer, to say the least. I think at the big concert last night, there
were something like 10,000 people, compared to 400,000 people for Obama. But, Lee, you write about the Black Tie & Boots
Inaugural Ball, a party by—for Texas lawmakers. Explain who is funding it. LEE FANG: Yeah, I mean, this is an event—you
know, many of these parties that go on outside the kind of official inauguration ball schedule—I
mean, there are parties all over Washington. They’re attempting to influence the lower-level
administrative staffers, to get congressional members kind of on board with the corporate
agenda. And so, you know, the Texas delegation, that’s
the Black Tie & Boots Ball, they’re throwing a big party in Prince George’s County near
Washington, D.C., and it’s sponsored by a number of corporate interests that are going
to be pushing very hard on the issues we just mentioned, many different oil companies, firms
like ExxonMobil and Koch Industries, that would like to see more fracking on federal
lands, a repeal of many of the different EPA rules and the methane rule that came out very
recently from the Obama administration. They’ve got very clear motives here. But for the time being, they’re going to
be paying for the hors d’oeuvres and the festivities all weekend. NERMEEN SHAIKH: And, Lee Fang, can you tell
us a little bit—you talked about what Trump might do in his first hundred days. There are limits on certain things he can
do, because he requires congressional approval. But some of the things you mentioned, he doesn’t
require congressional approval for at all, so he may well succeed in doing that in the
next just slightly over three months— LEE FANG: Right. NERMEEN SHAIKH: —including cuts on, you
know, climate payments and the federal regulations you spoke of. LEE FANG: Yeah, I mean, he’s going to go
after these rules in a number of ways. One way is through a fairly obscure law called
the Congressional Review Act. That’s a special law that allows a resolution
of disapproval, and that can affect regulations passed over just the last few months, not
the last few—last six years. Still, many of those rules came out late in
the Obama administration. And Democrats cannot filibuster a Congressional
Review Act resolution. So, with Republican majorities in Congress,
there’s nothing stopping them from passing a CRA resolution of disapproval to roll back
many of those rules, potentially hundreds. And, of course, there are executive orders
that he can take to revoke Obama’s executive orders. And once he fills these agencies with his
staff, they can carve out exceptions to the rules and make them, even if not officially
repealed, effectively useless. AMY GOODMAN: Before we wrap up this hour—we’re
actually broadcasting for seven hours through the inauguration, bringing it to people live,
as well as going to the streets with our reporters on the scene where protests are happening. Thousands of activists are already out this
morning. Naomi Klein, tomorrow, a massive march is
planned right here in Washington, D.C., Women March on Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands are expected, if not
more. NAOMI KLEIN: Mm-hmm, yeah. And I think, once again, these—you know,
we know he understands numbers, and, as we heard from Michael Moore, we know he’s very
thin-skinned and is thrown by a few hundred. So, you know, close to a million people or
however many people are on the streets tomorrow, I think it’s going to be destabilizing. And this sort of show of force is tremendously
important. It is significant that it seems that he’s
going after programs for violence against women, as perhaps one of his first acts. And frankly, you know, misogyny is a thread
that connects so many of his appointments, this drive to denigrate women. And I think just showing that we’re not
afraid is going to be incredibly important. And I think it’s also important that the
march is as diverse as it is, that it is going to be led in many ways by women of color,
and I think that this is part of not repeating the mistakes of the campaign. AMY GOODMAN: And your thoughts on the number
of congressmembers who are boycotting the inauguration? NAOMI KLEIN: You know, I think it’s all
good. I mean, all these acts of courage in standing
up to a bully is incredibly important. But, you know, I think there’s every reason
to believe that he’s going to employ a strategy of trying to overwhelm people. This has been a strategy just in terms of
confusion and distraction, this sort of shock-and-awe approach. And so, staying unified, staying focused,
having each other’s backs, this is all going to be tremendously important in the weeks
to come, because, you know, I think that if we win a few key victories in the early days,
it’s going to be very destabilizing, and it may lead to a reassessment because of the
chaos in there. But if we lose those, you know, they’ll
taste blood. AMY GOODMAN: Well, Naomi Klein, we hope you
will stay with us. We’re broadcasting throughout the day today. For those who are leaving us now, if your
station is leaving us, you can go to Lee Fang, thanks so much for being with us. LEE FANG: Thank you for having me. AMY GOODMAN: You’re going out in the streets—of
The Intercept. We’ll link to your piece. And we will be broadcasting for seven hours
on this Inauguration Day. Saturday from 10:00 Eastern Standard Time
in the morning to 3:00, we’ll be broadcasting from the main stage at the Women’s March
on Washington. I’m Amy Goodman, with Nermeen Shaikh. And thanks to the Howard University staff.


