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Mr Ibu THE BILLIONAIRE POLITICIAN – 2018 Latest NIGERIAN COMEDY Movies, Best Funny Videos 2018

how are you are you feeling with me about I beg you nervous nervous but I'll not give you this trouble Google give you I don't be your friend anything when my father you do you know universe just forgive me see me as a man like a tap anything women give man never keep after sir this cry the cry a facade my semi had the bleach don't work out as I go to work as a man McAuliffe our diamond a tradition and no get this three thousand dollars will manager only God in heaven not this money taken I'll take your baby what's happening let's have my back when I told you mr. thousand dollars can't get you anywhere I have to come up with something reasonable at least twenty thousand dollars thousand dollars we are go for SIA oh and give me one below give me I'm not from anywhere I take a big I'm not getting dime again except this money my dear now ready up onto this morning are not dying either man they go bigger you can say your mascot was a keychain you can get a new car a knockoff you say that motor huh boy one man before hey papa I don't care why what is the vision with Hakka they don't worry the new day in order so what the yes yes they I don't pay for and dad now you are rush from Kalamata I was and the one would use now just manage manage get this more durable they get the drive now and a big mistake the money are supposed to act your business grow a business first before we know by now but she got bored the motor from one person even the best way but I was ashamed not let us drag mother passing gates would they passed the place wilfer sometimes when they give money for free self sometimes we take one look who's about to go below free whenever we engage in it would ever come on them we don't get anything they get pork well well I don't know a look at the ways I'd imagine a donor I'm off I am those good at random elsewhere take a good look on the gun Eva Douglas is whatnot I have been stuck on the back door in the past so but I learned about doing anything before people have shown me pepper in this business so I don't want you to repeat again so please I'm trusting you dos test me okay I will help you I will convince my business partner mr. Chang Chang to give you some goods and credit but most console and don't disappoint me if I tried anyway they began job mate Randolph see you don't not see before heart let me be let me be the only pass nothing good I said okay you come back you go back to the US I'm saying evening my grandma is waiting please I wish I would take them back kids what are you talking about I saw an opportunity and I grabbed it initial and duped all of my big uncle 15 years ago and the opportunity to revenge came through this business with Jonah and mr. Chuck so what are you talking about seek it I don't like the way you talk at times what do you mean by I'm desperate and money conscious I thought Juna had something to offer how do you know he's begging for money as well I went into that marriage thinking there is something I will get from him you know I'm Dean left me with nothing even the guy he left behind his family have collected it I must survive now I must survive you don't need to apportion blames now Gail ammo survival must survive seriously I use the bellows where's the money now if I go to the live audience with this once I do this alone yeah if you go to let me know go I will tell you mom I don't feel like we in any way today Hey see how are we employ professionals when I open my own salad so leave that one first ah save me this your lectures how far what about the money you're supposed to bring the money to the house our agreement the agreement vanilla hey what are you collected three million mm on the main deck around Sydney remaining sago privy to this tremendous hey my sister man my goodness hey Jonah I have told you there is no wasting time look even a second in this kind of business you bring it to the house we have housed everywhere even in the one day remain hostile be problem has everywhere they can't get money in the house now you're my accountant I go to Pomona mouth I got no good soup one happy whatever your problem for me did it bring garlic leave Mademoiselle you think too much what's the problem what's eating you up tonight in star still we're dia gennadiy gnosis last night we left him I've been thinking why because I remember to eat you were taking for feeding me for feeding money from mother and you know your dad is so much money Juna honestly I keep thinking but I'm sorry don't misunderstand me Gina you in any way join any secret cause I'm a secret society because Jeanine money doesn't come this easy I'm sorry to say this I will be the body of the gala gala leave this matter who matters Joe now understand what I'm saying because everybody knows that you are my friend Juna I will not hide anything from you ever since I lost my job since I've been faithful so drinking this people drinking yeah if you're going to join giving me prepare you you want a kilowatt that doesn't have my mother yeah Juna well I'm acting for water just try and do something to have a friendly to me is Sunnah I will not leave the matter for my tan because I know you've been putting money from me and you baby just just make great use of the page yeah lots of page a logo 59 if I see before I'm not getting money let me tell you something believe me about this group is not your problem you get some this one battle Jenna please tell me I mean I'm saying positive and taste now you know all mine in your food imagination the wave ever but don't worry before I know what it is don't worry problem just get them with me Magoo you're my friend tomorrow morning I'll give this classy mr. mayor I don't give you a cooler for you what do you know the house what about his wife nobody else can I see his wife uh I don't know remember the hours now I want you to collect chicken assistance outside okay nobody needs I can I want to see let me cheat I said I want to see okay go where nobody there yeah can i chicken a chicken my friend don't make me lose my cup so it has got into this yeah that's no problem I'll understand I understand what tell him I will be back for him Organa he can only wrong but he cannot hide you know that in this town I'll get him I'll get him right in I'll