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  1. petualaNg iDe
    petualaNg iDe May 24, 2019

    good lecturer

  2. Silly Goose
    Silly Goose May 24, 2019

    Guy in black shirt in first row , far left , is bored out of his mind

  3. Your Local Government - Comedy
    Your Local Government - Comedy May 24, 2019

    preach sister

  4. Gianni Marasco
    Gianni Marasco May 24, 2019

    2 people are statists. 

  5. lsl70
    lsl70 May 24, 2019

    It was the only highlight in an otherwise hyper-boring speech. If you could pan the camera back you'd see most of the audience sleeping through this snooze fest. On top of that with each passing year local government becomes more irrelevant as the Federal government seizes more power in it's tyrannical quest to dismantle the Constitution, and dominate the globe.

  6. Alan Kan
    Alan Kan May 24, 2019

    Thanks for showing us you're an ignoramus

  7. mzmaj7
    mzmaj7 May 24, 2019

    For the antsy: the first 5 minutes are boring, then it picks up, and is great for the last 10-15 minutes. Very inspirational!

  8. lsl70
    lsl70 May 24, 2019

    34:21 Hot blond chick had to take a bathroom break. 37:36 Hot blond chick returns.

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