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Leader’s Christmas message 2018

Hello, I’m here at Alexandra Palace – Ally
Pally, the people’s palace. We’re here in the newly refurbished East Court, looking particularly
wonderful at this particular time of year. Haringey is a multifaith, multicultural,
multiethnic borough, home to people of all faiths and none. At this particular time
of the year, it is really, really important that people take that opportunity to spend
some quality time with their family, and whether you’ve recently celebrated
Hanukkah, whether you’re just about to celebrate Christmas – please remember
the importance of family. But also at this particular time we’ve got to take on
board the fact that there are many of our neighbours, of our friends who are EU
nationals who might be feeling a little bit concerned about what Brexit has to
offer. As a council we have been clear that all EU nationals are welcome in our
borough – they are our friends. Also at this time of year – when many
people get some time off to spend with their family – it’s important that we also
remember that there are many other people, whose jobs and whose
vocations keep them away from their family. These are the volunteers, members
of the emergency services – be they doctors, nurses – people who help make our
lives safe, and I’d like to remember them at this particular time and say on
behalf of all of us, how thankful we are for the work that they do. Again, a simple
message here and now – please, from all within the council to yourselves and all
of your family at this time of year – we wish you a wonderful festive season. Please
spend some time – recoup, relax if you can, and remember those who are less
fortunate than us. Season’s greetings.

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