be back ah see my son would not only be about hair onions but also for healthy living and it's a bunch of fat in order for me to convince people that Dan Blair Jim good Jim welcome another this theme I just played waited nothing no no knock knock on mirror I tell you love LM finish salute you do training will I be only to Idaho decades I've learned enough to start up my own salad and besides I found a warehouse dice befitting enough is that Douglas Road no more talk less rude I love people that blends to close a lovely cup before the glass will look on the lessons lesson so everybody go go down no I want my shot to be in the heart of the city I'm beside the goose resupplied you said is what nine million era and you have been paid three million would that be enough for me to start up something so when you burn that money now when you put on now that's my good-ass happy you know I know this none of that wants and I will spend whatever I said to get to that level just give me my percentage and leave the rest to me hey I need to be cruised in a clean car now and I must buy one for myself no this way wait believe me every time I maybe talk about money either talk about some things in this media matter you would not do one no problem even a percentage where can it be taken when can I pitch we are going to see there is greatness tomorrow because average podium we are coming you know same weekend of [Laughter] I know you care for your user friends listen this is Jonah denies a good friend of mine he's a business tycoon Donna these are my friends Oh Jumba and vacay they are secondary school mates they are teen mecca's all the politicians representing this town in the National Assembly they all went through them I'm telling the truth Namie – senator sue Conrad buzu members of the House chairman we all went to them we lost the lady they do carry Monica marks poses or people – I'm still a big opposition though y'all didn't try later well mr. Jonah it depends on who was in charge because my big Gucci food lumba pulls the strings and if he personally endorses you you are there yes because he personally endorsed the lacks of chief nom de cemento acclaim and a whole lot of others yes yeah I know this special advisor to be President you know him now he has been in government given me I be viewers there yes that's the man man what what is this now other Scott will be determine I connect me with my no I'm not a scientist I get Intel for politics to know what are you talking about I never knew you I this videos before Nana what do you mean see the sorry want me to walk yet now you want me to walk my legs oh yeah please welcome to offer you save yourself yeah okay I want to go to the house to the house you mean the state has an assembly no picture but the actual day now my dad and I must go to message actually that'll be enough I want the action I beg okay I I think at this point Jonah I have to tell you the truth think about it and we'll get back to you listen I'm sorry so now we have an appointment cool gov'ment chimay yes we have to go now I want to go to pooja how about this we'll keep ice Jenna relax I will talk to them after that I'll get back to you get back to who know how did I could talk about talk about talk to them now you can do it you want me to go after them right now good yeah now not to commit to that because what to go to the house it was ended by falling do not be a fool it's not your no become a house smash it on the wall and if you buy another one even little bit to have a new text wash Counahan don't push me because of you want to go to the hell how do it because you're my friend Polly yes how did it get these pictures look at them very well maybe they say I remember I just might destroy our own copy how did it get this way look at them Daniel accosted me today when I went to shop he said mr. Chang gave him these pictures and the video we sent him he knows you are not a witch what sort of question is that have you forgotten the Dania that took you to China as I speak to you now Darnell is lying dead in the driver's permit right now I hear complainer philomene on you stop I'm washing to death very close to the market Jenna this is not a joking matter it's not a joking matter I was standing toe-to-toe with Daniel three hours ago and you're telling me his what those past information to me see me totally see them in the metonic it wasn't funny I like then was below nada tell you to tell her I'm not invited technically are you serious hey what's involved three hours ago I was with him and Jesus Christ before this wicked hey hey hmm well if he's true he's dead and if is true then you have been let off the hook because Daniel was vibrating he was ranting he was so bitter he was threatening to go report us to the anti-corruption agency and he meant it straight to my fellows the killer isn't even a threat God works with ability people who say God works in mysterious ways yeah wow what is this my place oh hey Jenna you told me the goose what's nine millionaire no no Daniel said mr. Chang give you goose what 25 millionaire you lied to me Jenna so we wonder believe instead of me why won't I he has no reason to lie to me Pauline I have reasons to lie to you somebody who is hot will be from cliffs and a 500 million and everybody would believe them and there you go put that shit on my head oh then let me go take my contour gamma – maybe you believe I'm is very unfortunate that you my wife believes someone s not a man instead of me your husband okay but much are they can go to the mortuary go out carry him so you can iron it out I know you – Virgil I'm your wife oh yeah you know when you stop by pretty like this is obvious you're lying Jenna you are lying I'm the cheat we surely prevail it's real but in Alberta Nina huh you will give me the balance ooh that palace you give me where's mum did you like this now even even Coleman I do this by early this morning and I give him the 50,000 that I promised why do you behave like the stuff Oh switched off [Applause] he's been walking with his colors a graduate I've been holding this collection our graduates you ooh my virtual address at the end now what do you think it's Olivia's away all this without totally well in hello yes when now we're oh ok ok it's alright I'll be I'll be there right now I will be there now ok ok thank you very much let's go the agent I have to attend one important