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Meet the Clinical Governance Team

I am one of the clinical advisors at
your world it’s important for the healthcare recruitment process because we screen the candidates and we also ensure that their place in the relevant
clinical area to their expertise. As a clinical advisor you need good
communication skills both on the telephone and in person because we
conduct face-to-face interviews and we’re often discussing and talking to
people over the telephone you also need a problem solving approach because you
do have to overcome incidents and possible scenarios that might come up
with candidates and you also need to be able to make on-the-spot decisions and
provide advice to the candidates accordingly it’s also helpful to have
experience in healthcare and profession especially myself I’ve been a nurse and
I think to empathise with the candidates and the consultants as well
in the recruitment process in order to get quality staff as opposed to just quantity. I would definitely recommend my role, it’s been an interesting role within the team and it’s also challenging and it’s always changing
every day

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