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    John Walker March 27, 2017

    189 morons looking for faux news

  57. sunflower
    sunflower April 16, 2017

    Naomi K is a back s…… ;( she is a rich person, she wanted Clinton to win. sad to have her on democracy Now ;(

  58. Mike Alvord
    Mike Alvord April 21, 2017

    Wow Naomi are you stupid.

  59. mildred grossman
    mildred grossman April 22, 2017

    How long is it going take the American people that the election of Trump was a carefully orchestrated operation to put
    Trump in, was a Coup d tat for American fascism.

  60. USA Federal Slave
    USA Federal Slave April 24, 2017

    These 4 people are brainwashed cultural marxist sheeple uninformed idiots.

  61. jjlinert
    jjlinert May 9, 2017

    : (

  62. jjlinert
    jjlinert May 9, 2017

    This trump presidency is a nightmare come true

  63. Barry Manilowa
    Barry Manilowa May 14, 2017

    Boy, Naomi really chubbed out and aged. I hope she didn't hold out too long. Amy, on the other hand, still looks the same.

  64. Meekseek
    Meekseek May 27, 2017

    " No Logo" became an international bestseller, selling over one million copies in over 28 languages"
    lets talk corporate and hypocrisy.

  65. Sue barrett
    Sue barrett June 6, 2017

    boeing and at&t are government subsidized. wth?

  66. Michael D
    Michael D June 7, 2017

    Bullshit media for the brain dead…enjoy !!

    NATURE BOY June 11, 2017

    Does getting a BJ from this Old Sleazy Skank count as Anal?

  68. Colleen Casey
    Colleen Casey June 17, 2017

    How did Trump not win simply because Clinton lost? That is not a logical, rational explanation.

  69. Colleen Casey
    Colleen Casey June 17, 2017

    WHO paid for Pres. Obama's Inauguration and all previous Presidents?

  70. wawa zuzzy
    wawa zuzzy June 21, 2017

    licking an open sore will never get it done

  71. 1952mclean
    1952mclean June 24, 2017

    The US government is a den of thieves. We are screwed on daily basis , and most people are sleep walking through this . Unfettered capitalism is going to lead to us descending into a 3rd world status- a country where the 1 % controls the other 99%.

  72. Tanya Bower
    Tanya Bower June 24, 2017

    Trump Was Right After All: Study Reveals Up To 5.7 Million Illegal Votes Cast In 2008

  73. nicky jones
    nicky jones June 26, 2017

    and if Hillary won it wouldn't have been a "corporate coup de ta" ? …… take a step back, the banks and international corporations were giving money to HILLARY not trump…… fucking retarded  Naomi …

  74. Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett June 27, 2017

    On a further frustrating sad note – the "under the mystical fog of Self ego + Trump great white hope, are overwhelmingly NOT going to self-realize his Narcissist deceptions, unless faced with a personal situation in which an informed understanding person happens to be in the mix when they have a Need to use their resources and he/or she says, "No you don't have that option, Trump appealed it – to fund his reputation with the really rich and powerful."

  75. Neil O'Neal
    Neil O'Neal June 29, 2017

    I like this girl Naomi Klein.

  76. Molossus
    Molossus July 3, 2017

    Let's be realistic about this issue. Corporations were backing Hillary's campaign all the way and they would have entered the white house just as they did with Trump. We all knew Sanders was the one racing without corporate money but with people's donations, yet he was flunked by the Democrats. Who did the coup here?

  77. Jam O
    Jam O July 4, 2017


  78. Mys Led
    Mys Led July 16, 2017

    So I just have to go Completely Far O/T but anyone notice the female reporter that introduces and opens this story, do you think she was taught that monotone in film/acting school or is that her just her unique speech cadence and tone? I'm just saying because omg could you imagine how much more dead her partner would feel when she gets sad or depressed. She makes me believe that her mentor was the crypt keeper!

  79. Isabelle M
    Isabelle M July 23, 2017

    Trump is a small itch in US history, he is temporary, keep your breath, he won't last for long, we will survive!!

  80. Dave van
    Dave van August 8, 2017

    Right wingers say their against communism and dictatorships but Trump is cozying up with dictators and people that want nothing more then to have the iron curtain put up he wants to parade the army like a dictator. Trump is the tyranny Americans have kept their guns to combat they will see soon enough and we will see how patriotic and freedom loving they are when Trump won't leave his post and refuses another election then we will see if they fight for freedom or not.