matter now what's more important that this we have now and let's go for it now the agent will be there by now is very important I have to go mechanically comment can it yes if you see my mother for yeah that's the one Palazzo it's ok it's ok it's ok just which one what else do you know come on come on call you here just collect the balance of system in oh no I don't want to hear stories ooh I don't want to hear stories we don't get stories connected system you know that's what I said personal questions and once more the ladies room this is Nina wake now and if I go and I look for you okay sir yes sir yes sir he's right here with me sir I said he's he is equal to the task no Jimba travel to Abuja to collate the allowances from the Senators yes I will take the afternoon flight to collect those of the Honorable sir yes sir yes mama is fine yes yes okay would you did five hundred thousand which you are supposed to give to her she's anxious until yesterday yes yes yes yes sir yes sir okay sir thank you sir bye sir that was my uncle yeah he is the Swiss city of design on our government assignment does our politicians talk actually number head not give us a lot of anticipation yes yesterday I had to lie to my how could I know you very well and that you were my senior in secondary school and you can be really really trusted Jenna politics is about numbers interests and most of all loyalty big and connected people like my uncle changed layouts just like you cherish your life so it's not something you can try with another statistic see so instead me sauce with this I'm gonna stab you we got good bang for him yeah let me know what he won't do for me I will forever be loyal to him for my life Otis but okay please tell us exactly what your uncle said already I've told you all you need to know about my friend Jonah is a fair face to a poor person his yes is yes and is known if happy to and oh no that's my friend Jonah please if there's any way well he gave me a form which you can feel that is if you are really really serious also know you're talking about and I come here b-big others as with the guys would gladly give you to taste a little the form is just five million are five million now I can do it fucking them but this is not a party form this is the form people vying for elective post trimmer uncle most purchase that is to show that you really serious about being a political field and the money let me remind you is refundable after the election sorry I've had this election okay refundable what is right learner but reserve the gaudiya but you can leave it even as I see you need it none day let's forget the form is in cash no chicks or drafts oh you know my uncle now yes Jen I forgot to tell you that yes sorry a part of me gosh gosh gosh gosh please hurry up there's no problem welcome back you left this house this morning look at the time you come about five foot long we were supposed to go to the warehouse today and discuss with the idea to church you told me k let's call us a shoe company the balance okay now you're back without the money where is the money I called your phone several times you didn't pick I don't know why you like our shots because you know just give us not so it's but to talk as well I will shout God give me what I make about this I've not been easier what does not be easy see let me tell you if you have lost that money into your account you better go bring it because I will drag you there and bring that money out I love the informal commode not about what's in front of the open these are modest about the desert Kenneth my office another day at the office that is c2 a policeman police whatever the problem they said the good way we say give cadets not students hey see trouble killer deserved I will show them they documented by a by the goods well give them they say no see the most are estas hey no policeman in this town we to me that's me into sorry Gemma hat and money never Mawile or have you forgotten the woman you come at it from a tip into the special I have to talk to Tom illegitimate let alone on Mary police a romantic media do lived on this area so you want to tell me that today Boy Scouts don't feel the way and ask you to give you 1 million are you just everyday that's what we do you don't you will not tell it don't ask me we can what kind of a man are you for Christ's sake what kind of a man are you a CEO I don't want to know how much you give the policeman you I don't want to look online other words my own shit just give me my own shed no blood wine because I already told the agents that I'm coming to give him the money tomorrow for the White House and his 1.2 million era including the agreements we are not a fees I've been tied up with no money no money America's as you've seen tomorrow money tomorrow morning hey better bets hour because if you're going to secrets we are going together if you are going to stick at it I said we are going together I cannot sit back in this house and wait for you to come back again and give me stories never omakase can eat together I'm gonna do the devil in me about not a signal go past a seat now what about you give you water all of them in a minute boots and I'm in the bath is nothing I don't know husband it's all see house nobody talk my friend husband say let me tell you what do you get to the police he's just yet because tomorrow I am going to call it MIOSHA from Kenneth's husband now yeah Oh what Oh Palakkad now I'm it me yeah I will suck you from biscuit you're gonna give you seven days in the police you throw it you'll find that pocket Jonah Jonah Jonah Jonah what I've been chopped Bonaventure where is my husband homogeneous in an tomahto it's at this motel tatsuta de moto huddle is that when is that yeah don't ask me that it doesn't want me to be Jonah if you like go on to Jericho and come back I will be watching for you guys as you can see this business is entering to another level as I speak to you right now Jonah my friend has a range of five millionaire which was shared with a high degree of marginalization against me and that was possible because the money was handed over to you guys that's by the way but henceforth any other money that comes in i nom they would take 50% and you guys would get 50% how can you say that how can you say that the morning the fact Milner was talking about was shit accordingly Oh nom de let me say to you we know you