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Meet The Democrat Behind Louisiana Anti-Abortion Bills (HBO)


  1. Silly Green Fairy
    Silly Green Fairy June 8, 2019

    WHY doesn't the government respect the separation between church and state!!! if you are extremely religious, it clouds your thinking and inspires you to manipulate and convert the American people to your religion.
    this shit would not fly with literally any other religion.

  2. Aliana Wood
    Aliana Wood June 8, 2019

    Her position actually makes a lot of sense and seems like the logical position to me. I am always surprised that it's the "pro freedom" republicans who want to restrict abortion and the pro government regulation democrats who want to allow abortion freely. A position like hers makes sense to me just like when a conservative like Tomi Lahren says she is pro-choice, that makes sense to me. She doesn't want the government regulating anything, not even her body.

  3. jerry dickerson
    jerry dickerson June 8, 2019

    Too all the people saying they are moving up north away from the south bye carpetbaggers we didn’t want you here too begin with

  4. Brendan '76
    Brendan '76 June 8, 2019

    Someone sensible and moral

  5. Matthew N' Renee Griffin
    Matthew N' Renee Griffin June 8, 2019

    Some people here think you should have the right to kill your baby but when you look at how we actually think as people, we see the hypocrisy. We know drinking when pregnant is bad and we will generally advise against it and tell people not to. Why? Her body, her choice right? No. We intrinsically and it's common sense that we care about the baby inside too. What about when a pregnant woman is kicked in the stomach by a boyfriend who doesn't want to be a father? It's assault and if the baby dies, it's murder… It's murder regardless of what the mother decided to do at Planned Parenthood later that day. What about a mom who chooses to not vaccinate her children?? Or a mom who lets her child eat McDonald's all day until they are obese? We frown on these types of things because we care about those who cannot look after themselves and need adults to be the adults. Maturity says I will not get pregnant and if I do, I will not kill another human being to fix my mistake. We are seeing the true colors of the movement now. People are saying if babies are born alive then just leave them to die if they are unwanted. Because if you can kill a baby in the womb then you can kill it out of the womb too. Why would the location matter… Soon we'll be able to kill toddlers. They are just a clump of cells. A parasite. So what it can walk and talk. Still a clump of parasitic cells that cannot survive on its on. If you leave it long enough it'll starve to death and die. OR we can be actually morally upright empathetic good human beings and stop killing our own offspring.

  6. Nathan
    Nathan June 8, 2019

    This comment section is a fucking minefield

  7. A M
    A M June 8, 2019

    Hoes b mad.

  8. Michael Schaefer
    Michael Schaefer June 8, 2019

    More black pregnancies in NYC end in abortion than birth. It's been that way for years, yet crickets from the media. Gee, I wonder why.

  9. E
    E June 8, 2019

    The American Taliban.

  10. SlyiLaMusic
    SlyiLaMusic June 8, 2019

    Should your religion govern the way you govern? Lmfao these beaches.

  11. SUB
    SUB June 8, 2019

    You cannot tell a woman what they can do with their body OK what happens if a woman gets raped and the man leaves her she has to carry that baby around for nine whole months which means sick 24 seven and then you’re gonna have to take care of the baby it’s not that easy even put a baby up for adoption

  12. Alexis Blackmon
    Alexis Blackmon June 8, 2019

    Get her out of office

  13. gatorrulers
    gatorrulers June 8, 2019

    You forced-birthers aren't saving shit with these restrictive laws. Don't kid yourselves. You're no heroes or heroines. If you were, you'd make artificial wombs to grow the unborn in instead of trying to force  a woman to bring a pregnancy to term she doesn't want and ACTUALLY support the born unwanted kids until their 18th birthdays (minimum). But oh, that's right. You're disgusting fetus-humpers that can't keep your heads out of a woman's vagina.  Hmph. You dare to say that Pro-Choicers are "evil and lacking in morals" when the opposite is actually  true.

  14. Ashley Soileau
    Ashley Soileau June 8, 2019

    From a Louisiana woman… THANK YOU! God bless you.

  15. Kohan Killetz
    Kohan Killetz June 8, 2019

    Abortion is a crime issue, not a religious issue. It is murder, religion is irrelevant

  16. otis The music
    otis The music June 8, 2019

    damn it really be your own people

  17. Jason Stone
    Jason Stone June 8, 2019

    A Democrat with a moral compass is not something you see everyday!

  18. Florida is not Detroit
    Florida is not Detroit June 8, 2019

    This dumb she boon wants more unwed black girls bringing their Looney Boons into Americas.

  19. Jai T
    Jai T June 8, 2019

    You can be pro-life and a progress at the same time. Its not to hard to wrap your your head around.

  20. Lady Love
    Lady Love June 8, 2019

    forced birthers are not democrats they are traitors using state control to force their rapey religious views on women and girls.

  21. FrakU2
    FrakU2 June 8, 2019

    She will be voted out soon. Republicans will always prefer an actual republican over a democrat pretending to be conservative.

  22. Chris Messias
    Chris Messias June 8, 2019

    Woman should have the right to end their pregnancy if they so choose. End of story.

  23. Will S
    Will S June 8, 2019

    I believe if anyone uses the bible to support their pro-life views, that is religious discrimination towards others who don't believe in Christianity.

  24. nve Fau
    nve Fau June 8, 2019

    Voteeeee her out.

  25. Obeydischick OrDie
    Obeydischick OrDie June 8, 2019

    When black women say they are Christian I turn and walk away. Lmfaoo. Black folks love praising a God their slave Masters told them too.

    Oh you have cancer. Ima pray about it and not get treatment. Oh you have Aids. Ill pray about it. Oh you are fired. I'll pray about it. Oh your lights are out. Oh Ill pray about it. Freaking Christianity has made black people soft and lame.

  26. King DeeDeeDee
    King DeeDeeDee June 8, 2019

    Comment section is disappointing as always.

  27. Maarten
    Maarten June 8, 2019

    Now that's a real feminist (:

  28. Fluff Pluff
    Fluff Pluff June 8, 2019

    Jackson doesn't know how to separate church and state.

  29. MrQuicks class
    MrQuicks class June 8, 2019

    With 26 million African American babies aborted since 1973, I think it is about time that at least one African American woman has stood up and said that enough is enough!!!

  30. Amy Louise
    Amy Louise June 8, 2019

    What a truly evil woman – Hitler lived and ruled by his values too. When women can't get legal abortions women die getting unsafe ones. She is not prolife merely antiabortion

  31. Anonymous Life
    Anonymous Life June 8, 2019

    "the land of the free"
    No choice whether you want a abortion?
    Now that's not really free is it.

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