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Les Brown: How to Be a Great Leader ( Les Brown Coaching )

Where do we go to get that energy we
need in that photo to keep our focus and to keep our drive whenever you’re moving
from one level to the other and you have to reinvent yourself the adjustment it’s
very very difficult it’s very very challenging and I think that you need to
begin to remind yourself of your why you know Nietzsche said if you know the why
for living if you know why you’re doing something it will empower you to endure
anything that you’re going through when you’re working in corporations you’re
working in financial services is a very competitive area it’s very very dynamic
it’s this is the air that Peter Drucker calls the era of the three C’s
accelerated change overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition
and so people are tensed in and very very stressed out so how do you deal
with that and and knowing why you do what it is that you do the name of the
game right now is perceptual and psychological it’s the mental
adjustments that we must make in the midst of the difficulties that’s what
leaders do leaders don’t panic they are not intimidated by the change they’re
not intimidated by the difficulties what they are they are empowered by it
I remember reading something that said says it’s not what you don’t have is
what you think you need that keeps you from handling the difficulties and the
challenges of life and we have everything we need within us to face and
to deal with whatever we have it at hand because we’re more powerful than
anything that we’re up against now these mental adjustments and this this idea
that I’ve got what I need I mean in some ways that represents Who I am for many
years I was living a life that I was not designed to do I’m designed to speak
that’s what I do but for 42 years I’m 62 now for 42 years I was doing something I
wasn’t designed to do because when I looked at what I wanted to do that was
to speak to train to empower people that my inner conversation to myself was less
Ron you can’t do that you were labeled educable mentally retarded in the fifth
grade you have no college training you were born an abandoned building on a
floor you don’t even know your birth parents you can do that you are DT you
were called the dumb twin those words became our reality for many years and
then someone came along and interrupted that conversation in my head and said Mr
Brown they tell me about to drop out of school and and I
said well yes why I just I can’t I’m not smart like my brother and I’ll never
forgive when we first met I was in his class waiting on another student and he
came in and said young man go to his board and work this problem out for me I
said sir I can’t do that I’m not one of his students he said it doesn’t matter
follow my directions anyhow and I said I can’t turn he said why I said sir
because I’m edgy cool mentally retarded he said don’t you ever say that again
someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality so now this man
changed how I saw myself when I saw myself as the dumb twin and that was the
conversation in my head that was given to me that’s what I believed I accepted
that so the things that I was up against academically they began to appear not as
difficult as I thought they were because now he empowered me before then right
before then up to that point the things that were placed before me I would
stumble I would slow the class down because I was convinced that I was dumb
I believed what they said to me and this guy came along and he changed my
perception of myself someone said that people don’t live life as it is they
live life as they are and so what we have to do as leaders I don’t care where
you are in customer service managing people that you have to do during the
tough times you have to bring the best out of it yourself
so it’s right now it’s at this time of the struggle we go through a
restructuring we have competition that’s doing weird stuff out in the market and
and what you’re saying is it’s right now that tests my metal that builds me as a
leader yes without any questions a sign that I saw the other data said if you’re
going through hell don’t stop keep moving you know you got to continue to
move and if you continue to move and make the adjustments and fine-tune your
strategy and and let the people on the organization know hey look here we’re
gonna make this happen and here’s what they have to do they have to come from a
place of it’s possible and once people begin to know that it’s possible then
they begin to work within that framework sometimes we have to be intelligently
ignorant many people fail to achieve the goals that they are capable of doing
because they judge according to appearances they know too much and they
think themselves out of it we have to do in this point in time in
this period of our history is begin to be open to the possibility that it’s
possible that we can do this and the next step is that it’s necessary it’s
necessary that we find a way to make this work that we look for ways to
optimize the efficiency of our operation it’s necessary that everybody gets on
the same page it’s necessary that we develop one vision one voice in higher
standards on how we’re going to begin to drive the culture to impact our bottom
line to begin to take the level of customer service that we envision to
another level to dominate the marketplace it’s necessary being second
place is not a name of the game that’s not acceptable we’ve got to make it
happen and that it’s you and it’s me all of us must take ownership for it it was
George Bjorn and Bernard Shaw who said that people that make it in life they
look around for the circumstances that they want and if they can’t find them
they create them that’s what leaders do and how do I take that that picture that
I have and get my employees to really see the possibility as well speed of the
leader speed of the group you have got to buy into it you’ve got to believe it
the difference between leaders and and and people that are followers leaders
