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Liz Cheney Dresses Up Trump's Bigotry: 'It's About Policy!'

so Liz Cheney came out and gave a speech this is basically a response to Donald Trump viciously going after Ilhan Omar and AOC and the Justice Democrats let's take a look at what Cheney had to say that this is the greatest nation that has ever existed the exceptional nation and they're wrong when they fail to recognize that no people has ever lived in greater freedom and then they go on and fail to provide the resources our men and women in uniform need to defend that freedom our colleagues our socialist colleagues on the other side of the aisle are wrong when they advocate abortion up until the moment of birth including partial term abortion partial birth abortion late term abortion and when they refuse to mandate care for babies who are born alive our colleagues are wrong when they say that we should open America's borders abolish ice and abolish DHS they're wrong when they advocate policies that would eliminate all private health insurance in this country destroy Medicare and force the American people to pay for free health care for illegal immigrants they're wrong when they pursue policies like the one we're going to be voting on today that will destroy 4 million jobs for low wage earners by mandating a federal $15 minimum wage that is not compassion that's a callousness it's born of ignorance they're wrong when they say that their programs help people at the lower end of the economic spectrum every one of their socialist programs would create massive new government dependency and and the very economic growth we need to ensure everyone can prosper our colleagues are wrong when they advocate packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the electoral college and our colleagues are wrong when they tell Americans as congresswoman Presley did just last weekend that any individual seat at the table is only valuable only legitimate if that person espouses some pre-approved set of beliefs deemed appropriate based on their religion or their gender or their race when they say that that is racist so know our opposition to our colleagues beliefs absolutely nothing to do with race or gender or religion we oppose them and their policies because their policies are dangerous and wrong and would destroy America ok where do I begin with this one the whole conversation was about Trump's tweets where he told US Congress women to go back to their country to go back to where they came from so yes that has a lot to do with race with religion now what Liz Cheney is trying to do here is the adult version and put the spin on it and say no no no no no our problem is not with you know their skin color and their religion our problem is with their policies ok but your take on their policies is also complete and utter bullshit what Trump said was not just about policy that's crystal clear so she's trying to put the spin on it but she has to work overtime here because there's not enough spin in the world to deflect from the fact that he told US Congress women to go back to their country not only because they're on the left but yes also because it would I these people all hate Bill Clinton they hate anybody who's nominally on the left but they've never told them to go back to their country because in Trump's mind that means like oh yeah I disagree with a god I hate the guy but I mean he's American why would I question that but he did tell the first black president ever to go back to Kenya and he did say he wasn't born in America and when he proved it he then said let me see her college transcripts so he does save a particular kind of criticism just for people of color and if you can't see that you're just you're being dense on purpose so it does have to do with that it does it does it does but now let's get to the other point because yes a lot of your objection is with their policies but on that front you're wrong you're wrong so from the top first thing she says is David refuse to acknowledge this is the greatest nation that ever existed ever it's like every time they say stuff like that I want to be like citation needed citation II what does that mean what do you mean the best page see here's what an adult would say America is the best nation for me I love America because I was born here and I was raised here and everything about it is something that I appreciate there's a lot here that I like that's what an adult would say Liz Cheney says this is the greatest nation that has ever existed as if that's a factual claim what does that mean Liz you know you can empirically measure a lot of this stuff right you know that you know our health care system is ranked 11th out of 11 when it comes to the developed countries in the world right and we can go on and on in the the you know myriad ways that we are lagging behind the rest of the developed world now again that doesn't mean that I don't like America when I criticize America I try to improve it but I love this country you know but I also want to make it better they have a childish view of dealing with these things like think about it if a parent saw their kid doing crack and blowing dudes behind it in Arby's next to the dumpster you would criticize your kid and say okay we're gonna get you help and you're gonna stop doing this is it a fair response to say you don't love your kid if you criticize them like that no it's ridiculous it's the same thing for your country if you criticize your country you're trying to make it better but she she frames it as this is the greatest nation that has ever existed and that they're against that you're such a child um then she she argues against them by saying they failed to fund the military they failed to give our men and women in uniform the tools that they need are you kidding me the giant massive tremendous colossal increase in military spending was not just about giving our men and women in uniform what they need that is in imperialistic bloated military budget which keeps us waging a shadow war in Africa bombing 12 different countries some with drone strikes some with actual boots on the ground and the way that you portray that as like what do you mean bro this is just about giving our men and women in uniform what they need and they they're not in favor of that how ridiculous are you that's B ridiculous as if like what alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar and Rasheeda Talib and Ayana Presley would like look at our soldiers and be like