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  1. n d
    n d May 27, 2019

    So 5g is actually dangerous

  2. pal Export
    pal Export May 27, 2019

    The where poison the water that's all

  3. Allison Ireland
    Allison Ireland May 27, 2019

    So few countries us them. LOL they are being used by almost every country around the world on innocent people

  4. Jerred Calwell
    Jerred Calwell May 27, 2019

    KGB and CIA and FBI did it basically ur intelligence complex did it.

  5. Rosendo Castillo Perez
    Rosendo Castillo Perez May 27, 2019

    What surprise about? this kind of weapon is been using agains civilians. my neighbor from below is using similar weapon, and when I am trying to sleep they use it and make me feel bad, even have rare dreams. I am suspect his is from FBI or some agency, some times a smell of crack cocaine became from them. I am not exaggerating.

  6. jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 May 27, 2019

    I keep saying it's a micro-wave based spy technology. WHY weapons? WHY would it be stupid weapons? If they were they would be fucking dead.THINK, goddam journalists!

  7. Chris Kinman
    Chris Kinman May 27, 2019

    I thought some of our tax dollars were spent on Counter Intel (CI)? It’s probably time we install spectrum analyzers in our patriot’s apartments and embassies, and reverse jam these bad actors. My grandfather used to tell me over and over: “you have to be smarter than the equipment”

  8. Joel Wu
    Joel Wu May 27, 2019

    The Cuban embassy sonic attack is said to be crickets, stop panicking.

  9. Fred Dobbs
    Fred Dobbs May 27, 2019

    If they have been "tagged" with it then their work will be compromised. They will probably be watched for the rest of their lives.

  10. Voices Lost and Found
    Voices Lost and Found May 27, 2019

    What if this is actually done by corrupt interests in the US. Many people in the US have been complaining about a similar sound at night when they are trying to sleep. Perhaps it is just a by-product of another technological pollution. Or it could be a way to quietly disable and distract those the attackers do not agree with politically. Sooner or later people hire experts and figure out something like this is taking place within the US also. Then the perpetrators can throw out the old "Russia-China-Cuba-did-it" when the lawsuits start coming in.

  11. Nick Truman
    Nick Truman May 27, 2019

    This guy Bryan Tew has been targeted for years.

  12. Mosab q Alhamad bf
    Mosab q Alhamad bf May 27, 2019

    the snake of Eden sent that sonic poisoning waves ,because it hates us so much and it wants to destroy humans being, and it's written in the bible how the snake had sent waves to Adam&Eve to eat from the apple tree

  13. Sharon Rose Poet
    Sharon Rose Poet May 27, 2019

    So glad to hear this being publicly reported. Many of us have been victims of these weapons. Targeted Individuals have been assumed to be mentally ill when explaining htese weapon attacks. Finally there is hope for the Truth. The fact that we are indeed being targeted.

  14. Ch0mpiraz Ch0mpz
    Ch0mpiraz Ch0mpz May 27, 2019

    Fakeeeeeeee newssssssssssss

  15. Scott Faya
    Scott Faya May 27, 2019

    why do you keep this debunked story up?

  16. kali koka
    kali koka May 27, 2019

    So i guess gov. v.i.p's get gangstalked also. Thats democracy……

  17. kb csDJvno ]][,.
    kb csDJvno ]][,. May 27, 2019

    Russian Navy has new weapon that makes targets hallucinate, vomit: report
    By Michael Burke – 02/04/19

    The Russian Navy reportedly has a new weapon that can disrupt the eyesight
    of targets as well as make them hallucinate and vomit.

    Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported that a Russian military contractor has installed the weapon on two Russian warships. 

    The weapon fires a beam similar to a strobe light that affects the target's
    eyesight, making it more difficult for them to aim at night. During
    testing, volunteers reportedly used rifles and guns to shoot targets
    that were protected by the weapon. The volunteers reported having
    trouble aiming because they couldn't see.

    Additionally, about half of the volunteers said they felt dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. About
    20% of the volunteers reported experiencing hallucinations. 

    The weapon, called the FILIN (named afterСергей Юрьевич Филин (1970) Russian ballet dancer and the former artistic director of the Bolshoi Theater 2011-2016) has reportedly been installed on the
    Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov, two Russian warships. The weapon
    is expected to be installed on more ships that are currently being built.

    The weapon was developed by Roselectronica/Ruselectronics/Росэлектроника, a Russian state-owned developer of electronics and other technologies.

  18. John Lawler
    John Lawler May 27, 2019

    Omg…..ALLLLLWAYS Russia gimme a fucking break with this Russian propaganda bullshit.

  19. Anadaria Fantasy World
    Anadaria Fantasy World May 27, 2019

    Fakest of fake conspiracy theory nonsense. The sound was that of a cricket…. Duh

  20. 岭歌
    岭歌 May 27, 2019

    The cricket said:???

  21. Philippe Virgili
    Philippe Virgili May 27, 2019

    Excellent plot for the "Braindead" 72th season… or "Brainwashing" 46th season…

  22. K L
    K L May 27, 2019

    Microwave weapon, eh? Sounds like cricket, maybe it IS just a cricket

  23. Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen May 27, 2019

    Enough is enough.
    These crickets has committed criminal acts all over the world.
    They need to be declared as terrorist organisation immediately.

  24. J K.
    J K. May 27, 2019

    Wait until 5g is installed worldwide they'll be microwaving all you during your sleep using thermal detection. Lower class families will be targeted first

  25. Ashton Mitchell
    Ashton Mitchell May 27, 2019

    Hey humans nothing to worry about it was just crickets lmfao they are telling us we are so stupid anymore that we will buy it and the fucked up thing is humans ARE ignorant enough they will buy it

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