are the one that broke the back into this business right though it should also know that it is border force Beckett and I we had one system the job while you get the back seat and as a matter of fact I suggest the hell spot there should be 30% for you for me or tempeh 55 and for baking 35 in that song yes because we are paid for this hotel from the cemani and other children as well job why rattling why screaming no no no you decide to stay in the hotel both of you decide to come in the hotel I know how much girls enjoy the facility what else but you are talking trash rubbish yes you know why because oh let me ask you you want the poor of us to take that matter to our houses to our homes I mean because was it in for it wants to pick the imagine the answer is no I mean and oh no see you guys know that I'm not a two plus person but frustration forced me into it i think ohon deadly bludgeon ah my friend into this system we are not this person that are we know and i alone know hamaji ha okay but if you guys want to prove this one not public fine and good go ahead and do that but i will blow the whistle and disappear into thin air after that I look with the one I have and will no woody please will come after I think I'm done with this Nandy I never knew your dis greedy but that's by the way chamber let me give an honest suggestion from now on anyone that comes in will be 40% for him and fanciful each of us dads are gross 50% for me 50 why are you worrying to settle let's finish it sit down what's the problem sit down you were saying something I've argued on 50% from your 50% for events timber say it say say say say say say what I want no it's alright I'm sorry about my actions this is business not that we all have agreed on my percentage let's go straight to the point listen up Jenna my friend still have about 15 million more into this game so we all have to move fast so we understand we in this yes [Applause] politician Juna you an honourable member the National when I give it this close you don't actually reject edit no and that I think you can see how beautiful it looks on you right now okay now look at it henceforth you are going to dress like us yeah the reason is because no number listen wherever you go henceforth and whoever you talk it I will listen to you yes that's the game now the next thing is this you have to learn how to recite the national anthem no we're talking about the new national anthem please go straight away to stop now Jack see me in it you you your tick do you actually know where you're taking us back to you are taking us back to the old anthem we're talking about the new one for crying out loud yes I'm tired of this I'm CEO Jim Leske and I know he's Chokin okay just let him sometimes oh no it's all I think it's rice I swore okay so let me tell you something that this arise nobody else in it obviously we use the live vote okay I just try and be for your own good I think at this point there's something I want to give to you namely right look at it yourself look this copy of the Nigerian Constitution you have in your heart right now it's very necessary so are we going to do consider amendment we're talking about amendment here where we're talking about you as a member of the National Assembly it is your duty to comprehend I mean to understand every section of this constitution because that is the rudiments of the game another one is there there might be something well goof elephants at least in with Google mint or when I go for a mint this amending amended amending the air for must last them I meant that mean okay I right now you Nnamdi and I I want us to go to my room and there's something okay like this we don't really promote now we salute you like it oh I like anything you like you don't wanna be this kind good night although positioned in height to Barney would be ship or dear okay you look like demo don't shut up come on take a salad other cool things are not increase your celebrity never don't make my my hope for change I'm Norma so this is what but you stare touching a peak wash a peak a peak will always remain a pink pig you babbling I'm sure you came back with my money we is my money because I can see your or debt you consider the Gail until a friend of mine given me this free of charge and a total of friend you must be running a charity Televi nog musician what do you mean huh whatever this is my dance I'd say your friend one week in the witness Colonel Burton and the only way we're gonna leave me to married is gonna be not to give me this is free free of charge see friendship not to did low you up to each other till now you suddenly see from today on yeah well like I said a big dress come on walk back home and I gonna give me three Western person yeah maybe stuff information say and we plant and we're supposed to go to connect together oh now where is the money you gave you gonna give me my own my beloved where fool you need to switch the Apple today no man can it and you're not ready for your fuckin boo stories no company can attend the bank leader of the money now I was well technically to dinner to do single DVD give me problem and Nikesh was okay Michael of a local bank may withdraw the money now banker of us enter we see from finish but how much will need individual finish philip k– a distinct either i so we wet so the bank Republican say system did down they know they come up when they won't close negative signal come tomorrow that's okay it was a girl won't do it it became me very well about this Bank people if you carry me money one conduct possess was that the bag everybody would laugh laugh laugh man now with you boss you walk on drug even if no one never does everybody who's Christmas can you imagine the only thing I can imagine that is happy who is this your net we do so useless I've gotta and I will do that if you don't give me my money just put them on in my hand now because I'm tired of these are stories put down money Mahan what I just give me my money no no be fast me I can't believe you Jonah I can't never believe you everything about you life okay when I this bad we're gonna to come out come on Cory you lie okay well what if gonna caddy Monica me better for you yeah that's when you'll be free that is when you will be free okay genre hey I don't know why he's full of life story to the story to everyday story right from the first day admitting everything about him has