I'm now gonna take away your protective gear and send you out there into combat take off that bulletproof vest this is my punishment because I'm anti America and I'm anti you they have this caricature in their mind and it's so dumb I don't know how anybody falls for this then they go to the old and this it's actually not old it's relatively recent smear but they say Democrats are for abortion after the babies are born alive there's a word for that there's two words for that it's called infanticide and it's called murder murder is illegal in the United States of America everywhere in the United States of America there is no place where they are murdering newborn babies that's not a thing that's not in the law that's not something any Democrat has ever argued for I got news for you the only time we even do late term abortion in this country is if the life of the mother is in danger or there's a fatal defect in the fetus and they're not gonna make it anyway that's the only time the only time but they fucking take stuff out of context they use that you know those hack smear job fake videos from I forget the guys name James O'Keefe they use stuff like that and they use like an out-of-context clip from a governor talking about abortion to try to pretend like see the left is for murdering newborn babies the left is for murder they're Pro murder how stupid are you I mean come on man that is so happy and so disingenuous and they don't care they don't care here's how much they care to the point where Trump goes out there and says Ilhan Omar is Pro al Qaeda he doesn't care about the consequences he doesn't care that he's putting her in danger he doesn't care that that's not even remotely correct or anywhere near true they don't care they just just say whatever fucking verbal diarrhea and and and pretend like we're making cogent arguments then they go to the old canard of and therefore open borders do you even bother to want to learn the actual positions of your opponents first of all nobody is for open borders who's an elected democratic official period full stop end of conversation the furthest anybody goes is to say hey let's make it a civil offense as opposed to what it is right now which is a misdemeanor why because they want to stop the family separations that's it that's it that's why that's it so when you hear the context wow that sounds a lot more reasonable than I thought it was huh even if you disagree with it that sounds a lot more reasonable than cut open borders totally open borders that's what they want well no they want it to be a civil offense and not a misdemeanor because with a civil offense then there wouldn't be family separation I mean this is such there's such hacks I'm ripping apart every one of her shitty non arguments but she gave this speech as if like I'm gonna be the substantive intelligent one in the Republican Party then she lies and says therefore eliminating all private health insurance not a single Medicare for all bill eliminates all private health insurance you can still get supplemental private health insurance under the Bernie Sanders bill okay supplemental but yes the default would be no more unnecessary rapacious for-profit price gouging middleman who gets in between you and your doctor and steals your money that's correct and that's a good thing people don't love their private insurance company they love their doctor and they love their hospital and they can keep their doctor and keep their hospital then she says well this she actually frames this as if it's like a slam-dunk issue for her she's like and these are the same people who want to quote destroy millions of jobs with a living wage so she casually comes out against you know paying people a living wage for a full-time job and she frames it as it would lead except we've studied there's multiple states that have raised their minimum wage and we've studied the impacts of it and it most certainly does not lead to increased unemployment now it's theoretically possible if you raise it too high that yes small businesses say I can't afford it so I gotta lay some people off that's theoretically possible but in the states that have raised their minimum wages that hasn't happened because they raise them in a reasonable responsible way and they raise it to a level that's not something that you know these businesses can't afford so she's what she's arguing for is hey you should be able to work a full-time job and not make enough money to survive and she thinks like she's got the position on this I'm pretty sure that's what we call wage slavery when you tell people shut up work a full-time job and don't make enough money to survive with Liz Cheney want to live like that if she didn't have a rich daddy who you know was a powerful man and she was born into a family on minimum wage would she want to live like that would she think it's cool I'll just work a full-time job and I make enough money to survive I won't complain I won't want to fix this system she is such a hack it is unbelievable and then finally she argues well the abolishing the electoral college is not something that's a good move either so your point is the person with the most votes shouldn't win that's your position now you could dress it up you could put lipstick on a pig but that's your position oh if you get the most votes I don't think you should win what that's their position that's her position why because she knows the deal she knows that it would hurt Republicans if you had the straight popular vote determine the winner she doesn't care because she's playing for a team so she there's not a single single principled belief in Liz Cheney's mind not a single one there's like hey listen even if we lose more better for the person with the most votes to win right nope that's out the window whatever is better for she wouldn't care if they got 10% of the vote but somehow won the election she was subbing there's no problem here oh we won what's problem there's no problem no Prime at all so she is in utter hack and listen yeah are there many people in the Republican Party who yeah oh it's not about race it's just about their ideas yeah but those people are wrong perhaps they're not bigoted like the people who have a problem with their race like Trump but they're still wrong and embarrassingly so and I know you think you're the adult in the room that's cleaning up the mess but you actually come across as an unhinged maniac who's straw Manning your opponent and making terrible arguments not based in reality


