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  1. Sujad R
    Sujad R April 30, 2019

    Let me ask u a question?
    Do u prefer to be a boss or a leader?

  2. Landry Manankoraisina RASENDRANIRINA
    Landry Manankoraisina RASENDRANIRINA April 30, 2019

    Like my comment

  3. Clay Striping
    Clay Striping April 30, 2019

    Leaders develop great people for bosses to ruin. Sorta like how a great Dad creates a good daughter/person only to have the mother turn her into a gold digging mini-me slut version of herself, out of spite.

  4. Meconz boy Meconz boy
    Meconz boy Meconz boy April 30, 2019

    Leader is great

  5. MonsterStorm
    MonsterStorm April 30, 2019

    Employees complain, gossip, make excuses and act like babies. I don't even like working with people, I took a production supervisor job for the pay and that's it.

  6. Incradible
    Incradible April 30, 2019

    Very Inspiring . .

  7. Jayson-X Misa
    Jayson-X Misa April 30, 2019

    now i know.thank you for info.

  8. Tubalok Murox
    Tubalok Murox April 30, 2019

    Lean very nice video,my leaders in Papua New Guinea lack some of these qualities,

  9. Khushnood Ali
    Khushnood Ali April 30, 2019

    Nice video
    Nice video, a learning message.

  10. Kristal McHugh
    Kristal McHugh April 30, 2019

    re: Boss vs Leader video.  on second :44 the slide that says Boss depends on Authority.   Authority is misspelled.  Hope someone who can make the correction reads this!

  11. Hasan Habib
    Hasan Habib April 30, 2019


  12. Ezra Payak
    Ezra Payak April 30, 2019

    excuse me?how to download this video ?anyone help me?

  13. Esther Okon
    Esther Okon April 30, 2019


  14. Nandagopal Murali
    Nandagopal Murali April 30, 2019

    Boss walks in front you.Leader walks with you; sometimes behind you.

  15. Sindre Laupstad
    Sindre Laupstad April 30, 2019

    Fuck bosses

  16. Angela L
    Angela L April 30, 2019

    What's bad is when someone wants a manager position for no other reason than to say, " Hey, look at me!"

  17. Mono Gaming
    Mono Gaming April 30, 2019


  18. Maureen O’Connell
    Maureen O’Connell April 30, 2019

    Very nice video! The difference between a boss and a leader is perfectly explained.

  19. perspicacity1000
    perspicacity1000 April 30, 2019

    Very original this way of making difference between the styles of management, Boss vs leader . Thanks so much.

  20. Atrosity
    Atrosity April 30, 2019

    Authorithy isn't a word 🙂

  21. velu Arunachalam
    velu Arunachalam April 30, 2019

    super lesson

  22. Imagine Leaders
    Imagine Leaders April 30, 2019

    Go Lean. Stay Agile. Coach Approach.

  23. miasworld1865 gaming
    miasworld1865 gaming April 30, 2019

    leader won

  24. Jsvlad js
    Jsvlad js April 30, 2019

    no bad but the problem is when the boss thinks he is a leader when he is really a boss!

  25. Pieter Atema
    Pieter Atema April 30, 2019

    Loved it.

  26. Rohan Ariyaratne
    Rohan Ariyaratne April 30, 2019

    Super lesson

  27. Steve Boateng
    Steve Boateng April 30, 2019

    I rather be a leader

  28. RogerC68
    RogerC68 April 30, 2019

    Nice Lean, would love to send this to MY boss!

  29. Michael Zajac
    Michael Zajac April 30, 2019

    I understand How to Be a Leader. I hope I'm deaf meeting with people.

  30. Tomas T
    Tomas T April 30, 2019

    the more altruistic the society your team comes from, the more of a leader you can be

  31. MrMarxismo
    MrMarxismo April 30, 2019

    Did someone know the important US-economist Prof. Richard D Wolff?

  32. sophou pj
    sophou pj April 30, 2019

    woo good

  33. Paul Pita
    Paul Pita April 30, 2019

    At 0:45 "Authority is misspelled incorrectly.

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