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Live the dream – become an Antarctic station leader

I am Graham Cook. I am the station leader at Mawson Station in Antarctica. I work with
the Australian Antarctic Division in what I think is one of the best jobs in the world.
Why do I do it? Because there are so many reasons why I do it! [music]>>GRAHAM COOK – MAWSON STATION LEADER: So
many people talk about living the dream. Well with this job I get to do what other people
are dreaming about. Every day here is so different. Some days I will be helping the chef in the
kitchen, another day I will be working with the plumber outside in minus 20 degrees. I
get to spend time with scientists working on programmes that I would never be introduced
to and learning a lot from that. Where else in the world would you get to work with such
a diverse group of people and such diverse programmes? We have flying programmes, science programmes, building programmes, there is just so much that happens down here, that
keeps my mind going, and I learn so much from the people that I work with. It is such a
pleasure to go to work every day. In a week or two’s time we will get to watch ten thousand
new visitors arrive in the form of emperor penguins as they march across the ice to set
up camp and breed for the winter. When was the last time you looked out your office window,
saw a snow-clad mountain range in the distance, a glacier creeping towards the coast, an iceberg
on your doorstep? I just love working here. It’s an amazing place. Friends and family
tell me I am so lucky to be here and they are right, I am. But I helped to make this
luck. I put an application in for this job. And I managed to get it. You can do it too. [music]>>NARELLE CAMPBELL – CASEY STATION LEADER:
Hi, I am Narelle Campbell and I am the station leader here at Casey station and it is actually
a privilege to be able to come down here and work for the Australian Antarctic Division,
supporting the various science and work programmes down here. The best part, as I said, of being
down here is being with the team, and the various personalities. They’re people that
you don’t know, that you have just first met back in Kingston doing the training. We all
come together as a team and learn to live together and share each others’ experiences
LEADER: Hi, my name is Mike Gasson. I am the station leader at Macquarie Island in the
subantarctic. I work for the Australian Antarctic Division. Why do I want to be a station leader?
It’s the most amazing job. It’s incredible. You get to be down in this beautiful location
– it’s phenomenal – working with the most incredible team of people. You’ve got all
kinds of different people here and I like working with people, I get quite a lot of
enjoyment. It has been pretty awesome so far, I am loving it. It is a crazy adventure, unlike
anything I have ever done before. We are isolated, we are miles away from anywhere, who knows
what’s going to happen next? The whole thing is pretty much a mystery and the craziest
thing is we’re getting paid to do it. So, it’s pretty awesome, I’m loving it. [music]

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  1. Jamaican MeCrazy
    Jamaican MeCrazy August 7, 2016

    I would love to do this. I am going back to school to study geology and chemistry. Hopefully one day it will take me to Antartica. I would even work for free to get down there.

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