  1. XDDLES WIntel
    XDDLES WIntel July 20, 2019

    It should be illegal to lie like that. Shame on the Cheneys…

  2. Tanmay Patel
    Tanmay Patel July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheney is the person who refused her sister the right to marry the person she loved. Shill.

  3. Dominik Weber
    Dominik Weber July 20, 2019

    Starting to think "patriotism" has a lot in common with religion.

  4. Raistlin 34
    Raistlin 34 July 20, 2019

    I have heard before "politics is the art of defend the indefensible", but that woman´s speech is beyond the pale.
    Also, what men and women in american army really need is a better healthcare and pension plan. You know, like everyone else.

  5. Loki Nakor
    Loki Nakor July 20, 2019

    States can do what they like for local elections. For national elections there should be one unified system or else an electoral college has no merit.

  6. Loki Nakor
    Loki Nakor July 20, 2019

    The only difference between democracy and dictatorship: dictators don't allow the people to complain about them…

  7. Loki Nakor
    Loki Nakor July 20, 2019

    Look at the shifty-eyed creep in the background with his "I hope we get away with this" expression… this bitch lies from start to finish. Your daddy is a war criminal. You are a monster. Shame…

  8. ricki adams
    ricki adams July 20, 2019

    There is NOTHING great about Trump's America. Wow, how callous are you, Liz?

  9. Mike Fagan
    Mike Fagan July 20, 2019

    No, she's not hyperbolic. ..much.

  10. Luther DePapier
    Luther DePapier July 20, 2019

    You know, comments such as hers should be broadcasted the world over for everyone to see how much of a FRAUD the American establishment is.

  11. Xeccelerator
    Xeccelerator July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheney and her war criminal father should be thrown in jail for crimes against humanity. Lock the bitch up! #CheneysForPrison

  12. Chamindo7
    Chamindo7 July 20, 2019

    Alt left tears taste good in the morning.

  13. HipHopBeatSource
    HipHopBeatSource July 20, 2019

    Remember when Trump told black folks "what do you have to lose" when voting for him. That spoke volumes to how we are viewed in this nation in his mind.

  14. Melissa Stipes
    Melissa Stipes July 20, 2019

    Their family isn’t racist or antiseptic, their lawyer is a Jew remember!?

  15. stev ober
    stev ober July 20, 2019

    they raise the minimum wage in those cities bc there it can sustain and already have established companies and mostly already wealthy people move there who can afford it

  16. D. Owens
    D. Owens July 20, 2019

    They don’t care cause, it’s people that believe this Trumptard, Fucktard bullshit.

  17. Seven Day
    Seven Day July 20, 2019

    Kyle. Do a bit of research there. Sometimes, an infant survives a late-term abortion. Around 2006 there was a giant scandal about infants that survived an attempted abortion and were born alive being murdered by doctors with the mother's permission. This was absolutely a real issue, and it was a debate we really had, and there WERE a lot of people on the "murdering babies is totally fine" side, who even went so far as to conflate abortion with murdering a baby that is already born.

    Now, do any of these 4 congresswomen support that? I have no idea. I don't think so, and I certainly hope not, and what this chick is saying is a smear either way because there's no evidence they do. But when you flatly deny that people who support that *exist*, you come off as an idiot or a liar, and you're better than that.

  18. Sarah Cullen
    Sarah Cullen July 20, 2019

    Giving the men in uniform the support they need is code for – our family wants more money so you need to give more money to the Military Industrial Complex where our contractors will make more $billions.

  19. Sarah Cullen
    Sarah Cullen July 20, 2019

    She is her father's daughter and about as right wing Republican as you can get and is talking a lot of lies and sh*t. She declares she loves America but clearly hates Americans.

  20. William Doerr
    William Doerr July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheeney is worried about "Compassion"? HAHAHA BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ILMAO, o shit that's a good one. Dick Cheney and his diabolical off-spring are in capable of compassion or any sort of humanity, these people are the closest thing the US has ever seen to the Anti-Christ, these people are heartless.