it’s a it’s a whole different standard for them you know they it’s a different
between being in the business and the business being in you that it has to be
who you are and that you set the pace for the organization if the leader
become cynical if there’s any doubt if you don’t have absolute faith that you
can make it happen if you become cynical if they sense that
you don’t believe that it can happen if you start complaining about the fact
that you can’t get your higher-ups to answer or there’s so much political
bureaucracy that we have to deal with that you’re frustrated that you don’t
know what to do that you’re pulling your hair out that you can’t sleep at night
because of the fact that it’s out of your control if you have that victim
mindset and feeling powerless that nonverbal communication your facial
expression your energy the spirit of who you are that will permeate and
contaminate the spirit of the organization many leaders their
effectiveness with their people their impact their influence begins to
diminish because they don’t take the time to shop in their minds to build
their faith to build their skills to empower and
increase their confidence in themselves so part of what we have to do all
leaders you have to take time to pour into yourself and you’ve got to also
reach out you’ve got to have a Board of Advisors and it’s your support committee
that will give you a home court advantage
more teams win on at home than they do on the road 87 percent why because they
have people cheering for them I think that all leaders should have people
around them their group they’re a mastermind group that will help to pour
into them their safety and counsel that they can talk to one of the things I
always tell leaders that ask for help not because you’re weak but because you
want to remain strong and ask for help and don’t stop until you get it what do
I do if if I’m just not interested in playing this game you know it’s easier
maybe I’ll just coast it out you know some of us have been had our careers for
a long time yes can’t I just mark time until this passes or you know until
something you can’t do that you you can you can become a volunteer victim and
choose to play your life out like that what if you live your whole life only to
discover that it was wrong that you just showed up they paid you just enough to
keep you from quitting and you work just hard enough to keep from getting fired I
had a friend of mine say to me I was in radio at that point in time working for
Skyway Broadcasting Company in Columbus Ohio and this guy named harsh Perkins he
was a head of sales he said Les Brown you are sorry I said what do you mean
man you know I’m sorry I’m the number one personality in the morning here in
Columbus what do you mean he said it’s still not enough you can do better than
that man your your abilities your talents go beyond this microphone you
can do more than that you’re more than just a disc jockey
I said whoa how do I do that he says never ask how just make your commitment
that you’re gonna develop yourself man he said live full less and die empty Wow
that grabbed me I did not know at that point in time I just saw myself as a
disc jockey he challenged me you know Roberts you let’s say you either expand
or you are expendable today you’ve got to be flexible you’ve
got to be adaptable you’ve got to be versatile
and you’ve got to take responsibility for your own education for taking
control of your own career and advancing yourself taking responsibility for your
life you’re not doing it for the corporation you’re not doing it for your
supervisor you’re giving your best at all times under all circumstances
because that’s who you are I think there’s a principle there that sometimes
it’s just my sheer commitment and willingness to keep hammering away at
what I know needs to be done I never forget mr. washer said Mr Brown and I
said yes sir he said what do you want to do what you like young man I said I want
to take care of my mother sir my mother’s a domestic work on Miami Beach
you know we used to eat the food leftover talk from the families Obama
cooked father they would say Mamie whatever food is leftover you’ve adopted
these seven kids mama was 46 at a third grade education it said you can pack it
up and take it home in and feed those children that you have adopted and had
they not done that many nights we were going to bed hungry Wow
I admired this mom and so her own needs scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets to
take care of us and looking at her example in her her riddle it lessness
and her unstoppable spirit she didn’t let anything stop her and as we begin to
look at ourselves and and look at our lives and look at where we are one of
the things that I know that we can do more than we can ever begin to imagine
but many times we have to begin to look at ourselves and realize that who we
have been up to this point has not cut it and we’ve got to begin to challenge
ourselves to dig deeper Einstein said the thinking that has brought me this
far has created some problems that this thinking can’t solve and as leaders we
have to begin to look at ourselves and we have to be the message that we bring
and if we want to produce greater results out of our people and where we
are we’ve got to radically change who we are and I’ll tell anybody listening to
this right now what is it about you that you know that one thing that if you
radically change that one thing it would change your leadership it will spark a
new level of inspiration and the people that you work with it take them to a new
level what is that one thing and once we do that it’s unlimited of what we can do
because if you’re persistent and keep coming back again
again even a brill clock is Right twice a day now isn’t it true though that that
when it comes down to that one thing I’m pretty comfortable with my faults I’ve
got my stories that I tell I’ve got the way that I justify the fact that I
behave you know that’s just me it’s just the way it is you need to adjust because
you know that’s just how I am you know that’s a challenge to say change that’s