been all lies but it's more money I rise of corporate 90s caliber to serve our Father we love our peace love oh yes who is it that week how can I sleep how can I sleep Jonah hey do you want me to sleep when an old man is here resetting the National ten something that you don't gluon what is it with this your national team won't give me contract for miserable information they say I must not only disinherit them they'll give me business build enough nothing move they move this move is done I don't know path now don't dig in and again and again I mean the way this was right nuclear ever you feel see no other person will feel a time when will she Aki what children used to play is audio here giving yourself headache only the name of reciting the nationally I do not ashamed of yourself are you not ashamed of yourself Jenna please do I allow me to sleep oh I want me to sleep see damage those people if I hear your voice again here this night I'll give you this map attitude parasite in your nationality arise a compactor be shocking I've got no water but Blanco what a debate with water what kind of business I was talking with somebody Jim slept off it's obvious what are you doing with this thing a Kanna village I want to become the comes to July not like every Nigella and I coach football coach with the watch TV that is the play a play ball at this pursuing day hard to say I wanna play like this ah oh yeah it's good dropouts Jonah you I school dropouts you dropped out of school in your final year in the secondary school so what can you understand that what you gonna sign this one I made drop in drop out at this big bus you somethin see that this one and this because many people Jenna Jenna I know you are up to something I know you have plans but listen oh whatever your plans are I will not for mobile to you again because I'm too sophisticated for that I won't because one question you know ever speak English memory I listen like we won't everyone be say the class of the we won't keeper from everybody that be like them maybe I was speaking this way via I'm in Nigeria if you know what Amanda yeah one one I gotta say talk to me I don't know what I do tell em I suppose if you don't know that your husband is women at spelman are rubbish Gina husband see I know with this sudden interest in the Constitution you are up to something sinister in case you are planning to Swingle the federal government's I am in we are husband arrived we are stuck in everything together no way out oh yeah you know yeah you know that now that you have had me won't get rich I'm going to the bank this morning you look about larette's you you don't are you and for your information this dog before those in this house that all Lots securely lots no way out police want to bust this silly this does their lot now F get Jonah we are going to depend together this morning well anyway just because you get money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah thank you you wanna become politician mr. Fester follow us to study the Constitution Jonah ancestor far is the sabadie Constitution prostitution prostitution prostitution because what is it let me take it to the hospital what's to the bank clear to me with no I won't leave you now let me take you Joseph it's their little sister canĂ­t see you later money blow that bitch not a business thanks Coco Coco my my room first vassal left just because you get money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah a Monica shock you you won't become politician first of all first of all must go study the Constitution Jonah and Festa for a master savety Constitution the prostitution prostitution prostitution just because she gets money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah a money shot you you won't believe the Constitution why is my husband I did get I said where it's my husband I asked you to take him to the hospital in time I do which hospital because I am coming from the hospital now and the management said he wasn't admitted where did you take him to Mecca that time where will you come on I got a I met a good brain food I rush go inside I know seafood Orosco Massa a new slogan about yeah he is not by the hospital and his phone is switched off yes disappear as Irish go inside roschmann outside and not yoga I'm on that top which in the hospital they call that's Rikon come before the would end company my salary mother taught me to do this is mother's he's the leader of the guys that would take care of the pallid bosses on the election day yes if things begin to go wrong yes yes that's true not both China have no problem oh just mobilizing is your man honorable sir no his job he's a very good guy is a very good guy hello and um Jonah is missing I don't know he just disappeared into three and I've not set my eyes on him ever since I think he has his own plan I don't know but whatever it is I will find out he sure has something up his sleeves and I must find out what Attalus I will deal with him as Lesley that he will regret ever setting his eyes on me we are you right now you back okay please as soon as you get back just come to the house okay I want to say all right Jonah Jonah if you like one to the moon if you like one to the stuff I am going to fish you out my most fish flops yes all alone oh yeah yeah yes yes yes you can serve it off that I finished for that three days I may even spin through this so one who still with a beautiful girl like you oh thank you no that means well I prepared something delicious so why not come and take a shower don't let me say something oh no no no no don't worry I love deer could I see that yes I will yes I honorable I want to present this this girls to you like you can see them don't look very beautiful but they are also brings yes they they're going to help to mobilize all the students in this town I'm gonna do soon especially the girls they did it for the likes of senator quim and Senator Kim that you know but when they send a firm that you know exactly honor yes we are showing you how was your day okay just make sure that those things will go mechanic canceled in the term ever cross my heart cross my heart another one yeah I mean I'm not supposed eleven at the temperature huh I'm not gonna disappoint Babu only buddy mango talk nonsense for this one of the fight for his velocity op no a spook our enemy girl another girl and what about them yeah you got