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Leadership Defined | Dave Ramsey

you know when you're 10 people you're still doing like the work and you're the CEO that's the chief everything officer you know I mean you do whatever it takes you know you put the screens up in our business you set the chairs you do whatever you do whatever needs to be done when you're small you just get a get er done you know what I'm saying and and finally I said well we got to have some other leaders to lead and guide and help these people and I didn't know what I was doing y'all it's 30-something years old I was 32 when I started I was a boss I wasn't a leader I didn't know what I was doing but I thought we're gonna teach leadership we're gonna teach leadership we're gonna teach leadership I want you to think with me for a second right now think in your mind visualize someone that you think of when you think of a great leader a world-class leader in business and ministry I was gonna say in politics but I won't somewhere in some space you think of someone who is a great leader I got their face in your mind now I want you to think about some one word one word one word one word character qualities that describe a great leader a world-class leader now pick your favorite one in your mind and raise your hand I'm gonna call on you and then you're gonna yell real loud so I can hear what your favorite one is yes sir right back here loud inspiring thank you yes ma'am tenacious yes yes sir loyalty good yes ma'am magnetic yes yes ma'am loves people to words yes sir what integrity thank you yes sir patient yes sir passionate yes sir yes ma'am hard-working yes humble good here's what's interesting I've done this thousands of times and the answers are so predictable that they're pre-printed in your workbook because you and I are in agreement that a leader has integrity a leader is to serving the leaders humble a leader is chromatic leader is influential leaders visionary we may have used some slightly different terms but we were saying that all through this room just now and all of you all over the world watching this we're saying the exact same thing in your setting that is a leader is that a leader say yes and so if you think that you want to be a leader or you think you are a leader to the extent that that's not you you suck to the extent you're going to hire someone who put them in a leadership position in your organization to the extent they're not that you got a problem she may she's really good at selling we're gonna promote her and make her sales manager but she exaggerated Sal OTT no can you tell this happened you rationalize and you justify but if you're missing these character qualities of a leader by definition you are not a leader you don't get to declare yourself something that you're not with your business card title with the position of your office in the corner of the building that does not decide if you're a leader you decide if your leader here's what's interesting every one of those are a choice you can decide right now I had a young guy working for me and he was doing the stuff he was supposed to be doing wrong I said dude I'll do it that way and I he's okay okay go away I come back he's doing it again but – hello don't do it that way do it this way okay okay I'm golf I come back he's doing it wrong again look boy we're gonna set you free in Jesus name this ain't hard I showed you what – don't do it this is the wrong way to handle this do it this way you ever done this he looks at me and he says I'm not like you I said hmm okay change you don't have to be like me but there's a right way to do it in the wrong way do you do the wrong freaking way it's a decision change I'm not very passionate change it's a decision decide I struggle with integrity change just decide you got that kind of power I've been to the hospital yep it says I always say he's a born leader Oh bull I've been in the hospital that is come on it's a boy it's a girl they never go it's a leader now what makes people appear to be born leaders was they had good parents who taught them these character qualities and they're part of their life and they walk in this I mean around our house you didn't get like if you lied it was like as long as you tell us you lied it's okay now you're getting it if you lied his lines just not okay you getting it it's just a matter of how much you're gonna get it's not like we're gonna make it all okay we're gonna be an ape or not enablers no it's a lie I'll do it again no my eight-year-old boy he's grown man now thank goodness but say years old it's like you smell you didn't take a bath yes I did no you didn't you brush your teeth now how'd you do that with a draw toothbrush I'm gonna break your little neck I can I could take you out and make another one looks just like you we do not lie Rameses do not lie this is not acceptable it's a decision isn't it all the way up all the way I was forced to no you weren't shut up you weren't forced you decided now you may be screwed up and that's why you don't know how to decide I've been screwed up a time or two and decided some stupid stuff we're smart and it'll come home to get you but it's a decision it's a choice I got to thinking maybe I don't just want leaders in my organization although that would be awesome but I went to college and so that means I went to management class any of you go to management class in college taught by a professor that never made payroll remember that I'm scarred for life about management after that right and so sometimes when I think of leadership I think of management don't be lit don't don't don't don't know this is leadership management managers accounts stuff I want leaders leaders like this way it's the difference between being a boss and a leader right leaders pull come on we're going this way come on trains leaving get on the train here we go this is a leader boss is behind the herd and the organization moves at the speed of the lowest common denominator when your boss bosses push leaders pull

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