  81. Gauraonline
    Gauraonline August 25, 2017

    Naomi is reasonably well informed, however there is a mixture of truth and distortion in her presentations. She’s putting all the focus and blame on Trump when he’s not the real problem. It’s not him and his ‘billionaire cabinet’. There are much more powerful people involved who keep themselves out of the public eye. THEY are the ones who are ultimately pulling the strings. Not Trump or any politician. They are just stooges. She completely ignored these more powerful elements in favor of making Trump the bad guy. Not good and not accurate. She’s just jumping on the Trump hate bandwagon when there are much more serious issues at stake. Why does such an intelligent and compassionate woman not get this and express this ?

  82. frances gaia
    frances gaia October 2, 2017

    If you want to know who the Powerful Special Interest that is running this Country is, look up: CIA Whistle Blower Risks All to Expose The Shadow Government.
    Even VLADIMIR PUTIN said recently that it is known that POWERFUL SPECIAL INTERESTS run this country and the President is only a puppet.

  83. gold maple
    gold maple October 16, 2017

    Fuck you Naomi Klein. You can say anything, Trump is the president of the United States. Your a nobody. Your claim to fame is writing a book against Trump. That's all you are good for. You should be fired and outsourced.

  84. Don Russell
    Don Russell October 20, 2017

    you pos's lied, cheated bernie, had 10 million illegal votes and STILL lost! 🙂 get a fucking CLUE, people The majority of the US population hates liberals. After we get rid of the 30 million illegals, you'll never again hold power.

  85. Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday October 23, 2017

    yes Naomi's right the disgusting dope pusher murdering witch lost it , even the braindead moron sheep amerikanazi war monger idiot sheeple can only take so much

  86. Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday October 23, 2017

    this young fellow Lee Fang sure nailed it 100% too

  87. steve b
    steve b December 9, 2017

    Shut up bitch, liberal retardation is a mental disorder.

  88. jonathan bacon
    jonathan bacon January 7, 2018

    Progressives have ruined liberal values(equality of opportunity, the family,etc).And to believe Pillary wasn't a corporate candidate– you would have to believe in the impossible. She was fully backed by Wallstreet.

  89. Tom Minogue Hastings
    Tom Minogue Hastings January 15, 2018

    love naomi but jeez this Lee Fang kid was 100% Cassandra Correct re Impeach.
    Hindsight is 20/20 but this Lee Fang kid was 20/20 on Jan 20 2017 First Day of Impeach.

  90. sedeslav
    sedeslav February 2, 2018

    Aligators don't want to see the swamp dried! ….obviously

  91. king james
    king james March 11, 2018

    She is a mind controlled robot.

  92. Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander May 3, 2018

    I suspect it would have happened with any corporate funded candidate. Any non corporate candidate may well have been in danger or used as a figurehead but held powerless. This has probably been a long time in the making.

  93. Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander May 3, 2018

    Watch out for fake progressives running for office. Remember what happened to the grassroots tea party and occupy movements. Big money has a way of sneaking in the back door.

  94. spartjovic
    spartjovic May 11, 2018

    They're all garbage candidates.

  95. Antione Berry
    Antione Berry August 25, 2018

    satanism and halloween is evil needs to go away right now.

  96. david miller
    david miller January 25, 2019

    Wow, this was prescient from Klein and Fong. Too bad they aren't as good at strategizing ways to curtail fascism and move a progressive agenda forward for the people as they are at auguring the future acts of our government.

  97. Kate Cartmell
    Kate Cartmell May 9, 2019

    Every one of these panelists was exactly right about what was about to happen – every single point. It was right there in front of us, laid out Like a roadmap. Amazing that so many working class Americans STILL fell for this long con game – and continue to back this president.

  98. catbird
    catbird June 1, 2019

    I enjoy looking back at the hysteria on the Left. It's 2019 now, Muller/Comey/Brennan/HRC/BHO and evenTheresa May tried to take out Trump for more than 2 years. They failed. Trumps approval rating is still 48 % and the Dims are afraid to impeach. Trump has appointed 2 Supreme Court Justices and it's very likely RBG is either disabled or dead so there will be at least one more before he leaves office. The leftist Marxist media is failing financially and this is their own fault. People are tired of the anti Trump propaganda and are voting with their remote control. In all of this, the economy is booming. All minority groups are at record low unemployment. Thank God for Donald John Trump!

  99. Rick Kelly
    Rick Kelly June 9, 2019

    No such thing as "the popular vote" if their was, Trump would not have won.

  100. M DE
    M DE July 18, 2019

    Everything they said came true shameful

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