in this time and has economics beauty but that Franciscus pasa condom also is beauty process Francis okay Cabot uses to start to move lies Oh them alright now I can always give where the solution come to banana banana yeah like this one my multiple man yeah okay sorry get right okay see right now okay okay I want you to carry the stuff and go to that place no prob go there and just root for me I'll be dead in the next few minutes you shouldn't have fallen for that cheap trick and I shouldn't have fallen for it hey he lied to me about falling sick and I bought it hook line and sinker the most annoying part of it is that he sent me to the bank and I went there fooling around hi I should have known better I should have known immediately he started reciting the national anthem and reading the Nigerian Constitution Jonah fooled me honey I'm surprised poorly you are allowed to not deploy your intelligence you know of all people oh and this is not the time to push on things oh hey this is not the time my question is how can we find him where is Jonah he could be in Abuja yes why do you think so since I started research in the national anthem I'll read Indiana General Constitution he's not mature maybe he has gone there for a contract or something well then if you're sure let's go huh we must find him we must find him Jonah has all our money I can't let him go I just can't let you go peace you go with me just because she gets money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah a money the shot you you want become politician Moscow study the Constitution Jonah ancestor for will muster sabadie Constitution US Constitution prostitution prostitution Jonah Jonah now he did to you this money where you get him the shock you the guy yeah yeah depress chipper no no no the dill I refuse to boat he insisted on the price though I tried both but the guy is something the most important things that will have a mood to vote today walk around you can grab the snake know the plate number and particulars are not yet ready Oh jump I spoke no maybe it's a little deceiving in or tomorrow my friend Jonah Jonah Jonah I've seen it [Laughter] you know you wonderful 'nobody car if tinted glasses yes nobody would if we go white nobody will look just because you catch money you know qualify you to be politician Joan I embody the shot you you want become politician Moscow study the Constitution Jonah ancestor Society Constitution muscle Constitution prostitution prostitution Jonah headed Jonah now he did do you this money where you get him the shock you all of the sudden good afternoon Howie by the way your gate is open great so gates Montoya he's gone I sent him packing because I don't need his services anymore colony say they are not feeling too well what is the problem not justify I'm not okay well I've not had my eyes on Jonah very long while so I decided to come and check on him here you see him Jonah run away from home without a word is a funny way why would he do that I don't know Polly tell me are you guys quarreling do you mean he didn't tell me anything about what I don't even mention anything to you like or do you love contracts Pauline I said I've not seen him for over a month now according to pics ago and he picked the call and promise to call me back which he never did I try calling him again two days ago but his number was not going through was switched off Harlan I am so worried I am worried that's why I came here to see him to find out if all these were with him but I'm hearing a different story now but if indeed he run away that means something must be wrong somewhere exactly something is wrong Jonas Odin is that I recited the national anthem and reading the National Constitution see what is wrong with him resetting the national anthem and we did in nineteen our Constitution is an idea okay how Nazi better see for that you are supporting him to be reading the Constitution I'm setting a national finds the bear they know okay how much is he paying for the car no no how can he say 150,000 say money I told you I will not sir that vehicle anything less than 250 thousand all right is he still there oh they tell him to wait I'm coming okay okay mom do I have to run out more I want to go syllabi off my car do not left me with no choice the landlord was here this morning to remind us to forget the property and they have to sell anything I know I came to raise money and take care of myself gen-i run away with me home money we have after all I did for you you don't have to be money on me right now I've been trying this line his phone is switched off I can't even get him I didn't want to do it now Polly Polly Polly would she wait wait wait don't don't do this please honestly I don't even know what to say I am short of was myself Polly please please please I told you about this I should have was I wish I could help I my mind my mind you know flex me your piece was wide open Biggio gets man buna venture was not there no man be no single person what are the gates was open I know I know it'll all second I'm gonna do mana he need to get months from time get down all right very well working good to do Gnostic as a job that did not look it but you do seem to me to be good only Caliban from one man to another Jenna do you know I saw someone on the street who say that the the landlord is threatening to send her packin don't you play a husband for which lot of smooth promotes insist with the money we would pay expire smooth ma true she became the confirm our brands and a day goes dead smoke Moses Ghazi hey Bojana since then he should have looked for another accommodation personal and on annelid oh man awesome because the width Niklas cannot ago shit systems like this t max I've gone without my hands nothing thank God now we pulled this document said hey from now because it oh yeah let me do much much more Magina do you know she's aware that you change your life trust would plug doesn't go navigable air when everybody sees open all my scope before night did we not like that buy that back Wow will do see weapon for way maybe that your choppers will you do wait and I've been doing to demolish they'll teach me push me picnic whoopee hi but Jonah do you know that childlessness could be dealt with my visit in a Medical Center I need to know whose fault is it don't boo now don't push me good news business not was not in the Apple to us so we define an