  21. Courage Karnga
    Courage Karnga July 20, 2019

    "It's about policy!"
    Yes, the kind that puts children in cages!

  22. CJ Draden
    CJ Draden July 20, 2019

    "… if a parent saw their kid doing crack and blowing dudes behind an Arby's next to the dumpster, you would criticize them." -Kyle Kulinsky

  23. Simon Kronquist
    Simon Kronquist July 20, 2019

    Your father should be hung if the Nürnbergtrails would be set as a president. You are almost as disgusting as your fucking father.

  24. anywherein12seconds
    anywherein12seconds July 20, 2019

    🔥 Bernie 2020!!! Let's put the corrupt establishment dinosaurs in the museums where they belong!

  25. Blacksteel Gajeel
    Blacksteel Gajeel July 20, 2019

    She needs to listen to White America by Emenim

  26. rares mircea
    rares mircea July 20, 2019

    They're afraid :)) They're finally afraid of a real challenge! The Rep-Dem Establishment are fighting for their private welfare system. Bernie's progressive revolution shows its consequences! 🔥🔥 Bernie 2020 🔥🔥

  27. The Last And First Time
    The Last And First Time July 20, 2019

    Man that's a stretch but wow does it make a great SNL skit.

    PETER POGSON July 20, 2019

    The exceptional nation but only if your white face it a 3rd of the us is racist and 90% of them vote for Republican party how a dumb bitch like trump can win is all the proof you need if you ever listen to him speak he does not have a fucking clue what he is doing.

  29. TheZyfer87
    TheZyfer87 July 20, 2019

    You are falling into to Trumps trap. Its a distraction, how are you not getting this?

  30. Eymerich
    Eymerich July 20, 2019

    Wow she is almost wrong about everything she just said 😛

  31. John Kerr
    John Kerr July 20, 2019

    What a lot of complete bull piss. The US is not. never was, and never will be the land of the free.

    Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France ARE THE LANDS OF THE FREE.

    UK and Ireland are obviously excluded lol.

  32. kreskinkun
    kreskinkun July 20, 2019

    I see she inherited her father's charisma. Excuse me while I inhale the chalk dust out of this blackboard eraser.

  33. TheAuspicious
    TheAuspicious July 20, 2019

    They are WRONG when they say my dad is a war criminal that"legalized" torture. A Halliburton lobbyist that raped the tax payer's money by privatizing military departments who over-charged the living shit out of the american economy. Indebted the next 6 generations for petrol wars and never gave a flying fuck about the veterans he sent to war. They are WRONG. ***puts fingers in her ears and walks away singing.

  34. Dillon Keller
    Dillon Keller July 20, 2019

    Neither side, left or right, bothers to want to learn the actual position of their opponents. Left and right are both going to political war with straw men of their own design

  35. William Walters
    William Walters July 20, 2019

    Dick Cheney should be drug off to the ICC. Oh wait, the US didn't sign on to that, since the neocons in charge don't like any sort of consistent justice standards.

    Maybe it's better to just send Cheney to Iraq, and let him be tried there.

  36. Ll G
    Ll G July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheney would be best known living example of evil born of nepotism in the modern times if Kim Jong Un wasn't still alive.

  37. Nicola Redman
    Nicola Redman July 20, 2019

    They know there voters aren't..critical thinkers .

  38. Matthew Reist
    Matthew Reist July 20, 2019

    5:25 oh come on it was 1 time and I wanted some curly fries

  39. Nathan Bulitta
    Nathan Bulitta July 20, 2019

    Her remarks regarding the policies are just blatant lies and or ridiculously MISLEADING…. for once, someone needs to stand up and fight back against this B.S. AND Call OUT THIS EVIL WITCH by spelling out exactly what she and the rest of the GOP ARE DOING… and why!.. people are stupid they don't see through the BS it needs to be spelled out very slowly.
    They need to argue against everything she just said regarding policies the Justice Democrats are pushing for and who they benefit and why the Republicans don't want those policies and explain how they the GOP and Corp. Democrats have been purposely misleading and down playing the benefit of their policies because their corporate donors pay them to vote against the interest of their own constituent… they should let everyone know why they " CAN" be trusted vs. Everyone else who does take Corp. Donors and/or Pac MONEY.

  40. edgar gonzalez
    edgar gonzalez July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheney: "we oppose anything thats considered good for the american people"

  41. London England
    London England July 20, 2019

    Liz Cheney, the straw-man queen.

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