not that’s not the way we are see we’re all born the same way well born dumb
naked and speechless and no one comes here knowing anything a tree can’t be
anything but a tree but the greatest power that we have as human beings we
have the power to change choose ye this day whom ye shall serve the mediocre
part of you of the greatness that you have within you challenge yourself I can
come out of a program like this or some sort of a reflection and decide okay I
can make a little change there’s a there’s a change that I feel I can make
but I just don’t see I mean I I don’t know that I can change all of these
aspects of how I operate and how I lead I think that what you said is crucial
right here you said I don’t know if I can do that when I looked at the goals
that I wanted to achieve my heart said I can do that if you ask most people if
you had your life to live over again do you believe that you can do more than
what you’ve done if most people are honest they will raise their heads and
say yes then why is it that we don’t do this and the way that we ever do
anything is we first make the commitment to do it that’s what we do John F
Kennedy he said we’re going to the moon he wasn’t a scientist the technology was
not around then he said in 10 years were going to the moon he made a commitment
he spoke it into existence in the beginning was to work he said we’re
going to the moon we’re gonna make this out that was a commitment of this
country we’re going to the moon we will get there before the Russians and there
was a collective buy-in that everybody bought into it nobody questioned it
because he said it with absolute faith and everybody got on the page and began
to look for ways of how we’re going to make this happen but what most people do
is they go to I don’t know how to do it they go to how do we do it
speaking those questions no make the commitment once you make the commitment
the how the way the resources the ideas everything you need to make it happen
will begin to show up and reveal itself once I realize that I’ve got the ability
and I’ve got it in me and my own unique you know sort of way how do I achieve my
potential what’s the next step for me as a leader many talented and gifted
leaders go on unnoticed in the world never had a chance to hear from them
because they allow themselves to become negative they allow themselves to become
volunteer victims they allowed themselves to focus on the problem
rather than the possibilities Jim Rhon said when the incomes of you let it find
you conquering a new mountain not sliding down an old one you got to
continue to stretch continue to grow continue to expand Socrates says a man’s
reach is to supersede his grasp or what are the heavens for we have far more in
ourselves but we’ve got to challenge ourselves we have to engage in that
process most people just talk they go so far and
they Park and they coast out to the sunset who you are as a person comes out
and shows up in your leadership so I believe it’s about personal empowerment
becoming aware of who you are self awareness and what is it that drives you
what is it that motivates you what is it that you want is cultivating a sense of
goodness and greatness within yourself and working on yourself and saying to
yourself I deserve this I deserve this standard of greatness from my self and
pushing yourself in the next level as you engage in that process comes a
commitment of how you manage yourself your times your skills your talents your
abilities how you work with others as you gain greater insight into yourself
you gain greater insight into others and out of that comes some achievements that
you can point to and then that brings you to self fulfillment how do we get
here what worked what did not work now let’s go back to the process all over
again it’s a continuous ongoing process that’s why Robert Schuller said success
is never ending we can always better our best but to
better our best we have to learn and reflect on what’s occurred up to now
absolutely and push ourselves and challenge ourselves and be
self-motivated and continue to roll with race
to barn ourselves and have some strategic partners that will hold us
accountable for a higher standard you can run faster with a with a hundred who
want to go than with one around your neck you’ve got to evaluate the
relationships that you have around you and ask yourself the question what is
this relationship doing to me am i growing am i developing is it stretching
me if you’re the smartest one in your group you need to get a new group so
you’ve got to have people around you that you can learn from and that you can
grow from what would you leave us with what do you want us to remember in this
opportunity what contribution are you going to make to us and our thinking to
make this whole initiative and our role as leaders successful continue to raise
the bar on yourself and understand and know that there’s more in you to express
to do than you can ever begin to imagine it Henry David Thoreau talk about that
when you’re moving in the direction of your dream you will have some uncommon
hours some magical moments there are moments when you say wow I can’t believe
that it’s me but you also go through this period what what Joseph Campbell
call the long dark journey of the soul life will catch your the blinds that you
would say why did it have to happen to me why not you who would you suggest
it’s called a life and so what we have to do is buckle in and we have to deal
with it we have to suck it up it’s not personal it’s called life what did
Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you go to
get he was right absolutely well unless I really
appreciate this time again thank you so much thank you I appreciate you for the

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  1. Vlad Mercori
    Vlad Mercori October 13, 2018

    What I like the most is the feeling I have when I hear that we are more powerful than the things we are up against. The moment we realize that all we have to do is to develop the "I can handle this" attitude, everything changes.

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