idol is what is getting loose when I enter a town Nicea meet Hezbollah meet the new approach anybody will betray Donna my father never as I ain't – pepper cumin nobody time from there but come on you've already helped me grow a house house right side you know that listener so begins to begins to be fired late I don't go people yet that is what they called love at first sight same job work see the interpreter the camera a woman and they go mad if Lanham a person busy if you see do man as the entire house your wife like this you're not good garden fill me goodbye baton bootiful are this big G play this without me Co chamber there became the wittle looking a program to dinner we're gonna talk about nonsense the whole neighborhood I can't give you any message now until I see Vicky because I've I heard him make a call talking to his own philosophy exam maybe if I see him I'll get back to ya good Goodman super mr. Fargo for Pitt movie compassion against Russia crossfire amen that's their most imagined that is Dona Mirana we are rich look I'm not just happy with you girls I mean why would you drop the sum of $100,000 why because I am sure we we have this agreement for seventy thirty percent versus all so why do you appreciate the tone of this involved in that job for example Jordan our teachers condom on us and you know what that means we should have collected more than we took from you Maury I think I saw just here that you explain to your friend Irene that I I don't care about the risk can you just calm down listen to me I give you a proposal and the job details and you are great so what's happening now tell me tell me why this trouble I just knew just tuck down relax your naps I'm not just doubting the facts that you give us arguments fine I accept that good I mean our lives are at stake like I said that's none of my business at all okay now let's look at it this way I you have given me fifty percent right I accept but I said henceforth no more dear this is not the reason why we should stop quarreling I mean I know you too well just cut down a bright you know happy now we'll give you the remaining money I should also come from suit please we're gonna reverse one of most 7c that's the same formula he needs for services tonight because Jonah said in its it is night and you think is a guarantee right listen it's not a guarantee I as a person I would go into the city and get in prettier babes and I'm sure you know what that means do we know you cannot do this yeah I can try it why did you have to wait for me downstairs it's just go down I'm coming honey that was exactly what it said to me a party yes I told the uncoming and I'm still coming just go downstairs okay wanting people to Muhammad the most important thing here is that I'm here with you we are one-on-one Pauline honestly I don't mean to intrude into your affair with Jonah but the truth must be told look at you in particularly honestly I've enjoyed a dessert he doesn't care about you Paul in the fourth day I saw you sob I'll fetch you my number I know you have been there for me all this way but what you're doing right now is what I don't understand what do you want from me these pictures whose pictures are they all at the unit pictures yes come on Louise not let me see not hello hello Lundy where are you Cece please very call me back I am driving now okay okay okay I will call you no problem call you back just like Oh No and that is so discard which can honorable Holyoke we have an appointment let's go let's go please okay I am no dog after your pictures I know but just my friend Jonah doesn't deserve you but I care so much about Pauline I don't want to see a pretty girl like you serve I may as well another they will care about you hello now Franco properties uh-huh I see you advert for television about properties you want to say ah that's a bad news from our partners because that place the oldest might ever be okay second button win yeah a super Oh better better okay if not this is my number does give me call immediately so that because look a fool for the first batch will collect thank you very much uh-huh honorable are you not going to reside in a pool this decoder I don't know why GOG Magog is being money for to house boo-boo-boo-boo much on meant for that matter that place supposed to be for students not be from you get with that carry for mine perhaps I think another point yes [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] with the charity of Hamada yeah oh my mother Hannah I'm the mother and this money take it and go on to your walk Matt shop I'm in Abuja yeah when I get to Abuja Oaxaca Dagobah voted more to sake I can get about a million I do not this but you can fix it [Applause] [Laughter] just because you catch money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah a money they shot you you won't become politician first of all first of all almost to study the Constitution Jonah ancestor for Loomis the sanity Constitution Bassam Constitution Constitution Constitution Jana Jana you've been so moody since he came out on the back what is happening you're not talking to me not to get even to the club man nobody you know what is happening oh you see because of Becky and jimba didn't come to because from the bank you should know very well they went to see the traditional ruler for your campaign you should note that Jenna is it because of Pauline your wife driver stop stop no no general I will take this from your way I was the mean of this one now wait you know game damn family with movie with which totally that you can keep the balance do you wish it out should I wait you know what is happening should I'm taking them off goddess please give me what is going on now because the public please now people are looking at pose / – no I don't like what is happening here I don't know what she's going on tell me now please now begin in the name of God tonight's plan to me now what is happening is screaming see in order to do so me calculate as hotel spend this money from the levels that is campaign down to today Kalitta me give me a reading of my room it is also the combat from bank now as club bank manager you did what a slap the bank manager Nana for what in check my catfish is that with 7,000 men remain from 20 million easy 27 million or 27,000 27,000 remain my life model talk to you from which other countries we first rocket or the second of everything