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#Nadigar #Sangam #Result #2019 | #NaigarSangam #Election Behind Breakups

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  1. Mercy Samuel
    Mercy Samuel July 13, 2019

    All lies about PandavarAni.There are some people who just can’t see others doing a good job Nothing new It happens in many social societies too.I believe truth will reveal.
    My humble request to PandavarAni don’t post any comments until the next court hearing.
    If you’re going by the law nothing to fear.
    Justice will prevail guys

  2. Raju K
    Raju K July 13, 2019

    Topstar preasanth win Kamal Sir great

  3. Mohan Thiru
    Mohan Thiru July 13, 2019

    Fuck off .. who the fuck are you .. show your face

  4. Kubendran R
    Kubendran R July 13, 2019

    eppo results.

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