does gonna hug me go now what about the cup money just discharged how do we go now not we leave with a big another person okay the job is over you said that this guy has about 25 million naira to blue and from my record this money is here to be blown no I said 20 million not you said 25 million please let's not argue this with my lives I said 20 million I how do you better get it how like I said before the job is over and all you need to for me right now is to pack all your things in the hotel and check out the hotel before the more money because I'm a mean everything about our deal if you guys don't keep record I do only how do you intend to do this don't worry I'll handle it we know you handle it it's your call no doubt about it but tell us how now listen up guys just leave everything to me he's my mud guy I'll handle it okay so the information right nice for nobody to fear no room for you guys too tall or height I've taken a left every Canadian care ok I will see you guys tomorrow information don't forget to check out of the water for your own good listen have you called it for how much you don't call it up would he ask you how much you don't forget how about you know not be seen will be to do spices happy what they call disappear whoo one hello hello doula my good friend this is a number you know how are you I hope you got in a package my kids no yes what else fetus come on Gina I think that with drawings irrelevant for now Jenna all that week my will about you English on campaign stops and reformed you expanded is for nothing Jenna all that was a sham if they don't fraud let me do not like good friends you can do it so what they may say artists assemblers will meet now with Juna why talking like a child even by Chilton carry signpost on their foreheads all those people you met that we are part of the game the traditional rules as the girls changing Vitalis it would be Oh mother that done in your presence they all Pajarito see man let me go and see living on steel chamber and became nobody goofy like maybe no need to do that oh my Oh JimBob and became our torture pool repairman together to be the China let mr. Daniel for one listen to know his wife is we later to achieve a decade probably that's how they got hold of the pictures Jenna as I'm talking to you right now they are monitoring your movement from afar first you as a friend Miguel Azam in the new blue chip Monica I love you Jim Pam I'm picky I bent on hunting evocative please so I'm advising you as a friend to leave town within 24 hours Jenna I know you would like be seen in China been tried for corruption he knew what remains death sentence if we have that you are Jenna my good friend your life we save because the ELCA will come after you advise you as a friend to elope you can talk to mama whom would you about just need time give me what you want Jon Oliva with that calculation if you have a calculator just check it if $50,000 is everywhere not a set of particular Donna I advise you leave the hotel room another 30 mins because as I speak to you your wife a bit ticked off and she's headed well not right now I know what that means she's coming for our share of the money I wish you luck Jonah I have reached the sweet lovely rich a celebrate toast to me I agree yes I want to go to the bank to pick up some money but the money shall give an instruction that you shouldn't leave the hotel until you feel your views I just go to Bank do something about it didn't like that Weezy he went out boy you still be back sir okay hello ah ah because money's like hey hey where is this mother hey this man who puts me in trouble oh hey I won't lie to my manager oh hey hey hey this was a lie that I pay me oh hey God please Oh help me hey good Nnamdi please tell me what are you talking about I don't understand what is it was happening have you left the house like your advice and you're not saying anything what how did the picture get into their hands oh my god what a me by your mistake how can you make such a mistake now Nnamdi oh my goodness geez so some finished okay okay now where's the money you bought it for me I need it to do something what the police Jesus Christ is this what it's all about so what hello lundi lundi finished wood right Juna run away with all our money and now numpy has gypped me called hoods white I can't even go back to the house because the police will never she's are some Finnish to be a dry-goods just because you get money you know qualify you to be politician Jonah a money shot you you won't become politician first of all first of all must go study the Constitution Jonah and fester for a muster sabadie Constitution the prostitution prostitution prostitution where is it no it's gonna move whatever you just pass if you see the cheese hey where's it written about cheese you know somebody teaches you get the bus revival wrong everybody Bush police them iPhones don't push it hmm all right they aren't gonna be like they are not keen for it like yeah I'm not this good of us Gandhi never dream up in them bullies or not Koko yeah – mama mama mama – pppp pppp we forget – were 15 millivolt they'll be myself you know the way I do yeah but no we're girly when I get I'm not gets denied a little askew Nakada values give me let's go walk idea away this is medical me I'd also just nice weather for a shift or negative it's my time I receive them democratic intelligent oh okay I'm deciding what I promise me that each me that will not be knitting not God name it because one confess I got give me this year whatever this no problem this a view like this these are not on where they turn it from of paper a constitution cause cause sue-shaun causation wait til i ad and they carry the blue grama let them talk about this in a journal bro bro you daddy's impersonal he's my brother Gabe is less my wife you liar oh they do lecture phone I did we dinner olefin yeah for why do I open he's come back house once I got bad finish my ass judges dog for my pal I gotta teach them how my ass judges a goon does therefore with that son that is now I don't come to Orlando as I'm a true don't British this beautiful Amana Constitution the lens focuses a lot supposes was a beginning them oh let's do come in little mrs. Novotny this thing will do it in the open listen I swear by Almighty God that any nonsense you talk easy to kill you

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